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Does this tune remind you of EarthBound? It sure did to me.
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Guess some people would notice and start wondering where it went, so thought I might as well announce it. The cheater badge is removed from the system and will most likely not be given out again. Congrats to those that got rid of it icon_smile

This does not in any way mean we're going to be nicer towards ladder cheaters. It might rather mean the exact opposite. Who knows.
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Anther's ladder is filled with scrubs and boostlagging sonic mains.

I wish this site would get a new ladder already :/
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 Game one i pull a damn miracle. This was a pretty cool tourney and might be the last one i go to at Umass cause all my friends there graduate this year. I will miss playing with all those guys there. I also got to do some commentary for most of top 8 which was cool let me know how you guys like that too!
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Know your roots.
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The GameCube Controller Adapter has been coming in frequently on Amazon for retail price and sometimes $10 above retail. The May 1st rumor proves to be true with the re-release of the Adapter. Get it now.

Amazon Page

To know when it comes in stock check this site. allows you to get notifications on multiples devices so you'll be able to know when a product comes in stock. All you have to do is sign up.
It has come in everyday since April 18th. This is just some recent stock history.

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Starts at 8:05

I remember a few years ago this kid made a blog about becoming homeless and giving up everything he has just so he can play smash and go around to tournaments like Mew2king. He even admitted he idolizes m2k and rocks back and forth while playing because of that.

Sad to see he hasn't changed a single bit since then lmfao.
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Is platform canceling still performable on smashville or even town and city
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Yep, I'm doing this again. If you don't know what this is, please read my previous blog post for information.
I only have enough points for 3 cards this time.


I'll pick winners at 6PM EST tomorrow. If you won in my previous blog contest, I'm not going to count you towards this one.
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But they still do. So much that I have to make a blog about them.

• Wifit Trainer and ZSS are the fittest girls of the game, but they are skinny... What can I say... It may be my love for fit girls...

• Some of my favourite colours of Brawl didn't make it to this game and/or get worse in my opinion (Olimar's blue colour, Sheik's blue outfit, Falco's blue outfit, Wario's beige overalls, etc.)

• Speaking of which, even after appearing since the very first Smash game, Mario's blue colour was removed. The same goes for Link's white-ish tunic.

• Mega Man can wall jump in this game when he clearly couldn't do it in his games... That ain't Mega Man X, Nintendo!

• Rosalina seems absurdly huge! I know she's supposed to be tall, but THAT tall?... I mean just compare her head with Peach's! It just look too disproportionate!

• Mega Man doesn't have a tether recovery (AKA Thunder Claw)

• After years of denial and hope, I already accepted the fact that Ganondorf will never use a sword and have a completely different moveset.

• Because of the new team system, we don't get to see some characters with a red/blue/green outfit (Shulk, for example)

• Little Mac has 16 costumes! That's unfair!

• Pit's "AH-HAAAAH!" scream

• "The Valedictory Elegy" is written as "The valedictory elegy" in the game

• Some songs that were in Brawl that I liked didn't make it to this game ("Ai No Uta", "Multi-Man Melee 1", "Mike's Song", etc.)

• Speaking of songs, many cool songs were not included in this game ("Unfinished Battle" from Xenoblade Chronicles, for example)

• Lukina clearly had a unique fighting pose in her game, but nooooo... You just had to make her identical to Marth, right, Sakurai?

• I don't like how you "explode" and get KO'd instantly when reaching the blast zone of above. Though now that I think about it, this may not be as insignificant as I thought. Imagine two players getting KO'd at the same time, but one wins just because the other one exploded instead of flying away!

• Mega Man body doesn't explode and disappear completely when beating him in stamina mode... I wanna see him explode, goddamit!
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as you may know i was a bit of an idiot before i was banned. honestly looking back on it i should've been banned much earlier, but you guys put up with me. i thank you for letting me stay on this site and be a retard and a badge whore. i hope we can start again.
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Nothing confirmed yet but would anyone be interested in one?  Let me know.

No dlc tracks unfortunately since not everyone will have them.

Possible black license badge reward
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Why is Villager so heavy for his size?

He's a little kid and is bulkier than Pac-Man.

And Rosalina is considered a heavy in Mario Kart but is ridiculously light in Smash Bros.

Nintendo logic smh
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N64 had Stadium, Stadium 2, Snap and Puzzle League (Don't think HYP! was as good as the others)

GC had Colisseum and XD, the other(s) games weren't as good as those two.

Wii had Battle Revolution. It had other games but PBR was probably the only good one.

Wii U already has at least one or two games i think but i don't think they're worth getting, so i'm still waiting on something similar to Coliseum or Battle Revolution.
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So I just played on the 8 new tracks, used the 3 new characters, and experienced 200cc for the first time ever. My thoughts? Beautiful. Definitely better than the previous DLC. The levels are gorgeous and fun. Isabelle and Villager are amazing to use, I love how they express so many different emotions and make cute sounds. They're much better than plain old boring Link. 200cc is everything I thought it would be. Intense, hard, and thrilling. The animal crossing track and the Fzero track (which is far more better than the other Fzero track) are my 2 new favorite tracks for sure. 

My first time playing the new DLC:

Crossing Cup

Bell Cup

Crossing cup + 200cc

What did you guys think of this new DLC?
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The people who tap jump with Y rather than X

The people who use R for shield instead of L

The people who use (Direction+C-stick down) to dash attack instead of A
                      (Is that just me or anyone else? >.icon_twisted

Aaaaand the people that keep tap jump On (default) 

I guess you can say your personal preference as to which buttons you press make you special in the smash community. (unless you use a pro controller, in that case your not special and should quit smash, KthxBye)
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It'll be broadcast on Friday 24th April at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK / 8pm CET

Direct Link

Release date hype!
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"It’s a huge undertaking to create a fighter, so I think we can’t make them in large quantities. I’d also like to feel refreshed when the project is over. However, since we have decided to tackle [DLC] once, I’d like to offer as much fun [content] as possible. It will take a while from now, but please look forward to it." — Masahiro Sakurai

To think that he only wanted to make Mewtwo and now we have this. This might also be further confirming more characters like Roy and Ryu, and even more stages like Dreamland N64.

We'll have to wait and see what happens with all of that, as well as waiting for what other things he has in store. This may very well be his final Smash game.


UPDATE: Here's a followup I've found, talking about his opinions on how most DLC is handled nowadays, and how games like Mario Kart 8 is a great example of how to do DLC right:

"These days, the “DLC scam” has become quite the epidemic, charging customers extra money to complete what was essentially an unfinished product. I completely understand how aggravated players must feel. After all, a game should be 100% at the time of release, and I would be livid if it were split up and sold in pieces.

Why, then, do you think so many titles provide premium DLC on or shortly following a game’s release? It’s because that’s the easiest way to make money.

After all, if you wait too long after a game’s release to distribute additional content, players will already move on to the next title. Even long tail titles–that is, ones that perform consistently well over an extended period of time–make more money the earlier they come out.
Moreover, we decided to release other characters as well because part of the fun of Smash is the anticipation: “Which character will join the fray next!?” If we keep distributing content, we can maintain that excitement, and I think that’s a really great thing.

To summarize, Sakurai wants to use creative DLC to keep Smash 4 alive as long as possible by distributing it in a timely matter, rather than just throw out DLC right next to the game's release for extra cash. He's also really eager to see if his fans' character expectations end up matching the actual results.

His arm may still be in pain, but now he's really motivated to keep working on this game as much as he can, anyway. Sakurai is quite determined!
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Remember artscow, the site that once gave free customized mousepads, and eventually 99 cent customized mousepads? Well, they're at it again. Here's a picture of the mousepad I got nearly 5 years ago:

The quality of the mousepad is actually pretty nice. I still use it to this day, but now I'm ready to get another one.

If you don't have an artcow account, let 'em know I sent ya and sign up through here (protip: you need one to order):

After that...

1. Go to this site:
2. Use this coupon code when you're about to checkout: Z099MOUSEPADC82MJ
3. ???
4. Profit

Come up with some cool mousepad ideas and have fun!
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so people been hacking me lately, as soon as that stops, im gonna post a real pic of me, unlike u losers lmao.
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