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Poll of the Century
Which character do you think will win Apex for Smash 4?
Diddy (154)
Not Diddy (192)
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January 16th, 17th, & 18th: Singles Weekend

February 1st: Super Bowl Party

Week of February 1st: Singles Perfect Week

February 6th: Doubles Night, Grudge Match Fridays

February  6th, 7th & 8th: Doubles Weekend

NintendoDojo News
February 1, 2015
2015 Super Smash Brothers Wii U Winter Ladder: Bi-Weekly Report
Horsy brings you the first Smash Wii U ladder report for this season Read
Milky brings you some Nintendo News!
Read up about NDJ partnering up with the Supercon2k series for some Smash 4 goodness at Pensacon 2015
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Featured Tournaments
Pensacon Pass Qualifier
Pensacola, Florida
Feb 8
Hosted by JV_
Featured Tournaments
Apex 2015
Secaucus, New Jersey
Jan 30
Hosted by Alex Strife

Grudge Match Fridays
This is a group where anyone can recommend matchups for future Grudge Match Fridays, players can talk amongst each other, you can let everyone know who you're going for to win their match, and also people can c...