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Which I will next paycheck...yee...
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Competitive players, do you find time for other games in the midst of your training in Smash Bros.?

I have my eye on Shantae and the Pirate's Curse and Child of Light, both of which I plan to get tomorrow from GameStop. I've also been replaying Super Mario 3D World, Dark Souls, and in bouts of playing Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

So much to play, so little time.
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I still need a hotel for apex. Does anyone want to get in on one with me or have a space available for me in their room? Thanks.
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Means a lot to me, and I promise to have 2015 be a great year for everyone on this site, ZXL, contests, or anything I can think of.

Had a pretty great night, and learned that bacon bacon bacon pizza is the greatest creation on earth.
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Here we go!

Just an FYI, now I finally have the Wii U version. Trying to gather people back from the Brawl days who also got it
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Still thinking on who to main X/.....but while Im looking for a main, Is there anyone in this game that has true combo potential.
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In order to 100% the game, you need to complete every level with every character. You also need to hit the top of the flagpole. My question is do you need to hit the top of the flagpole with every character, or simply complete the level with every character?
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Only four characters, four jobs, unlike games like Fire Emblem Awakening where you have over 20, lol.

Right now i have Tiz as Monk, Agnes as White Mage, Ringabel as Black Mage and Edea as Knight.

I'l change Tiz' job later, not sure to what yet though, but i don't want to stay with a Monk in my team. The Monk job has been very useful, he's a tank with a lot of HP and power, but it's not what i want. I want Tiz to be something that doesn't relies too much in MP since i already use two mages, and the Monk fits that, but i want something else.

I'll leave Agnes as White Mage since i see this job is one of the must have ones and its really useful.

I'll probably leave Ringabel as Black Mage since i need someone with great Magic Attacks.

Edea is good as Knight, with the ability of defending the other characters, but i'll change her to Swordmaster once i get that job. From the begining i wanted Edea to have jobs that relies in swords/katanas.
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In the shortest explanation, they're too hard. Every fighting game has different controls from each other and even characters within the same game have different controls for special attacks. Characters tend to have 20-40 moves and by just looking at them, the player has no idea how to do 1/3 or 1/2 of their attacks (their specials). The player has to pause the game, go to a command list, and memorize several to many different control stick motions (such as quarter circles or charge motions) and button combinations to simply be able to do certain attacks. Even learning normal attacks, which are just a button press and a control stick direction, take some time to get used to. Characters have varying attack animations for simply punching and kicking. The player won't even know what they'll look like if they've never seen them before 

But there is 1 way of fixing part of the problem and I'd love to see more fighting game implement it 

That idea right there gets rid of the need for players to have to pause to look up their character's commands. It makes learning simply how to play much less of a hassle, especially when friends are learning the game or new characters together. Having this screen configuration as default would be ideal 

The 1 fighting game series that doesn't have this problem is Super Smash Brothers. This game doesn't have special attacks so no one ever has to pause the game to learn moves. Every character has the same controls. The game is much more focused on movement than move set which gives players the ability to run around in their own space to learn their character or the game. Movement is a more global ability/skill in this game. It's much more intuitive than learning moves. Smash is by far the easiest fighting game series out there. It's half the explanation why so many casual players love this game 

Traditional fighting games could be made easier to learn by getting rid of specials too, but that would make them pretty boring. It would limit move sets too much. Having to do control stick motions + button presses sounds complicated on the surface, but once players learn it, it makes sense. Normal attacks are for, well, normal attacks, like punching, kicking, or using a weapon. Special attacks are for special attacks like projectiles. This gives characters more moves to use. Unlike Smash, these games are more focused on move sets rather than movement. It also help make the combo formula in fighting games more (semi-)intuitive. Normals can cancel into specials which can cancel into supers. The farther someone goes into a cancel chain, the more complicated the motion gets. It's more of something that has to be told to a player for them to know how to do it, but the formula tends to exist in most fighting games 

The only good way to learn these games is by combo trials and training mode. 1 of the most important things they do is give players as much time as they need to simply learn the surface of how to play. Not having a timer nor enemies prevents players from feeling pressured. Combo trials is a 1 player mode that challenges players to do certain combos. The move names and commands are often both listed on screen to tell players what the combo is and how to do it. Usually the 1st 5-10 teach them about a character's special moves. Having players perform a character's specials creates procedural memory which is much better than merely reading something. After that, combo trials tends to teach the players about comboing with links (comboing 2 moves together by waiting until the previous move ends before doing the next move (before hit stun expires)) and cancels (canceling an attack into another attack, usually normals canceling into specials) implicitly. And then after that, the mode starts challenging players to do impractical combos. Once they reach that point, they'll have learned the basics about the combo formula for the game and a character. The rest can be learned in training mode 

1 flaw about this though is that it doesn't often teach the essential (bread and butter (bnb)) combos. To learn about them, players have to hear or read about them from an outside source. These combos tend to be easy to do or difficult but essential. Trials and training mode don't teach players how to win. The other problem is that it doesn't teach the other intricacies about the games. In a lot of fighting games, when 2 characters try to grab each other at the same time, a throw tech happens. It's when both characters' grabs get canceled and they reset to neutral standing positions a short distance away from each other. In street Fighter, throw techs can even happen when 1 of those characters is crouching. Challenging players to perform these things will help them learn about them better 

Aside from the chore experience of learning a fighting game, there's not much to these games outside of vs mode. Story modes tend to be composed of fights and story sections, which is really boring. There is trial mode for those who want to challenge themselves to learning difficult, impractical combos, but that was already covered. Beyond that, there aren't many good mini games. These games never give players the ability to explore. Except Smash 

Super Smash Brothers Melee's adventure mode doesn't even have much of a story. Most of it is about going through side scrolling platform levels and then fighting another character or a few. Because the game focuses on movement, players have the freedom to run and jump around freely to go wherever they want. Outside of that mode, the mini game challenges are much more varied and encourage a little exploration (break the targets, board the platforms (Smash 64). Having a count up timer relieves pressure on the player and allows them to think up strategies as they move around a character's stage. And then there's hidden trophies that allow players to relax as much as they'd like to learn glimpses of the Nintendo universe. The design of this game is kind of ingenious
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i'm hosting a wifi doubles tournament on January 2nd,

tournament results still can't be processed so nobody gets medals. i hosted a singles tournament this past friday:

pls attend!
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I've played a very few amount of SE games in my life. Nothing against its games, but i have the habit of only getting Nintendo consoles and if i'm not wrong, SE uses to put their main games in other companies' consoles, while they put spin-offs (with chibi looks) of their games on Nintendo consoles, most of the time.

Right now i'm playing Bravely Default (didn't have time to play it at all all year until now) and i'm enjoying it. I like that in every single dialogue, or at least most of them you hear the character's voices (i need more games with that since it can get a little boring to just read what they say without hearing it), the music is great, the characters too and the gameplay.

I'm totally getting Bravely Second next year and i probably should get Final Fantasy Curtain Call and Final Fantasy Explorers.
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i refuse to play smash without a gamecube controller
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Hi Guys

Hi Girls


certain mods just like to ban him for little things




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It essentially rewards someone for LOSING.

You can be kicking someones *** and as a result they're able to kill you at 80%.
It causes throws to kill at 120.
Links up smash killed me at like 70 the other day
****ing Bowsers fat *** is always going to be in rage so he can kill you at like 50.

This is a stupid awful mechanic and I have no idea why it was even added.
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1. Wii U for Smash Bros 4, and Wonderful 101, as well as other games

2. PS3 or PS4 for Kingdom Hearts II.5 remix/Kingdom Hearts III, as well as finishing off Tales of Xillia. Really want this just cuz how beautiful the remixed versions of KH2 songs is....I mean cmon....listen to this!

3. Nintendo 3ds XL to finally play Kingdom Hearts 3D. The only one I haven't played yet and I've been longing to play it for years.

I don't have much money, so its 1 or the other.......or the other. My roommate has a PS3, but when he goes home he takes it with him, so I can't rely on him really to play what I want on ps3.

Other than KH3D, I don't really long for a 3DS. However I don't think they are gonna port KH3D on consoles, so the only way imma play it is on the 3DS. I don't have many "gamer friends", so its hard to borrow someone's 3ds just to play it

Wii U......well thats self explanatory.

I just need to do something. Wii isnt doing it for me anymore
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No? Yea it'd probably be too much work.

So here's a pic of Rigby.

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Doesn't seem like he is on much nor did he give me justice, DQ'ed me but everyone else on the top bracket is still on same round I got dq'ed on. I just, what's going on?
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Live for Loot!

After obtaining over 2000+ pieces of equipment, I've decided to make certain character builds, ended up having lots of fun.

Before you say "Equipment!? 3casul5me skrub C me in DarkSouls"
Site needs new things to do, and with other normal online tournaments popping up, I believe these can be a nice way to see a different way of gameplay, see which character would take top.

I mean, giving Lil Mac speed equipments(He's already fast), gives him higher jumps but with damage reduction to compensate, he can actually recover!

If this 1st tournament does pretty well, I will do these once month.
I'm not expecting a huge number of entrants, just enough people willing to give this a go.

If you have any questions, let me know.
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former meta knight mains crying about smash 4 diddy

but this time its not a ban worthy character

brawl meta knight should have been banned around the time people proposed a lgl, but noooo mk mains had a hold of the meta so it never happened

so this is just karma... either play the character or learn how to beat it like you told everybody in the brawl days to do
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