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Respectful Smashers · Maryland Smashers · i just wanna spike you · I like girls · The Low Tier Respect Group · African-American Brawlers · The Ness & Lucas ARMY · Christian Gamers · I'm always tripping, but my opponent NEVER trips! · I sometimes try to recover even though there's no way I'll make it back to the stage. · i just wanna mindgamez you · I suck at Meta-Knight · GIRLZ DONT EXIST ON THE INTERNETZ · Naruto Fans · Nintendo WFC - the only valid John · I ROOL MY SCHOOL XD · Megas XLR · it was worth it! · You stole my kill!! · I try to double jump in real life. · Official Ajax15 fan club · Competitive Falcons · Roy's Our Boy · Ladder Decay is GAY! · Akatsuki · I only spike people to make myself look badass · Left-handed · The Best of AllisBrawl.com · The OFFICIAL Jackal09 Fan Club · Ash should STOP releasing his Pokemon! · All is Dissidia · The Homebrew clan · The offical Megan Fox fanclub!!! · (NL) No Limits Crew · I can't take you seriously · GcGenesis · The "I kicked a persons *** in Brawl 50 times and they still say i suck" group · OFFICIAL Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Group · No matter what Nintendo does to Captain Falcon, He will always be manly · I beat you online, dont get me started on what id do to you offline · Official Weekly Screenshot Contests Group · LDC TvC · MY LEG!!! DX · Just because I play on wifi dosent mean I suck · {0º} · YouTube's New Layout Sucks · The Rainbow Falcon · I join groups just to be in them but I don't really participate in anything they do. · I hate the Brawl haters that say Brawl takes no skill! · I John even when I win · Zelda Mainerz · I suck vs toon link. · Z-E-L-D-A · I share my lasagna when other people ask for some · Shadow Paradise · I breathe air · Official TCG Trading & Support Group · Patrick Star iz a funny nub · All is Brawl Smash Trivia · LETS DO THIS!!!!LEEEEEEEROY JANKINS!!!!


Leafninja's Dojo Score 3454
Gender: Male
Location: Where I live at, Maryland, United States
Birthday: September 5, 1992
Joined: January 2, 2009
Brawl Friend Code:5370 0068 1043
April 1
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June 26
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April 1
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May 08, 2010:3rd of 23 in Brawl Singles at Fighting in Paradise
Feb 28, 2010:4th of 23 in Brawl Singles at Nl Crew Bi Weekely Singles Tourney 2
Feb 26, 2010:31st of 46 in Singles at N/A Weekly 6

Leafninja's last minute tourney
2nd place Brawl Singles
Feb 16, 2010

Fighting in Paradise
3rd place Brawl Singles
May 08, 2010

Nl Crew Bi Weekely Singles Tourney 2
4th place Brawl Singles
Feb 28, 2010

Leafninja is having a tourney this saturday
4th place Brawl Singles
Feb 20, 2010

Gardy wrote at 2:01 PM on Apr 13, 2013:
Hello. Would your extra S1 Poke Balls or Smash Balls be available for trade?
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You should main Diddy Kong. Donkey Kong's little ***** of a cousin, this guy is annoying as hell. But that's ok, he wins.
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