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Salutations NDJ hub,

Some of you may have seen departments (content team, welcoming committee, ladder) be revamped.  The Nintendo Dojo Streamers will also start revamping to help provide more content to the site, along with encouraging members to take part in helping the community grow.

First off, I would like to welcome the new stream administrators: PentaSalia, Limit, and Zano. Pentasalia is the Head of Social/Marketing, which requires him to have a role that will utilize streamers for the well-being of the site. Zano and Limit are the Co-Head of Events, which synergizes well with the Nintendo Dojo Twitch channel.  If you have a question regarding the NDJ Twitch stream, feel free to BM them.

We are looking for streamers that will help promote the site by providing a variety of content. Everything in the stream is voluntary, but any contribution would be appreciated. If you are interested in streaming for the Nintendo Dojo Twitch channel, regardless if you do or do not stream currently, click this link here:

The application provided will take 5-10 minutes. You will be filling out contact information (which will remain confidential for privacy purposes), your streaming information (also confidential), and an assessment to test your general knowledge on the site (has no effect on your application, but you still have to take it [and it's easy]).

We hope you can join us.

TL;DR - <- Application
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Nintendo ID:Co0lwhip

Yeah, I now own a Wii U. :-) (don't have smash wii u.....just yet)

Someone out there is taking my gamer tag, that's why my ID looks a little funny.
My name has one "o" letter and the number zero.

Also, I was at a tournament last weekend, I finish in 17th place.

Shout out to Bo X7, Akiro and all the fellow Illinois smashers! Good to meet you guys.

Mario is not like his Brawl counterpart. it was my first ever playing sm4sh dudes.
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What are people's opinions on bucket teams in doubles? (in Smash 4) Should they be banned for the next ladder season?

Including reasoning helps :v
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So I'm incredibly unsober while writing this, but I felt inspired to create this as I have been wanting to for some time now. My thoughts on most guides are that they are too vague in explaining what mentally should happen to improve as a player. I want to try to help anyone who may feel overwhelmed or stuck at a certain point in their smash hobby. I will refer to the opponent as a male for the entire guide. Females can play smash too, I just felt that I would save time to refer to the opponent as male and not "he or she."

Step 1: Spacing and Move Duration 
The biggest mistakes I see beginner players and even some high level players make are based on not being aware of the concept of spacing moves or understanding how the move lag system works. Moves that are quicker are generally considered "safer" because they have less lag frame (the frames in which you are unable to move after you throw out an attack), and vice versa. So an example of a highly unsafe move would be Charizard's Foward Smash or Bowser's Down Smash, since they have tons of lag frames.

To add on to the concept of move/lag duration, some moves are able to be unpunishable sometimes simply because your character spaced the move well. So one scenario I can think of is Marth's Forward Aerial. If Marth Forward Aerials on an opponent's shield too close to that person's shield, he can be punished by grab or certain moves out of shield. Yet if Marth spaces his body properly and only the tip of his sword hits an opponent's shield, the opponent--with most character choices--is unable to punish that aerial. 

So you'll notice when good players are on the screen that they frequently try to avoid being punished for anything they do. The one distinguishable trait between an intermediate player and a high level player is that the high level player never allows himself to be punished, while the intermediate player is inconsistent in this regard. I find myself being frustrated when playing against a high level player because they do not allow themselves to be hit. I have to pry my way in patiently and methodically to rack damage up.

Two things to get better faster: Learn ALL the combos that your character has. Really understand what moves are punishable with your character and which ones generally safe. 

And also, space well. No attacking people's shields with risky moves anymore!

Step 2: Mentality 

 What should you be thinking during the game? Not to toot my own horn, but I feel one of my strongest areas as a player is understanding what should be going on mentally while the match is happening. I will try to water it down for you.

When the match starts against a new opponent, try playing safer and not as aggressive. You do not know him or maybe even the matchup of the characters chosen. I would even advise playing "campy" the first stock especially.
When the match progresses and if things are not going as well as you hoped, I would suggest changing your playstyle or quickly realize what was not working. If things are working, great. But make sure that what is working will not suddenly not work. Basically, don't become too predictable. 
Now, let's talk about sealing the deal. Getting the final kill in is incredibly difficult. We have all seen famous matches in which neither player can get the last KO and it is quite aggravating but also intense and exciting. If both you and your opponent are on your last stocks and the match is becoming too close for comfort, relax, I always tell myself to relax in that moment. Becoming too aggressive is horrible in this instance simply because the opponent will most likely become overly defense (since the game is so close and scary). Try grabbing more often. You'd be surprised at how much people abuse shield in last hit scenarios. Don't use risky sudden smash moves that allow yourself to be punished either. No choking! 

Essentially it is okay to wait more often for people and think in game. I would advise not playing too aggressive or too passively. It is fine to camp it out and think of your next strategy or wait for an opening. Camping is in my opinion the most successful strategy in any game. Approaching is both risky and scary. Camping too much, however, can result in becoming predictable. 

Matchups: Know Your Matchups
Sometimes if you do not know a matchup (because some matchups between characters come up less frequently), I would suggest playing safer and shielding more often to slowly feel it out. Even if you lose a matchup you do not know, try to study it so next time you can be more familiar with things. Matchups are sometimes even more essential for the win than player skill in some cases! 

Watch high level players on youtube or twitch to see what works and what does not. Study the game. I advise watching high level melee matches even if you do not play melee because they are a highlight of everything exciting and knowledgeable. 
Application: Becoming Better
I used to lose all the time when I first entered the tournament scene. It wasn't discouraging at first, but it did not feel great either. It really does take time to become good at smash. It can take months to a year to see noticeable improvement. Just make sure to be creative and flexible. Don't play the same way over and over if you feel it is no longer working. Study what people like to do in certain scenarios and study how you are being beaten. 

Find a regular good wifi partner or something like that. I would stay away from "For Glory," simply because many player on there will not allow you to improve even if you beat them.  

Best of luck.
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Since someone is bound to post it anyway. Carls

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Trying to raise money for a PC build for my stream and Video editing :S
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Give your thoughts on it so far.
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For those who care
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I've taken one character considered the absolute worst from each of the first three installments in the Super Smash Bros. franchise and placed them on the list of options. They are:

Smash 64: Samus

Melee: Pichu

Brawl: Ivysaur

I would have put Kirby over Pichu for Melee, but Kirby actually has a few decent tournament placings (Triple R), while Pichu is only seen in competitive play when a top player is trolling (and the Pichu oftentimes still loses). Kirby also has better MUs overall.

I put Ivysaur over Ganon for Brawl because Ivysaur has worse matchups than Ganon and a worse recovery. Additionally, it is believed that Ivysaur on its own actually loses to Ganondorf, and is the only character with a disadvantage against him in the game. Competitively, Ivysaur is largely skipped over. It is outclassed in damage-racking by Squirtle and in getting KOs by Charizard, and its weakness to fire (a common attacking type, notably by Olimar, R.O.B., Captain Falcon, Mario, and Ike) almost nullified its above-average weight.

Skipped Smash 4 because the game is only about a third of a year old, but it's looking like Lucina and Mii Swordfighter are top picks for worst characters in the game.

So, which of these characters is the worst?
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I know your execution time becomes better, but since we're finally establishing a tournament scene in Augusta - as well as going to events like Olympus - I'm seeing a difference in how people play now. They're more accustomed to taking risks, such as gimping and offstage game in general. A Captain Falcon has much more leeway to Bair, Dair, footstool, or fight you offstage. That, or Fatality is just that good and the Captain Falcon players I've played online just don't really compare.

Anyway, what significant changes do you notice playing someone online with the best possible connection vs. playing offline?
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This fight made me question my life as a boxer. Twas sad, no?
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it's happening at 10pm local time (Japan) which is 5am Pacific / 8am Eastern / 1pm UK / 2pm CET.

It's going to focus on the battle system.
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Until I reach 20k.
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Hey yall-

my newest big tournament is on Sunday. Join and have a good time!


singles. IF POSSIBLE also be sure to attend the warm-up tourney on Wednesday. It's short notice so it might be small. Going to that gets you seeding preference for the major on Sunday!

Tell all your friends. AGB getting big on Sunday will really help pump some energy into the online scene. If you want to co-host I will gladly take up to 2 assistant TOs. Some people have requested doubles tournaments. This is definitely possible in the future after the entrant numbers for the singles tourneys are high enough. 

Last time I had several people with scheduling issues because of the Saturday date. 4-5 people suggested Sunday would be better, especially because of the offline tourneys happening on Saturdays. If this doesn't work out perfectly either then I can alternate every weekend Sunday/Saturday. See you all on Sunday!
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Forgot to post this a while back
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