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feels like 2010 come chat in social with me
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Yeah, my birthday alert didn't go through for some reason, idk why.
Anyway, I went to go watch a movie (poltergeist). Didn't like it.. And today was one of the worst days of my life. My 13 year old chihuahua passed today. I literally cried all day. Still fighting tears as I type this.

So I guess my birthday wasn't so "happy" after all. Just writing this to let you all know that I might not be as active for a few days. I'll be fine though! Just need time to process.
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Hope it doesn't get the Smash 4 treatment where it's ignored at launch on here.

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Took some months but i'm already on episode 100 of

Fairy Tail  
This brings me memories when i started to watch the other mainstream shounens, in fact i'm gonna order them from the first one i started to the last one. Like i said, only the mainstream ones (I don't think FMA or Saint Seiya are mainstream compared to the following).

Dragon Ball Z
Naruto Shippuden
One Piece
Fairy Tail
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For anyone interested in playing some Mario Kart 8 there is a tournament tonight at 8 PM Eastern, 7 PM Central.

Details can be found here.

There will be a Black License Badge given out as long as there are 8+ players and the winner doesn't already have the badge.
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(don't worry it was in an endearing manner)
So I am currently known for having no main in Sm4sh since it takes about 20 minutes to learn a character and a few days to semi-perfect. Currently, I am on a quest to diversify the characters that I use and I need you guys' help to do so. Would anyone be willing to improve my characters?

Characters I want to Improve
- Peach (she has so much potential bcz umbrella)
- Bowser (Boozerkun is mean so I might ask zork)
- Yoshi
- Duck Hunt
- Kirby
- King DDD
- Wario
- Megaman (the character that I want to use but know nothing about)
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I'm burning CDs.
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A quick reminder that Pac-Man is even older than Mario, and is in fact a huge inspiration to his creation. For Pac-Man's creator, it was just a typical normal day at Namco to create him, and now he's currently a professor.

I've honestly been in more of Pac-Man mood lately. Although I have fun using him in Smash 4, I don't typically do well with him even in friendly matches compared to how I can do with Sonic, Mega Man, or even Mario. I still have a bit of a feeling that he's amongst the game's underrated characters, due to his difficulty with killing people unpredictably...

I've recently downloaded the soundtracks to Pac-Man World 1 & 2. Those games may not be the very best he's has, but they really great music, especially PMW2. I'm almost tempted to play those games again alongside Championship Edition, which I believe is one of the best Pac-Man games ever made, one that's better than the original, even!

Just think, in 5 more years, we'll have a 40-year old video game mascot.
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Mr. Raffi-X if you had to come up with a word for how dead this site is, what would it be?

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If you haven't been following reddit or twitter, this website was announced today, and boy oh boy, it looks absolutely amazing.

Essentially I can liken it to a place where media for smash 4 will be delivered regularly, so instead of using reddit to find content, you can go to this website and actually FIND decent content besides meme coated, poor gameplay montages.

It's a fantastic idea, and the website is really nice so far.
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This blog has been locked by a moderator.
Stop with the dead site blogs, it isn't going to make the programming magically fix itself, it isn't going to "motivate" anyone to do something that is impossible for us to do, and it sure isn't going to make new users come.  I mean, if you really want to do nothing but complain about the state the site is in, and believe me some of you do absolutely nothing but that, then just get off, and do something else with your time.  I just cannot understand what you get by wasting your time making the same repeat comments day after day after day after day.  We KNOW the site is in bad shape, if we could have done something about it, we would have MONTHS ago, like holy ****.  Do you know a team of programmers that will work for free/next to nothing? I sure don't, and clearly none of you do or you would have mentioned this to them instead of spreading toxicity around, which I don't get the point of doing so once again since you claim this site is dead so who are you even telling this to other than the other people who just say the site is dead?

tl;dr - you make a blog about this site being dead, I lock it and infract you.  Tired of this, it goes nowhere.  (for reference, a blog like SGO's is fine because he actually went in depth with it and had points, didn't just say loldeadsite).
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This blog has been locked by a moderator.
So is this place like dead now?
... If so R.I.P
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This blog has been locked by a moderator.
So is this place like dead now?
... If so R.I.P
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2011 - Gaming Chat was a thing, Free Play was active, forums were used, and there were dozens of blogs each day.  I was a moderator for a healthy site that had success during the Brawl era.


2013/2014 - Distributed denial of service attacks plagued All is Network and forced Nintendo Dojo to enter an indefinite hiatus.  To restore the site, nealdt had to pay thousands of dollars per year to enable DDoS protection, but he was not willing to do that. By December 2014, JV_ restored and reopened the site, and everything after that wasn't the same All is Brawl as it was pre-DDoS.

2014 - JV_ was looking for a new programmer to replace nealdt and found Mouse, who, at the time, was considered a reliable person with a flexible schedule.  There was a deadline of three months to fix the bugs, glitches, and errors, incorporate new features, and reform the site before the new game is released.  The deadline was not met, and the site fell way behind (released post-SSB4).

Oh yeah, and JV_ changed the name of the site.  I don't mind that he's paying for the domain of the name, but it was strange to pick something that was not voted by the staff in the first place (My vote was All4Smash btw, thanks for wondering).  I'm not going to blame the site name as a fault for attracting users because it's not.

Invinciboy was added to the development team and he managed to do stuff (ex. stream feature, staff announcements), but two people aren't enough to fix the entire site in a certain time.

2015 - After making a staff tier list, Linkz blackmailed me and I was subsequently fired for ****ting on some of the staff members.  They said my attitude was reminiscent to the behavior of dmbrandon.  I couldn't put up with Foodies' sass and #Kilig, I ditched The740 at a critical time, and Milky rejoiced for my removal.

Apparently, me and Yoshinendo's retirement also led to some staff members retiring as well.  In no order:

- Midnite
- Faketime
- Horsy
- lightlanayru
- peterdinosaurous

And it appears there's no history of me leaving the staff team in the Staff Referral Guide.  I know what you did.  And you should probably update peterdinosaurous.

I enter Free Play at times and it is generally empty.  Forums are now dead in favor of Twitch and other forms of social media.  The most popular feature in blogs are slowly dying as well.  And I get permanently banned because an admin account gets infected.

So what's the problem?

There are many problems actually.

- Money (I don't know how AiB didn't make enough)
- Time/Need of Site Development
- Bad Release Time of "Smash 4" Site
- Apathetic Community
- Glitches that may or may have not prevented the influx of new users

You absolutely cannot advertise a site that has a **** ton of bugs and glitches.  This all stems from the development, which stems from nealdt giving up, WHICH stems from the DDoS attacks.

Therefore, the real reason on why Nintendo Dojo is at this current state is because the DDoS attacks devoured the money needed to get the resources to fix the entire site.  There is not enough money to hire more programmers to help fix this site, which therefore slows down site development, AND therefore scares members into using other people's accounts.  And all we are doing is complaining on how bad the site is as of now.

The site is not bad.  It's the circumstances that led to the site at the current state that are bad.  And all we can do is wait.  JV_ has a plan and I fully support that plan.  However, it was just too long-term for me to contribute to it.  I was a pretty important moderator in that plan, but I just couldn't waste much more time on it.  That point is when I realized that my overall contributions were outweighed by my inability to do something productive.  Also the fact that stadium portal was not going to include Smash 4 anytime soon also influenced my decision.

Some of you guys are trying to do something (ex. Penta, TheEarlyGen, Apathy), but what can you actually do?  Can you program in  Again, you cannot advertise a site that has tons of glitches.

What can mods do really, other than patrol the blogs and chat for inappropriate behavior and do their specific functions?

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Ggs everybody i played!
Gonna miss the game
I dont have a wii u anymore so if i had you im gone now D:

Maybe ill go back to playing in a couple of years and see how the meta develops

Imo pikachu is gona become number 1 and customs should be banned..

Life is important and i dont have time for smash for now!
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He had a hit list, I want to know whether or not I'm in it. He's probably doing it in the name of the atheist god.
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Let's hope it doesn't suck like Gates to Infinity being such a huge disappointment.
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