The Six Degrees of Smash (a social experiment)

Welcome to NintendoDojo's Six Degrees of Smash database! The six degrees of separation theory states that any two human beings on earth are seperated by at most six personal relations: a friend, a relative, a lover, the mailman. Popularized by the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game, the theory has never been proven but makes an interesting social experiment either way, and we at NintendoDojo have set out to see how the theory applies to the Smash community.

This project aims to track the connections in our community based on tournament matches. A special six degrees badge was given to a dozen members in the community in May 2008 whom we will call "seeds." Each time a seed plays someone in a tournament, their opponent will be awarded the six degrees badge with a "hop count" of 1; this indicates how "far" the player is from one of the seeds. The next person to meet that account in a tournament will get the badge with a hop count of 2, and will then in turn spread it to everyone they subsequently play. You won't spread the badge if you have a hop count of 6 -- hence the entire idea behind the theory! -- but at least you'll be connected.

The database here allows you to query the current Six Degrees Web to see how you (or your favorite player) connect to the rest of the community. Simply put in a name or two and see how the web is tied!

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