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Afrohawk's Dojo Score 4250
Gender: Male
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Birthday: January 14, 1992
Joined: April 5, 2008
Favorite games:SSBB, Mario Kart series (especially Mario Kart Wii), Super Mario series, Kirby series, Legend of Zelda series, Halo 3 (though I don't own it, just play with a buddy), Okami.
Wii Number:2080 2170 9174 3500
Brawl Friend Code:0259 0380 8157
Xbox Gamertag:Afrohawk52
3DS Friend Code:0259 0380 8157
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Feb 07, 2009:3rd of 25 in Singles at Do the Monkey! Hua! 1v1 Tournament
Aug 11, 2008:7th of 18 in Doubles at A Regular Doubles Tournament
Aug 04, 2008:3rd of 25 in Singles at Insanity Smashers Tornament #1

The Great Brawl Main Tournament Online 4
2nd place East and South
May 23, 2008

1st place Singles
Jul 15, 2008

RyGo's Double Tourney
1st place Teams
May 17, 2008

Do the Monkey! Hua! 1v1 Tournament
3rd place Singles
Feb 07, 2009

TrueLuigiFan wrote at 6:41 PM on Sep 20, 2013:
About me:Want to put some of your videos on Youtube? Need a ref for a tourney? Don't hesitate to PM me icon_biggrin

Also, I run a kickass sprite comic. Well, it's fine anyway. If you got time, go check it out:

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