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Hunter X Hunter has been my fav anime as of late. I loved the living crap out of the 99 one. And found out 3months ago about the 2011 one. And I swear I spend a few all nighters watching that anime. Ive seen the 99 one 2 times now and the 2011 one 2 times as well. And I just got the first 4 books the other day. I cant wait to read them. I all so just got done watching the anime Berserk and can I just say that anime is unholy as hell like my god I love it its just wow it kicked ***! I just started the movies and so far I like the 90s anime more. And all so gonna spend some cash on that manga or is it a comic? any ways Im gonna spend some money on that manga. So good just so good XD. What do you all think? of Berserk and Hunter X Hunter as a manga? Im still gonna get them just wanna hear what you guys/girls think of them? all so dont tell me any thing what happens to Guts and his girl. I wanna read what happens to them if they live or die XD.
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We have released the second set of Amiibo cards for you guys to collect! Yay!

- In this batch there are 12 Amiibo cards, as well as one new Mystery Gift.
- As a reminder: the ones that have the Grey borders come from forging Cheap Gifts and recycle for 500 coins, while the ones with Gold borders come from forging Expensive Gifts and recycle for 1000 coins (Mystery Gift recycles for more)
- I have added all 13 of these cards to the Scalper Pack, so if you are desperate enough to spend 4000 coins a pop on a random one of these, then be my guest. icon_smile 
- As with the first batch, we are giving you the chance to claim free Amiibo cards if you have the corresponding Amiibo in real life. Just post here.

Happy collecting!
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Watch me as I play Splatoon for the first time ever!

 If you aren't doing anything come and watch.
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as the original anime, i think.

im so happy.
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Let's not expect too much given that it is Japan only. It starts at 6 AM EST, so I'm going to set my alarm for 5:55 AM then.
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9 comments · Leave a comment the most overrated thing this site has to offer.
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Guys, guys, STAFF, didn't someone (honestly i don't remember who) say that this was fixed and that because of fixing this, the chat got glitchier?

Aka, why is this still a thing?
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Hello AiB/Nintendo Dojo, it's been a while since I've come here and make a big blog, but I figured I'd show guys what I've been doing lately.

Friendly Fire is a spanglish youtube channel me and my friend have been working on. We decided for the spanglish since, well, we tend to go back and forth between spanish and english in real life, we figured that if we stick to one language it would feel more forced, so we decided to be ourselves.

Freaky and Me (I'm the tall guy) started with Saint's Row IV, a very fun game, and then went to Destiny and Borderlands 2, we also play some league of legends, with several videos of me and him playing are already on the website.

We started pretty low budget, recording from a cellphone, but we got an El-gato capture device and now we have everything in beautiful HD.

I wanted to show off the latest episode of Borderlands 2, cause oh man did that glitch that happen in this game, it was amazing, if you have some time, I'd check it out, there's plenty of english for you guys and some spanish here and there but its partially understandable.

Borderlands 2 video:

Youtube channel:  Friendly Fire

We're not getting a lot of views but I still try to edit the videos to make them as enjoyable as possible.

Give it a look or even subscribe if you're interested, we're gonna make a fighting game show soon, I'll link it when it's available.

Peace icon_smile
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Since I don't live in an eShop supported country, I have to use an american account to purchase stuff on my Wii U .
My question is, if I delete the user linked to that NNID, but not the NNID itself, what will happen with the DLC in that user and the other users I have (aka country isn't USA).

Second, can I ****ing rearrange the order of my NNIDs because holy **** that **** is bothering the **** out of me.

Thank you all for reading w/love Kayla. xx
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My Pre-Release Thoughts

I just pre-ordered the game today and made it so I would be getting it tomorrow.

Nintendo is hyping and marketing the hell out of this game, with ads everywhere, pre-order gifts in different countries, licensed yogurt in Canada, the game's own line of Amiibo, and even a collaboration in Japan with the anime character Ika Musune, the original Squid Girl.

Judging by the both pics, it looks like Nintendo and Ika Musune's creator are supporting this crossover with very open arms.
I'm expecting a lot of cute stuff from this.

With all of this insane hype and a really logical crossover, though, I feel like the game's not gonna be up to its expectations by this point. At the very least, Metacritc's rating for it is currently a solid 81.

But I still want this game to do well because Nintendo (and certain other publishers like SEGA) really need to learn how to sell more of their games that aren't just their cash cows like Mario and Pokemon. I want them to keep paying attention to more of the IPs they have instead of letting them rot, even if it means getting less money back from them. Splatoon is a big opportunity for Nintendo to prove me right about this.

This has actually been annoying me a little bit lately, and probably why other games like The Wonderful 101 flopped or part of why it seems difficult for them to make a new F-Zero game. Like I said when Splatoon was first revealed: You wanted more Nintendo IPs, you got 'em. Now give them some attention and stop complaining about Mario & Pokemon rehashes. They're on a roll with giving Fire Emblem more attention, but they still need to do more, whether it's reviving more dormant franchises, or try to make new ones.

As a bit of trivia, this is the first new IP that Nintendo's EAD division has made in a very long time. EAD is mostly associated with Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, and Animal Crossing, with the AC developers being the ones working on Splatoon. To have all of this advertisement riding on a completely-new IP is a very bold and daring move on Nintendo's part.

If you're not interested in Splatoon, though, that's fine. Just don't be a total prick about it and ruin it for others, kinda like what some of you are already doing for Smash 4 and its fans. I'm only prepping up the ones that DO want the game.

Seriously, they even got a fountain with colored water to promote this! Nintendo really wants this game to sell well.


Not my finger!

If you believe that the game doesn't have enough weapons, I've discovered a potential leak that may have confirmed that more are on their way, including Ink-Zappers!

Since Nintendo plans to continue supporting this game after its release, there's a very high chance that we'll see even more weapons than these!

Amiibo Theft

Now here's what I believe is the crappiest part about all of this hype.

As I already stated before, and what's already been known, Splatoon has its own line of amiibo and many pre-orders for them have already been made.

Unfortunately for Europe, the extreme supply and demand for the Splatoon amiibos has already outdone everything related to the Smash 4 amiibos. Why?

Because someone in Europe stole a truck containing the set pre-orders! The truck was heading to a warehouse for GAME (Europe's GameStop) before this happened.

* Lorry means "truck".

At the very least, they're trying to compensate for this robbery, but considering the fact that this is amiibo we're talking about, the damage had already been done and just further goes to show how much of a big deal amiibo are. They don't have to be Smash-related anymore...

This only happened in Europe, so far, but who says it won't happen anywhere else? How would a scalper outperform this truck incident?


That's all I have for now. Regardless of how I feel about Splatoon between now and anytime after its release, I hope this game can manage a stable, healthy life of Nintendo support, like Mario Kart 8 and Smash 4 are right now, because the Wii U is really overdue for even more reasons to get one.
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From all the characters from Teen Titans, which one would you choose? Gender doesn't matter by the way.

This is a though one for me, whenever i made this question to myself years ago i was always debating between Robin's arsenal of cool weapons, Beast Boy's multiple animal transformations, Cyborg's weapons, Raven's powers, etc 

It's still a though one for me in fact, but i'll go with Beast Boy's powers. His powers might not look so good in the eyes of some people, but he actually got to show multiple times how useful and good are his powers.

Now, what power would YOU choose?
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Introducing the hypest meta strats ever to hit the virtual world. Garfield for Quintuple S tier
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to whatever left of the community here i was a big ******* online and would play follow the leader with the top players personality wise

i dont deserve ur forgiveness cuz im a ****head
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Spoiler Alert, view at your own risk etc.

I don't know, personally I think Splatoon looks fun / creative, and I might get it; however, the bosses look either too easy or really boring to fight such as this one.
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What do you do when you visit this site?

I don't see a lot going on my "Me" page, so I'm just curious to know where all of you have gone.  The forums?  Free Play?  Voting on Old Pavel Polls?  Commenting on Old Zork Blogs?  

Some say it's boring with not as much activity, but I actually like that very few people are seen throughout the day.  It feels very peaceful here.
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Posted this a little while back on Smashboards and had someone post it on Reddit and never really got a definite answer, just guesses. Figured I may as well post it here.

Main consensus seems to be that Fox's laser somehow overrode the KO Punch seeing as how Peach took no damage or knockback from the KO Punch. Ike couldn't have been a part of it seeing as how For Glory doubles has team attack turned off.

Oh and my capture card sucks ***. Gotta save up to get a better one.
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I wanna break down my thoughts and feelings about the game, but chances are, you already heard it.  So instead, I'll just talk about what my experience has been playing this game.

Starting the game:

I was excited.  I Falcon Kicked off stage to unlock every character in the game, then hopped onto For Glory right afterward.  I originally started playing Ness, but it got pretty old really fast.  In Brawl, it was difficult to even follow up after a PK fire, but now, it's hella easy.  Ness is honestly boring to play with because it's the same deal with him in every game.  

PK Fire -> D-Throw -> F-Air (x3) / U-Air until 70-80%.  

Use PK Thunder every time they're off stage or in the air.  

Back throw for an instant kill at 110%.  

The basics of Ness are so boring to play and even worse to face against.  Once in a while, I do lose a match because I'm so used to playing a certain way.  Sometimes it takes me too long to adapt and gain control of a match and I end up losing my patience.  So I thought I would pick up a character that would teach me some discipline.

Changing Tactics:

I decided to try Zero Suit Samus.  She's totally different than any character I normally play.  I've analyzed the pros and cons to her after playing her for a bit:


- Access to techniques that very few characters can use
- Very quick
- Has 3 Stuns (Down-B included)
- Has 2 Spikes
- Nice balance of range and melee attacks 
- Dat Crawl
- Killer Up-B move


- Vulnerable after grab, Smash attacks, and Special attacks  
- Very limited recovery options
- Small aerial hitboxes
- Not the easiest at handling projectile based characters

She has a whole set of tricks on her own that I need to learn like wavebouncing and B-reversal.  Those techniques were part of the reason why I gave her up in Brawl.  Learning them again is a living hell for me.  They're very precise tricks that I can do maybe half the time, but I can never figure out when it benefits me.  And if I try to do it, I end up being exposed.  So that's a problem.  

The patience I need for her is a lot more than I thought.  All of her aerials require a bit of a wait in order to hit opponents on the ground.  If I'm going to keep doing damage, I have to understand what my opponent is going to do and time my actions very precisely.  It doesn't just feel like I'm learning how to play her.  I'm re-envisioning Smash as a whole.  I'm studying my opponents moves and responding to them at the same time with a new set of tricks.  I think if I get good enough with this skill, I can become a lot better than I normally would if I just played Ness all the time.  I have to give kudos to anyone who has mastered this character or anyone just like her.  

Going Forward:  

As of today, I have more games with her than with Ness.  I don't know how to utilize every move she has.  I miss an embarrassing number of attacks that leaves me wide open or getting killed.  I can't wait to get some more practice in with her.
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GameStop: Pre-order Splatoon And Get Exclusive Splatoon Mii Fighter Costumes For Super Smash Bros. Wii-u

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I hadn’t played any Mortal Kombat games since the PS2 era until I got my hands on a copy of Mortal Kombat X.

In the interim, I’d played some other fighting games—Killer Instinct on the Xbox One; Persona 4 Arena on PS3—but not many. My heyday for fighting games was way-back-when, in the days of Street Fighter II on the SNES (because that was okay with my parents) and Mortal Kombat in the arcades or at friends’ houses (because that was not.) So this is a review not of some die-hard fan who’s played every entry and can compare each one. I’m a filthy casual as far as this series is concerned.

And I rather love Mortal Kombat X.

This time around, the game is really clicking. I’ve played mostly with friends (irl too) online, which is my favorite way to play any multiplayer game, but especially the really competitive types.

I’ve also played through some of the single-player campaign with its dumb story and occasional, irritating, ridiculous Quick Time Event.

(Note to all video game developers everywhere: Unless you have a very good reason for a QTE and can implement it in a way that actually improves gameplay, rather than just distracts from cut-scenes, please just stop.)
But QTEs aside, my time with Mortal Kombat X has been mostly defined by fun.

Yes, you can now pay real money to purchase “Easy Fatalities” (you start out with a handful, which you consume and then need to buy more) but I really could care less about this. If players want to pay money instead of learning button combos, so long as it doesn’t impact actual matches I’m really not concerned. It’s another symptom of the games industry trying to find ways to keep game prices artificially low while still making enough revenue to stay competitive and profitable.

And yes, you can now skip fights you can’t beat in campaign mode, similar to some new Nintendo games, which is sort of cloying considering this is for adults—but it’s a minor thing. Self-restraint is key. Appealing to casuals is a business decision lots of game companies are making, and I’m not sure it’s the wrong one with a game like this.

Ultimately, this is a really solid fighting experience especially when playing with a friend.

Mortal Kombat X has really fun combat, makes interesting use of the environment—in one seaside map, you can toss corpses at one another as the waves lift them above the dock—and the characters all seem pretty well-balanced.

I like that you have several move-set options with each character, changing up which power attacks they equip. This adds a ton of replay value to the game, and gives you a bunch of options to find your preferred character and move-set.

There are modes beyond MP and Campaign. Factions allows you to join a faction and compete against other factions in a sort of league play. I can see how this might appeal to really hardcore, competitive fans, but I’m just not that invested. Still, it’s nice to have the option.

Graphically, I’m also quite impressed.

The game may not be the best-looking on PS4, but it still looks great. Animations are fluid and the combat is meaty enough, with the requisite oomph to make each hit feel solid. The game runs at 1080p and 60 frames-per-second, which is basically a necessity for a good fighting game these days. If only all new-gen titles ran at these specs. (I’m looking at you Bloodborne!)

More than anything, it’s just really fun to have a solid fighter to play with friends and significant others on the couch. Between this and Mario Kart 8, I’m in local multiplayer heaven these days. Toss in some Diablo III and off we go.

It may not do anything spectacularly well, or bring anything too new or innovative to the genre, but what it does it does well, bringing gamers a solid fighting experience that can appeal to relative newbs like me as well as more stalwart fans.

(Let me hear your opinion on mortal kombat X, is it good or bad? Plz me what do you hate and/or like about it thnx icon_smile)

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