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Shino's Dojo Score 2550
Name:Jasmine Vee
Gender: Female
Location: Daly City, California, United States
Birthday: March 12, 1992
Joined: July 28, 2008
Favorite games:Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited Bikini Edition vs. Super Street Fighter Alpha Turbo Arcade Overdrive Easi Modo Hyper Fourth Strike Remix EX Edition, King of Fighters XIII Climax, puzzle games, visual novels, BL games
PSN Account:XxShin0beexX
July 25
Shino commented on one of ADHD's blog entries, "Okay honestly though about Mew2king and Japan". 10:18 PM
Oct 31, 2009:5th of 7 in Doubles at UC DAVIS MONTHLIES 3: OKTOBERFEST
Jul 09, 2009:7th of 8 in Brawl Singles Pools at D.B.R. Presents: GENESIS
Jun 29, 2009:17th of 22 in Singles at VegasSmash Weekly Brawl Tourneys @ Gameworld! #3

102 wrote at 3:19 PM on Oct 27, 2014:
Don't be knocking on wood.
About me:

Shino. Vivi. Jazzi. Jasmine.
Sarcastic. Blunt. But actually nice.

I only play video games for fun now. I'm not skilled like the competitive players, but I support competitive gaming and good ol' matches with hype. Currently my heart is with Southtown Arcade.
The Smash scene was a part of me growing up, but I eventually went with my dreams of being in scenes I love and finally went to Evo after many years. Have fun, kids.