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Be the first to answer correctly and you get ballz
I should rule the people who have me on FB out..
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Does anybody here listen to Linkin Park? c:
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Hey guys!
I'd just like to remind everyone that the Banner Contest is coming to an end, you guys only have till Friday to turn in your entries! No more after that! 

For those of you who haven't seen the Banner Contest yet, here's a link to it: Banner Contest {Click Me} 

There you will find all the details you need to know, links to renders, a link to the site's logo, etc. 

Due Date: Friday, October 24th  at 11:59 EST {10:59 CST, 8:59 PST}

So c'mon guys! Get to making those banners and good luck to you all!
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Checked my email to find a message from the Pokemon Company with a demo code for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire! icon_biggrin

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Sometimes its hard to wake up in the morning
Mind full of demons, I don't wanna hear them anymore
Got me heartbroken,fine, so many babies screaming
Cause they seeing destruction before they a see human being
So they start smoking weed, we'll never get our day
Until we learn to pray, keep our families in shape
Cause they all broke. and why do ghetto birds die
Before we learn to fly, some bodies else's child caught in guns
Smoking weed, can all make a change
So I'm told, but I haven't seen the change unfold,
I keep hoping please, if you prefer to breathe,
Communities in need of people that will lead
Keep your eyes open, I can only say I'll try
Until the day I die, I promise to be wise
With my heart open, greed, brings only misery
A way to tragedy, so I stay sucker free
Only a few chosen, rise (rise)
My ghetto queen, rise (rise)
Don't be afraid to try (try)
Too many of us died to the door to open wide
My brother be wise, stay focused on the prize
Though everybody dies
We can...
Only learn to take, our anger and our hate
Control our mental state, settle down, and just set it straight
Maybe we can learn to take a second to pump the brakes
For we said it, regret it later, and let it escalate
Cause by then its too just late, theres so much we can take
Theres only so much someone can swallow and tolerate
To the point that he just breaks, snaps and thats all it takes
You'd think that we was learning from other rappers mistakes
But we aint
Its plain to go against, with every artists, comes the image he portrays
And a picture that he paints
But in the midst of all this anger and this angst
Never once did you hear me say I'm a gangster and I aint hear no complaints
But I know, that I will always continue to grow,
As long as I lead and never follow no one else's shadow
There will never be another me
And that I can guarantee
Thats why the **** I remain sucker free to this day
The game will never be the same
No matter how much fame or success they attain
There will never be another me
And no matter what they do
There will never be another you
You can search but you'll never find
You can try to rewind time
But in your hearts and your minds
We will never die
We are forever alive
And we continue growing....
One day at a time
Don't be caught in the publicity and caught in the hype
Rappers are regular people minus money and light
Searching for fortune and fame, and super stardom
All the jewelry, all the cars, whose crew is the hardest.
Now the hip-hop police, the villains is watching
And kids think beef is the only option
Outlaws born filthy, guilty as charged
My memories of Khaddafi, but Makaveli lives on
You think the industry is fun
And no pity with guns
And when your money is up
Thats when your enemies come
So if he died and came back
Would he try to save rap?
We needing a change, the drama remains
I spent my whole life, fighting myself
That I cant win so I'm inviting some help
and every now and then I take rights from left
Im still just like a kid, looking for stripes on my belt
And that there is a fight in itself
So I just pray and hope god
Take a like to myself
No matter how much I try (stay alive)
I'm gunna die mad, still standing there in love with my pride
Heard frivolous beats, we past that
I'm trying to keep some income coming in
And collect on my *** cap
The rappers in the game aint changed
And I finally realized that we not in the same game
The hating will never end, so I guess I'll deal wit it
Them 4-5 with cop killers, just some steel wit it
The streets is military, you gotta be a soldier
Gotta stay leery and keep your eyes on the rollers
As they do what they gotta do to shackle and hold us
So we gotta do what we gotta do to keep rolling
One way at a time, keep the faith in your mind
and we continue growin...
...One day at a time. Damn!
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I just had a for glory match of Little Mac vs. Marth, typical novices but here's the odd part I found out.

Ok, so you know how using an attack about the same time as being grabbed cancels both of them out? At the edge, I just attempted a KO punch when I was grabbed, and not only did it cancel out the grab, but my KO punch did some crazy buffed whiff on my opponent.

The whiff was so strong that it flung marth WAAAAAAY offscreen, so far that he wasn't able to recover.  The extra jump and up-B wasn't enough to get back. 0_0

I can't prove it with a video or anything, but you can try this out yourself. It's easiest if you had another person to do it with you.

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With a bonus stage. In my opinion, Super Mario 64 is one of the best Mario
games of all-time. Now I know some of you will strongly disagree with me
and that's okay, but to me, Mario 64 was the best and still is.

As for the bonus stage, If you go the second flood of the castle, BEFORE
you walk up the stairs to the third flood, look to your right, you'll see a painting of a night stage.
That night stage would/should be rainbow cruise. (Night time version)

Feel free to post your thoughts on what Mario game is the best of all time.
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Hey guys.

So we've recently had an unusually large influx of ladder disputes show up. As a result, we currently lack the man power to get to all of them in a timely fashion. We're working hard to make sure that each of your disputes are taken care of, it just may take a bit longer than before. I apologize for this.

I've instructed the ladder staff to take care of disputes in the order they arrive, so hopefully you shouldn't have to wait too terribly long for someone to contact you. Please let me know if your dispute has been open for over 48 hours and you've yet to hear from anyone, as that is unacceptable.

I apologize again for the inconvenience, but rest assured that your dispute won't be forgotten!
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What have you guys been doing?
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What is this sorcery?!

Oh ok

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I'm a tad late, but for the guys that wished me a happy birthday (all six of you), thanks! Day was chill. Had no work and then at the latter point of the day, I went a gaming group on Tuesday.

Quiet funny too, being thrown a birthday surprise as well. My mind is oblivious to these things, and the details didn't exactly add up until it happened. I got 150 from all the buds in the group and it gave me enough to get an NES I had my eye one. I've bought a few more games since then for it. I also had lots of cake... too much cake.

No, really, one from my friends and then I got another one from my boss at work. Heavenly taste of course, but I'm done with cake for awhile (and it's not a lie!) 

Anyone know any good games for NES by the way? I have a few already and I have an idea on what I'm going to search for, but... I have

TMNT 1 and 2
Ghost 'N Goblins
Blades of Steel (Ice Hockey game)
Micro Machines
Kirby's Adventure
A Boy and His Blob
Ninja Gaiden
Zelda II, The Adventures of Link
The Legend of Zelda
Mario Bros/ Duck Hunt w/ Gun
Super Mario Bros 3
Dr. Mario
Castlevania II, Simon's Quest
Dragon Warrior
Double Dragon II, The Revenge
Final Fantasy
Super Mario Bros 2
Mega Man 3
Mega Man 4
Duck Tales

I'm gonna try to complete the Mega Man collection; I'll probably find 1, 2, 5, and 6 eventually. I want to also find Base Wars, Bomberman, and Contra. Duck Tales 2 is extremely rare (I've seen it around for 120$. That's a lot of moolah), so who knows if I'll ever buy it.

I also saw Bubble Bobble at one point. Clu Clu Land, even though I never played it, is somewhat uncommon, but it's still buyable for about 15 bucks I saw. Also, the classic Tetris isn't expensive at all. It's about 3 to 5 dollars anyway.

I also wonder if anyone here remembers Star Tropics? That game is so flippin' hard...
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So for about half a year now my girlfriend has been selling 3ds cases on Etsy. She's been doing surprisingly well. If anyone wants to buy one or just even give some support just by liking her page we'd really appreciate it! 

Use this code BNDTHANKYOU05 to get 5% off any purchase!! 
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.... Oh ya the nostalgia is real. Hello old and new friends.

See you on the ladder
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Not a bad name.. Are any of the OG's still on this site?

Also to any programmer/mod password recovery is broken.. It keeps looping you back to the "check email for pass recovery".. The msg it sends you, brings you back to the page where you input your email for a password.. Hopefully you guys can fix this.
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And when I get the cards they used to be diagonal but now they are vertical
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i just got completely logged into someone else's account.

i just loaded a new page and poof, i was then Jose M. and yes I did immediately log out and then back into my own account.

i hope this is just a glitch. halp

i feel bad for making 2 blogs in a day

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I am pissed. Do you know why I am pissed? Because this boss "Dahaka" is about to make me blow my head off with a loaded revolver. For over 8 months, I have attempted to beat this guy everynight, at least two times. I have about 300 attempts on this one guy. 300. Every time I see that number I lose a little more sanity. I have looked on YouTube, Google, and even frickin Bing. Nothing helps. Even when I ask people on Yahoo Answers, they can't help me. "U suk bro" they say, "watch the movies on utube and skip game" they say. No. Just, no. I HAVE to beat this game legitly. I HAVE to kill Dahaka. I HAVE to beat him before Christmas. I can make my mom buy me a single game for Christmas, and hey, one game I don't have to buy, is one less wallet dent. I bit my thigh about 8 minutes ago. I bit myself. What the hell is wrong with me. This game is ruining my thighs, my soul, and my mind. How can I call myself a fan if I cannot beat a simple boss. I am nothing. I am...bitten..
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Narrator from SSB4 sings Pokemon Theme.

Youtube version:

lol, bye
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The savior the site deserves.
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