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How balanced is this game? And why ? Let's not include diddy kong in this discussion.
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Will fuse into one game.

How well did it turn out?

Super Mario 3D World x Bravely Default

I can either imagine a Paper Mario/Mario & Luigi game or Bravely Default with outfits of M/L/P/T/R
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So im just looking to get mu practice to get better...and so id like to find one person per character in the game that is really good with that character and whenever their on or as am I we can play if you would like to help out it would be appreciated xd.

so here is the list and if you volunteer il add you...btw maybe at least 2 good people per character








Donkey kong/

Diddy kong/


lil mac/




toon link/



meta gay/




dark pit/


pale of tuna/







mega gay/




Any of the pokegays/

wii fat trainer/

Duck hunt/

Im really feeling it/

Dr mario/


Captain america/





so there it is pheww lol help out if ya want xd

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hello, my skype taft621 been hacked out of nowhere. so if you see any messages from now on, it was not me. I contacted skype team and the local police. however, someone hacked my account and will pay the price. also my computer friend is investigating as well. hope to find you hacker. however people if you try to hack someone, you can get arrested in real life.
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Winners: Nairo, Mr. R, Ally, Vinnie, V115, Salem, Chrim Foish, MVD 

Losers: To Joe, LOE1, K9Bruce, Player 1, Cyve, Shimitake, Aphicans, Eddy

Note: Round 1 sets did not actually happen.
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Think I've mentioned before I'm a pretty big fan of Fire Emblem. The addiction I had with Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn is part of the reason I'm an Ike main. I was pulling for Lucina to be confirmed well before the trailer revealing her, but Robin is a special case. I had little to no interest in playing as her. A mage knight? Hmm, eh. Maybe my Robin in Awakening just wasn't very strong, but I didn't see a terrible amount of potential. Unique for sure, but not much worth outside of a try.

First few weeks of Smash, Robin is a fad character. Everyone wants to try her, but no one can do it right. I faced maybe one good Robin, but after playing some more FE Awakening and seeing some potential, I started using her more and more.

Keep in mind, I use the female Robin, so I go by the she/her pronoun. One reason is because I dig Michelle Ruff's voice. The other reason is because I use the Red Robin - a company I used to work for and still my favorite restaurant. Yummm!

But yeah, she's so much fun. I've always enjoyed Mage Knight characters in RPGs. Anyone who can use a sword and magic is incredibly versatile and stays in my party. Robin is pure fun. Not too braindead and takes some tactics to work with, but well-rewarding for those who stick with her. Thoron is a great way to tackle anyone who's landing and deal serious damage, Nosferatu is a one-of-a-kind attack for Smash - one that could risk the game's balance if programmed incorrectly - and the book-tossing is a great secondary attack. She's incredibly diverse and varied in her moveset and there's nothing like outsmarting your opponent with tactics and not just strength. Her aerial moves are great killers, her BThrow is as strong as Sonic's, her Elwind can spike, and Arcfire can combo into a UAir kill move.

I'm looking forward to using her more often, so if you guys wanna play me sometime, you know where to find me. Definitely looking for more matchup practice. And if anyone wants to check her out, I have Robin vids on my YouTube channel.

Till then, it's TIME TO TIP THE SCALES!
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Come and add your NNID!
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For those who overlooked this game, it has a mode where it gives you a word to draw in 60 seconds and then the picture gets dumped onto Miiverse. 

For me it's pretty hit and miss, but here's some I found particularly amusing:



Sorry if this blog is too big or just kinda ****ty in general.
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I plan on getting a wii u within the next few months.

From what I've heard/seen Wario seems to be much better in this game.

Even knowing this could anyone specifically point out the nerfs he's received? And do you think the positives this game has gave him outweigh the negatives? I do plan on maining him again so I'd just like this info on hand.
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If it's true then we'll see Sonic and other SEGA games less often than usual.

About Sonic it also says they'll focus more in tv shows and other stuff more than in video games, so Sonic Boom will still be active.
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Would you go for the high valued badges or for the quantity of badges?
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Need more pro players to play against to improve more online and bring my offline skills to ND, i have a skype you can contact me on (Luanyx1), feel free to add me and message me when ever you want to play, you don't have to be very good but id prefer you to be.
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First Skittles, now Toad. I'm starting to love this guy even tho I'm a pats fan.
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I mean, you were warned.

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Not sure what happened. Nothing to do right now
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I never thought I'd see this website again!  Although it does make me feel literal pain at how I used to act when I was 12-15.

 I'm hoping I'll use this site a bit more than before.  Since I'm actually a person now and can attend tournaments, I'll be hitting the NH scene full force! If I can only get over my social anxiety. I'll keep using the name Asxa, but the alias I go by nowadays is generally Suiton.

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Hey my band is putting out a split, here are the two sides of it

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Reddit Thread:

Really have a lot of respect for kyleisreal, he did a lot of these back in the day, and I would like to reboot this tradition. This was a great idea and I think it is a positive way to generate activity here.

Also doing a contest for it, best clip between whateva I can fish out of reddit and here will win a gift card of some sort, likely a nintendo eshop code. Clip will be voted on at the end of it all, and the winner will be given it.

Really doing this because I enjoy video editing and have been bored lately. This site could really use some exposure too.

Ground rules:

You can send as many clips as your heart desires.

just make sure the clips are good. We unfortunately can't send clips to each other so I can't record anything people do... yet. For know I'm assuming you have a capture card.

As far as review goes.... I'll make the final decision, but I do have friends who will help me review them. Be assured that if you aren't well liked here, I am a fair mediator and will give it a fair trial!

I'm only taking the best clips. I'm not gonna lie to you, I've worked with people int he past who I am going to be partial too, but only because I trust their quality will be good.

Make sure you opponent isn't absolutely abysmal either.

You can get in contact with me on skype if you want further information.

My username is alphxpollock.

Besides that, good luck. Wishing for the best, and hoping to make this video awesome for all of you!
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by far the most comfortable controller in history imo, actually more than the gamecube. Extremeeeeely light like whoa, I can perform Pivot fsmashes alot easier. Just in awe right now, this controller is really, really good, sexy looking too.


will buy another just to have for a back up or in case Family comes over to play.
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