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October 28
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October 24
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Dec 13, 2008:9th of 31 in SSBB Singles at Vayseth's Outta Here!

Havok wrote at 12:20 AM on Oct 30, 2014:
LMAO I miss those too bro. I hope all is well with you man :D
BFAA Inui wrote at 12:36 PM on Oct 29, 2014:
nothing is better in this world than anime girl feet, duh
Senobekim wrote at 10:22 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
Sent you a private message regarding the Launch Tournament.
-Champ- wrote at 8:23 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
how do i qualify for it :o
-Champ- wrote at 11:39 PM on Oct 20, 2014:
hey, is it still possible to get the rfr platinum edition badge?
Zork wrote at 4:22 PM on Oct 16, 2014:
Considering how glitchy the chat is for ladder, don't you think the tester badge should be given out to anyone who has been dealing with all the issues? considering feedback is being given.
ExJackSilver wrote at 3:43 PM on Oct 16, 2014:
Thank you. I only hope that my support now and in the future will continue to enlighten everyone. Why do I say thanks? That's just what I do, I've always liked returning the grace and spreading it.
Taft wrote at 9:06 PM on Oct 14, 2014:
Also, im pleased that many improvements were added on the site.I will like to thank you for supporting andyour dedication.
Senobekim wrote at 3:02 AM on Oct 14, 2014:
No problem at all.
Senobekim wrote at 2:44 AM on Oct 14, 2014:
Ya I'm in the chat room, was temporarily afk