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Douglas's Dojo Score 2600
Name:Jared Reyes
Gender: Male
Location: las vegas, Nevada, United States
Birthday: August 7, 1987
Joined: July 30, 2008
Favorite games:#1super smash brother melee =DD now in no particular order: most zelda games starcraft D.O.T.A. MvC2 most n64 multiplayer games and most FF games haha
Brawl Friend Code:4596 9179 9046
July 8
Douglas left kirrrby a shoutout. 3:03 AM
Douglas left kirrrby a shoutout. 3:03 AM
Apr 25, 2010:5th of 27 in Melee Singles, 7th of 9 in Melee Doubles at MELEEE! VegasSmash Monthlies! @ Gameworld
Apr 22, 2010:9th of 30 in Brawl Singles at Stepping it up for Child's Play
Mar 21, 2010:3rd of 5 in Melee Doubles, 7th of 15 in Melee Singles at VegasSmash Weekly SSBB+SSBM Tourneys@GW#37

MK vs Itachi, COB, Vayseth's Revenge! 3/28/09
2nd place Street Fighter 4
Mar 28, 2009

Vegas PnT Weekly 24
2nd place Doubles
Nov 03, 2008

Vegas PnT weekly 14
2nd place Smash 64 Singles
Aug 25, 2008

Vegas PnT weekly 22
3rd place Singles
Oct 20, 2008

About me:I <3 Teresa =]

now thats one sexy crew right there ;D

AIM sn:itsaluvdub

I dont play on wifi too often, but IM or myspace me if you really wanna play somtime =D