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blog_img All is CoD.
2:52 AM on Nov 11, 2010
blog_img Paul the Octopus died.
1:57 AM on Nov 7, 2010
blog_img The miners in Chile are being rescued.
11:45 PM on Oct 12, 2010






Izayoi Sak...

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War is Over

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July 11
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January 1
Today is FLA's birthday! 12:01 AM
Aug 13, 2010:4th of 32 in Singles at DREAD's Online Weeklies
Mar 20, 2010:7th of 21 in Singles at N/A Weekly 9
Mar 12, 2010:1st of 24 in Singles at N/A Weekly 8

*#* Pimp's Twosday Night Doubles *#*
3rd place Doubles
Nov 17, 2009

**Pimp's First 2010 Doubles!!**
4th place New event
Jan 04, 2010

N/A Weekly 8
1st place Singles
Mar 12, 2010

A2 Mario kart weekly's
1st place Mario Kart Wii Singles
Jul 03, 2009

About me:FLA is FLA.

Meta Knight sig. I like it, but I might make a better one later, later.

Kirby sig. Probably my favorite one out of all the ones I've made because of the background.

This fits me really well. ^

So cool.

My favorite blog of all time.