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Green for Shrek

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SS Tier

S tier

A+ Tier

A Tier

A- Tier

B Tier

C+ Tier


C Tier

C- Tier

D Tier

F Tier


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Only 1 per character, sorry :3.

Mario: Lil G
Luigi: Lil G
Peach: SlayerZ
Bowser: Rayquaza07
Yoshi: Genma
Rosalina: Haven
Bowser Jr: Tweek
G&W: Penta
Donkey Kong:
Diddy Kong:  Cyve_Germany/anti/zinoto (diddy is an exception cuz they all play the same lmao)
Zelda: Ven
Sheik: Mr-R
Ganondorf: Murica
Toon Link: Zan
ZSS: Darkpo
Palutena: The Jerm
Marth: Mr Eric
Ike: Rango
Robin: Xzax
D3: Uber
Little Mac: At- Cesero
Fox: Megafux
Pikachu: Anti
Lucario: Kami
Jigglypuff: Zork
Greninja: Eddy
Duck Hunt: Fow
ROB: I can't play myself so, Juan.
Ness: Fow
CPT Falcon: 
Villager: VyQ2
WFT: Keihs
Dr. Mario:
Dark Pit: Mayo
Lucina: Kami
Shulk: Rythme
Pacman: Koolaid
Megaman: Zucco
Sonic: Meek
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I didn't make this, I found it.

I'm guessing this gauges everyone based on their overall influence in the world, and the average of people that will instantly recognize them the moment they see their faces. The higher-tiered they are, the more likely that even complete non-gamers will know who they are.

That, and/or the amount of parodies, gags, & pop culture references they've had in other games and shows. Internet memes probably didn't specifically contribute to deciding a lot of this.

Notice how most of Smash 4's newcomers are in C Tier, almost all of them human.

Also notice how Mega Man somehow didn't even make it to S Tier, despite Mario, Sonic, & Pac-Man being at the top in SS Tier. I wonder why, exactly?
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I'll be there tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. If anyone's around, I'd love to meet up and get some games in to see if I'm on the right track. I know it's last minute and whatever, but I didn't know I'd be going 'til last minute.
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Eat dogs and cats
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Truly amazing, the level of quality in Nintendo's online services.
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Just wanted to say Happy Halloween to everyone go out there and get as much candy as you can eat tonight!! icon_biggrin

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Is she any good, Where does she lay on the tier list as of lately?

And are there any guides for her? Like videos or posts.

I would appreciate any advice or help! Thanks ^_^ 

For some reason I feel she is low tier. =/
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Happy Halloween people. I hope you steal as many candies from the houses as possible. Make sure you steal from the baby too. Also at night, throw eggs and apples at people for bigger rewards (Candy). Be safe while trick or treating. Also, while running away, say Yolo!. LOL.
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Am i going too far? How many games do you usually get per month?

I use to limit myself to two at much.

The first one was a birthday gift from a friend, it is no more nor less than Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS.

The second one was Fire Emblem Awakening. I had the game on its virtual format. Its a great game and one of the best of the console, so i had to get it again, this time in its physical format.

The third one was Resident Evil Revelations. From what i saw, the game is popular and it was one of the best 2011 games of the 3DS, so why not? Plus i should get more into Resident Evil.

The fourth one was New Super Mario Bros. 2. Some of you might now i was having a bad time trying to decide which 3DS Mario game i should get. Well, even at the time i was in the store i was having some trouble making my mind, there were the other Mario games i was considering; 3D Land, Dark Moon, etc (mainly those two). In the end i went for NSMB2, because why not? It might focus way too much on the coins but thats really just a plus; It might reuse NSMBW's soundtrack, but hey, its a good soundtrack so i can tolerate it; Its the sequel of two NSMB games that i enjoyed, so why not giving it a chance? And most importantly, it has the stuff i like from previous games, like the Raccoon Tail/Super Leaf and the Mega Mushroom.

The fifth one is a pre-order, but fact is that i payed already for the game. Its, of course, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. The sole fact of knowing that the franchise will get another remake, with all the new stuff we saw already in X/Y (and more) and being remakes of a gen i still remember playing back in the day. I just can't miss it.


Two games is what i usually get per month, i feel like i got too many, like, i shouldn't get another retail game till next year maybe, unless something worhty comes soon. I was considering Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, buuut just from seeing the gameplay it doesn't convince me. 

So yeah, how many games do you usually get per month?
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snake has a unique playstyle that revolves around ground play and grenades(hes a unique brawler who opens up new level of play)

mewtwo is an addition I don't understand... there are already a bunch of pokes and his playstyle doesn't deviate much from lucario tbh

in melee he relied on grabs mostly... but who in smash doesn't lol
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Can't be seen in the chat
Sends out challenges at random......but cannot be accepted.
Always offline
Biding his time....

Who will be his first victim

Happy Halloween
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Gonna be a fun night, especially since it follows the best day in the year.

Halloween pranks are the best.

what are your thoughts on the last day of October my fellow smashers
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Just as I thought I was getting somewhere on Ladder, my corneal abrasion gets worse. It's part of dry eye syndrome, extremely painful and unpleasant, and persisted the entire time at work orientation. I can't play like this, so I'll be taking a few days off.

Hope you guys have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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As if he didn't have enough health issues to level off with his job already, and yet, some of us still wanna complain about his choice of Dark Pit, or the amount of Kid Icarus content in general, apparently ruining everything about this game.

I wonder what he'll do once everything related to this game is completely done. He ought to take a very long vacation.
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