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He gave me an Oreo to prove it icon_smile
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Smash Factor 4 Grandfinals: Mr R Vs Leo

For those who don't know, this tournament was held in Mexico. Probably all already know Mr R, a top player. Leo is a young mexican player and at this point i'd say Mexico's best Meta Knight player in Smash Wii U.

He lost one of the games but honestly, he destroyed Mr R's Sheik in the rest of the set, and you know what's interesting here? That he, with the top tier from the previous Smash, that now is mid tier at best and therefore all the Brawl MK users dropped him in this game, defeated not only a top player, but also the current top tier of this game. How's that, tier fans?

(I also like how after the last game Meta Knight's victory pose is the "Come back when you can put up a fight." one)

This, is some big stuff.
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I never tried it on the 3DS. I never tried it on Wii U. I don't think I ever will, either. I heard it's essentially Brawl's online, where people have taunt parties and don't hit each other. I'm too serious for that. Play to win.

...but in all honesty, I seriously haven't played For Fun.
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In light of the whole Alex Strife controversy (for sending sex messages to girls and bullying people), it sounds like no one wants to go? I Googled it the other day and I don't see a page or anything set up for it.

I have family in NJ. My goal - while watching the stream in January - was to go to Apex 2016 and win it. Then this whole thing got out and everyone's like, "if you go there, you're supporting a potential rapist" or some other SJW BS. Look, it's true. Alex doesn't sound like a very good guy. I don't even think he's apologized for his alleged ****ery.

But call me chaotic neutral or selfish or whatever. I would go anyway just because it's a national Smash tournament within an area I'm familiar with, and I would be going for myself so I could win. If less players showed up, due to guilt or whatnot, the player pool wouldn't be as big, so it'd be easier to hit the top. But if there's no Apex next year, then I don't even know what to look forward to after TFC.

I was invited to Smash in the Sands in SC and there was apparently another event in Orlando. But other than that, I'm kind of lost here until Final Round.
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to be interested in the interest of having actual interests
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is this wiimmfi, or netplay?
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it's down in the dumps
you must keep it together
life won't get better 

-tacket (7/25/15)
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Or is this just fantasy

All ladders?? Does this mean including wiimmfi or netplay or both?

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To celebrate our new matchmaking chat, this badge will be awarded to anyone that plays one match on ladder this weekend (yesterday included, game doesn't matter either). Just post below if you qualify.

This badge will be semi-limited. The idea is that it will be available for new events.
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Still don't play as much as I used too, hit me up if you're ever down for some games. My ID Is AntSoni. Just making a Blog to see who still gets on here.
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I'm too poor to afford quality Netplay

Add me plz:

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I had eye surgery today. I should not be on here, and will be getting off soon. I also cannot play games for a week, so I got a few matches on Smashladder last night before signing off. That said, I'm sidelined, and it sucks.
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I don't think they are. I don't consider it a legit career choice.

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I got it off eBay for a little under $90. The vendor appeared to not know what to do with this at all. It was a complete product too; it had the inserts, the One Piece game and everything. These models don't come with the charger anymore but I already have one.

I'm probably going to get Gateway and use this 3DS for Japanese imports/ROMs, Pokemon randomizer runs since it's on an older firmware.

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So theres a bunch of recognized voice actors, cosplayers, TV actors, comic peoples, etc
coming to the NDJ sponsored Space City Comic Con this weekend?

We will be streaming it all weekend and are putting together a final list of guest appearances. So whom from this list would you like to see come onto the stream for an interview, guest commentary, hang-out period?
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I was diagnosed with this at 14. Every now and then, I get spikes in my heart rate. I may sweat, I may not. But I will feel worn out, exhausted, like I had just ran a mile. This can happen before I exercise, after eating pizza, or while I play Smash online competitively. Things trigger me and I'm done right then and there and I need to chill out.

Today was my first day back on Smashladder in a while. After seeing Fatality's loss to Doom in a 4-5 moneymatch, the Georgia Smash 4 page has pretty much been on about how the GA Smash scene sucks. At the very least, it sucks in comparison to major areas, such as Tristate, SoCal, MDVA, and Florida. If our best guy lost to someone other than national, ranked players, it says something. It says something about our level of competition. How many people are playing at Fatality's level in the Tristate area? There could be at least 10 of them, not including someone like Nairo. The only people to play on or near his level in GA are Scatt, Neos, Reflex, and Player-1. It's a small playing pool of quality players, and we've been talking about stepping it up. Since that post, I've reaffirmed that I still want to be the top player of Smash 4. I don't know about the rest of the guys, but I'm back on track to placing #1 at Apex 2016.

That said, I try practicing on Smashladder. I face on guy in a set before a few friendlies, and I'm already spent. I could play for hours on a good day. I just can't right now, though. I'm physically spent and I don't have it in my heart (literally) to compete. It really sucks because I've been lazy about practicing, but I want to stay at the top of my game.

I don't know how many of you relate, but it's not very convenient when one is trying to practice.
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Dood has a lot of nerve, not the classiest thing ive seen, and don't get me started about plup leaving before the medal ceremony even started
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It's so quiet now. I remember the clusters of blogs and arguments here. 

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I believe this is only a Work In Progress, but it does give you some insight on the characters that have been used at this event so far, as well as the luck they've had in their matches as far as winning them.

This can probably help construct America's first official tier list.


  1. Sheik
  2. Captain Falcon
  3. Diddy Kong
  4. Mario
  5. Sonic
  6. Yoshi
  7. Ness
  8. Charizard
  9. Fox
  10. Little Mac

  • Sheik, Diddy, Yoshi, & Fox have more wins than losses.
  • Captain Falcon, Mario, & Ness have more losses than wins.
  • Sonic & Charizard aren't marked for anything, because they so far have an equal amount of both wins and losses.
  • For all of the matches Little Mac has been in so far, he has lost all of them.

  1. Bowser
  2. Dark Pit
  3. Falco
  4. Greninja
  5. Peach
  6. Pikachu
  7. Pit
  8. Toon Link
  9. Wario
  10. Zelda

  • Bowser & Dark Pit have more losses than wins.
  • Falco & Greninja have more wins than losses
  • Pikachu, Pit, & Wario have won every match they've been used in.
  • Peach, Toon Link, & Zelda have lost every match they've been in.


These are the list of characters that sadly have yet to be seen in any match, so they have no Win/Loss records, so far.

  • Dr. Mario
  • Duck Hunt
  • Ganondorf
  • Ike
  • Marth
  • Mewtwo
  • Mii Gunner
  • Mii Swordfighter
  • Robin
  • Samus
  • Shulk
  • Wii Fit Trainer

Everyone else is between the Top 10 and Bottom 10. Click the link to see where they are and how they're doing. Remember that Lucas, Roy, & Ryu were banned from this tourney, and that this list only covered streamed matches.
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