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People Know Me

Dragoomba's Dojo Score 2800
Name:Daniel Bickar
Gender: Male
Location: Jerome, Idaho, United States
Birthday: April 7, 1993
Joined: March 19, 2008
Favorite games:MELEE, Brawl, UT2k4, Quake Live, Third Strike, BlazBlue, SSF4, Stepmania, Bayonetta.
Wii Number:1583 2222 6678 5790
Brawl Friend Code:4511 0174 3094
Xbox Gamertag:Dragoomba
Dragoomba and Mystgan are now friends. 5:19 AM
Dragoomba earned the Probationary Period badge. 4:26 AM
April 7
Today is Dragoomba's birthday! 12:00 AM
July 12
Dragoomba commented on one of Sky`.mp3's blog entries, "Remember Adro? T? The guy who spoke on Henry?". 8:25 PM
Dragoomba left Sky`.mp3 a shoutout. 8:18 PM
Apr 12, 2009:4th of 22 in Doubles at BLUE'S CLUES DOUBLES
Apr 10, 2009:7th of 57 in Singles at FALCON PAWNCH VS WARLOCK PUNCH!!
Jan 17, 2009:1st of 34 in Singles at True Skill Tournament

Ganondorf Gathering Tournament Volume 1
4th place Singles
Dec 22, 2008

True Skill Tournament
1st place Singles
Jan 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Night Doubles!
1st place Doubles
Nov 27, 2008

1337PGN's Tier-nament
2nd place Mid Tier Singles
Dec 01, 2008

About me:Ello, I am Dragoomba.

This game's dumb.