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I'm finally returning to the Smash scene with the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. (Will only end up getting 3DS version if I absolutely have to for that Mewtwo release, which really sucks.)

Basically, probably won't see much activity from me on here until the game is actually released and I'll most likely be streaming the game constantly from UK release date (5th December) over at my Twitch account.

I look forward to seeing old and new faces alike on the new and improved battlegrounds that is Sm4sh!
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I made a montage of the leftover replays that were still on my Wii. Hope you enjoy!
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Don't get me wrong, I love the vast majority of the characters as well as this game. However, I'd like to see if I can find faults or personal complaints about every character, or at least attempt to. This will be very biased, so take every opinion of mine with a grain of salt. If this somehow offends you because I said something negative about your main, then know that I likely don't actually hate the character itself. I just hate that particular thing about them. There's really only one character I dislike, and you'll have to read to know who it is.

I'll try to keep this short and sweet; two sentences maximum per fighter. It won't be easy talking negatively about every character, but I'll give it my best shot. If you see a comment that interests you, feel free to comment on that comment. Please remember that my opinions are just that, opinions.

Mario: If you lack a projectile or reflector, you have to get close to this guy. Except that you don't want to because he'll spam Utilt until you beg for mercy. 

Luigi: One of my close friends mains this guy, and not one person I know has legitimately defeated his Luigi in the past two years. His combos require more skill, however they're almost as damaging as Mario's.

Peach: I don't know about you, however I can never seem to pull items anymore. The average Peach player also tends to spam Side-B online. 

Bowser: Oh my god, the buffs they gave to this guy are terrifying. That drop-kick seriously hurts.

Yoshi: Very awkward to fight against. Feels like you're fighting a bar of soap.  

Rosalina: All of my hate towards Luma. No fighter should be able to save themselves from practically any situation, especially grabs, like Rosalina can.

Bowser Jr: Almost every Bowser Jr. I see clearly doesn't know how to play Bowser Jr. Use the Up-B, people!

Wario: He's still the only representative of the Warioware games. Come on, there's plenty of unique characters in that series!

Mr. Game & Watch: Absolutely no major change that I can see with the guy. Keeps me from playing him.

Donkey Kong: I pity DK mains. He's a lot slower and not what he used to be.

Diddy Kong: Bananas are still as annoying as ever. Fortunately, I almost never see Diddy online.

Link: I believe that Jigglypuff is hard-countered by Link, the extremely-safe-yet-hits-like-a-truck fighter. I have no evidence, it's just a gut feeling. 

Zelda: The phantom feels useless most of the time. Maybe I'm using it wrong, however it's like I'm just charging up a meatshield.

Ganondorf: Rather disappointed that he still shares Captain Falcon's fighting style.

Toon Link: Again, feels exactly the same, which keeps me from playing him. Shame, I used to main this little guy in Brawl.

Samus: Samus in a powersuit is less powerful than without? SAKURAIIIIIIII!!!!

Zero Suit Samus: The only Zero Suit players I've faced were terrible. I'm not too sure why I don't see her more often, I hear she's extremely annoying.

Pit: The Side-B really doesn't feel like a Pit thing. Rushing forward and rudely smashing your enemy upward seems more like a Dark Pit exclusive. 

Palutena: Had so, so much potential. I'm honestly trying to make her work despite her many competitive flaws, and I just can't.

Marth: Ever since Lucina, this guy is almost never played. I've only seen one Marth player in For Glory ever.

Ike: Same issue as Marth, and it's a shame. 

Robin: The cheese Robin players will do whatever they can to spam Thoron. They'll basically run the entire match.

Kirby: Same issue as Toon Link and G&W, except for a change in his Side-B. 

King Dedede: His only projectile can smack him in the face at any time. A spike ball larger than a soccer ball punched right back at you would ruin anyone's day.

Meta Knight: No longer broken, so no longer played. Welcome to the club, buddy.

Little Mac: Nothing on earth can describe what I feel about this guy. He is absolute cancer online, is so ridiculously cheap, and it always makes me want to throw my 3DS against the wall whenever I lose to him.

Fox: Shootshootshootshootshootshootshootshootshootshootshoot... reflect projectile.... shootshootshootshootshoot... shield incoming air attack, proceed to combo for massive damage.

Falco: Shoot...shoot...shoot... oh hey, I have a meteor smash!

Pikachu: I have an extremely tough time killing with this guy now. I don't know why, maybe it's the Nair nerf... 

Charizard: Has an insane amount of power now and yet always seems to misuse it. I've seen Charizard SD more than any other fighter. 

Lucario: Oh, you have a lot of damage, better stay back and... WHY DOES THAT FORCE PALM HAVE SO MUCH RANGE NOW?! 

Jigglypuff: Please tell me why Sing is still useless. There is no excuse for that move not to have been buffed by now.

Greninja: How do you fight this guy? Seriously, there is so much at his disposal that coming up with an actual strategy to fight him is easier said than done.

Duck Hunt: As a Duck Hunt player, it saddens me to see him online. Now I have to be subjected to the same hell I was giving other players.

R.O.B.: As an extemely biased R.O.B. main, despite his amazing buffs, I believe that he was overall nerfed for this game. I have to learn to turn off tap-jumping to be able to play him properly again.

Ness: Ness players will only play Ness. Getting wall-of-pained by his Fair is never fun.

Captain Falcon: Join the club, good captain. Meta Knight is baking cookies.

Villager: Villager's a troll. Will pull a win out of nowhere even when losing hard. Watch this one closely.

Olimar: Is as annoying as he was in Brawl. He's a fighter to be pitied, though.

Wii Fit Trainer: Same as Palutena, except for different reasons. The hit-boxes are so awkward; Wii Fit Trainer is countered by every short character because he/she cannot grab them.

Dr Mario: Oh boy, time to talk about the clones. They only added in this guy to swap Mario's Down-B it seems, and that's pitiful.

Dark Pit: Why can't you have been replaced with Magnus?! Herp derp, my arrows are slower, I'm a different character everybody!

Lucina: Literally 99% the same as Marth. Why wasn't she just one of Marth's colors, like the Koopa Kids?

Shulk: Feels awkward to get used to. And then you fight one online and he's god-tier because of his self-giving buffs.

Pac-Man: Even more of a troll than Villager. That fire hydrant is a force to be reckoned with. 

Mega Man: I can't play this guy for crap. Also, his Down-B feels very useless.

Sonic: Somehow is extremely annoying to fight against now. 2fast4me.

Mii Fighters: Cannot be played in For Glory. If it's the custom moves thing, that's a terrible excuse.

Well, there you have it. Feel free to leave your opinion on this, I'd love to hear from you.
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the loser had to wear a fursuit
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For me, it's Matador (Double mario) and Econ (Zero Suit Samus/Samus)
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Lulu, Wakka, and Auron too good as usual
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A buddy of mine who actually cares about the manga told me to read it.  I told him before that I didn't watch or read Naruto anymore, but he insisted that I read the chapter anyway.  I gave it a shot.  Figured what the hell.  If it was really that good, I actually want to see how this story is finally going to come to a conclusion.

Spoiler Alert

As I'm reading, I'm pretty confused.  Like, I wasn't sure what was going on at all.   The last chapter I took a peek at was about a half a year ago, and that wasn't nearly as good as this.  All I see are Naruto and Sasuke.  And they talk about the days where they were first becoming a ninja and you know normal flashback stuff.  I eventually got a clue that they were fighting up until the beginning of this chapter.  Sasuke actually for once admitted that Naruto beat him and that he finally respects him.  Both of them are on the ground.  And then I saw the last picture.

That last picture, oh my god.

End Spoiler

I'm not the Naruto fan I used to be.  But I still like to see people talking about it.  And I like that it still has its moments sometimes.  But I know it's going to end soon.  Since the manga's got two more chapters left, I think I'm gonna be following the rest of it from this point forward.  Just to see how it's all going to end.  Now that I think about it, I started watching Naruto in September of 2005 when it first aired on Cartoon Network.  That was 9 years ago.  I've known Naruto for half of my life and I finally get to see how it ends after all this time.  This is probably one of the most emotional feelings I've ever had for an anime.  Just thinking about how nostalgic the show actually makes me and how much it's changed me before.  

I know NDJ.  You don't want to read about weeboo **** and most of you don't give a crap about Narutard.  That's fine.  I don't care.  Leave your hatred here if you really want to.  But I just thought I'd say that I enjoyed the latest chapter of Naruto today.
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That chapter was pretty all Right, I just hope nothing gets Left behind.
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Has this been happening.The small description when you click a character. Is this like a new feature or am I just late on noticing it just now.

It think its pretty cool.
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If any of you didn't realize this, the ability to report a player online in Smash3DS is a bit hidden.

What you have to do is tap on the other player's character pic on the bottom screen when you're at the winning scene after the battle. You'll see their NNID and the profile comment, but that's not all...

Appearing on the bottom right of the top screen, it will actually tell you the button to "block" or "report player".

I don't know what happens after that, I suppose you have to pick which part of rulebreaking you are reporting for, and the block feature is...probably to make you stop seeing that player in matchups?

Side note: Tapping the character pics mid-match activates a square target reticle that follows them around, in fact it will even show the directions of character's movements when they use invisibility-based moves. You can only have one reticle out at a time, though.
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I probably have never been soundly defeated on Ladder the way I was today. 3 loss streak, 1 win, 3 loss streak after that. In the process, I've learned new techniques from players.

>A Sheik gimp
>Rosalina fair gimp
>Yoshi's B

The common denominator here is that these are tactics you won't find on For Glory. If you're looking for a quick fix to Smash, continue ruling the roost of lower level players. You can learn nothing from them.

Here in Augusta, GA, there is no competitive scene, or it's extremely limited. I have yet to play offline with anyone, and the only Smash tournament we've had in the last year was in December. The next one will be on the Smash Wii U launch date. Out of all the people I've played, I have one rival who I can trade wins with. He knows who he is. My best friend is also really good, but he lives in FL now.

My point being that I have no one to play offline with and get good. When I see ladder players, I see inspiration and drive. I see a legion of players who are surrounded by a good tournament scene who consider offline play with competitive players to be considered second nature. Wanna get good? Play your friends who are competitive.

It's not that I don't like to have fun, but even when trading challenges on Smashboards and GameFAQs, I was fighting at a much higher level. You saw my W/L record posted above today. That's basically 1-6. Granted, I'm almost always fighting people higher than my level so I can get good points quickly. But moreso to challenge myself. However, I think I need to ease off betting on ladder and start going for friendlies so I can get some serious matchup practice.

To clarify, when you play against casual players or on For Glory, you're playing at a lower level. You don't have to read them, you don't worry about matchups. You just have fun and take it easy. When you're playing on Ladder or, for most of you, at a tournament, you're playing at a competitive level. Your adrenaline is flowing, you're learning from your opponent, and you're making mistakes that you normally wouldn't make against someone who's easy.  You become more defensive, you pay more attention to your mistakes, and most of all, you adapt. When you adapt, you get better at the game, and when you're on a ladder or in a competitive crowd, you adapt to what they are doing. When you adapt to For Glory, you're adapting to easy players and ruling the roost. It's when you're forced to actually try that you learn new moves. You learn that Sheik has a bair gimp, that Robin can gimp you if you play carelessly in the air AND come back from a low percentage AND a stock lead, or that Toon Link can use Boomerang/Bomb, punish with the best tether grab, and Uair you into a USmash combo. Did I know any of these before today? Absolutely not. These were drilled into me by new players who use techniques that lower-level players would never bother using.

No matter how bad your day is going, just remember your competition isn't hard enough. When you play high level players, you become high level yourself. When you play casual players, you'll stay casual. Play on Ladder more and you will improve. I'm salty as hell right now, no question, but I've also learned a lot more to my game and will continue to get better at the game as well.
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<font>Hi, as an quick introduction I am very good at this game. This is a list I have compiled listing all the players I have played thus far on Smash 3DS Wi-fi. Take note that list is subject to change on day to day, hour by hour, minute to minute, second to second basis. Also Kenny is pretty bad. 



Super Easy Tier:

Near (might be a candidate for the above tier)
Snuff (2 ez lol gotem) 
Smith (plays sheik and rosalina only and still loses rofl such a d0rk. git gud chump)

Good players:

Macleezy Manotony (he has a really solid pacman and is hyper aggressive! Has never beaten me though lololol) 
PinkFresh (let him win a couple of times cuz hes a cool guy but his characters are kind of cheap lolololol... Dr. Mario UPB is imba xD, good sets even tho i went 64-2)

Never beaten Tier (aka Ganon players):


COWARD! Tier (people I challenge on the ladder and they decline in FEAR):

Remss (aka Meekspeedy the Sonic main, incase you guys were fooled by his disguise)
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This was serious business
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Add my NNID if you want to do co-op. NNID: OgnarPliskin

I'm going to stream the sessions in 5 minutes or so.
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Here's a little Brawl video i made with some of the clips i kept on my wii hope you enjoy! Also watch in HD.
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