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Just kind of a thing to get ready for Halloween. Going great so far, and I made it to the infamous Otherworld Brookhaven Hospital Storeroom.

If anyone wants to watch me play, I'll be streaming at 11 PM EST. Keep in mind I'll be streaming Bayonetta 2 when it comes out later this week and will be looking for people to online co-op with. Don't forget to Follow!

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I know quite a number of members here actively play Pokemon. As some of you know, Pokemon is a passion of mine and something I did competitively for years (nothing too recent). This is something I have wanted to do for a while, which is, create, or have you guys submit teams designed for the battle maison found within Pokemon X/Y, test them, evaluate them, and perfect them. Everyone knows each version's take on it is designed to be the 'final challenge' within each game. Emerald's battle tower, Black/White battle subway, and so forth. Pokemon X/Y has a reward for reaching 100, and another for reaching 200, both feats seem insurmountable with how difficult the battle maison becomes when everything goes their way and nothing goes your way. On top of the fact that I can't stand smash 3ds (hopefully it will grow on me) I have been conjuring strategies for singles, doubles, multi, and triples in an effort to help myself and the community abroad get all 5 of the elusive 'trophies' for completing the maison (which actually only requires a streak of 50, and it isn't always easy!). Note that I LOVE unconventional, if you have a team of UU Pokemon or include ones not commonly seen that you would like me to evaluate PLEASE come forward. You can submit to me via private message. Thanks! Please note that even though the battle masion auto formats your Pokemon to level 50, all stat references are for level 100 (just halve it for level 50, you'll only be off by a few numbers). The format will be as follows: 

Team Name (A rank of "basic", "intermediate", "advanced", "master" - these refer to the complexity of the team and it's ability to achieve a high streak- along with the highest recorded streak using said team)
Team Members
Team Data
Strategy behind the team
Changes, additions, and credit to developer of said team

AT THIS POINT THE BLOG OFFICIALLY BEGINS. Please read above to understand what follows! 

Tuethida ~ Intermediate (88)

Aerodactyl, Malamar, Kangaskhan, Scizor 

Aerodactyl (Adamant) (Focus Sash) Ivs: 31/31/31/x/31/31 Evs: Hp-6 A-252 Sp-252
Stone Edge, Sky Drop, Bulldoze, Protect

Malamar (Adamant) (Leftovers) Ivs: 31/31/31/x/31/31 Evs: Hp-6 A-252 Sp-252
Superpower, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Protect

Kangaskhan (Adamant) (Kangaskhanite) Ivs:31/31/31/x/31/31 Evs: Hp-6 A-252 Sp-252
Ability-Scrappy (Parental Bond for MEGA)
Return, Sucker Punch, Power-Up Punch, Fake Out
Scizor (Adamant) (Choice Band) Ivs: 31/31/31/x/31/31 Evs: Hp-6 A-252 Sp-252 
Bullet Punch, U-turn, Pursuit, Quick Attack

How the team works: So some initial things that might come to mind; all physical attackers?? Where is the special attacker? Why no defensive Pokemon? No walls? I'm sure for you advanced players, more things come to mind. Worry not, there is a method to the madness. This team was ranked "intermediate" due to it's VERY straightforward team build. Note that they all have the same nature, IV spread, and EV spread. This is cut and paste for anyone who wants a team that is capable of attaining over 50 in super doubles. The team opens up with Aerodactyl (Aero henceforth) and Malamar (Mal henceforth). Note that Mal has the contrary ability, meaning all stat reductions are reversed, so things like growl and intimidate would not lower his attack by one stage, but rather raise it by one stage. This is the key to the whole strategy, this upside down, angry Inkay, can wreak absolute havoc on the unsuspecting AI (game) and it doesn't always have an answer. The goal of the lead Pokemon is to allow Mal to set up, while attacking with Superpower, in order to create a wall and move in for a sweep. Superpower would normally drop your attack and defense, but thanks to the contrary ability, it raises his attack and defense by 50%. Here are some cold hard numbers for you- Mal has an attack of 311 and a defense (neutral nature with 0 EVS) of 211. So every time you use Superpower both stats are increased by 50%. So after 1 Superpower you are sitting at 467 attack and 317 defense. After 2 Superpowers you are sitting at 622 attack and 422 defense. As you can see, those numbers escalate quickly, and before you know it you have a physical wall that can brush off attacks with ease AND recover HP thanks to leftovers. Aero's job is simple, and he is one of the only ones that can fill this position. Aero draws attention to himself (the AI will often target him due to his frailty and common weakness to ice, water, electric, etc.) just by his very nature of being one of the fastest Pokemon in the game. At adamant the highest speed he can get is 359 (which is faster than 95% of anything you will encounter in the battle maison). Due to the fact that Aero is so fast, the basic set up is, he sky drops the one that would target Mal, which usually means a bug type or a Pokemon that knows a bug type move, or a Pokemon that could set something up that is dangerous, such as a burn or paralysis, takes them to the air, which essentially removes them temporarily as a threat while Mal uses Superpower on the Pokemon that Aero didn't target. In situations where BOTH Pokemon target Aero or the one that isn't targeted by skydrop doesn't pose a threat to Mal, you bank on contrary very fast. While Aero is in the sky with one Pokemon, you Superpower the one not targeted and get a 50% boost to attack and defense while likely yielding massive damage to anything that doesn't completely resist it (however if the Pokemon DOES resist Superpower it is likely that Aero targets them so that Mal can effectively deal enough damage with Superpower to garner a KO the next turn after the 50% increase to attack).This works 75% of the time. Example, computer (AI) sends out Toxicroak and Snorlax, you target Toxicroak with Sky drop, therefore removing him from the field and his ability to attack Mal, and then Superpower on Snorlax, while Snorlax helplessly targets Aero and fails to connect. Now that Mal is powered up, Aero drops Toxicroak (it actually OHKOS him due to how frail he is which is why I opted for Adamant Aero and not Jolly) and you finish off Snorlax with another Superpower therefore doubling your attack and defense. Your set up at this point is near complete. It gets better folks. At this point, it's time for a little sacrifice, which comes in the form of your precious Aero. Remember that focus sash we put on him? It comes in handy. The next turn (note that all turns don't play out like this, I am merely providing an example of this team in play), two more pokemon are sent out. At this point let's say it's a Nidoqueen and an Aerodactyl of their own (he is quite common in maison). Are we worried that their Aero is running Jolly and is faster and will stone edge our Aero to death? Not at all. His does stone edge, focus sash kicks in, you launch a bulldoze, which doesn't hit their Aero, but DOES hit Mal and the Nidoqueen. The beauty now comes into play. Due to the sheer weakness of bulldoze you literally can do 50 HP MAXIMUM (barring a critical hit) to Mal's 300+ (18% or so) with no boosts to defense, meaning after a Superpower or two, your bulldoze is nothing to him at all, but the nifty effect of bulldoze is it lowers everyone's speed. Or does it? Contrary allows him to reverse that effect and take a speed INCREASE and not a decrease. Shooting adamant Mal to 368 speed after one bulldoze. You now have a Pokemon with monster bulk, monster attack, and ridiculous speed. The AI will double target Aero (most of the time) and you lose your Aero, at the cost of a near unstoppable monster. Note that it is VERY possible and quite likely you can achieve all of these stat boosts within the first couple of turns before knocking out their Pokemon. Scizor exists on the team to stop a double bug combo. If he game sends a Pinsir and a Yanmega out at the same time, it is CLEARLY trying to wipe your Mal, simply switch to Scizor to tank the bug attacks while Aero attempts to wipe them with Stone Edge (yes you can miss). Thanks to Choice band, STAB, and Technician, Scizor hits like a miniature nuke, with priority if you need it thanks to bullet punch, and quick attack (no stab). He is great for cleaning some messes up or even attempting a sweep on his own if the game tries to overturn things by using Pokemon that are all faster than adamant Aero (Jolly Crobat, Aero or timid Alakazam and Jolteon). Kangashkan is there for a number of reasons. Obviously she is one of the best Pokemon in her mega form and her abilities are fantastic. You NEED scrappy on Kanga, because there are times when a double ghost team can be sent out (no Superpower folks) and things might get sticky. Thanks to scrappy, you can hit ghost types with fakeout and still cause them to flinch. After you mega evolve you lose this, however. Note that she pairs VERY well with Mal due to the fact that if Aero falls, Kangaskhan can prevent obvious targeting on Mal with fakeout and STILL allow Mal to lay waste with more Superpowers or Stab attacks for Pokemon who are weak to psychic/dark. The possibilities for what you may encounter and how to proceed against them are endless, so I will effectively make a quick list of things to watch for and how to remedy issues that those things may cause. All in all, this team is deadly against the AI and can easily yield you a 100 win streak in super doubles.


A double ghost team (here there is no superpower set up, thankfully, you can scoop one up with skydrop and attack with night slash on the one more frail, for example pick up Dusknoir and night slash Mismagius because Dusknoir will set up and Mismagius will be KOed in one hit)

Super fast Pokemon (here the issue is they run through your Aero before you have a chance to set up Mal, that's why Aero has protect. If it's obvious, such as Jolteon and Manetric, protect Aero and move in for a Superpower on one of them, the next turn they will likely wipe out Aero with a double thunderbolt, while you finish off the original target with Superpower and effectively got +2 boost to your attack and defense, just no speed)

Double Bug (this is actually easier to combat than it seems thanks to Scizor, simply switch, and launch a sky drop on one of the other Pokemon)

Trick Room (not the BIGGEST issue thanks to priority bullet punch, quick attack, sucker punch, but it is an issue for Mal/Aero. Simply sky drop who you think will launch trick room, power up Mal with Superpower and attempt to wipe them when they hit the ground)

Starmie, Alakazam, Barbacle, Drapion (there are more) all CAN have a bug attack, either in the form of Simple Beam or X-scissor and can pose a problem if you don't address it. In this situation, a good thing to do is; protect on Malamar (they WILL target Mal if they have a bug attack) do bulldoze to lower their speed so Malamar can wipe them out with Nighslash or Superpower the next turn before they can wipe you with a bug attack. 

Honestly, when I lost with this team twice (battle 88 the 2nd time) they were misplays on my part and I will run the team again and not duplicate the mistake.

There are other options to include like switching Scizor out for Salamence as he can tank bug attacks much better thanks to intimidate, so I will toy with others as I go along.

This team was created by the Wicked Witch ~
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I don't know why I'm liking the character so much lol
Any videos of good Palutenas besides Coral from Japan? kawaii uguu desu n ****~ ^_^
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Did this to someone on ladder :I
Man thats gotta suck.
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How are you guys doing on the in game challenges?

I've got most of them, I keep using my hammers on the street smash ones because I think it's sorta stupid. Cruel Smash was pretty annoying but good ole Ganondorf saw me through!
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Not sure why this amused me so much, but I figured this was worth sharing.
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Granted they were all fairly easy to unlock, but which one was the hardest to actually fight?

Personally, Dr. Mario was a nuisance and he killed me before I finally beat him.

Jr. and Jiggs also proved a little bit annoying.
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Was watching them trying to unlock Bowser Jr earlier, was kinda funny.

Believe it or not, they actually made it to Master Hand and won a FFA online.
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(lol falco got nerfed fml)
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i have been throwing my bans on prism tower and brinstar.
i have been counterpicked to jungle japes twice.
within those two games there have been 5 total deaths.
all 5 of the deaths have been explicitly due to a facet of the stage.
while waiting to see how the japes rapids will claim its next victim, the gameplay of swatting characters who are forced to jump in for the opportunity to fight for the center of the stage is a silly design and snowballs stock leads very quickly.

r e m o v e j a p e s
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The badge colors were fine, but leave Staff slayer as purple which was the only improvement so far, kthx.
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He's bottom tier. Looking at him makes me vomit.
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I miss the big gay dance :\
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-Greninja has an odd hurtbox that allows him to fall out of certain moves easily. Alot of characters cant actually jab combo him(not even the great IKE) if Greninja DIs properly. Find out what you can and cant do.

-Greninja can cancel landing lag with shadow sneak(side B). All normal Aerials and air dodge can be cancelled into sideB whenever Greninja wants, and every time you try to punish a whiffed dair, you get sideB'd because you probably haven't conditioned yourself to punish it properly yet. Its a basic bait.

-Shadow Sneak has the same broken property as Rush coil, aka he can cancel certain hitstun with it. He cant escape as many moves as Megaman can but he can punish certain moves on hit so try and be aware of this.

-the lightest Shuriken throw, for some reason, makes Greninja have some grab invincible property. the obvious run up, shield the shuriken, grab punish doesnt work on him most of the time. I honestly don't understand this completely but you are better off trying to use a jump in aerial to punish this.

-Upsmash is insanely strong, and any good Greninja will try and land the tipper version on you when possible. theres a good amount of set ups that put you in a position to die, so you need to usually jump away and not air dodge into the ground if thats not obvious. play the MU by avoiding the danger zone above Greninja's head and you will probably do better.

-Greninjas standing grab has good range but has some startup on it which makes it a subpar OoS option. Instead, Drop shield jab will likely be what is used to punish you. Greninjas jab is godlike, not much else to say.

if I think of anything else ill add to this.
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generic rosa tips people may or may not know. My rosa is still butt but whatever

-luma has 50 hp
-not sure of the specifics but you must deal around a 10-15% smash to seperate luma from rosa and put him in a tumble state. Same applies when luma is already separated.
-when luma is in his tumble state offstage, rosa cannot call her back. He is pretty much dead
-luma can be controlled in hitstun.
-luma can be controlled while rosa calls her back
-When seperated luma will automatically follow if rosa's back is to him.
-when grabbing rosa always throw her away, luma will follow most of the times. Most down throws give me enough time to break out. There are a few exceptions but I can't recall atm
-Luma cannot perform smash attacks when rosa is in the air. (IK this is obvious but some people seem to think he can)
-Expect a dtilt if rosa ever whiffs anything.
-Rosas only options when she's above anyone are dair or airdodge. Dair is really good but she generally has trouble landing.
-Rosas recovery is surprisingly easy to exploit if they recover carelessly. 
-Rosa struggles against characters that can rush her down (except mac). So if you manage to get in her space, don't let her get away.

Few chars that challenge rosa.

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good god...when was the last time i legit roamed around here...???

Personally, I like this new look "AiB" has done with the place. quite frankly, i'm still surprised it was running still but i guess i don't need to worry anymore. it can only go north now that Smash 3ds and Smash Wii U (currently underway in november) right around the corner soon, this place will possibly be a little bit more active now.

Also, long time no see for some people who know me. I miss somewat all of you icon_biggrin
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The old blue/white glow is gone now? I really felt those were exclusive to older users, and gave a sense of pride in ownership. Why'd they get changed/removed?
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This blog has been locked by a moderator.
Who the hell plays this ****ty game(s)?
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That there are still no combo videos up for Sm4sh 3DS. The japanese version has been out a little over a month, and English version has been released 18 days ago, a little more than 2 weeks. I'd think there'd be something by now. 
Then again, I'd think even with that amount of time, people are trying to decide which character falls under what category of the tier list.
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