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  • Colors should be restored by the end of the day. Working on it
  • Tournament processing is back up. If you own a tournament please re-upload the Tio file so we can process the tournament and get badges and results up
  • You can now add additional "hosts" to your tournaments and create polls for them.
  • Apply to stream on Nintendo Dojo's Twitch
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Upcoming Events
TCB starts February 15th!

Week of the 22nd: Doubles Perfect Week

Week of the 1st: Singles Perfect Week

March 6th: Doubles Night

March 6th, 7th & 8th: Doubles Weekend

Week of March 8th: Doubles Perfect Week

NintendoDojo News
NDJ Social Marketing Team
Penta introduces a new division of the site aimed at promoting NDJ! Read
Seno reintroduces the site's Welcoming Committee.
The results of the Smash 4 community tier list are in!
Come participate in three new Pokémon challenges! (Badges included)

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Break the Targets Level 5
Donkey Kong, 5.90 s

3 Minute Brawl
Pokémon Trainer, 167 kills

3 Minute Brawl
Pikmin & Olimar, 173 kills

Boss Battles
Wario, 70.46 s