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After enough time has gone by and I have smashed some more people I decided to make another blog of Smash stereotypes. Long story short this is a group of stereotypes for people I have played against in Smash. Don't take it serious because I'm only joking and all of this is for fun.

Believe: My forward smash has no range and one active frame, yet I'll find a way to KO you with it anyway.

Vic: I only pick the Fire Emblem stages because those are the only stages with good music.

BlueTerror: GIVE ME MY BADGES!!!!!

Pavel: Timer? What timer? I only believe in time-outs. 

Lust: Oh this is a fight? I thought it was a camping trip.

Cyziax: Halberd is a stupid stage, pick something tournament legal like Jungle Hijinxes. 

Raheem The Dream: I'm unstoppable! Just ignore the fact I'm only undefeated in the Inverse Method.

A-Bro: Pick a better stage or I'm getting a bulldozer and turning this stage into an omega.

Val: I won a few matches with this character, now they're my new pocket!

Taft: I main the whole roster, want to fight about it?

ShadeYuki: I'm sorry, who? <-- My freedom of speech feels compromised...

SuperFlame: Let me pick Pirate Ship, what could possibly go wrong?

Chuyramosfregeoso: I live off the grid and only come on it for Smash tournaments.

Nintega: When are you posting results? When are you posting results? When are you posting results?

Chrome: You're a fraud even though I can't beat you!

Coyors: Woof Woof!

Donut: What character are you using? What character are you using? What character are you using?

FireFoxBlade: Alright I closed one out of twenty browser windows, we should lag less now. 

Dici: Oh a Sonic player! Let me just take them to Duck Hunt...


Dcooper: The hardest part of playing Sm4sh online is getting into the room.

Cod-E: I can't come up with my own Miis so I copy other peoples' Mii Fighters.

PorkChopz: I am the best player in Falcon's tournaments even though I never show up.

FatPenguin: Screw the top tiers, I fight for the rest of the tier list!

BroGamez: *getting wrecked by everything* This is fine, everything is alright.

Shado: Falcon stop asking me to upload replays I don't even play this game anymore.

MajinVegeta: I shall become the best tournament advertiser there ever was, nobody could or would want to steal my title!

Jolly: Guys, I think I broke my controller, I can only up-tilt and up-smash.

ZeroAbsol: Can I commentate? Can I commentate? Can I commentate? Can I commentate? Can I commentate?

LemonNinjaYT: I'm just here for the prize.

Milky: *Sprinkles pretty sparkles all over the chat room* ^^ <-- If we played more then maybe you would be on here legitimately. 

Tyler: Oh let me join your room... wait never mind, there isn't a spot for Taft.

Hukster: I believe that nothing can stop me and then something comes to stop me.
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Manga, you're up to date every time you read them so there are no spoilers just theories, but on the con for some people it's too much to buy it and then read it. Those people go to anime and wait til they air an adaptation to the manga. Con of Anime is filler, and constantly having to wait for them to catch up, what do you prefer? :^) 

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Hey guys, it's been a while since I've last logged on and I will say this: I'm not really an avid Smasher, but I am an avid Gamer! That's right everyone; Regi is back with yet another strange game recommendation. Prepare to expand that little gaming library!

The strangest mixes for gaming usually come into the gaming universes and well, sometimes they work, sometimes they need a little tweak, sometimes they just don't mix well despite the effort, or the worst case scenario? They flat out suck.

So rogue likes for me are rather addicting, but I've never in my life have tried my hand at the bullet hell genre unless it's Undertale. Undertale's bullet hell is adorable and brisk in the pacifists route, but if you choose to, I dunno, be a dick to all the monsters and innocents in the game, then there are maybe one or two toughies which definitely undermine the cheerful, and somewhat easy gameplay people are so used to.

Aside the point, I introduce you a risky hybrid that, in my eyes, took me by storm. Get it? In my eyes? Okay, I'll stop now. 

G U N G E O N!

Enter the Gungeon is a rough-and-tough rouge and bullet hell hybrid that futures, you guessed it! Guns, Bullets, Guns, Bullets, and Guns, and also Bullets.

Each character in this little "gungeon" is cleverly named a "gungeoneer" in search of the gungeon's greatest and most powerful treasure... The gun that can kill the past. And they'll do anything to have another shot!

The Pilot, the Marine, the Hunter, the Convict. Each of these gungeoneers, though some noble, and perhaps undignified, have special quirks and attributes that give them a unique advantage against the gungeon's ever evolving layout.
The Pilot can earn free loot with his not-so-trusty lockpick and carry an extra active item for the journey and some additional overall ammo for the guns he gains upon pickup.
The Marine is a great beginner gungeoneer, blessed with better accuracy and faster reload as well as a starting armor piece, which is a boon needless to say.
The Hunter has a little puppy that has an extra chance to dig up additional goodies upon clearing a room and comes equipped with a cross bow, and it's your friend (trust me).
The Convict has an interesting ability to deal additional damage when you take damage, and comes with an extra fire arm as well as molotov, making her an offensive menace among the walls of the gungeon.

The Gungeon within the player's first attempts will be basically learning how all the enemies and the gungeon itself operates.
Along the way, all gungeoneers will find NPC's that can sell you unlockable guns and items that will give you an edge in the future endeavors. Not only that, they also appear in future runs when rescued, selling some sought out goodies that are huge blessing. Better be prepared, as unlocking most items will require Hegemony credits, which are gained by defeating bosses, while other guns will be unlocked by fulfilling specific request.

Ox and Cadence never appear in the Gungeon onward after rescuing them and will instead offer some notable guns and gadgets for a better survival rate. You'll need all you can get. 

What I really love about the game itself is it's plethora of writing for each and every single gun in game. Not only that, there are so many references to all the incredible series of games and pop culture we all know and love. Trust me, there are so many different references in this game. It's disgusting how much pop culture is in the gungeon itself. The writing is humorous, and with so many guns and items in game, it's recommended you always check out your additional equipment in the Ammonomicon. You'll get a massive laugh, as I know I did. And the game has so many puns. Ah, and if you don't know me by now... I love puns. <3

This simple little book will always keep tabs of all the guns. And within much to say, perhaps you know what reference this gun holds?

All in all, think you can best all the secrets of the gungeon. Gotta keep trying right?

Fuck your sass Gungeon.
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But I don't really care
If any of my old (Kayla's) friends sees this and wants to talk or whatever, my Discord is Lain#5580

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Hello, Twitch and Discord people!

My name is Taft and I will be your ICE TYPE gym leader on Twitch. Add me on Skype taft621 for gym battles only. Put (gym battle) on the Skype request when adding me.

It is your Responsibility to read this entire blog about the ICE type gym leader rules and regulations and information about everything!. Fail to comply and follow directions and understand the terms of this blog, will result into your lost and not to obtain my badge. This blog is clearly written.


My goal is to give every trainer an interesting and a challenging time. Only because ICE type Pokemon might be a easy type to deal with, that doesn't mean it will not be as easy as you think in this battle. My ICE type Pokemon are going to chill you out very quickly!.

On my gym (which is twitch:TAFT621) I will present the Freeze badge to the winner of the battle as proof of their victory. I will only battle Pokemon trainer's on Ruby and Sapphire for gym badges.

For every trainer that challenges this gym, there battles will be recorded on the VS Recorder on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Your Twitch information will be recorded and reported if you lost or won the match.

I will personally record every name and time of the battle. I have the right to reject any player's that do not comply with my rules and understanding. I am a honest and kind person. So, do not argue or harass me or anyone on Twitch, Discord , Skype or any other sites that represents us, as gym leader's. Even, if you have won, I will take it away. Because it reflects bad on the Pokemon community.

I will record your trainer's name, Twitch name, date, time, how many badges you currently own and your Pokemon's and most importantly... your results, on my personal computer.


My schedule can be annoying. My schedule varies at times. I will post my availability to you. My schedule will be updated weekly. I will post the weeks and the dates bellow and my link to this blog every week if MRArcaniner is on twitch.

Month of May

Monday- Random/Off
Tuesday- Random/Off
Thursday- Random/Off
Friday-Random/1.30AM to 5.00AM

Terms of my schedule what it means when I put it next to the days here.

Random: means that I will get on randomly on my 3ds or twitch for gym battles and friendlies.

Off : This means I will not be available that day, however if I mix it with random that means there is a change of encountering me that day randomly.

Varies: This means that the time is mix with different times on my schedule.

Open: This means I am available for the whole day.


You can set a specific dates on my Skype and or Twitch. You can set dates and weeks far from now or later in advance. However, I will give you my availability on that date, also tell me what time you will be available as well, so we can work this out.

WARING: If you fail to comply your promise appointment on time, you will be automatically disqualified, resulting a lost. One hour after the appointment time. I will kindly wait for your response.

Add me on Skype for Appointments.

-Pokemon Rules-

These rules apply to all trainer's challenging the gym leader for a badge.

6 on 6 full battle on Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire on the 3DS version.

No more than 2 of the same items allowed in battle, except the gym leader.

No hack Pokemon's, such as stats, moves and abilities. If I sense a hack Pokemon I will ask questions.

No legendary Pokemon from all generations. Except Trio Pokemon's.

No more than one copy of the Pokemon in your party.

You are only allowed to have one Pokemon with the ability moody in your party.

Mega Pokemon's are allowed except Mega Scizor, Mega Kangaskhan and Mega Gengar and most importantly Mega Lucario.

Pokemon with sleep cause are allowed. and all Pokemon can be asleep. Moves such as Double Team are allowed.

No more than 2 of the same Steel type Pokemon allowed in your party.
as a Pokemon trainer.

Do not disconnect on WIFI due to weather or WIFI issues. Will result a lost to you, Regardless. If it was my fault, you will get a rematch.

No Latios or Latias allowed and their Mega forms as well.

- WIFI Issues-

Let me explain how this disconnection issue is going to work.

If in a match and I would get disconnected, you will get a rematch, and I do not lie about my disconnection. When I give you a rematch, you must keep all your Pokemon in the same party as our previous battle was and send out the same exact 1st Pokemon you send out in the 1st turn of the match for both of us, and you are not allowed to switch on that same 1st turn.
Disconnection do appears on both player's side. If you get disconnected it will give me a error and still keep me online on Pokemon. In that case you on my 3DS will appear as offline on Pokemon, which means you disconnected. Disconnections will result a lost. If we both get disconnected 2 times in our matches, that means you can't obtain the badge for poor internet connection and are not allowed to play me. When re-matching me, you must keep your Pokemon the same.

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I decided to not open the cards I got for logging in since 2012. I wanted to see how long I could wait. This site ain't active anymore but w.e. 
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Rip AIB literally do not need you anymore.
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This blog has been locked by a moderator.
Now I know why people hate this site.
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Link - English
Link - Japanese 
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For those of you who haven't been living 12 feet underground, music modding has been a growing thing for a while. I have created a music pack with over 100 songs as a result. Feel free to take anything if you are interested

Youtube Demonstration:


Mediafire Link:
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legit, when i was younger i couldnt control my mental retardation. like omg, im so sorry to everyone who has to read that bullshit. idk wtf i typed because half of it is UN-UNDERSTANDABLE. (idk if thats a word btw so please correct me if its not) and i cant even delete them, someone kill me yikes.
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Credit goes to Thatsmash4moddr for making this possible! The guides can be found on his or her twitter page! Check it out!
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Hello all! I'm literally bored so I thought I'd just put this here to waste a few minutes of your life! Enjoy!!!

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Gamenesia Link

By the look of things each dlc map gives one of the taker skills (ex:speedtakers,strengthtaker) the taker skills give you +2 to whatever stat the skill is for example with speedtaker every kill gives you +2 speed (max is +10)

NOTE: This DLC is all about the children and is somewhat tied to the Revelations Story, so spoiler warning if you have not played Revelations!!!!

Another Gift from Anna (Gives Boots or Paragon skill) Paragon skill doubles exp gain for those new to the series : Available 5/5/16

Map 1: Endless Dreams (Skill,Lucktakers)  Available 5/5/2016

Map 2: Realms Collide (Magictaker) Available 5/12/2016

Map 3:The Changing Tide (Strengthtaker) Available 5/19/2016

Map 4: Lights Sacrifice (Defensetaker) Available 5/26/2016
Map 5: Endless Dawn (Speedtaker, Resistancetaker) Available 6/2/2016
Map 6: Lost in the ways (Point Blank) Available 6/9/2016 

Fire Emblem DLC Info
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LOST REAVERS is out on the Wii U if anyone wanted to take a crack at it since it was announced in that direct a good while back.

Just letting ya'll know that in case you don't visit the eshop that often.
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Alrighty, so!

Since these will be for you guys. Should the children have their "canon" hair colors OR the neutral black ones that the sites normally have? Example:

I know this would be more work but possibly in the future. Make the special ones for the children to have their corresponding parents' hair colors? Feedback is greatly appreciated since this will be for you guys after all.

Thanks for your time!
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Yes, the Staff Burner Badge will be up for grabs; all you have to do in order to earn it is to place better (overall) than any participating staff member at the end rankings results of my set tournament room's rules (which will consist of eight races).

The Black License Badge will also be up for grabs as well; you can read the merit of this badge by simply clicking on the badge's embedded link within this sentence.

Location: Match-Making Room

Time: 9:00 pm (Eastern/Atlantic Standard Time)

Tournament Room Code Number: 2280-5773-8610

Name of the Tournament Room: Horsy


(01) No, winning first place is not a requirement for the Staff Burner Badge.
(02) I will be hosting again on tomorrow (Saturday) night!
(03) If this becomes popular enough, I may keep this up!

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...What does everybody have planned? Personally, I'll be taking college classes and doing landscaping this summer, for the $ and an associates' degree. But I'm curious what everybody else has planned, whether it's work or leisure.
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Just post me picture of your favorite gaming character on any system :3
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