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Sounds like an obvious and redundant question. But the truth is, having recently experienced the feeling of not wanting to play online (to avoid developing bad habits and avoiding lag in general), I'm wondering how much that applies to other top-level Smashers. I know they have streams, as linked on their Twitter account, but I don't really go on Twitch very often, let alone catch any of their streams.

But for those that do, are they actively taking challenges online?
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So I left for a year and recently came back and I noticed most of the people i knew don't come online anymore. What happened? This place feel like a ghost town now.
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That seems to be the thing about Smash communities. "Cancerous" characters and "cancer WiFi" plaguing the game. It sounds funny to some, but is it really?

I'm not the "offended" guy and never will be. I find humor in some of the darkest places and advocate that right to freedom of speech over everyone crying because someone made a joke about abortions. However, my family has a history of cancer, to include losing an aunt and a great aunt to cancer, and another aunt fighting with it right now. And moreover, it scares me. I have had multiple times throughout my life where, as a hypochondriac who suffers with OCD, everything was cancer. Every time I had an odd symptom, cancer. Every odd growth on my skin? Cancer. It's frightening to imagine yourself dying in a short amount of years and suffering through pain and chemo, and I can't imagine what it's like to for those who suffer with it. 

So every time I see someone talking about a "Cancerlina", I want to laugh. I feel guilty for laughing, though. I want to join in on the jokes, but then my OCD tells me "the great god in the sky is going to give you that if you make a joke about it". Thoughts like that torment me more than the morality of telling controversial jokes about something serious. I can't help but laugh, yet at the same time, it also troubles me. 

Do cancer jokes in the Smash community bother you?
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So basically I feel like I'm in a loop. I've been having difficulty finding out how to level up. I've been running Falcon/Roy but I either struggle with a certain match-up (though only a few) or lose in a last hit scenario for a tournament.

I try smash ladder but lag kind of messes with me a decent amount. People tell me to fix my bad habits and I'm trying to work on them, but I still choke online or offline.

I don't think that a different character will solve those basic issues I'm having trouble with, so any advice? I haven't been getting much better recently and want to change that.
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The recent GA PR came out. I'm currently #11. I've taken games and sets off of top players in our area, and I'm consistently winning our tournaments in Augusta. Yet for some reason, every time I go on Smashladder, I face players that put me in a life-or-death situation in every fight. When I think of high-level players going against these people, they're 2-stocking them consistently. Why am I not doing the same?

I asked the Ike boards and they told me that Ike simply dies in lag. To consider that makes me wonder if I've simply been pushing myself as hard as I can just to simply not get destroyed online. I do very well in tournaments and feel much more comfortable playing offline (don't we all?). but when I apply those same skills online, I struggle to get the kill, to keep from being killed, and to punish someone who's wide open.

Is it because my skills don't match up? Is it because my opponents are good despite not being ranked in their area? Or is it clearly, truly brutal Wi-Fi ruining me and my character?
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The video library appears to be full of error codes for me. 
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If you know me, you might already know how important youtube is to me. There is nothing else that I've even worked half as much for than my channels. Throughout my history there, I've uploaded, I'd estimate, more than 3000 videos, mostly Smash Bros Melee tournament sets and funny moments, including the 1100 or so tournament videos I've deleted. It's a lot of repetitive work that can demand a lot of patience, and I love it. The work I do has clear and significant effects. People value the services I provide online. The subscriber count I have now isn't much, 4826 as of typing this blog, but I want to show my videos to more people. My ultimate goal is to become famous among the competitive Smash/Melee community. Everything I do can bring me closer to that goal and I'm starving to achieve it. I do everything I can on my own ability for it. I almost never ask anyone for help
. My ideal strategy right now is to compete at VideoGameBootCamp's weekly Wednesday night tournaments. As of typing this blog, they have 177,151 followers on twitch and 116,898 subscribers on youtube. During the last 2 times I played on their stream, they generously wrote "" under my player cam to help promote my channel. Doing this helps get my name out to A LOT of people, many of which who are likely to be unfamiliar about me. That's very good advertising, theoretically. At my most successful tournament there, I was streamed playing winners bracket, losers quarters, and losers semis. During the next 2 days, I gained 50 subscribers and gained fame/infamy as 1 the biggest taunt spammers in competitive Smash. I defeated a top 20 power ranked player during my losers quarters game by taunting 53 times throughout the tournament set, which is 4.1666 taunts/stock. Aglet still claims that taunting is how he lost to me that night
. I had high hopes for similar success last night. I finally went to another one of their tournaments after not being there for 5 months, I'd estimate. Unfortunately, I didn't place well, tied for 13th out of 50. That put me in the top top 26% - 32% range, but that's not good enough. I didn't make my way finals nor semis, meaning I had a very low chance of playing on the stream. I need to get better at this game. I lost to a player in winners bracket that I beat at the last event we both attended there. 2 games later, in losers bracket, I lost to Hat, who's a pretty good player, I've heard. I blame my inability to afford going to tournaments to play this game. I sucked at life too much to get a job until recently. My rate of improvement has stopped and even declined while others have continued to gradually advance. 5 of the 12 entrants who out placed me there are players I've never even heard of. Being able to place top 4, guaranteeing me to be streamed on their channel for massive exposure, has become a dwindling chance as time passed. Too many players are surpassing me. Yesterday's event was also a relatively unpopular night
. The only thing I can do about this is to keep going to these events every week to improve. On nights that I'm not there, I can play Street Fighter online to help improve my ability to predict. After not playing the game for 3 weeks, when I arrived there, I was too rusty to competently control myself. I was making errors far too often to accpet. The effect still lingered even during the tournament sets I played in, 3 hours after arriving. It didn't completely wipe off until the tournament ended and VGBootCamp stopped streaming
. When friendlies were being played on the main setup, I thought it was still streaming because everything was still set up and the head of the team was actively doing something on the station. I jumped in to play against 2 people I never knew of who looked like they were pretty good, just based on their technical and combo ability. When I joined, 1 of them left and I thought I was going to play in front of a large online audience who still wanted to watch players from my region play this game. I was nervous about getting wrecked by him in front of 100s - 1000s online. I put myself at risk of making me look like a fool. I got so nervous that I couldn't stop my hands from sweating. Everything I did was being judged. Face cams were still on and pointed at us. Even the motions I did in real life would be noticed
. And then I played at my best ability I can remember. All of my hidden skill in me just unlocked. Everything about me just got better. I made fewer mistakes in technique and made better decisions than at any other time that night. I only lost once during the 45 minutes I played against him. 1 of my victories was even a 4 stock (Winning without losing any stocks). I was wrecking his Fox, Falco, and Marth in placebo glory. Upon hearing the unfortunate news after he left, my excitement vanished entirely. I didn't get to showoff to a large online crowd to get my name out there. I can't even go to the channel's archive, download it, and make moment videos from it. Also, my opponent was someone who placed lower than me, tied for 17th with 8 other entrants. My victories don't mean as much anymore
. The best I could do from then on was keep playing on my recording set up to get as much footage as I can for my channel. So far, I have 25 moments + possibly a few more that I recorded while I was away playing against Slurp on the offline stream setup. I'd still play on my setup as much as I could even if I was advertised. The best I can do right now is to watch the 45 minute recording files for any missed moments and then filter out what isn't funny enough. The rest will go on my alternate channel in case anyone might enjoy them. After that, I guess I'll be working out to help me look better on the player cam. As for the rest of the nights until the next tournament, I've got games of Street Fighter to play online
. Tournament bracket
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Hey guys, basically what it says on the title. I'm doing this so I can be friends with you guys! icon_biggrin oh and so I can get more types in the Safari Zone of pokemon y. Post below that you sent me a friend request, thanks :3
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Someone has been putting work into a bowser one, looks nice and hopefully he will update us on it.;PHPSESSID=6676ee6f7fe0e069a4ea0f3f17d66c3d
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After the recent patch, do any of you guys think that the changes done to him fixed his match ups or up'd his game?
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Looking for someone who does really good tournament banners with Photoshop or Gimp.
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Doesn't need to be Smash related.

In my case, my main and i were born in the same year, so every year my main celebrates the same amount of years i do.
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I arrived at Magicant in Earthbound Begginings.

I'm ruining Dr. Wily's plans in MegaMan Battle Network. 

I took this neat pic of the three protagonists of the Mother series.

I completed Super Mario 3D World the longest and not lazy way all by myself with one controller. Yeah, i beat Champion's Road with each character.

I re-started A Link Between Worlds, this is gonna be fun. 

I got to play Unchained Blades again. I stopped playing it during Chapter 1, but once i started to play again i now have beaten Chapters 1 and 2. This is an interesting game.

I got a New 3DS XL. If it weren't for the incoming games, i'd already have Xenoblades Chronicles 3D.

Tomorrow i'll vote for the first and only time in the Fighter Ballot.

Gaming related, that's it.
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I don't typically like to post what I've already posted on Facebook to here because I'm a lot more of a loose cannon when posting and sharing content there. But I felt like I couldn't pass this up for anyone left on here who would enjoy this kind of stuff.

This also include some of the characters' friends from their own games, alternate versions of themselves, other unrelated characters such as the Inklings from Splatoon, Nikki from Swapnote, and even Sakurai, himself.

The artist even manages to throw in some nods and references to certain parts of a given series and/or their fanbases. Check out Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Falco, Robin, Palutena, the Roys, Shulk, Mega Man, and Ryu for some examples. It doesn't stop with just them.

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I was told that it's about aerial momentum when using retreating Bairs. Would that make a significant difference? 

I use my C-Stick for Smash when I'm Mario and Link. I don't want to have to switch it up every time I switch characters and use two different profiles. It sounds horribly arbitrary.

Is switching C-Stick for Attack (Tilts) a character-specific strategy?
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This pokemon game has finally gotten a home console release coming next year! A new trailer is out for the worldwide release, it also showcase Pikachu Libra as playable

The game has turned out to be pretty dang flashy in my opinion, looks like a worthwhile game for those who love Pokemon and fast-paced combat. 

The current playable fighter Pokemon in this are:

Pikachu (Libra) *

*Pikachu Libra is said to have a different moveset.

Having support Pokemon reminds me of a similar mechanic in Naruto SUNS.

Though the entirety of the game's full content does not seem apparent yet, there could be even more fighters, stages, or etc. content as DLC in the future. This can be the kind of game where DLC can be applied pretty well.
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1. Rosalina
2. Sheik
3. Pikachu
4. Luigi
5. Mario
6. ZSS
7. Ness
8. Fox
9. Sonic
10. Diddy

Yes, Rosalina is the best. You will all realize this soon. Sheik is overrated AF
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