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I guarantee this site will get more traffic, when the ladder comes back with the original allisbrawl skin.
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Sound a little but too familiar? Let's see:

• Mayweather takes the advantage of the game's rules in order to beat his Pacquiao with points instead of knocking him out

• Most people bash Mayweather for that

• Some people defend him by saying that he didn't come to entertain the audience, but to win

• They also say that it can't be helped because "the game is like that" (and it really doesn't have to be that way)

• Some people say box sucks nowadays

Seriously, doesn't that ring a bell?
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The online smashing will begin tomorrow (Cause i wanna train so less getting owned online xD)
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For those of you who aren't up to date with what I've been up to recently, let's just say I've been very busy getting content together for youtube! I had a set with M2K shortly before the patch, and really wanted to do some post commentary over our games. My project is finished, be sure to check it out and comment your thoughts and opinions!

Anywho, the video is right here c:
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So thanks to Crow, I got inspired by the idea of making a mentorship program. We're currently looking for veteran NDJ players who are willing to help our members improve on the game! If you're interested in becoming a "Sensei" please let me know. All I'm asking for is friendliness, skill, and respect(from Sensei's and students)

It also seemed kinda fun to have a Naruto-based like training system so I decided to give it a Naruto theme, heh. Not sure if this will be a complete fail, or a huge success. It's worth a shot though! Hopefully it'll be fun and help become you a top NDJ player! This is currently in beta mode, so it's still a 50/50 chance of being kept, or just deleting

Join the group!

As I noted. We're still looking for teachers, so if you're interested in becoming one just let me know!
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I'm liking more and more these series.

To be honest it was a bit boring during the first season but it started to get better during the second season, when the tournament arc began.

Now with the third season, traveling between dimensions and this opening its getting way better.

I'd say Arc-V is as good as the first Yu-Gi-Oh! and 5DS.
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What was once a mecca thriving with players from all over the globe has transformed into...this. A blob of a website that is a shadow of the former hub it used to be. This site has no incentive, no pull, no attraction, and sadly is failing to the likes of The core of the people still coming here are veterans and sadly are 10 times more skilled in this game than 90% of the aforementioned site and only come due to being able to play one another. Mods, please. You don't know what you're doing and your novel ideas are nothing more than a beating of a dead horse. You want this site to change? To improve? Bustle with activity? Then stop doing what you're doing and take notes.

1. CREATE an incentive. Stop thinking that nearly meaningless (they mean nothing when the community is dwindling) badges are going to encourage people to join and thrive. Start a donation pool, contract with TOS to raise funds, align with Twitch streamers that have subscription options and get money for the ladder. Do monthly drawings for active members. Host online money matches with forwarded Paypal funds. The online community is more thirsty than the offline community ever will be, these players just looking for a chance to prove themselves. $500 pot for winner of playoffs, that's chump change and I can get an event I run sponsored for that in 10 minutes. You are sitting on your asses waiting for a miracle and it isn't coming.

2. Run ladder more effectively. If I MUST elaborate then I will, but this is a no brainer.

3. Get an ONGOING streamer to feature hype site events, money matches, and tournaments. Not a timid person who can't commentate to save their life. You know who you are. Get off the mic.

4. Read number 1 again.

5. Connect with the offline community.

6. Create a mentorship program. Everyone sucks at this game, they want help from accomplished players. How is that not painfully obvious for you guys to take advantage of? People please!

7. I am the Queen. That is all.
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Haven't played competitively in over a week. No Smashladder, no nothing. I don't know what else is there for me right now. If I haven't already mentioned, it became a flowchart.

1) Find a tough opponent
2) Use Ike
3) If winning, stay Ike
4) If losing, go Link and win.

I should look into doubles and customs battles soon.

But honestly, between work and other plans, I've been playing Mortal Kombat X, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and a number of other games. I even started playing For Glory again for whatever reason. Good competition would be nice, but in the meantime, I'm waiting for MomoCon and other tournaments to happen so I can go to them and compete with something on the line.

Kami told me the ladder was free. I felt the competition was a step-up from NDJ's ladder, which is honestly true. However, I went up against Samboner (then-#2 on Smashladder) and took his Luigi and Sheik down with Link. So if I can beat #2, who else can I take down? Took a game off of Luisfer as well. So we could compete on ladder to have fun with a few people who are actually really good, or I could just play something else. I wouldn't mind doing Mortal Kombat X tournaments, either.

Until then, however, I feel that, no matter how much I'm actually playing, I don't feel like I'm improving at this point. Until I win a national or even a regional tournament, I don't know what's left for me in the meantime.
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I'm making this blog to figure out which characters would benefit me in competitive play.  I can't rely on Ness in most cases.  I need a better variety.  

Earlier I said that I would try to play and get a good understanding of each character.  But with 50 characters and counting, I've decided to stick to the few that I really want to learn.  Some of the characters I wanted to main, I've decided to drop.  

Characters I wanted to main:

* Ness
* Villager
* Robin
* Sheik
* Dr. Mario
* Rosalina
* Lucina 
* Wii Fit Trainer

Characters I'm dropping:

Rosalina - She's my favorite Nintendo princess, yet her moveset is one of my least favorite.  She's too floaty and dependent on Luma.  While her moves are nice, she is not my style.  I feel as though I can't completely control what she's doing.  Her moves feel incredibly slow because they have long animations.  I really don't like her in this game.

Dr. Mario - I assumed he would be better than Mario by a wider margin, but he's definitely worse.  He can't recover or combo as well as Mario can.  I haven't played him in a long time.

Villager - I spent the most time playing him in Smash 4 overall.  I'm really disappointed with his moveset because it's mostly projectiles.  I just wish he could apply a little more pressure than he already does.  Dropped him after my recent tournament.  I'm really sad to let him go.

Potential Substitutes:

*  Captain Falcon
*  Pikachu
*  Zelda
*  Lucas
*  Mega Man 
*  Random

Falcon: I tend to grab people a lot.  Falcon has amazing grabs.  His aerials are nice.  And he's definitely fast.  I think he's got a really good chance of being in my team.

Pikachu: I like Pikachu's complexity.  Lots of mixup potential and incredible speed.  He's a tricky character, and I admire people that play him.

Zelda: I find her moves to be incredibly fascinating and majestic.  Her moves are pretty sub par, but I'm willing to be patient for her.  I think I just have a love for characters with fire.  

Lucas:  Need more information.

Mega Man:  I originally didn't want to play him at all, but I'm thinking of some more uses for him later.  It's gonna take some practice to hit his aerials accurately, but I'm certain he can be deadly when he's used correctly.

Random:  No not the (?) Random.  I'm considering doing what I did to pick my main in Brawl.  Picking a random character and staying with them to the very end.  I'm going to use this method as a last resort and ONLY when I have all the characters unlocked.  I'm sure I'll blog about this sometime in the future. 

How I determine the characters pass:

I look at a few things.

First, they have to have an advantage over my other mains.  It would kinda defeat the purpose to do this if this wasn't the case.

Second, I have to be familiar with their moves to the point where I understand how they work.  Not on a M2K level where I look at all of the frames, but enough where I can say I know the character by heart.

Third, I have to win 90-95% in lower level matches.  At least 50% in competitive matches.  This will be hard to track, but I keep notes of my wins and losses.  


1)  I'm keeping Robin, Wii Fit Trainer, Sheik and Lucina as my mains because I haven't grown tired of them.  Even though they're not all the best, I'm satisfied with their style.  And I've adjusted to them.

- Robin specifically, has a fire stun like ness which I adore.
- Wii Fit Trainer has okay projectiles.
- Lucina because every team needs swordsman. 
- Sheik because I've wanted to use her since brawl. 

Even though I spend a lot of time with Ness, I try to practice with the others in friendlies.  

2)  For my Random rule, I have to play this character no matter what.  Even if that character is someone I know I don't like.  When I used this rule in Brawl, I didn't know what Ness was like.  Yet, that was just pure luck he happens to be really good now.  

3)  Any character I didn't mention I really am not interested in playing them at the moment.  There are characters I will never touch (Little Mac, Diddy Kong, and Pac Man), and there are characters I'm not sure about yet (Mario, Pit, Dark Pit).

4)  If I ranked my mains in terms of experience:

Ness > Lucina > Wii Fit Trainer > Robin > Sheik
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Gen > Taka
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gg ez.
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Here are some of my thoughts:

* 7 characters of the first SSB are in A and A-
* Mii Brawler is high, i like that
* Sheik is now the top tier instead of Diddy
* Samus is still underrated
* Charizard is bottom tier
* This is the first tier list where Mewtwo appears
* Speaking of Mewtwo, he's mid tier, not bad compared to Melee
* Meta Knight is higher than a fair amount of characters even though he was heavily nerfed
* Pac-Man is the lowest of the 3rd parties
* Two spots down and ironically Zelda would be the lowest character while Sheik's the highest
* Bowser/Bowser Jr., TL/Link and almost MK/Kirby/Ddd's placement is amusing
* Mii Swordsman is the lowest of the Mii Fighters
* Lucina is many spots under Marth. The lack of tip might be one of the biggest reasons.
* Even with the nerfs Diddy got, he's only one spot lower now
* Rip Falco
* Luigi is still the better brother
* Yoshi, Ness, CF and even Link are surprisingly high compared to their placements in Brawl
* R.O.B. is higher than Mega Man
* Pikachu is the highest Pokémon character
* Even though Palutena tends to get the "she's a bad character" treatment, she's not the lowest female character
* Shulk is the highest sword user character
* For the first time, period, the top tier is a female
* Out of the 5 kings, Bowser is the highest, while Donkey Kong is the lowest 
* Out of the Mario characters, Rosalina is the highest while Dr. Mario is the lowest
* Even if he gets buffs, i doubt Lucas can be near as good as Ness
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Since I am BARELY active on this site anymore, I might as well start giving away cards.

Basically, I'll accept any kind of trade if it has anything related to Ness, Lucas, or Earthbound/Mother related.

Any card is free EXCEPT for the following below:

- Earthbound Masterpiece
- Any card that has Ness in it
- Any card that has Lucas in it
- Challenger Approaching!
- Ultimate Chimera
- Homerun bat (140, 390)
- Mr.Saturn
- Smashball
- Visit to Onett (Event Match)
- New Pork City (Brawl Stage)
- Fourside (melee stage)
- Moonside (melee stage)
- Porky Statue, Porky (785) and Porky (895) SSE Boss
- Amiibo Cards

Anything else is free. First come first serve.


This blog will be deleted once I've giving everyone the cards they wanted (Sorry about the delay, life has been a little stressed out lately.)
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Luigi, my favorite Nintendo character, how can i deny him?

I don't like his slippery, though it can be useful sometimes. I consider my Luigi bad, and there have been times i want to drop him because of times i mess up with him, causing me to lose badly. There are other times though, where i do good with him (sometimes even better than my other mains), either by doing the correct follow ups attacks and killing as soon i can, or setting my opponent or myself in a position where i can land an Up B, or even, if lucky, a missfire.

Also, my Luigi (my gamestyle with him) is weird, it's not like other Luigi players that like to use his comboing potential all the time, sometimes i do that, but other times i do movements with him that others don't, which makes him a little more unpredictable. And for the record, weird things happen when i use him sometimes, like accidentally footstooling, or my opponent accidentally SDs, lucky missfires, etc, you have to play my Luigi to know what i mean.

Mewtwo, the Pokémon i enjoy to use the most in Smash (Besides Squirtle)

I haven't played Mewtwo since Melee (I've never played Project M), but i got used to him quickly. Besides not liking his light weight (which sometimes makes him die at ridiculous low percentages), i really liked pretty much everything he offers.

He has a chargeable projectile that you can save (unlike others like Water Shuriken) with good knockback, a reflect move that can also be used to set up another attack and can also be helpful while recovering, a high second jump, a nice recovery move, a move that makes your opponet helpless, a strong Up Smash and Up Throw and of course, a Down Air that reminds me of Brawl Ness' Down Air because of its strong meteor effect.

Sonic the Hedgehog, my favorite third party character.

What can i say, even if his nerfs made him go back to Brawl Sonic like some people say, i like to use this guy. He's the fastest character, he has good aereal mobility, so he can be everywhere anytime, many people made him predictable because of repetitive use of moves but still he's not that predictable thanks to his speed and if used correctly. Sometimes i feel he's THIS fast. 

He also has decent/good kill power, has a great recovery move and can easily do follow ups to raise the percentage. The only move that is also useful but can screw you is the Homing Attack, its a good move, but if you use it off stage and doesn't follow the opponent you're done for. I also like his new voice, unlike other characters' new voices (cough Fox cough)

Mega Man, the super fighting robot.

This guy's case was similar to my experience with Brawl Mr. G&W, i wanted to try him, but at first his moveset was so odd for me, a jab where you don't punch? a walking version of your jab instead of a side tilt? an aereal version of your jab instead of a neutral air? an smash attack that is a projectile? These moves and other things of his moveset made me think he was one of the newcomers with the most complicated/new movesets/playstyles, but eventually i understood him.

His back air has kill power, his down smash is slow but kills early, his up air can kill easily if the opponent doesn't move correctly, his side smash has great knockback, his down air meteors, his up tilt also kills, his b and side b are good for follow ups. The only move i regret him having instead of one of his custom moves is Leaf Shield, Skull Barrier is way better with the reflect effect.
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As a side collection project before Series 8 is out, I have decided to release the amiibo card set (under keepsakes).

Information about distribution:
- The ones with gray borders come from the cheap gift forge, the ones with gold borders come from the expensive gift forge. Yes, you can still get the old consoles from this forge, rip me.
- You can also opt to buy the scalper pack at 4,000 coins which give a random amiibo (rare ones being rarer of course).
- I am also giving the opportunity for everyone to claim free amiibo cards if they have the corresponding amiibo in real life. Go here for the details.
- I will not be giving out the % rates for everything because those will keep changing as new amiibo are added and I'm too lazy for that. Just know that you are more likely to get an amiibo because there are more amiibo. However, consoles have a slightly higher chance in the expensive gift forge compared to the cheap gift one.

Amiibo will be added to the collection as amiibo are officially released to the market (not pre-orders). Gray ones recycle for 500 and Gold ones recycle for 1,000.

The category images for Amiibo (and baddies) will be uploaded eventually. Series 8 will come out whenever character cards are assembled. I think that's all. If I missed something just post below and ask.
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1. Blow up
2. Act like you don't know nobody
3. ???
4. Profit!!! 
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Ever seen your old art and just cringe at it?
yeah that happen here

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Indiana such a dead and lonely state power rankings be looking like

1. Taka
2. Taka
3. Taka
4. Taka
5. Taka
6. Taka
7. Taka
8. Taka
9. Taka
10. Taka

Honorable Mentions: Taka
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