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blog_img Apex Shoutouts.
2:32 AM on Aug 10, 2010
blog_img My Wii no longer reads Ike or Bowser.
5:56 PM on Apr 26, 2010
blog_img I did it. :)
3:32 PM on Feb 25, 2010





Vex Kasrani



Super Smash Bros. 4

Super Smash Bros. Brawl


KirinBlaze's Dojo Score 5050
Name:Dan Fazziola
Gender: Male
Location: Farmingville, Long Island, New York, United States
Birthday: July 27, 1989
Joined: July 4, 2008
Favorite games:Dynasty Warriors (Series including spinoff games), Super Smash Bros (Series), Mario Series, Zelda Series, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkiaichi (Series), Naruto: Clash of Ninja (1-4, Jap Versions), Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Star Ocean 3: Till The End Of Time, Kingdom Hearts (Series).
Brawl Friend Code:3265 4733 3102
PSN Account:KirinBlaze
October 21
KirinBlaze installed the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 12:31 AM
KirinBlaze installed the game Super Smash Bros. 4. 12:30 AM
KirinBlaze and T25XL are now friends. 12:29 AM
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Oct 15, 2010:65th of 174 in Brawl Singles, 9th of 42 in Brawl Doubles at MLG DC 2010
Sep 25, 2010:25th of 74 in Singles at KTAR 3 - Keitaro's Birthday Tournament
Sep 11, 2010:13th of 28 in Brawl Singles, 5th of 12 in Brawl Doubles at Viva La smash 3

Sunshine brawl Tournament :3 #2
1st place Singles
Mar 28, 2010

Kuroi Akatsuki Weekly Tourney #1! Naruto CONR3 !
1st place Singles
Feb 05, 2010

Majestic Tragedy Singles #3
1st place Majestic Tragedy Singles #3
Dec 26, 2009

Majestic Tragedy weeklies# 2
1st place Singles
Dec 19, 2009

Link Master wrote at 9:55 PM on Jul 29, 2014:
Fenrirzero81 wrote at 5:54 PM on Jan 24, 2014:
whatever happened to that shadow monarch chat?
xemaaas wrote at 1:38 AM on Jul 24, 2013:
next to lord x, ur one of my favorites. Keep it up man
Scizor wrote at 10:31 PM on Jan 16, 2013:
i'm really glad to hear that, you were one of the inspirations for me when i was starting out with link, i'm looking forward to genesis 3 :]
About me:I play Link and Mario. I'm pretty good and have done my fair share of stuff with those two characters.

I recently just came back to this website. I don't play as much as I used to or get out to tournaments as much as I used to due to my job but I'm trying to change that. I might be on every now and again to play WiFi. Seems like a solid way to get some practice in when every now and again.


Awwwww yeeeeeeah.

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