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First off, The Fall Classic is coming. I'm going to skip Super Smash Con because I likely won't have the money to go. I'm very broke at this point. However, I've made my reservations for both the tournament and the Hilton. If you're smart, you'll book it asap so you don't have to walk or drive a distance. There's also a discount code, so get it now. They've got hotel details, game details, and whatnot featured on the site posted in the event.

Secondly, I was transferred by the hotel to another line for a special bonus. $111.83 for a trip in a luxury Hilton resort for either Myrtle Beach, Orlando, or Las Vegas. Within the next seven months, I can use this voucher. It covers 4 days and 3 nights and benefits are included. I won't be making EVO, that's for sure. However, within the next seven months, what tournaments are coming that I should be aware of? I want to hit up any one of the three, but if a tournament is coming, let me know.

CEO is come and gone, so unless Orlando has something going on after that, I may go to Myrtle Beach. Let me know in the comments if you know of any big tournaments coming up, preferably in August or after September.
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Been in the mood to play some SSBB was wondering if one of you guys know if there's somewhere active that people play it.
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Well, it's been a hell of a two days. Met some great people, played some great matches. And...I drowned in pools.

I made it through 3 rounds in Pool 9. My first tough match? Xaltis. We've played 3DS ladder a few times, and he's won the times we've played. This time wasn't different, but once again, I managed to take a game off of him. He won in the end, as I have been playing Rosalina very carelessly. I didn't know the most effective way to repel the Luma, escape the juggles, and play better defense and spacing. It was a hell of a match and he's got a great Rosalina for sure.

My match in loser's, though? Sol a.k.a. MVG Solreth. I've heard nothing but great things about the guy, and having seen his MM with Ryo recently, I knew I was in for a hell of a fight. I took a stock off of him Round 1, but not before foolishly getting pineapple'd by Dream Land. In the end, I ended up losing, but I held my head up high. More importantly, Sol gave great advice and we played friendlies. Guy is real chill and probably the coolest dude I met there.

After the matches, I did some friendlies. I listed those I played in the other blog, but I know what I need to work on and who to work on. Living in Augusta, I only have so much of a pool to choose from. It expands if I can manage to get out of the city, but there's not going to be an Olimar like Myran's for miles around or a Sheik as good as Mr. R.

Right now, my priority is matchup practice. If it's online, that's perfectly fine. But I'm debating whether I should stick to Smashladder or find someone on Smashboards who's willing. I plan on going to Super Smash Con and TFC - The Fall Classic, the latter of which I am more likely to go to since I have more time to save up.

Olimar, Rosalina, Little Mac, Sheik, and Diddy. Yes, I lost to ZeRo's Diddy. He pulled out some seriously interesting combos I've never seen. I plan on going against him again soon, but I want to come better prepared for next time...when I win.
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This is a new deal to me. The more I go to tournaments, the more I see it being a thing. I thought it was just some gambling thing that people did. But after seeing its high level of frequency as a norm, that dastardly habit I said I would never do sounds a lot more tempting. Limbs explained to me that, similar to a tournament, you're playing with something on the line, and known players are more likely to play you. Fatality made over $70 doing MMs at CEO. I didn't wanna go broke, but I ended up doing that anyway with all the merchandise I bought myself.

Maybe when I go to my next regional or national, I'll carry a budget of money strictly for MMs. I couldn't imagine the level of salt of losing a great deal of cash, but I see people doing it for only $1 like it's no big deal.
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A few days ago, I learned that Heihachi Mishima of the Tekken series was considered for Smash as a 2nd Namco rep and a fighting game representative like Ryu is.

However, because of how much more complex Tekken's fighting system is compared to Street Fighter's, he didn't know how to translate that into Smash as Heihachi's unique gimmick. So Heihachi was instead turned into a Mii Brawler costume to make up for it.

I believe this is the exact same reason why Akira Yuki and Jacky Bryant of Sega's Virtua Fighter series didn't make the full cut, either. Both Virtua Fighter and Tekken are much more technical than Street Fighter, being respectively the founder and showrunner of modern 3D fighting games.

Smash's mechanics can't handle keeping them true to their source material like they can to Street Fighter. Smash itself never had a 3D game, before.


Pac-Man was pretty lucky. The besides Miyamoto wanting him in Smash, the REAL truth behind his inclusion is because Namco was generous to allow Sakurai to use his classic look from older artwork of his first game and the Pac-Man World trilogy. He must hate the Party/Ghostly Adventures redesign, too, because he was going to be fast to drop Pac-Man from his game altogether if Namco made Sakurai use that design for him.

Before anyone justifies this towards Sonic and his "modern" design over his "classic" look in Smash, know that Sonic's "classic" look only lasted for the first 6 years of his series' life, before being updated for the rest of franchise's 24+ years. It looks like Sonic Generations & Sonic Runners wanted to be the exceptions and include both looks. At least the Boom design was never considered, right?

Pac-Man's classic limb form may or may not be as recognizable as his limbless form, but it's lasted just about as long as his first game did through promotional artwork on his arcade cabinets. And again, the Pac-Man World trilogy, as well as several other games before and after that trilogy, helped out to give this look more attention and longevity before Pac-Man Party and the Ghostly Adventures updated his look.




Sakurai is really passionate about whether or not to include certain 3rd-Party characters, it seems. Not to mention how faithful he wants them to be.

Like with Miyamoto's enthusiasm for Pac-Man, Kojima's desire for Snake in Brawl, and Inafune's eagerness for Mega Man in Smash 4, I also recently learned that Yuji Naka, one of Sonic's creators, wanted Sonic in Smash since 2001.

Everyone wants a piece of that Nintendo pie!
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Aqua dies in both routes (evaporation apparently) and is unavoidable right at the end of the games. Same with Lilith (a dragon who has a human form) dieing protecting you. Then there's also Mikoto (Kamui's mother who dies shielding you from spikes).

In Hoshido the unavoidable exclusive deaths are Flora (Felicia's sister who commits suicide by fire regretting her actions in betraying you), Elise (dies blocking Xander's finishing blow on you and wishing for the fighting between you two to stop and be at peace) and Xander himself (I think he died from wounds).

In Nohr the unavoidable exclusive deaths are Ryoma (dies be committing seppuku, which is the Japanese way of killing yourself with a sword, he does this because Garon orders you to kill him so he decides to do it to spare the weight of his death on Kamui's heart, while also keeping his honor intact) and then there's Takumi (he's possessed by some dragon influence which ends up being cured in the other route by Aqua, but in this one he doesn't and so his body is in a similar situation to Lyon from Sacred Stones).

Now we come to the hallucinations/dreams (or spiritual link with dead loved ones for Kamui when unconscious) in Hoshido you see Flora, Lilith, Elise and Xander and strangely enough not Mikoto, which I view to be a huge flaw. In Nohr you do see Mikoto (which is a plus), Ryoma and then Takumi who surprises you and wishes for you to kill him because of his possessed body in knowing that he is at the point of no return (the interaction is that he hands you his bow as his sign of putting his hopes in you) and they all disappear then in a flash of light finally Lilith shows up lastly with both Kamui and her having a touching moment of their hands reaching out for each other touching (you don't get any of this sort of interaction in the other one aside from one on one talks in order from Flora, Lilith, Elise (Kamui why do you not hug your sweet little sister?!) and then Xander all them disappearing one by one as their done talking with Kamui. 

Now granted we don't know some of the stuff the characters are saying, but as far as setting goes Nohr takes the cake with the dead loved ones, it's just handled a LOT better. Ryoma and Elise are the only ones to get cgi deaths, none of the older sisters die, but both older brothers do, Hoshido does get a point for unexpected Elise death because she is the youngest (first child death in Fire Emblem series I think), however it's not too all unexpected because of the trailer shown at E3. x.x
Lastly for semi and final bosses, Hoshido's King Garon to Dragon Garon pretty typical kinda Fire Emblem boss, but thanks to Ml135 who points out that Dragon Garon is hugely a pathetically flawed boss that doesn't even attack a non moving unit at around 3:34:33.

Then Nohr's Slime Garon to Possessed Takumi, with both being examples King Vigarde from Sacred Stones and his son Lyon respectively. So the real Garon was already dead to begin with apparently and the evil dragon was using Garon's corpse. This would actually make sense because one moment you have Garon taking in Kamui as child in retaliation of Aqua being taken hostage from Hoshido and then you have him wanting to kill him out of thinking he's a traitor waiting for a chance to kill him when he comes back with the Nohr siblings despite that Aqua is still in Hoshido custody. Slime Garon will make you all feel at the very sight of him unpleasant as he is a corpse covered with slime and glowing eyes. Possessed Takumi is certainly unexpected because a archer of all things for final boss usually it's a swordsman, axefighter, mage or dragon, Fire Emblem's way of giving archers some respect because in previous games they just weren't as good with options like Javelins and Hand Axes with only having a true use in killing flyers.

You'll probably feel more sad in Hoshido's ending (mainly because of Elise), but Nohr is the best because the only exclusive death you'll feel sad about is Ryoma and most people hate Takumi with the whole #BlameTakumi going on and just his not trusting you in initially like the rest of the siblings. So Nohr is the best in bringing a smile to the player I would say.
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Okay then, since nobody reads the forums anymore, I'll ask the question I'd posted up there here.

Who here has Splatoon? And who would like to get together for some games?
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I'll might sound a bit overreacted, but you don't have idea of the joy i have for knowing that Star Fox will finally get a new game, after all, i've played all Star Fox games (64, Adventures, Assault, Command, 64 3D) except the first one.

Last new game was Command back in 2006 (not counting the remake of Star Fox 64), so it's been nearly 10 years since the last new game.

Now let's move on to the new Star Fox.

First and possibly second levels of Star Fox Zero. As you can see, Andross is the main villian and Pigma is part of Star Wolf, so this might be, a remake? no, more like an alternative story of what happened in SF64.

You start the adventure in Corneria just like in SF64. The level is very similar, but it has some notable differences, not only in the level itself, but also in the gameplay, like the gyro mobility, using both Wii U and TV's screens and the new vehicle that allows you to move on the ground. The second level takes place on space and you get to meet and fight Pigma alone in there.

If you compare the boss fight from the first video to the boss fight from this video you'll notice that there are two different ways to defeat it, which means that just like in SF64, in this game you'll be able to go through different routes depending on what you do, which is something i like in video games. 

I also found some gameplay on the level Zoness (and Titania), another classic level from SF64, though back in SF64 you play the level on an open area, while in this game, General Pepper sends team Star Fox to Zoness in order to recover a base that was taken by the enemy forces, so you must infiltrate it without being noticed by the lights (perhaps another way to choose a route?) and while the team is at it you get to know that Kat is also there (in SF64 you meet Kat in Zoness as well).

You also get to use another of the new vehicles on this level, which carries a little robot, which looks similar to R.O.B. (Not ROB 64) by the way, that is in charge of the things that the vehicle can't do, like going to smaller areas, deactivating doors/shields, etc. 

We also get to see a mission on the planet Titania, another classic level.
Just like in SF64, you play this level on the Landmaster, which now has a betterflying mode and can multi-target enemies and shoot missiles; Also, unlike in SF64, the one who is in danger is Peppy and not Slippy.
We also get to see some changes on this level like quicksands and a sandstorm that throws huge objects at you.

The boss you confront in this level is pretty good, watching how you face bosses aiming with the Gyro/Gamepad's screen, and at the same time watching the TV screen to see the full map is pretty cool actually.

My only complain about this game? So far, the lack of Local and Online Multiplayer, that's a let down knowing this is a Wii U game and that Command did have Local/Online Multiplayer. I'll just enjoy the story mode as much i can, then.

You know, apparently some people, or many, have been complaining about the graphics of this game (in my opinion they look great), some even say that it looks the same as Star Fox 64 3D's, which for me would be more like a compliment since SF643D's graphics are one of the best i've seen in a 3DS game.

Game is coming this holiday and so far, for me, this is a 20015 must get game.

 On a side note, i wish i'd use Fox or Falco in Smash, but their gameplay are not meant for me, oh well. 
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Since there hasn't been much activity on this site for this game (or in general like all of you are saying) I have decided to host a Mario Kart 8 tournament series.

This tournament series will have special themes; however, you'll have to wait to find out the special theme meaning you better adapt quickly. I will link more information sometime tomorrow.

If there are 8 or more players you have the chance of winning a Black License Badge.
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Since there has been a lack of activity when it comes to tournaments on this site and i'm bored I have decided to host a weekly Smash 4 series, i'll update it later, this is a placeholder for now.
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Notes: Holy ****, it's been so long fellas I know. I've been working on my Career lately and the school i go to has virtually no internet. In short, Sorry for the long wait.

For all you new peeps reading my stories:  1st off, these stories contain character traits that are not  true to how the real person acts. 2nd, If i mess up your brawl name, I apologize ahead of time because I either don't know the name, remember everyone's face, or never heard the name at all. 3rd, Yes I'm still alive and I'll see you guys soon and I'll try to keep this going as long as I have your support. Lastly i will include Smash 4 characters but later on in the story.

Journey, A luigi hermit's logic 

Corimon and Seris sit in their chairs enjoying a nice movie and each other's company. Seris wonders if Norcal will survive much longer, the way things are going. 

Corimon, I wonder if what you said about the Link main is true. Can he help us? said Seris

Everything will be fine love. Don't worry so much, responded Corimon
just have faith in your wife.

Has Legit left? said Sleeh as he approaches

Yes, your on Sleeh. I'm counting on you, said Corimon

Yes Mam.

Meanwhile, Deez mad his way to Colfax in three days. Deez recalls how he left Ninja, D12, Twich, and Sade back before the socal conflict. Deez hated doing work but he was smart and the job was important to Sean. Deez eventually found his way to Pulse's house and the door was open. Deez walked in and announced his presence, however, he saw that the door to the training ground was open so he went outside.

Sade was training everyone because she had the most battle experience, next to Legit.
Soulimar, JTF, Slurms and Draykin were making progress and learning fast. Twich, Virus, and D12 were working with Legit. Legit was amazingly strong and D12 and Virus were pretty good to. Twich on the other hand, had experience, but never had any proper training cause no one in Norcal knew, nor cared much about Twich and his Sonic. 

Man this isn't going well, said Pulse as his Link was outright dominating Ninja's link
Ninja, Twich...... have you guys ever played Smash? 

Ninja and Twich need the most work, said Deez from afar 

DEEZ?!!!!!! shouted everyone

Not you again! said D12

Beat it Slacker, said Sade 
we haven't forgotten what you did

Yo chill chill, I'm here to help, said Deez

Just as he said that. Snake knocked him out.

Deez awoke to find himself tied up upside down and hanging from a mountain cliff. Snake was holding the rope.

What the **** you guys! said Deez
hey, hey, hey don't do this!

I think it's less than you deserve you lazy clown! said Sade
Now what are you doing here? It's kinda lousy for Sean to send you to take us out. I hate being underestimated!

I'm not here to take any of you out, I swear! said Deez

Yeah..... I say drop his ***, said Soulimar

of course, said Viru5 

Ninja came from the far side of the training field and saw the situation.

Deez? Hey what's going on here? He's a friend, said Ninja

And this is why we left you training, said Draykin
 D12, tell snake to drop his ***. I've got nothing against him, but I think It'll be funny

Ninja..... buddy. You wanna give me a hand here, said Deez as he observes his situation.

Let him go guys, c'mon, said Ninja
I like Deez.

Ninja, this guy lead us to a trap and almost got us killed! said D12
You can't be serious.

Yeah and you and Nordal drowned me, said Twich
that wasn't cool man.

Twich at the time, even I wanted you dead, said Sade
Frankly I wanted most of you dead.

Awww Sade, said Twich

Twich walked away hurt and sad. It was true, Twich was the but of all of Norcal's jokes. The only reason Zex stop trying was because he's immortal. Twich just wanted to be useful to Norcal, however, it was always the same thing.

Snake pulled Deez up but didn't untie him. Twich continued training throughout the night while crying. Sonic felt his master's pain and a tear came from Sonic's face. Ninja took Link out and wanted to train with Twich.

Hey Twich, wanna train together, offered Ninja

Oh hey Ninja, what are you doing here?

I wanna get stronger with Link so we train even at these times at night. So you and Sonic like the same thing I see.......

Twich began to break down and cry.

It's all pointless Ninja. I'll never be as good as anyone. I wanted to become the best Sonic player, but I'm a looser and I'll always be a looser. Why Can't I be strong?!

Your a strange fellow, said Ninja
But it is pointless........if you don't believe in yourself.

Deez was over hearing what Ninja was saying.

Your Sonic believes, why can't you?

Huh? Sonic, is that true?

Sonic gave a thumbs up. 

Follow the path you set for yourself and don't let anyone stop you. I wanna see you at the finish line  when I'm the best Link and your the greatest Sonic. What do ya say friend? 

Friend? said Twich

Yeah, why not? I think your a cool guy.

Twich had never had anyone willing to be his friend, must less help him. He cheered up and was happy he got a friend.

Yeah Ninja. You got it, responded Twich
Let's train.

The next morning everyone ate breakfast. D12 went out to the training site to find Ninja and Twich. He found them standing happy while their characters were tired, barely standing, but ready for more. The trianing ground was messy. When pulse came outside he had words to say.

Twich, Ninja. Clean this **** up! said Pulse

Ninja and Twich laughed and looked at pulse.

What? they've been out here practicing. I can tell their characters were working very hard. those two have hardly any talent but their motivated. I haven't seen Smashers with this much promise in ages. said Pulse

While I'm at it why are you here Deez?

I was sent to bring Ninja and you guys back to Thantos. Socal wants war and We need all the smashers we can get.

I see, however, I urge you to stay and help train. At least until I finish developing our secret weapon, said Pulse

Alright, I'll stay but can you untie me?

Oh right, responded Pulse

The following training sessions got better and better. Ninja and Twich were starting to keep up with Virus and D12's level of play. Each day they lost, that same night Twich and Ninja would train by each other. More or less they were equal to each other and kept working no matter how many times the lost. Ninja was motivated to get to Virus, D12, and Legit's level. At the same time Twich was motivated by a friendship between him and Ninja. He got stronger thanks to Ninja's kindness.

When three months pasted. Pulse felt it was time to teach Ninja how to master all of Link's moves.

Ninja, you've worked hard to learn the basics. Now it's time to teach you how properly use your Link, said Pulse

I'll do my best Pulse, said Ninja

Ninja, I have a goal for you

Yes Pulse?

By the time these last three months have pasted, I want your Link to be stronger than mine.

Uhhhhhh..............said Ninja?

Meanwhile, at the Celcal border, Sleeh asked the gatekeeper to open up. He did and Sleeh entered the Castle of Celcal. 

What do you want? said a voice 

I wish to meet your Leader, replied Sleeh

Your Speaking to him, said the figure and he came out.

The Figure was Crow, the Captain of the Celcal Crew, he was surprised to see Sleeh and no Zex.

Where's Zex? said Crow

Can we Talk inside a room less hot please, said Sleeh

This way.......said Haunt as he came out

Oh cut the ****ing light on Haunt, this ain't "5 night of Freddy"! said Crow

Aww Crow, always ruining my fun, said Haunt

Sleeh explained the situation and Crow was shocked but also excited at the aspect of fighting against Zex.

Tell Corimon we'll be there in two days, said Crow.

Thank you, said Sleeh
well I'd better get back to Norcal.

As Sleeh left Crow laughed really loud.

Members of Crow's crew, our opportunity has presented itself. Hahahahahahahaha!

To Be Continued...............

 Next chapter: "The DC Rom"
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In before the censorships.

Meanwhile, the crossover

Honestly i'm still only interested in Fire Emblem Fates.
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I used the Gizoogle 2.0 Chrome App. Gotta love those names.

Not trying to offend anyone or the site, it's just for amusement!
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Or even a Nintendodojo account? I've seen some talented players on For Glory lately, and it's kinda sad to see that they've never bothered to make an account on the central Smash forums and improve their game. Plus it's a great way for players to challenge one-another.
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He also confirms that Lucas, Roy, & Ryu were being worked on before the Fighter Ballot even started. That's too bad for anyone that voted for any of them as early as when this ballot started.

Does this mean we'll get more than two more characters before he's finally done? Sakurai specifically stated that these last few characters will be added in solely for fanservice. Not the sexy kind, mind you. The kind that Smash's whole concept lives and breathes for: Crossovers!
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My go to main is Duck Hunt.

Whenever I go up against someone online I normally get **** on because I play Duck Hunt..

However, when I do meet someone online who is pretty good with who they play as I would send them a friend request.

I don't ever want to play For Glory Teams or Free for All because for teams I'll probably get paired up with a brain dead player and I don't do team battles with random people. For FFA, I just think it's bull****. You will just have to steal one of the players kills and basically win it like that.

And of course I do normally play with my friends online but only in dubs because it's more fun.

Just curious to know what you guys do.
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Location: Eterna City Galactic Building


"Ace"-Level 24 Monferno
Moves: Grass Knot, Flame Wheel, Ember, Mach Punch

"Vanessa"-Level 24 Ponyta
Moves: Flame Wheel, Stomp, Fire Spin, Ember

"HM0106"-Level 4 Bidoof
Moves: Tackle, Rock Smash, Cut

This is gonna be m party until I get to hearthome and can get eevee, since it evolves into flareon, I can use it. Unfortunately, there will only be two more pokemon I can use until the end of the game (houndour and magmar). This will get kinda tricky, especially by gym #5, but I'm confident that I can get it done!
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Seriously, move over Sheik. New top tier right here. What weaknesses does Lucario have, anyway?
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ps: As long as this blog is still up, you can still apply. Probably going to be keeping it up for a while longer.

So there has been work on a new matchmaking and ladder type chat to get things up and running again. First version of it is starting to look ready. We're going to test it out (which means being in the chat and issuing challenges, look for bugs, see how things look).

What I'm looking for is someone who can join in on the testing and give feedback on stuff. Anything from things that look good/bad, what you like and don't, etc. Just whatever.
You don't need to be a computer wizard for this, and you don't need to be good at discovering bugs. It would be preferable if you have a good amount of experience playing matches on our old ladders or similar match making systems.

(click this to send me a PM if interested)

Right now we have Samboner and Raffi-X with us on the test team, two very high profile online players. You don't need to be comparable to those two in terms of experience and weight to be considered, but it wouldn't hurt if you were either icon_razz

As I said this is planned to be version 1 of a new chat system coming out. There is a heavier upgrade that will be worked on after the first one is publicly released. If you prove to be decently helpful with giving feedback during this testing period, there's a good chance you'll get a spot in the next round of testing.

Limited amount of spots left. If this sounds interesting, please don't hesitate to take contact as soon as possible. Anyone can apply, but as I said those with decent experience from playing online matches might get picked first. But whoever you are, if this sounds fun, let me know. Your inputs are important to us!

Please send me a PM as soon as possible if you are interested! 
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