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11:53 AM on Oct 7, 2014
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11:46 PM on May 12, 2014
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1:22 AM on Oct 12, 2013
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October 7
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Jun 13, 2010:65th of 89 in Singles at in it for Teddi
May 22, 2010:17th of 25 in Brawl Singles at GO GO GOOFY TIME # 17!!!
May 08, 2010:9th of 20 in Brawl Singles at THIS! IS! GOOFY TIME # 16!!!

アリス九號 wrote at 11:56 PM on Feb 18, 2014:
so I played Emilo at his house today and man you where the only one missing we had cookies and such even pizza
アリス九號 wrote at 11:56 PM on Feb 18, 2014:
Happy birthday too miss you boi
MasamuneMarth wrote at 3:42 AM on Feb 18, 2014:
Happy Birthday! :D
Decoy wrote at 1:26 AM on Feb 18, 2014:
ha opy rbnirthdyta
Foodies wrote at 12:32 AM on Feb 18, 2014:
Happy Birthday :)
Carls493 wrote at 12:03 AM on Feb 18, 2014:
Happy Birthday!
Zork wrote at 12:03 AM on Feb 18, 2014:
Happy Bday!
Senobekim wrote at 3:37 AM on Jan 25, 2014:
Is one of your Naganog cards up for trade?
MetaBowser wrote at 1:56 PM on Jan 18, 2014:
cuz I have stuff like event match #29, ganon and captain falcon duo, and likelike
MetaBowser wrote at 1:55 PM on Jan 18, 2014:
you wouldn't trade anything for your co op match #40, would you?