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7:56 AM on Sep 1, 2012
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5:32 AM on Jun 15, 2012
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Mew2King's Dojo Score 5150
Name:Jason Zimmerman thinks MIMI is #1 <3
Gender: Male
Location: Cinnaminson (south jersey, right next to Philly), New Jersey, United States
Birthday: February 5, 1989
Joined: March 3, 2007
Favorite games:Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Metroid, Super Smash 64/Brawl, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Bros 3., Super Mario World, MMX, MMX2, Mega Man 2, Metroid Prime, Halo PC, among many others I enjoyed but mostly Nintendo stuff
Wii Number:0101 0101 0101 0101
Brawl Friend Code:0101 0101 0101
March 3
Mew2King dropped the Krystal Ball. 5:15 PM
February 28
Mew2King caught the Krystal Ball from Siber.. 5:09 PM
October 6
Mew2King dropped the Wheatley . 6:09 PM
October 3
Mew2King caught the Wheatley from EspeonValentine. 5:57 PM
July 16
Mew2King commented on one of AncientSC's blog entries, "Best Brawl Players in the World (imho)". 4:11 PM
May 11, 2013:1st of 56 in Brawl Singles, 2nd of 22 in Brawl Doubles at Vindication Series. $2,650 in BONUS CASH ADDED!
Oct 13, 2012:1st of 7 in Melee Doubles, 3rd of 16 in Melee Singles, 1st of 11 in Brawl Doubles, 1st of 31 in Brawl Singles at Tantalus and Sa1vy Present: Sa1vation!
Aug 13, 2012:2nd of 31 in Singles Pro Bracket, 1st of 8 in BRACKET POOL 6 at ReveLAtions 2012

1st place Brawl Singles Bracket
Jul 15, 2011

1st place Brawl Doubles Bracket
Jul 15, 2011

D.B.R. Presents: GENESIS
1st place Melee Doubles Bracket
Jul 09, 2009

D.B.R. Presents: GENESIS
1st place Brawl Doubles Bracket
Jul 09, 2009

Redneck wrote at 9:54 PM on May 29, 2014:

I used to bother you on that aim all the time. mine was prfctphntm. lolz

Hope youve been well, mate. haven't talked to ya in years.
Siber. wrote at 12:23 AM on Feb 26, 2014:
SoraLucasPk wrote at 5:44 PM on Feb 18, 2014:
best meta!
Str8WuScRyB wrote at 7:53 AM on Jan 20, 2014:
Saw you get 4 stocked twice at Apex 2014. It was just a mishap tho and your still the best
VanguardIke wrote at 9:03 PM on Jan 17, 2014:
Hey man, I think me and you would make a pretty good team here on AiB since we are both so good we could dominate the other players on AiB, so yeah we should totally team up.
ShadowPaladinMarth wrote at 12:14 AM on Oct 16, 2013:
hey M2K! :D
I seen you at Apex against Salem
man i must say your MK was so godly against his ZSS
have u thought of any other character in case Meta Knight is banned from a certain Tournament?
Ansuz wrote at 2:39 PM on Oct 12, 2013:
Do you play Brawl online?
Vino04 wrote at 8:57 PM on Oct 08, 2013:
Admin SaxophoneofTime wrote at 9:09 AM on Sep 23, 2013:
M2K fight me at Big House 3. ' ^ '
Nols wrote at 12:38 PM on Jun 11, 2013:
What do you think about SSB4?
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