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Any games you guys would recommend? (Like for SNES and PS1)

So far the only games I beat from those 2 are Final Fantasy 7 and Chrono Trigger.
I'm currently working on Final Fantasy 9.

If there's any games that you guys would recommend please let me know 

Note: I am mostly into RPG's
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You all have no idea how happy I am to see a freaking conclusion to this series. The journal episodes were such cliffhangers and they bothered me so much.
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Let's go! Send this to your friends, your mom, your little dumb brother, everyone who has used AiB in the past or present and ask them to comment in this blog. Consider this a way to interact with the mods/creators of the site.

CATCH: Give feedback on the site. IF YOU LIST A COMPLAINT TRY AND LIST A PRO AS WELL, OR AT THE VERY LEAST WHERE YOU WANT TO SEE THE SITE GO. If you agree with them, give the AiB sign of "I agree with this loser" by copy pasting their comment. 

After my final exams week I will try to document all of it in a google doc, listing the most copied responses first.

I will be posting this to reddit in a bit. Let's try to get as many AiB members on this blog as possible.
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First off, I hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Secondly, I played some rounds with Se501. Even with as much patience and ground game as I put into the character, I simply do not see Ike going very far against Sheik in the long run. That said, I've been practicing with Mario for a long time, but SSB4 is the first time I'm exploring the metagame and utilizing a dedicated secondary. If Nairo can take down Esam using Dr. Mario and practicing on For Glory, I don't see why I can't use Mario to take down Sheik players in due time at tournaments.

Mario's always been my homeboy, though. That he happens to be a likely Top 10 on the tier list is incidental, but it doesn't change the fact he's a quality character to switch to. I'm switching to one of my favorite characters and my would-be main if Ike wasn't in the game. I'll be using him a good bit to train him up for tournaments.
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This color

If you want to see the colors:

Obviously those who have green as their default color are excluded from this. Unless they have a green alt. anyway.
Here we go. 

Bowser: Represents King Koopa, but it doesn't look good at all.
Iggy: He's actually nice.
Captain Falcon: Not bad at all.
Charizard: One of my least favorite colors in the whole roster. It basically represents his Japanese name, Lizardon.
Dark Pit: Meh, at least is better than his White alt.
Diddy Kong: All of his alts are equally bad.
Donkey Kong: Not that bad, but it kinda reminds me of a clown.
Dr. Mario: It looks Ok on him.
Falco: His Brawl green alt was better, this one isn't good.
Fox: His Brawl green alt was WAY better, rip his best alt color.
Ganondorf: He has a green alt? sarcasm
Greninja: So bad.
Ike: The only thing i notice when i see Ike is his blue hair and muscles, colors don't matter much on this guy.
King Dedede: Bad color except for the Waddle Dees.
Kirby: Not a good alt.
Lucario: In Brawl, his Turquoise alt was pretty much his green alt, which looks good. But this isn't Brawl, so his green alt is bad.
Lucas: Boney, 'nuff said.
Lucina: Nah.
Mario: His worst alt.
Marth: Decent alt.
Mega Man: Actually looks good.
Meta Knight: Why do people pick this alt or the red one?
Mr. Game & Watch: Average alt. Way better than the yellow one. 
Ness: Not ok.
Olimar/Alph: They're in this game?
Palutena: Maybe the least used of her alts.
Peach: Not bad, but not good enough. 
Pikachu: I don't like his body color.
Pit: I actually like his green alt.
R.O.B.: Military robot, not bad. 
Robin: Looks like a Wind or Earth mage. 
Rosalina: Good enough.
Roy: Probably the only green alt that is as good, if not, better than the default color.
Ryu: That's green?
Samus: One of her worst alts.
Sheik: Eh.
Sonic: His only good color is the default one.
Villager: Same as Peach. 
Classic Wario: Wah, wah, nope.
Wii Fit Trainers: Same as Sheik. 
Zelda: Same as Marth.
Zero Suit Samus: Looks decent at best.
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Starting today, I'm going to slowly convert/archive all of my funny moment videos to a new channel to better optimize my youtube growth. The site's video recommendation system is most heavily based on total minutes watched, aside from tags/titles/descriptions. Individual moment videos gets me very few video recommendations which is not an effective way to get noticed. The compilation format also helps me get more footage online faster for viewers to see, including the players who want to see themselves do cool/funny things I've recorded. My main channel will still stay the same way, so don't worry if you prefer the format I've always used ♥
.  There are 2 notable risks involved with this strategy that I didn't want to mention to all of my subscribers and potentially new viewers who might see it and might be potentially interested the the kind of content I create. What I'll be doing for the next 7-8 weeks will be recycling a lot of content that I've already made. I want to get my tertiary channel some videos and views to help give it some youtube recommendations and momentum before I start uploading new content to it. Even though I'm playing more according to youtube's system, without a lot of viewers, I won't get a lot of recommendations. Also, this might be my own subjective preference, but I find individual moment videos to be a much better format than compilation videos. Individual moment videos contain only the main event, not just a bunch of seemingly random events compiled into 1 video. I could be biased because I've been archiving/converting everything on my channel during the past month which has drained me of a lot of energy and enthusiasm
. Now that I'll have free again, I can go back to playing Melee at tournaments and at friends' homes and make more moment videos of us having fun. I might also have enough time to start playing Street Fighter online again and work towards making it more popular. Throughout most of my competitive gaming career, my biggest goal I've almost always held was to become famous in the community. Some say I've already reached that point. Forgive me if I flail my own ego at you, but having others enjoy what I do for them is a bit of an honorable feeling ♥
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Happy thanksgiving everyone, whether you're from the US, whether you celebrate this holiday at all, I just hope everyone relaxes working, staying at home, today is a day too be thankful for all that we have, and to remember that they're people far worse off than us. Regardless happy turkey day AIB/NDJ. *Gobble Gobble*
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It's been quite a long time since I've used AIB/NDJ and I figured I'd make a post for no earthly reason other than I have a week off for thanksgiving and I'm suuuuuuuuper bored icon_razz

So yep, hi. I've been rather busy, going about my writing career and a lot of other side projects. Photography, costume design, painting, etc; I've got a book series of 6 planned novels worked out with all the framework and brainstorming done. Lots of writing done, but no finished works yet. However, I've been talking with an editor and we've got a good thing going, and the publisher is on board to take the project into consideration once it's a completed work because he seems to really like what I've got going so far (Finger's crossed).

In the day, I now work for a rather large local catering company as the event coordinating manager and make quite a decent bit of coin doing so. I occasionally take shifts at another local restaurant on the weekends if I need to scratch together some quick cash for whatever thing I don't need buy want to buy (Tales of Zesteria collectors edition anyone?)

But more to the fun stuff, I've started getting into cosplay. Interestingly enough, a friend of mine invited me out to a convention and I thought it would be kinda lame but I had no plans, and they were having a smash tournament, so I figured I'd make an appearance.

Turns out it was probably one of the best weekends I'd had in a really long time. Not only did I take the tournament, but we had a blast doing the whole dress-up thing and meeting celebrities etc;

I went to a Goodwill and spent 11 bucks on a purple suit I found in there and went as a anarchist Joker. Totally overdone, I know, but it was an easy first choice and something I'd done for Halloween in the past so I gave it a shot.

I've met Peter St Paul, Team Four Star, and a bunch of other cool voice actors / anime / video game producers/voice actors/programmers/artists that I really fanboy hard over. And even once, while i was the joker at the last con I had Richard Epcar (The Voice of the Joker in the Injustice series) actually run me down and demand photos with me. Pretty funny, psuedo celebrities chasing you down for pics. Made my weekend.

Had to steal this photo from his Twitter feed.

It's been a rather amazing year. The whole thing has inspired me even more to lose weight. I've lost over 80lbs this year, I can do a 10 mile run now, I can bench 250 and I feel great with myself and I'm so close to achieving my weight goal I can taste it.

And with that comes a huge confidence boost. I've won costume contests, been asked to volunteer for panels with famous voice actors because it turns out I have a knack for it myself (I'd love to get into that field, but how the hell do I even start? haha) and over all it's been quite an amazing experience.

So I've been doing that all year. Showed up to a tournament dressed as Jason Voorhees under the name Voorhees, sat down, never spoke a word to anyone, took the tournament and then afterward slammed a dollar down on the table for money matches. Ended the night basically with a frikkin tip jar. Pretty hilarious.

Dressed up as Santa Jason, didn't ask if I could do it just showed up to an event, sat down in a chair, put up one of those 'roped off areas' next to me and waited. In a few minutes we had a line of people trying to tell me what they wanted for christmas. My buddy Steven dressed as Freddy Krueger in an Elf costume (little pointy booties with bells on them and everything, absolutely hilarious)

We ended up showing up to an event around Halloween time to a local company unannounced and dressed the part, and the guy loved us so much for all the silly stuff we did while we were there that they gave us these amazing Bishoujo versions of Freddy and Jason as a sort of thank you gift.

So now we've recently started a facebook page for fun to showcase our stupid shenanigans.

RedWire Cosplay

If anyone would like to support us with a few likes or shares on our videos that'd be cool. We're getting about 10,000 views a day this week on this video.

E.Nigma out
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Three variations of it.

Go to /r/smashbros. Say you are looking to renovate an old smash site to a new, active/bustling social media focused smash website. List why it isn't a smashboards, Anther's, Twitch Chat or Facebook clone. Ask what people are looking for in a website like this ~~upvote inflate by posting here~~ just say there is a post about in on /r/smashbros 

Discussion boards will always show what the most popular opinions are on a topic.


Mention it to some community leaders over twitter who used this website in the past or still do, like FOW, Zero, Nairo, etc. Include a link where feedback can be given. Just say you are looking for feedback to renovate a site. Some might retweet it.


Make a google doc open to everyone with a mod to grant access to members that can write. Ask members that have been approved by a mod to clearly and politely list the issues they are having with the website.  Red outline denied suggestions and green solution good ones. 
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I'm happy this is a thing. They bumped one of my favorite childhood anime, and didn't even use other songs for it, just remixes of the original OST, which is something i'm ok with. So nostalgic even with the change of animation.

It brings memories of other anime that have been revived (kinda), like Dragon Ball Super, Pokémon Origins, Sailor Moon, Soul Eater Not, etc. 

I read next episode(s) will be released on Spring 2016, i'm glad it's not over yet.
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It's about time we get something new for The Lion King series! Today Disney channel will be premiering a new movie called "The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar" and then a new series coming up in January 2016! I hope it turns out to be better than Simba's Pride xD!
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Okay, so one thing I've learned from my recent tournaments is that I'm not that good in doubles. The reason why I generally get our team to 3rd is simply because I'm great vs. other players, and as long as I hold them off of my teammate, we can win. This works against players who suck at doubles and play the same way.

After playing teams like Toystory and Doombot or StarLord and Sect, I've come to realize that your doubles fundamentals make a crucial difference in how you play. Both teams would have combos for kills. DK would use the ding-dong, and Meta-Knight would finish with an Up B kill at an absurdly low percent. DK and MK would edgeguard the holy hell out of me, and as long as my partner couldn't intervene, it was a confirmed kill on me.

I want to be a better doubles partner, but I don't know where to begin. As an Ike main, I'm wondering what characters work best and what combos I should look for. I feel my team with Fatality was strong, but we were lacking the doubles fundamentals, and got punished hard by two teams. When I teamed with jda7, we were dominating up until Sect and StarLord, both of who are known as good doubles partners.

I think, in addition to Meta-Knight and Sheik matchup practice, I'm going to spend some time doing doubles online this week. I want to be a great teammate and hit 1st at tournaments.
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Yesterday was the day Smash 4 was released on Wii U! Happy birthday Smash 4 ^_^
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To you guys around the site, what is the one thing you solely have to have in a video game, aside from a good story, in order to enjoy it? 

This excludes story, though graphics are debatable. All games personally need a good story behind it no matter the creation. Whether or not the story is as simple as Mario's or delves into the complexity of say, Final Fantasy/ Metal Gear/ KH etc. is really a matter of preference. Simple stories have astounding results in a lot of gaming.
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Every damn time I get on Battle Spot it's ALWAYS against some scrub with a full legendary team

Legendary Pokemon take no skill to use at all. That's why it's retarded to even go on battle spot. cause you see Legendary Pokemon EVERYWHERE.  

Nintendo needs to fix battle spot to where every legendary is banned. (Yes I mean Thundurus, Landorus, etc etc.)

Edit: I hope you guys don't go on there. it's bad lol
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Hello again everyone who remembers me, and to those who don't! XD How long has it been since I said I was coming back here? I bet it was a long time ago. I need to stop disappearing from here, I mean, I still play SSBB, and I also play SSB4, so I wonder why I don't come on anymore, plus, I have a whole group to take care of.

And Yes I still play as Toon Link, that will never change. Hey, maybe I can be the next ICEng!! I do have a winning streak on SSB4 (on 3ds I forgot to mention).

... So this time, I WILL be here as much as I can! I promise! xD


... So how is everybody? Does everybody who I know still come on here often? xD
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For me being a big KP fan, this gives me joy that they released their newest album today on Youtube, named "Trigger Warning". The first song is a remix, but was still included in the album.


#1. Knife Party - PLUR Police (Jauz Remix)

#2. Knife Party & Tom Staar - Kraken

#3. Knife Party - Parliament Funk

#4. Knife Party - PLUR Police
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I don't use this site much anymore and it's pretty much dying once again.
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