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I know your execution time becomes better, but since we're finally establishing a tournament scene in Augusta - as well as going to events like Olympus - I'm seeing a difference in how people play now. They're more accustomed to taking risks, such as gimping and offstage game in general. A Captain Falcon has much more leeway to Bair, Dair, footstool, or fight you offstage. That, or Fatality is just that good and the Captain Falcon players I've played online just don't really compare.

Anyway, what significant changes do you notice playing someone online with the best possible connection vs. playing offline?
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This fight made me question my life as a boxer. Twas sad, no?
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it's happening at 10pm local time (Japan) which is 5am Pacific / 8am Eastern / 1pm UK / 2pm CET.

It's going to focus on the battle system.
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Until I reach 20k.
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Hey yall-

my newest big tournament is on Sunday. Join and have a good time!


singles. IF POSSIBLE also be sure to attend the warm-up tourney on Wednesday. It's short notice so it might be small. Going to that gets you seeding preference for the major on Sunday!

Tell all your friends. AGB getting big on Sunday will really help pump some energy into the online scene. If you want to co-host I will gladly take up to 2 assistant TOs. Some people have requested doubles tournaments. This is definitely possible in the future after the entrant numbers for the singles tourneys are high enough. 

Last time I had several people with scheduling issues because of the Saturday date. 4-5 people suggested Sunday would be better, especially because of the offline tourneys happening on Saturdays. If this doesn't work out perfectly either then I can alternate every weekend Sunday/Saturday. See you all on Sunday!
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Forgot to post this a while back
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Bored playing CPUs; was wondering if anyone wanted to play friendlies ?
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don't try to affiliate smash games with these other street fighter tekken whatever communities or esports mlg etc the final result is completely bad
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My ladder bug report thread is pretty outdated, so I decided to just clear it for now, since I'm not aware of any bugs at the moment.

Just a friendly reminder if you know of any ladder related bugs; please post here:, and we'll notify our developers, or they'll take a look at it. Thanks!
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Made by

He's really good with sprites as you can see, he's also the one who made the Brawl sprites if you ever saw them before.
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These were actually posted last night, but I was in the middle of doubles friendlies/had to go to sleep right after so I had to postpone this reminder until this morning.

Round 3

Singles - Town and City : Koala vs LIONHEART
Singles - Battlefield : Slayr-X vs Link14
Singles - Lylat : R2D2 vs Teddy
Singles - Omega Palutena's Temple: Great Apple vs SFA Zan
Singles - Castle Siege : Cn3rd vs Blazer
Singles - Duck Hunt : Mr. Delirious vs Zanryo

Singles +1 - Smashville : Adven+ vs KY
Singles +1 - Omega Windy Hill : AGES vs Marsstuff1
Singles +1 - Kongo Jungle 64 : PentaSalia vs Cyrelle/Sonic18
Singles +1 - Delfino : Masho vs Knite

Singles +2 - Smashville : Number21 vs KingBoozer-Kun *
Singles +2 - Skyloft : Luisfer vs ven
Doubles +1 - Town and City: Rezid and SonicSpeedOkami vs Zak and 69
Doubles +2 - Halberd : Ju-Fu and Admiral _iFox7i_ vs AbsoluteZer0Nova and Black Star - Pavel

Doubles +2 - Delfino: Zodi and Kiehs vs The Mistress of all Evil~ and Uno
Doubles +4 - Battlefield: Raffi-X and Meruem vs Linus and Hawk

Both sides bolded = set hasn't happened. Bold one side = that side won.

*Yoshinendo is the agreed on point of contact for KingBoozer-Kun.

Reminders for players:
- The contact deadline for singles is Tuesday at 11:59pm CST. Feel free to play your match before that.
- Doubles matches have the designated time of Friday at 10pm CST. If this doesn't work for you, be sure to message your opponents to arrange a different time. Feel free to play earlier as well.
- The first match of the set is played on the listed stage.
- Record set count! (2-0's are better than 2-1's)

Post your results in this thread:

If you have any questions or anything is unclear, post here or ask your team captain. Good luck to both teams!
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Since Christmas Smash, we've established a tournament scene in Georgia that has been growing each week. 20-26 people show up, and while jda7 or myself usually hit the top spot, we like to see players coming to compete and having a good time. We want a serious tournament scene in Augusta, but until Smash BroBBQ happens, it's probably not going to expand outside of the weeklies.

thetruelombardi, jda7, and I took the trip to Olympus. Naturally, the weather wasn't remotely bad getting there or back. But when we made Olympus, I was honestly ready to take the top spot. I was ready to go through Player-1, Fatality, and any one of the other top players in GA.

...I didn't even make it out of the final round of pools.

Went up against LoCO's R.O.B. I got bodied extremely hard. Knows his spinner and beam game extremely well, outspaced me with Nair, and got the grab kill several times. Then I went against Limbs' Luigi. First round felt like a beatdown. Second round, we went to Delfino Plaza and I almost had him until he DThrow into Luigi Cyclone kill combo at the end. Those losses hit me pretty hard, morally because I couldn't even make it into the main bracket.

It opened my eyes to the level of competition I've been playing. Traveling to tournaments means meeting new players, meeting new friends, and playing all kinds competition. Plus, the most important difference between that and playing online is you don't have to worry about lag screwing it up. Players are far more off-stage aggressive here and prone to do risky things you can't do as well in Wi-Fi.

Granted, I got LoCO back in friendlies and I managed to fight both Player-1 and Fatality. Player-1 and I had some EXTREMELY close rounds. He beat me, but not without the one-hit warning. But Fatality's gimping game with Captain Falcon is unlike any other I've ever seen. He's perfect at reading air-dodges and spiking with Dair at low percents. He gave me advice to not airdodge as much, which is hard to do when you have little escape against Captain Falcon's Uairs out of his throw combos.

Loss or not, this is what I want to do again. A lot.

Things I plan to work on:

-Luigi matchup
-ROB matchup
-Captain Falcon matchup
-Not airdodging a lot

I was doing fine when I remembered to fastfall grab, but that was after I got knocked out of the tournament.
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Activity period: Wii U launch to 2/18/15

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Finally, after a long time of waiting, I get my chance to go to a real smash 4 tournament.  I was actually slightly nervous for this one.  In this 34 person tournament, I managed to place in 5th overall which I would say is pretty ok for someone who doesn't own the game.

There was a $5 entry fee.  Pot was split up as follows:

1st Place - $102 
2nd Place - $51 
3rd Place - $17 

In my matches, I played against Toon Link, Sonic, Samus, Diddy Kong, Sheik, Captain Falcon, Link and Shulk in that order.

Winner's Bracket:

Losers's Bracket:

Link to the Bracket

I got knocked into losers by zStorm (Sonic main), one of the TOs at the scene.  He 3 stocked me both rounds.  I couldn't get more than 30% off of him.  I got destroyed.

But I wasn't going to give up.  

My 2nd match in losers (Not 1st in losers) was against Restive (Diddy Kong).  It was the only game where I popped out of my seat because I came back from 0-1.  As a Ness main, Diddy is hard to go up against.  Restive played very defensively and didn't even try anything on me but the Hoo Hah.  I can't even imagine what a good Diddy would have played like.

When I played against Deku, the 8th Grader Shulk main, I didn't expect a lot of things:
- he knew how to L-Cancel his monado arts
- he had good reads.  
- I learned the hard way I couldn't challenge his aerials with my Fair.  
- He knows how to trade.

But what got me upset was the way I died in the 2nd match.  It basically came down to "who fell first".  I PK thundered him and fell straight down while he went straight up.  This guy got the luckiest star KO I've ever seen in my life.  If he didn't get the star, I would have won the round.

So when I lost to Shulk, I got 5th place out of 34th.  Which isn't bad.  

There was one player I was curious about the whole time and that was CFC|De La Seoul.  I heard he was in Armada and PPMD's Pool at Apex 2015 and he was a great player.  I saw my friend Rafael play him and get destroyed.  I wanted to get revenge for him in Grand Finals, but maybe I'll have better luck next time. 
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After so long you can finally upload your tournaments and us Tournament Admin can finally process them! Makes sure to reupload your tournament's TIO file so we can being processing them immediately. You do NOT have to make a new tournament page.


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I'll be free pretty much all day tomorrow so I'll start this around 3 pm or so this time and I'll be available to play for a while.

I hit g rank last night so I can basically help with any quests that you might need at this point, just be sure to show up and I'll stream what goes down on my channel

happy hunting
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because you aren't good using that character?

Some of us have an easy time using our favorite characters, and have trouble using characters that we don't even like.

But, what if one of the characters you like have a gameplay that doesn't fit yours? Does anyone have that issue?

Characters i like yet don't use because their gameplay doesnt match mine at all are Fox/Falco and Link/TL, i like the four of them, but as much i like them i don't use them 'cause i'm not very good with those characters.

Anyone else?

Also, since i'm talking about this topic, regardless if they are characters you like or not, who are the characters you're worst with?

In my case my top ones are easily Olimar, Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, Little Mac and Greninja.
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