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11:56 AM on Mar 17, 2012
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DemonicDragony93's Dojo Score 550
Gender: Male
Location: Clarksville, Tennessee, United States
Birthday: November 3, 1986
Joined: September 30, 2007
Favorite games:Super Mario Brothers (NES), Super Mario 64, Rocket knight adventures, Sparkster, Legend of Dragoon, Kingdom hearts I, Kingdom hearts II, Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic adventure, Sonic adventure 2, Sonic unleashed, Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of time, wind waker, Link's awakening, Tatsunoku vs Capcom, Super Street fighter IV, Conker's Bad fur day, Paper Mario 64, Paper Mario thousand year door...(i got so many)
Brawl Friend Code:1592 0798 6767
Xbox Gamertag:DemonicDragon93
November 2
Today is DemonicDragony93's birthday! 10:00 PM
April 17
DemonicDragony93 uploaded a new video, DemonicDragon93 (Green/Biker Yoshi) vs Yiffy (Pink Yoshi). 4:50 PM
April 11
DemonicDragony93 left Jester Kirby a shoutout. 5:08 PM
Mar 17, 2012:9th of 15 in 2 v 2 Tourney at 2 v 2 Tourney
Feb 20, 2012:7th of 9 in Doubles, 2nd of 7 in Singles, 7th of 16 in Top 16 Bracket 1v1 at Super Stabby Death Match III
Aug 06, 2010:25th of 48 in Brawl Singles at Friday Singles - (For whom couldn't make Apex)

R2D2 wrote at 1:11 PM on Dec 12, 2012:
About me:I'm DemonicDragony93. A old school gamer to the core. I enjoy the past games vs the new generation. Seeing how most of them are utter crap or just rushed out quickly and the game is way to fast to beat. I'm a easy guy to get along with. usually upbeat and laid back. I'm in the army. I been in for almost 3 years so my time is restrained heavily but somehow i still manage to get brawl fights in. I'm a flash animator and enjoy videogame with a passion.