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I wanna hear from you.
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1 from each game, an honorable mention could be used.

Mario Party 2 : Day At The Races
Honorable Mention : Pushy Penguins(MP5)

Pokemon Stadium : Clefairy says
Honorable Mention : Rock Harden
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Fight Me Bro!
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thanks guys for all the birthday shoutouts yesterday! it was a great day, you all rock!
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It mainly involves his Mega Buster, Metal Blade, and Footstool, which can't be teched.

This looks like something that should've been possible since the first 3DS demo. I have to wonder if there's any other recent stuff like this that we should've known since Day 1?
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Make that a new color for a new badge.

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The gcc adapters are sold out everywhere and I don't wanna buy a Wii U unless I can play right away - and play comfortably. 

So how is the gamepad as a controller?
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Who or what makes these amiibos? Is it little asian kids in sweat shops or does a machine do it? anyone know?

2nd wave looks great btw
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So here is whats on my mind.....I want to aim for top 64 in ladder and as we all know a lot of people have the same goals to do so as well and I commend them. And well while I try I wanted opinions from you guys would it be best to just play as many people that I can to get used to mu and learn or would be better to practice a mu with someone and find a person that plays that character that I've been practicing for and face them in ladder. I've seen people with badges that awarded them from playing over 200 people or so lol "Dedication" XD. And I've seen people in ladder who have like 7-0 in wins and up to 1300 in points. So that being said what do you guys think I should do. Im new to this game "Smash series" and I want to learn so anybody have any advice XD
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Streaming FG and viewer matches, live episode of fundamentals of smash (today's topic: mixups) at 2 pm EST (30 minutes), taking questions
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Now to wait for a gc adapter....

Its funny how nintendo thinks "Blood" is an offensive word
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No one cares.

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For those who haven't seen it. It was in brawl too but it seems more useful in this game.

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This looks nice. Let's hope they get involved with other good games.
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Is that still a thing now? If it isn't, then I'm out of style.
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Made me like Luigi even more than i already do.

Kind of a must watch by the way. 

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Alright guys, how is the new smash compared to the others? Is it worth a wii U buy to some of you?

  Just would like to know some general stuff, and I figured I'd ask you guys since you're the casual-competitive crowd

Thanks a bunch! I'd like to know how this game stacks up!
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1 How were you feeling at this time yesterday?

2 Is it gay if it's a threeway? any combination of genders

3 Is it masturbating if you have cam sex?

4 Pepsi or coke?

5. If you could do any drug legally with an unlimited supply, what would it be?

6 Most broken smash char? 64 pika ssb4 diddy melee fox brawl metaknight.

7 I spelled questionnaire right. Not a question just yes
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