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Ban fd? cp fd omega. ggs
ban fd and omega? cp japes ggs
5 min timer= jump around and time out. ggs
also play offs are top 32 now. interesting. would expected 64 cause it's active ladder but w/e
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Game is amazing so far. The first stage completely blew me away just like the falling clock tower in the first one. Now I'm on the first actual chapter, so honestly, you're not missing too much. Hope you guys can make it!
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Just need someone to make me a smash 4 signature based on any of the smash 4 characters on my profile. 

Background preferably red and my name to be in it.

No other specifications.

Have fun.

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It's free on Amazon until Monday night! It's about smash and im trying to help a new generation of players learn the things that made the previous gen do well. 

My goal is to break top 100 on Amazon in the free books category icon_biggrin I'm currently 2,400ish which isn't bad but top 100 here we come!

On Tueday I'm actually doing a raffle for a 2DS + Smash 4 for those that buy the book at $.99 then so if you want to hold off to get a chance to win one that's cool too. 

I'll keep everyone updated here as far as the contest it's going to be on Twitter (if you don't have one it's ok).  If you guys could help me spread word of my book that would be awesome, make a blog or something on FB.

I'm not going to play Smash 4 like I played Brawl but I want to take a different approach, like a coach.
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I know it's super early and there may be more stages but based on what stages we've seen so far I think this could work out. Also, Miiverse could be a Neutral when released. Opinions?

Final Destination (and all variants)
Lylat Cruise
Town and City

Delfino Plaza
Big Battlefield
Wuhu Island
Congo Jungle N64

Castle Seige
Mario Circuit (MK8)
Pokemon Stadium 2
Port Town Aero Drive
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Poodle Attack/Virus
The POODLE attack (which stands for "Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption") is a man-in-the-middle exploit which takes advantage of Internet and security software clients' fallback to SSL 3.0
This is what attacked me yesterday and was able to hack my runescape account. What this virus does is accesses your browser through SSL 3.0 and is able to track any typing you do and steal passwords/usernames for things such as online games, or worse then that ONLINE BANKING ACCOUNTS.
This picture describes your computer as it is now. At first glance, everything seems protected, but the POODLE virus is able to (through SSL 3.0) to unlock your security function and get access to your computer via this unlock.
How to stop it
Internet Explorer: Go into your control panel and then click on internet options (network and internet -à internet options). Go into advanced and unclick when it says SSL 3.0 (uncheck the box its almost at the bottom). Then hit apply and OK. This solves the problem for Explorer.
Google Chrome: Right click your Google Chrome icon and hit properties. Where it says target, click at the end (past the quotation marks) and type  ––ssl-version-min=tls1 (make your you type the space before –ssl).
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Just thinking, they claim it's "free DLC"

Y'know, assuming you want to spend a ****-ton on a wii u. Then another **** ton on a 3ds. Then not just buy the game once, but twice over.
For a single character who they probably should've been working on instead of costume character clones like dark pit.

I can see maybe considering the idea that "It rewards those who are the true fans and have bought both versions for the full experience"
But isn't buying a game in the first place supposed to give you the full experience of the game you just paid good money for?
Not to mention this will probably open the pathways for more DLC introduced characters, who then may also only be available to those with both versions of the game.

I get it Nintendo you want money but damn son dont claim it's a free DLC when you're tricking people into paying an extra wage for a character you bozo
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Athletic Theme (SMB3): 

Temple (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link):

Dark World (TLoZ: ALttP):

Meta Knight's Revenge (Kirby Super Star):

Butter Building (Kirby's Adventure):

Area 6 (Star Fox 64):

Gym Battle (Pokémon R/B/Y):

Trainer Battle (Pokémon X/Y):

Smiles & Tears (Mother 2):

Conquest [Ablaze] (FEA): 

Meta Knight's Revenge was almost insane to whistle without stopping.
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Before i play i would 3 stock your all over again

Hope Your Like my post See ya
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Went to Kroger. They're gonna let me know in a week if I get the job. I'll be working in the deli if I do. I can't wait because I've been unemployed for more than a month and I'm itching for this job already. Wish me luck, guys.
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does DDD really suck at killing now?

up tilt got so nerfed its ridiculous, his smashes are slow as bawlz, and gordos are basically a double-edged sword.

bair is really all he has now, and its not even that reliable imo.

still a good character but i guess im hoppin on the sheik bandwagon
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I was on my way home, from work, today, when I drove by a crime scene.

Cumberland County Sheriff's Deputies pulled over a man, to serve a warrant on him; he was a registered sex offender.

The suspect ignored the orders of the deputies, drew a knife, and began cutting himself. The deputies tased the suspect, but it was ineffective; so they tried to wrestle him out of the car, and while doing so, the suspect began to attack the deputies, with the knife.

One of the deputies then drew his gun, and shot the suspect, dead.

You can read the story, below:

The shooting happened at a "Sonic" fast-food restaurant, off of Cliffdale Road, here in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The names of the suspect, and the two Cumberland County Sheriff's Deputies involved, has not yet been released.

Cliffdale Road (including the area of this crime scene), is part of the route I take, to and from work.

This is the very first time that I've ever seen an active crime scene, live.
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While Smash is currently hitting it big on the site, time to bring back some Mario Kart.

Tomorrow I'm hosting a Mario Kart 8 Night/Tournament event similar to the last one held in August.

We'll be starting first with a tournament where the winner gets the Black License badge.

After the tournament will be MK8 night, where users have the chance to win the CC badges and the Staff burner.

Earning these badges are as follow:
50cc badge: Beat two  staff members in an Easy Mode (Mushroom, Flower, Shell, and Banana cup) Gran Prix
100cc badge: Beat two staff members in a Normal mode (Star and Leaf cup) Grand Prix
150cc badge: Beat two staff members in a Hard mode (Special and Lightning cup) Grand Prix
Staff Burner: Beat a staff in a Grand Prix (can be done during the tournament)

Of course I'll need another staff member to do this, otherwise we'll have to do 2 GPs. Also, for MK8 Night I would need at least 6 people participating! 
The event will be in Non-Smash Chat at the following time:
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Starting later tonight


9B, Earth, komorikiri, Edge, Shogun, masashi, kie, choco, akira, amsa, aki

Over 180 entrants! 
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The Illuminati is taking over

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I need someone who can work well with Greninja and Sonic. Will probably use Megaman for a healing team.
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- Matches of 16 different Ice Climbers across 8 teams could've been a thing.

- Quadruple tourneys? 4 on 4 matches to aim for the top?

- What's the smallest stage in Smash Wii U so far?

- Final smashes like Samus' would be even more amazing to gain, especially in timed matches. "Zero Laser, Seven Points, GGs, everyone."

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I got hacked last night. I'm not quite sure how or why someone did but this was a low blow to my self esteem. They took my entire cash pile (2.5m) and changed my bank pin. I'm not quite sure how they guessed both my password and bank pin, but both were breached. i reset my password today to something else and i canceled my bank pin. we'll see in 7 days what they did to my bank, but all my gear i was wearing at the time is gone, and i'm pretty sure my bank wont look pretty either once i can see that. 

Thus, i wont be playing for about a week now as there is no point running nude around the game.

I'd sugguest changing your bank pins and passwords so the same doesn't happen to you 

- Boxer
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