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Super Smash Bros. 4


Friend Code: 0000 0000 0000
Team Name:Blasters and Thrashers
Gyarados Tyranitar
Sceptile Zebstrika
Emboar Blastoise

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros.


Johnknight1's Dojo Score 2050
Name:John Watson
Gender: Male
Location: Livermore, California, United States
Birthday: May 10, 1991
Joined: October 26, 2007
Favorite games:Too many games to list! I'm currently playing the following games: All 3 smash games, Madden 11 (apparently I am a Madden GOD), NBA 2K11, Oblivion, Counter Strike: Source, MGS4, GTA IV, Empire: Total War, Napoleon: Total War, Medieval 2: Total War Pokémon Black (I hate whites!) and Soul Silver, Left 3 Dead 1 (PC) & 2 (360), Super Mario Galaxy 2, and I'm currently replaying Super Mario RPG and the 1st 2 Golden Sun games for the third time for each game. I currently own a PC, PS2, 360, (I also sometimes use my girlfriend's PS3), every Nintendo handheld aside from a 3DS, & every Nintendo console (minus a SNES, sadly).
Wii Number:2119 8150 7963 5963
Brawl Friend Code:0130 1480 6016
Xbox Gamertag:Johnknight1
PSN Account:mai ploi
September 15
Johnknight1 voted on the poll Which new mode interests you the most?. 4:14 PM
August 7
Johnknight1 voted on the poll What are your Smash 4 purchasing plans?. 6:58 PM
July 16
Johnknight1 voted on the poll Who do you think will win EVO?. 7:41 PM
June 20
Johnknight1 voted on the poll Who will win MLG Anaheim?. 3:24 PM
June 18
Nov 07, 2009:33rd of 48 in Brawl Singles at CGC @ SFSU XIII
Oct 10, 2009:33rd of 43 in Brawl Singles at CGC @ SFSU XII
Oct 03, 2009:33rd of 42 in Singles at Episode II: Oh Excellent Tournament!

102 wrote at 10:30 AM on Oct 23, 2014:
Taft wrote at 3:21 AM on May 17, 2014:
you like sitting on that train dont you?,oh,yeah you love that big pole on the train that haves.the poles i see blows white smoke love...for you...

What a weird thing to say.
Zork wrote at 9:37 PM on Jun 18, 2014:
I love you.
Taft wrote at 1:21 AM on May 17, 2014:
you like sitting on that train dont you?,oh,yeah you love that big pole on the train that haves.the poles i see blows white smoke love...for you...
About me:The only Brawl character I am good with or play as is Toon Link!

Melee Main: Fox
Melee Secondaries: Captain Falcon & Ganondorf
Low Tier Main: Ness
Melee Wild Cards: Mario & Doc
Melee Ran-dumbs: Luigi, Roy, & Bowser.

Smash 64 Main: Mario
Smash 64 Secondaries: Captain Falcon
Smash 64 Wild Cards: Kirby & Ness
I'm still to lazy to learn how to use my Xbox 360 controllers for Kaillera play, lulz!

I'm open to any matches via Kaillera, & maybe wifi (although I don't play wifi much anymore). If you want to face me, just PM me. Or if you live anywhere near me, send me a PM, & maybe you could use me as your personal sandbag... >_>

Note that my PSN account is my girlfriend's console, so yeah... >.>

I'm chill and a joker, so yeah. Also, my soul is as black as... an albino=??? o.O