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Gamenesia Link

By the look of things each dlc map gives one of the taker skills (ex:speedtakers,strengthtaker) the taker skills give you +2 to whatever stat the skill is for example with speedtaker every kill gives you +2 speed (max is +10)

NOTE: This DLC is all about the children and is somewhat tied to the Revelations Story, so spoiler warning if you have not played Revelations!!!!

Another Gift from Anna (Gives Boots or Paragon skill) Paragon skill doubles exp gain for those new to the series : Available 5/5/16

Map 1: Endless Dreams (Skill,Lucktakers)  Available 5/5/2016

Map 2: Realms Collide (Magictaker) Available 5/12/2016

Map 3:The Changing Tide (Strengthtaker) Available 5/19/2016

Map 4: Lights Sacrifice (Defensetaker) Available 5/26/2016
Map 5: Endless Dawn (Speedtaker, Resistancetaker) Available 6/2/2016
Map 6: Lost in the ways (Point Blank) Available 6/9/2016 

Fire Emblem DLC Info
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LOST REAVERS is out on the Wii U if anyone wanted to take a crack at it since it was announced in that direct a good while back.

Just letting ya'll know that in case you don't visit the eshop that often.
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Alrighty, so!

Since these will be for you guys. Should the children have their "canon" hair colors OR the neutral black ones that the sites normally have? Example:

I know this would be more work but possibly in the future. Make the special ones for the children to have their corresponding parents' hair colors? Feedback is greatly appreciated since this will be for you guys after all.

Thanks for your time!
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Yes, the Staff Burner Badge will be up for grabs; all you have to do in order to earn it is to place better (overall) than any participating staff member at the end rankings results of my set tournament room's rules (which will consist of eight races).

The Black License Badge will also be up for grabs as well; you can read the merit of this badge by simply clicking on the badge's embedded link within this sentence.

Location: Match-Making Room

Time: 9:00 pm (Eastern/Atlantic Standard Time)

Tournament Room Code Number: 3545-6340-0097

Name of the Tournament Room: Horsy


(01) No, winning first place is not a requirement for the Staff Burner Badge.
(02) I will be hosting again on tomorrow (Saturday) night!
(03) If this becomes popular enough, I may keep this up!

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...What does everybody have planned? Personally, I'll be taking college classes and doing landscaping this summer, for the $ and an associates' degree. But I'm curious what everybody else has planned, whether it's work or leisure.
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Just post me picture of your favorite gaming character on any system :3
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Just remembered this site existed and decided to check if it was still alive. Then this happened.

Took a little while to realize exactly what was going on. 10/10 glitch, never change AiB.
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I haven't been here in quite some time a nostalgia kinda just brought me back-.. this website is alot less active from this mostly meant being a Brawl Community but oh well. what has everyone been doing since this place got quiet?
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  • Do work, get $.
  • Find a suitable balance between gaming and school.
  • Maintain responsibility as a mod here.
  • Find one day to just chill out and not stress over anything (though it probably won't happen, lol)
  • Get lost in thought often? (Not much of a goal, just something that's bound to happen)
  • More?
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she won ;_; 

credit to Milky and random bayo on fg for making this happen.

edit: I have a second disk of smash 4
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It's been a long time. How you doin' you beautiful people?


On one of my last blog I mentioned how I started a youtube channel, and well there were some creative differences and it went south.

THANKFULLY I have a new team and while we've just started, our chemistry is pretty darn good, you can check our channel here:

Click -->

Back to the topic at hand, you might be aware of the huge backlash MP: Federation Force had, and while at first I thought it was justified, my perspective on the game has changed, and seeing how I have the youtube platform, I decided to make a video:

If you guys wanna hear me talk for 10 mins about why we should be open minded about this game, give it a look.

I want to make more videos like these, I'm thinking of a Top 5s or something to that extent.

Let me know what you think, subscribe to the channel also if you'd like icon_razz

Miss you guys!
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Haven't logged in for like... a year and a half or so, maybe 2 years? Site is deader than Elvis. If anyone who knows/knew me wants to bother/talk to me for whatever reason, my skype is PoogV2.

So yeah. RIP.

(Too bad there's no embed video option. I think.)
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So uh I came across a Bayo video with Pink Fresh and he was using Bayo with a Jasmin Tag. Is that a sign?

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Out of all the games in history what games mad you rage the worse and  just throw in the towel. Mine has to be all the Donkey Kong Country games and also the New Mario Troll maker >.>
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Not sure if anyone here has heard or not, Figured why not mention it since he was a famous singer.

Here's a link to CNN's post about it.

May his soul Rest in Peace.
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we back boys doe? 

sike im out
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General Rules for Fire Emblem Fates

A. Game Settings

- Time Limit: At least 10 minutes (May change later)
- Handicap: Banned for now 
- Eternal Seals: Off or On (Optional; must be agreed upon beforehand)
- Pause: Off
- All Units Available (Except Amiibos and Purchased Units even if they are your own)
- All sets are best-of-3 (May change later)
- All Skills are legal except Replicate 
- No Hacked Weapons, stats or skills. Win fair and square. 
- Certain Stages are banned: My Castle / Enemy Castle.
- Otherwise all other stages are legal: Valley Settlement, Opera House, Fort Dragonfall, Palace Macarath, Destroyed Town.      
- Teams must be prepared before going into battle.
- Warp Clause - Only one Warp user per team. 
- Boots boosted Units are allowed. 
B. Set Procedure

1. Players select their units. Either player may elect to do Pair Ups.

2. Use Stage Striking to determine the first stage

3. The players play the first match of the set

4. Winning player of the preceding match bans a stage/stages* (Up to two)

5. The losing player of the preceding match picks a stage for the next
6. The next match is played.

7. Repeat Steps 2 through 7 for all subsequent matches until the set is

C. Additional Rules

● Stage Selection Clause: Any stage may be played on if both players agree to it.
Players may NOT agree to change the number of matches to be played.
● Pausing the game shall only be legal while either player remains upon their OWN
Side of the battlefield.
● Stalling is banned: The act of stalling is intentionally making the game
unplayable. Stalling tactics include but are not limited to reaching a position that your opponent can never reach you. Any action that can
prevent the game from continuing (i.e., pausing, freeze glitches, disappearing
characters, game reset, etc.) will result in a forfeit of that match for the player that
initiated the action.  
● Time Outs / Ties: The winner of a match that goes to time (time out) will be
determined by number of units and HP left. When the timer hits 0:00 player with the
higher unit count is the winner. If both players are tied in units the player with
the higher HP is the winner.  
● Stage Striking: Players eliminate stages until both are in agreement on which stage to battle on.

DLC Skills/Classes are allowed as long as both players are okay with them. Same goes with Capturable characters, forged weapons, and special weapons i.e. Ike’s Ragnell, Lucina’s Falchion, etc.       
All units must be at Lv. 15-20 or 35-40 (For Special classes) in order to be used in the match. If Unit has maximum stats, it is allowed to use them regardless of level (cannot exceed 20-40 unless eternal seals are in play and are agreed upon)

My Castle rewards such as Visitation Seals, etc are banned and cannot be equipped on your units. However, there are no other restrictions on items. Just don't go crazy with the items. icon_wink
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