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If you have Super Mario Maker and make levels feel free to submit them on this google form so I can play them! :3
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John Deering is gay
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I'm back from the dead. 

Oh, follow me on twitter @Slither2Hunter
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3DS FC: 4828 7709 8782

add me..
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I'm perfectly fine with this and think it was a good call.
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An official tier list has finally been made. Subject to change due to patch tomorrow.

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I have been running a mini series called "Road to the Final Roster", where i'm covering some replays with each of the DLC characters to celebrate the finished roster.

I have been using some of the DLC characters for some of the videos, but i'm also open to play against someone who can give a good show with the DLC characters.

So far i have already covered all the current DLC characters:






I want my next opponents to be the ones using Corrin and Bayonetta, so i invite anyone reading this blog to be that person. It's really simple, just pick any of them and give a good show through the game.
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Last Patch

Last Nerf

Last Buff

Last DLC

Last Salt

Last Hype Train

Last Smash Game


๐Ÿ‘Œ( อก° อœส– อก°๐Ÿ‘Œ)
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Also Bayonetta's Clock Tower stage is looking pretty tournament legal.
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Reason for me writing this blog because I've performing poorly as of late. So I need to get back to the basic of competitive smash and fighting games in general, like spacing, zoning, reading, options etc.

I need to learn why I've been losing and fix it.....Any advice?
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ayy lmao
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Where all my tuition is going.

like i dont think its fast enough.

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In hopes of bringing some more activity back to the forums, we're removing the rule of having to become a general site moderator in order to moderate a forum.

Being a forum moderator will still require users following the rules, bringing users to your forum, regularly watching over your forum, and keeping your forum active. If you're found not following these rules, your forum powers will be revoked.

That said, if you're interested in becoming a forum moderator, please tell us which board you'd like to moderate.

There's a more in depth guide of forum moderation in the forum moderator group. (Which you'll be able to read once you become a forum moderator)

And yes, there is a badge involved! It comes with the most unique staff color yet. Blue outline with yellow text. (This is just for now. I might change it later).
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Mario and Luigi Paper Jam is finally out in the US  as the fifth tilte of the Mario and Luigi series which features Paper Mario. ( Note this is not a crossover, or a Paper mario game)
so which  game of the Mario and Luigi series do you like best, which paper mario game do you think is best, do you like Mario and Luigi or Paper Mario more,or are you a fan of the orignal mario rpg on the super nes post your thoughts
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It was cool.
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