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Presidentially Peachy

Praxis's Dojo Score 7450
Gender: Male
Location: Internet, Washington, United States
Birthday: January 16, 1988
Joined: March 20, 2008
Favorite games:Smash Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic CD, Kingdom Hearts II, Super Mario RPG, Elite Beat Agents, Link's Awakening, MegaMan Battle Network 3 (and ONLY the third game), and MegaMan Zero (all of them).
Wii Number:7778 6272 2873 2950
Brawl Friend Code:4639 9806 2153
June 11
Praxis left Redneck a shoutout. 12:24 PM
June 10
Praxis earned the Master of Guesswork badge. 8:23 PM
May 29
Praxis commented on one of LEGOF's blog entries, "New game, remake, stopped: Metroid, Star Fox, or F-Zero?". 4:03 PM
Praxis commented on one of his blog entries, "I hate to break the Smash 4 hype, but we can't do tournaments.". 3:40 PM
Feb 14, 2012:2nd of 13 in Brawl (Singles), 4th of 6 in Brawl (Doubles) at EWA PR Tournament February
Apr 30, 2011:2nd of 12 in Brawl Singles, 2nd of 7 in Brawl Teams at EWU 3
Apr 02, 2011:1st of 13 in Brawl Singles, 2nd of 7 in Brawl Teams at Super EWU Series II Turbo - The New Challengers

GameClucks Monthly - Nov 7th 2009
2nd place SSBB 2v2
Nov 07, 2009

GameClucks Monthly SSBB/M 1v1/2v2 - April 4th 2009
2nd place Doubles
Apr 04, 2009

GameClucks Monthly SSBB/M 1v1/2v2 - April 4th 2009
4th place Singles
Apr 04, 2009

Ditto Doubles!
4th place Doubles
Jul 23, 2008

Redneck wrote at 6:18 PM on Jun 12, 2014:
Redneck wrote at 10:12 PM on Jun 06, 2014:
can you change my name to "Praxis" pls thx ily
Hall Knight wrote at 6:52 AM on May 05, 2013:
Name change to "B" please. Thanks bro
SilverEliteX wrote at 8:39 PM on Apr 24, 2013:
can you please change my name to "Cyan Ace"?
SociallyAwkwardBoss wrote at 9:08 AM on Jan 30, 2013:
Hello! I see that you main wedding dress Peach. I main dark Mario. Can we play sometime? I don't believe one bit that Peach has an advantage (+2) over Mario. Either I can be proven wrong or right. Hmu when u wanna play! :).
GirlsOfGaming wrote at 5:19 PM on Jan 28, 2013:
I'd like a name change to "Mr. Girls of Gaming" please
smashbros.maniac wrote at 8:27 AM on Jan 16, 2013:
Happy B-day!!! :D
Riku-Chan wrote at 11:50 PM on Jan 16, 2013:
GOG wrote at 11:38 PM on Jan 16, 2013:
Happy Birthday Praxis. Have a good one.
Hall Knight wrote at 11:05 PM on Jan 16, 2013:
Happy birthday Mr. sir
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