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Favourite part of the new DLC?
Ryu (60)
Roy (60)
Lucas (30)
9 New Amiibo Costumes (0)
3 New Stages (28)
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I love all of it! (57)
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Graphical Update (New Graphics Team Open Call!)
NiteNinja talks about his new Graphics team and more! Read
Senolexim brings back WTU for all of you to enjoy!
NDJ is partnering up for some gaming goodness in Texas. Read up about it and how you can get your hands some free weekend passes for Space City
Beg4Mercy brings you an interview with our Head of Staff Senobekim!

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All-Star Project M Tournament
Pennsylvania, United States
Aug 6
Hosted by Shade

ladder crown
Only one person is skilled and dedicated enough to stand atop our Brawl Singles Ladder, and that player is the only person on NDJ granted the Champion title! Will you be the next to hold this badge?