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Or have they moved on to the Smash 4? I think I read somewhere that there is a way to play online in SSBB by hacking the Wii.

Can someone help me out?
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So I was on For Glory, then next thing you know some guy said I spammed with Link (1st game) then next game the guy said I have no skill LOL

has this happened to any of you before? Cause I just laughed at the guy xD
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Chibo is hosting

November 26-27

"Revival of Brawl"

(and your very own former ladder champ Cody!) have already entered.

the game that started this site.

go and have fun!

There will also be a midtier tourney!

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S: Diddy Kong, Cloud, Sheik, Rosalina, Mario, Sonic, Fox
A: Zero Suit Samus, Ryu, Mewtwo, Bayonetta
B: Pikachu, Meta Knight, Villager, Mega Man, Ness
C: Toon Link, Corrin, Marth, Captain Falcon, Greninja, Lucario
D: Yoshi, Pit, Donkey Kong, Peach, Dark Pit, R.O.B., Luigi
E: Olimar, Robin, Bowser, Lucas, Wario, Ike, Lucina
F: Mr. Game & Watch, Pac-Man, Little Mac, Palutena, Kirby, Duck Hunt, Link
G: Shulk, Samus, Wii Fit Trainer, Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario, Falco, Roy
H: Charizard, King Dedede, Zelda, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff
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Wow it has been a while since I hosted anything, for those that don't know I'm Falcon and I hosted a weekly Sm4sh tournament series known as Fight To The Finish. I'll be hosting another season of it soon, but since I'm still finishing it up I'm holding a last minute tourney to hold people over.

If you're interested in joining it's at 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central and more information can be found here:
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I've been looking for people to play and For Glory is getting out of hand.

NNID: ZidaneTribal98

If anyone wants to play just feel free to leave a message and add me. Thank you.
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I was browsing Twitter when I came across this glorious website.

(Also legalize gay weed plz)
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In the US for all of you who have newsletter notifications set on before August 24th, you can obtain a code in September to get the 20th anniversary Darkrai. (as long as you haven't obtained it previously when it was still distributed via Gamestop)

Alongside that though I've noticed a pattern regarding 20th anniversary event pokemon that have been exclusive to Gamestop for Americans. 

Originally, Mew was the first to be distributed via Gamestop in February. However, it turns out we were given this "second chance" through the newsletter in June 4 months later. The exception to this was that you couldn't obtain it if you had gotten it from its initial distribution. Now if you look at what's going on for Darkrai, it's just about the exact same thing! Newsletter code, happens 4 months after the initial distribution, etc.

What I suspect is that this is actually going to be the case for the rest of the anniversary pokemon that are going to be distributed via Gamestop. I honestly think this is good on Gamefreak's part because there ARE people out there who don't have the convenience of a local game store compared to getting it straight from the internet. That and the fact it just didn't seem right for just most of the event pokemon to be done via the internet.

With all that being said, those of you who were going to unfortunately lose out to those non-internet events don't have to worry about it too much. The only catch is that it means having to wait on a few of them much later than you originally would.
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Hi everyone, sorry I've been absent for a short period of time. 
However my short break from the site has nothing to do with the blog.

We now have a new server. Woohoo!! But unfortunately that also means new bugs.
I've already found a handful in a short amount of time, and if you notice anything broken that's not already listed here please write them down!

Stuff that are currently broken and we're aware of: 
  1. Shoutouts aren’t loading when posting for some user accounts.
  2. The X button on blogs, profiles, and other occasions may be broken.
  3. Daily cards aren't showing up
  4. If you added a new friend after the date of the server change, they may not appear in your friends list. Friend options will also not appear on their main profile page (no removing nor adding them again). Readd them by searching their username and clicking the tiny link that says "Send friend request" on their mini-profile. (Small issue, not super important atm)
Helping out will get you the helpful badge if you don't already have it! icon_razz
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What more could you ask for?
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Hello everyone! Corrin here.

Just dropping by to announce the latest poll created by yours truly.
Please feel free to vote and stick around for the discussion threads that will follow, you won't regret it.

This message was sponsored by Milky. Also, join the familky group while you're at it. Let's all be a family. icon_biggrin <--- Here is the poll for easy access.
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so i realise I can't find any good friends nor no1 wants to be my friend V.V oh well gonna be alone
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And this time, with the intentions SEGA has for Sonic now, this may be for good. If they keep this going like they are, they can completely be respected again, and maybe the fanbase can finally have more than a moment to heal.

Sonic Mania and Project 2017 seem to be a split between two different regional groups that aim to make higher quality Sonic games. Sonic Mania will mainly be developed by American designers, who aim to pull a Mega Man 9 by making Sonic relive his past with retro graphics, but new features. Meanwhile, Project 2017 will be handled mainly by the Japanese staff, Sonic Team themselves, who aim to push Sonic further into the future with new innovative plans, while also remembering their own past.

I have really high hopes for Sonic Mania, because all of the main staff working on it are Sonic fans themselves that have made, remade, and/or hacked the Genesis games a lot to make brand new experiences. You think SEGA would be call C&D towards them, but no. I guess they loved their work and now they want them to work together on something bigger.

- Christian Whitehead is the one responsible for remaking Sonic 1, 2 & CD into mobile games, as well as being CD to HD consoles and PC. This includes making Tails playable in 1 & CD, making Knuckles playable in 1, and creating a brand new version of Hidden Palace Zone for 2. SEGA originally hired him after he made a homebrew mobile port of Sonic CD as proof that it could be done, so that he could work on an official one that they would publish.

- Simon Thomley is known as Stealth in the Sonic hacking community and the founder of Headcannon. He assisted Whitehead in some of the Genesis mobile remakes, but he's mostly known for incredible hacks of the original versions, such as Sonic Megamix and Knuckles in Sonic 1. Although Sonic Megamix is fully playable, he recently canceled further development of it likely because he was hired by SEGA to help with Mania. That's really good on him, because Megamix is an amazing Sonic 1 hack that you should try out.

- PagodaWest Games is likely the least known part of this collaboration. Some of the people in this company were responsible for working on a complete HD remake of Sonic 2 called "Sonic 2 HD". There was some internal strife within the staff before, though, with the game being cancelled at one point but then picked up again later. Right now I don't know where they are with that remake, but at least they get to contribute to Sonic Mania, too. So far, part of their contribution includes having one of their own composers work on Mania's soundtrack.

In other words, for those that wanted a true 2D console Sonic game, there should be absolutely nothing to worry about with Mania. It is literally a Sonic game made by fans, for fans. Probably the best thing to happen to Sonic, because these guys have dissected the originals and know how their physics and coding work. They're likely more capable of making 2D games now than Sonic Team are, and it's really fantastic that SEGA hired them to work on an brand new official project.

This is the Sonic 4 we should've gotten six years ago. There's no way in Hell this could go wrong, this time, and I'm getting very fed up with predictable disappointments at this point. I just want a wholly good Sonic game, again, because I will never drop this series as it is my very first one.

Oh, and since this mostly a Smash site, this all bodes well with the fact that Sonic is seen as one of the best characters in Smash 4. I'm almost motivated to make him a real secondary. Almost. icon_razz


Here's some gameplay footage. The player isn't that good, but the game itself definitely is, so far:
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My crew Flow which has long been disbanded. I just wanted to spread this around a bit. Cause this crew meant a lot to me, but due to school I couldn't really lead it. But hey, we sure had one hell of a group of players, and some not even shown in here. Shoutouts to the best smash crew.
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In my last blog, I only showed 12 heroes to see how much attention this project would get. Needless to say, not much(?) However, JV gave a thumbs up to the project going through if I finished the rest of the cast. I even included Ana, the new character. 

The world always needs more heroes, after all.




Also, Milky had a great fascination with the way I made these and mentioned that he wished the Smash 4 widgets looked this "cool" I offered to rework the widgets if permission was granted, and boom. Permission granted, now heres a preview. Spoiler Alert: It might get worked into the apparent site revamp! I only have Mario for now though. I have a lot of work to do with this, so bear with me. Doesn't help I want to put in tiny details as well.

Note: All of them won't have the same colored background in it. Its just Mario that gets the Red one because hes Mario.
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tryna recruit some bitches who don't suck donkey kong balls at the game to play competitive with 

i've degraded from skill rank 60 to 48 in a matter of two days

I can't take this shit no mo 

p.s. im ur fan favorite Lawliel in case nobody remembers
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Has a strong buzz. I made 3 widgets for each type of hero. I only made 3 from each because I didn't want to work too much on something that I'm not sure is even greenlit here.

Now, I know that its obectively a waste of time making widgets for this place, but given there is apparently going to be a revamp whether we like it or not, I may as well share. 

Fun fact: I wanted to make these for personal use elsewhere like a forum at first. Just freaking..... slap "X user" on it or whatever. 




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July 2009 went by fast now it,s been 7 year,s sense.
Whelp guy,s/girl,s what would your 15 year old self say to today,s self? Mine be like manga what,s that? Wait I won a Brawl Tournament? AIB get,s a name change? I have to get a job? Girl,s are evil? I would still be friend,s with people on here in 7 year,s this is not LOZ OOT lol. But yeah crazy right? Anyone else feel old yet?
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