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as i learned to love myself i dont let nobody disrespect me anymore. anybody say the wrong word to me or even give me a shady tone of voice, its getting ****ed up, in real life or online.

i met this ***** that used to be known as "Bebe" in this website, now knowns as "3v3" in here

she was a catfish,had fotos of girls she found online on her profile. and fooled me, but i was young and naive. if i see this ***** now, i'd slap the **** outa her, i swear it god.

what gets me mad its that she took a pretty long time to confess it wasnt her, and probably wasnt going to if i didnt got her to fall for me. **** this ho

becarefull who you talk too online, u never know.

if anyone wants "almost naked pics of her, hit me up on facebook at "mata legendas"

and this motha****a was her supposly ***** *** brotha. better known as "psp" or "javi"

who i never liked, when i was good, he tryed copy my style of play, which never could, cuz he was pathatic, you can tell if you saw hes combo videos. that even hurts my eyes to look at. he was behind it all too... ****ing worthless people to be candid.

i wanted to post this to put them on blast and to let ya'll know to be care full online with people... dont let no one take advantage of your kindness. i am never getting on nintendodojo again. just wanted to post this. this place has died anyway, or idk. but i hope people see this. or hit me up on FB for pics icon_wink
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1) Luigi
2) Pikachu
3) Sheik
4) Sonic
5) Mario
6) Zero Suit
7) Diddy
8) Rosalina
9) Yoshi
10) Villager
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anyone know how to make a gif animation?? if so can you do this part of the video
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Basically this site is dead and with my busy schedule I never have time to check it anymore. Here's some ways to keep in touch with me if y'all still want to

Kik: Boxerpupx7 (Comes up Jesse with a turtle)
Skype: Boxerpupx7 (Jesse)
Runescape: Boxerpup (guest in Clan Europe cc or join the friends chat: C_P)
email: Located on profile

Otherwise pm the user Dalexion and he will relay the message to me as I still activately talk to him on Runescape

Catch ya on the next wave my friends
- Boxerpup
[Aka (The one and only) Toad]
Or Jesse for those who called me that
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I prefer Brawl for many reasons.
Smash4 is just boring

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This blog has been locked by a moderator.
Why is this site still up?
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I'm still tempted to make up my mind between picking certain characters that I would like to see get in. This whole ballot seemed like a good idea for Nintendo to know what sort of characters they could use to advertise one of their games and knowing the demands of said characters.

However, this was done very poorly with the mind that certain people assumed that this whole thing was an election and that certain characters would easily get in just for having more votes than others. I'm pretty thankful that this existed but yet feel a little disappointed that we won't be hearing anything else after this. Hopefully we get to see something come out of this.

But anyways, I would like to ask.

Who did you vote SUGGEST to be in the game and why?

Who do you honestly think Sakurai will pick from the ballot and why?

Oh and here's a little something. Just take it with a grain of salt.
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If enough people ask for a patch on the Diddy grab glitch or Luma's ability to break Rosalina's grabs again, they might change it before the month's end.
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Pikmin 3 is personally a wonderful game that sheds some mysterious shadows some may have felt after Pikmin 2 when Olimar returned back home. Everyone knows there was a debt to be paid off and Olimar's space ship was compensation for said debt.

However... Olimar yet again crash lands with even Louie this time, but perhaps that's giving away some of the story too much. Even then, the story isn't necessarily about Olimar and his incredibly hungry lackie.

Charlie, Alph, and Brittany are three intrepid explorers known as Koppai who are venturing light years from home in search of a consumable source to save there own home turf. They land on PNF-404 after a comet hits the SS Drake, which is their ship in which they have embarked on the journey. 

With that being said, the task overall is to find
-Enough food for the Koppai to continue surviving
-Alph has to reunite with his partners, Captain Charlie and Brittany
-They need the Cosmic Drive Key, which allows them to go home or else well, the juice collected becomes basically nothing.
-Not only that, the juice supply gathered determines how long you can survive

I love Pikmin 3 a lot for some reason. It does such an amazing job tying in both Olimar's crew and Alph's crew together.

So where on earth is the Cosmic Drive Key? It's their main ticket home. Ironically enough, Olimar finds said key, but mistakes it for treasure, so while trying to survive and bring life to their planet, they have pursue Olimar in the hopes they nab their key back. 

I honestly thought the game wasn't going to be that great, but honestly though, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenging bosses and vast over world each stage offered. Also, the Rock Pikmin are way more O.P than the Purple Pikmin. You really can't even compare the two. Rock Pikmin can't be crushed, which makes them so reliable in the majority of the overworld enemies (honestly, they work like Purple Pikmin and take some good chunks of health on direct impact) and they come in handy so well on the last boss of the game.

Winged Pikmin make some of the previous bosses from the series a cakewalk. The snagret is EZ as well the giant Dweevils (I guess those giant spiders are called that anyway). Winged Pikmin can wreck a lot of enemies in the game regardless of their low attack to begin with.

Some differences...
*Electricity doesn't instantly kill your Pikmin, which is nice. I freaking hated the electricity 
*Bombs are back and any Pikmin can carry them! 
*Ultra Spicy Spray did make a comeback. However, I don't think the bitter spray ever did. 
*Yellow Pikmin can actually act as wires in this game. They act as conductors you must use for some parts of the game.
*Blue Pikmin come in awfully late this game and your forced to gain them after Louie steals your juice. icon_sad (You do get your supply back after you find him again)
*Multitasking in this game is highly prioritized. You thought it might have been fairly easy to do so in Pikmin 2, but it's hard for first time players Pikmin 3. icon_neutral
*You build bridges in this game, and Pikmin will usually return to the previous spot after constructing pieces to said bridges. They do that a lot for some actions.
*Every Pikmin type shares one onion after you find a new type!
*The more juice you gain, the more time you can spend completing your search for items, secrets, fruits. Unlike the 30 day search for all your ship parts in Pikmin and your unlimited time to find all the treasures in Pikmin 2, you can progress fairly well if you have your good days with multiple fruit finding. As long you have enough juice, those bad days will be okay once in a while if you mainly spend it trying to recover lost Pikmin and restock your supply of spray. 
*The map system is incredibly handy. You'll rely on it a ton; trust me.

Eh, the one I do dislike about this game is the controls. I'm usually okay the way Pikmin works, but the targeting system is a little weird to me. I can't use it well, and trying to switch targets in an area with multiple enemies is a little difficult. You'll have to 360 sometimes when you want to aim in the right direction to throw your Pikmin. 

Otherwise... I think it's worth the run through. Yea, I know Pikmin 3 has been out for some time to be fair, but regardless, if you don't have anything else to play on the Wii-U, then give it a shot.
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Hey guys, i decided to get more active on my twitter recently if you want to know some stuff about me, greninja and the european scene or my opinions you should follow.


greetings, the greninja devil eddy
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Volume 3 of the Drama CD gives us more insight of the future of the children before they go back into the past and also how Lucina escapes the confrontation with Grima. This stuff is canon, but the other volumes are not and are pretty much filler, though I'm not entirely sure on volume 4 because of how the Morgan twins works out.

Deja vu... 

Volume 3

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It's nice to see Sakurai and his team doing what they can to balance the game. Unfortunately, it's still not 100% accurate. Samus didn't get the necessary buffs, Luigi got nerfed but Sheik and Rosalina didn't, and now there's a new part of the mechanic that involves shield frames. For better or for worse, it's always a fragile line. I main a mid-tier character who still has problems with characters, like Sonic and Diddy Kong. When I placed 4th at MomoCon with Ike, he still had horrible endlag issues and was considerably low tier in spite of his changes from Brawl.

So every time a patch comes out, I wonder, "is this it? Is this where it ends and the metagame becomes stupid?" "Is Ike going to suffer as a result?" So far, so good. But the tension is always there.
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Super Mario Maker could be a legal stage, since it doesn't change shape in mid-game like i thought, and some of the forms the stage has are fair enough to be legal.

Here's a video with 40+ versions of the stage.
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There are probably others who already asked this but whatever.
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Don't know? Take this test here!

My personality type is ENTP

If you're wondering where this is coming from, its coming from my college course. I'm just curious as to what other personalities you guys may have. c: If you can, screenshot the results with the percentages. I took this test a few weeks ago, so I don't have my exact percentages (doesn't really matter anyway). How accurate are the results? Do you agree with them?

Edit: The four letters in your result all stand for something. It will tell you. For example: E is for extrovert and I is for introvert. If you want to know more about your type, the website has more information about your type. Alternatively, you can do a simple google search of just the four letters and more information will present itself. If you don't understand something, post below and I will help you.

Super duper edit: On the first link, if you scroll down a bit (it might actually just be there in plain sight) to the right are the 16 types. Once you're done the quiz, you can find yours and click on it. It will give you a more in depth explanation of your type.
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Eleonora/Virion, Kiria/Tharja and Mamori/Draug.

So we have 3 Shadow Dragon and 3 Awakening characters with Tiki being from both of those games.
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October 3rd is the day this voting will finally come to a close.

I still haven't voted on anyone at this point, but at the very least, I hope the winner is for a brand new character and not a veteran.

Either way, I'll except whoever wins the ballot, and only hope it doesn't cause TOO much controversy and flame wars over whether or not they deserved to over *insert pretty much anyone else here*.

October 3rd will also be the 1st anniversary of Smash 3DS' release!
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