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7:36 AM on Aug 3, 2010
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echoes's Dojo Score 3300
Gender: Male
Location: Dever, Colorado, United States
Birthday: August 25, 1994
Joined: July 4, 2008
Brawl Friend Code:1848 1497 0296
March 10
June 21
echoes updated his profile. 5:52 PM
Jun 23, 2009:5th of 16 in Singles at Triforce Tournament #8
Apr 12, 2009:9th of 22 in Doubles at BLUE'S CLUES DOUBLES
Jan 12, 2009:3rd of 10 in Doubles at OMG Monday Doubles!

OMG Tuesday Doubles!
2nd place Doubles
Jan 06, 2009

Smash Tourney #5: Monday Doubles
1st place Doubles
Jan 05, 2009

{N}su Only Tourney!
1st place Doubles
Dec 07, 2008

The Ocarina of Time: US Decade Anniversary
1st place Doubles
Nov 23, 2008

Slither2Hunter wrote at 10:58 PM on Apr 08, 2013:
Echoes <3
Slither2Hunter wrote at 6:55 AM on Apr 05, 2013:
{EBK} PumpkinSpice wrote at 6:39 AM on Apr 05, 2013:
Yeah I play every now and then. I'm more on my PS3 though. Also sh0r, I don't really play wifi anymore like that, but since we go way back I'll make an exception .
mikestro5000 wrote at 11:14 PM on Mar 31, 2013:
I wouldn't be mad if you said no, but can you take time out of your life and check out my new video. (it might make you laugh) Subscribe it you want to see more of my videos,
GallantSeipher wrote at 7:13 PM on Mar 30, 2013:
so this is where the hostess resides in... duhello can i talk to somboooooodee prease?