shane141's Dojo Score 1500
Name:Shane McConnell
Gender: Male
Location: fresno, California, United States
Birthday: October 30, 1991
Joined: June 26, 2008
Favorite games:super smash bros melee/brawl starcraft ,Pokemon all versions ummm i also play in fever clan for cod4 im a god sniper lol
Brawl Friend Code:2320 6741 4932
July 10
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July 7
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Jan 30, 2010:1st of 4 in Brawl Pools, 25th of 26 in Brawl Doubles at SCSA West Coast Circuit - Tournament #5
Dec 20, 2008:1st of 6 in Brawl Singles Pools, 33rd of 64 in Brawl Singles Bracket at West Coast Smash League
Nov 29, 2008:13th of 14 in Singles at That One Tourney in Fresno

Brawl RevolutionX2
2nd place Doubles
Jun 28, 2008

About me:well i live in fresno i attend duncan poly i play volley ball for fresno high... and i like to hang out with my freinds for fun
my favorite pokemon is Vaporeon
my favorite char for brawl is R.O.B,then MK

umm if you have anytips for ROBS or mk i would be glad to talk or even if you dont ill still talk lol