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Teba's Dojo Score 2600
Name:Steven Hoang
Gender: Male
Location: Palmdale, California, United States
Birthday: November 6, 1989
Joined: March 3, 2007
Favorite games:I like all types of Games. 2 many to name but examples of genres would be Shooters, RPGs, Racing, Strategy, Fighting, etc. I'm really open to try any games that are unique as well ^_^. Point being, I game on my spare time for fun and competition. Games that have been my Favorite from since I started playing Video Games: Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, Yoshi's Island, MarioKart, Starcraft, Warcraft, Gauntlet Legends, Maplestory, Twisted Metal, Timesplitters, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Tetris Attack, Tales of Symphonia, and of course, the Super Smash Bros. series and more :p.
Brawl Friend Code:3394 3215 1400
November 5
Today is Teba's birthday! 10:00 PM
Mar 07, 2009:2nd of 17 in SSBB Doubles, 4th of 43 in SSBB Singles at The PROSU League #1
Feb 21, 2009:3rd of 10 in Doubles at In battle we're like family~Doubles~1
Jan 24, 2009:2nd of 23 in Doubles, 5th of 59 in Singles at The Princesses' Brawl Tournament

West Coast Smash League
1st place Brawl Doubles
Dec 20, 2008

Winter Game Fest '09
1st place Doubles Bracket
Jan 17, 2009

Quiznos Presents Brawl VI
1st place Brawl Doubles
Dec 28, 2008

Race's Brawl Tournament V: Smashtoberfest
2nd place Brawl Doubles
Oct 18, 2008

102 wrote at 12:45 PM on Oct 29, 2014:
Suger RUSH
About me:I play Video Games on my spare time and have lots and lots of fun doing it :D. My other hobbies include Singing, Sports, Philosophical thinking, Talking about anything/making up funny random stuff and other things I can't think of at the moment. I'm very open-minded and willing to talk about almost anything (If it's too weird I'll just agree with everything you say XD), so don't be afraid to talk to meh icon_razz. From what I've heard, I'm a very nice person icon_smile.

Just a little Masterpiece that my Maylinh created in a short time, she's basically a professional artist icon_razz. (It's the family and me XD, I'm in the Snake costume ^_^)

This is My Babeh ^_^, Look at her, shez 2 damn Beautiful~!! <3 <3 <3 Ohhhh, and what does it say on her finger? XD Thatz right MINE =D!

Faye (Princess Aura) drew this for my Maylinh and me :D! Itz awesome, shez sooooo talented ^_^.

Look at teh Sexyness~ :O, there'z even a blue light radiating from her O_O!
Yep, thatz my Wifey! <3