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Activity on the site has been lackluster, but I’m here to announce something that will turn that around. Some background information - JV said that nothing currently on the site was sacred and he was willing to revamp, change, or come out with anything to boost activity. So naturally the site staff got together to brainstorm ideas on how to improve activity without consulting any of the userbase at all about the task.

The result is what we’d like to call the “Cute Campaign”. The idea behind it is that everyone likes cute things (just check out how many upvotes pictures get on /r/aww!) -  so we will be focusing on cute content to attract users, including but not limited to pictures, videos, stories, and contests.

But wait, don’t different people have different definitions of cute? You might ask. You might also ask, what about the current userbase whose main focus is the Smash series? We asked that too, and we came up with a suitable compromise, which was naturally to just feature cute Smash characters!

PentaSalia had some very strong views on the matter, and being the Head of Social Marketing, his opinion outweighed everyone else’s in terms of matters involving advertising. Lucina would be the main focus on the site’s new content, because she is, and I quote, “really really cute!” And before you guys bring it up to him, I already told him that Marth is cute too - but apparently he’s not “really really” cute. Plus he got nerfed in Smash 4 and is just an inferior Lucina. So that was the end of that.

The shift in focus will happen immediately. The first order of business regarding the issue is changing the site’s banners to fit our new marketing vision. Please vote below on which banner you like the most, in bold ORANGE. Otherwise your vote will still be counted. Click to enlarge.


A new department called the Picture Posting committee has also been created, with its purpose to find and post pictures of cute Smash characters for the site. Because I am too lazy to screen applicants, the group is open to the public. As long as you post pictures somewhere (blogs, forums, chat) some of the time, you won’t be removed from the group. If you are a member of the group, you will get a badge (given tomorrow).

We hope that everyone likes this change – however if you don’t, feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and other feedback here so they can be ignored. Thank you for your time! And don't forget...


by -Ness- Mar 31 2015, 10:44AM
Oh hi people of the internet, welcome to another Scavenger Hunt event! For our last contest: [NLS] Shade Kudou, VickiIcarusChan, AGES, MetaBowser and Nine were our lucky winners! Honorable mention to Zanryo, kizzykash, and Great Apple for giving it a shot! The answers for the last event can be found here Now that most of us know how scavenger hunt works, I might as well make the questions a little harder this time.


1. You are only allowed 1 chance to guess and send me a PM, this can prevent people from guessing until they get it right. Any message you send me, whether it has 1 answer or all 10, counts as 1 chance!  

2. You are to send me your answers to my Dojo Inbox. You are not to post your answers on here. They will be deleted and I will not accept any more answers from you.  

3. All the answers are found on NintendoDojo only!  

4. I will not tell you if you won or not. You will find out when I post the results later on.  

5. The first 10 who get all the questions right; wins.  

6. DO NOT message me for hints.  

7. If something happens the day this is posted that affects the answers I have, I will use the most current answers available, but if you submit your answer before any changes are made and it matches the old answer, yours will still be corrected.

8. The deadline is April 4th, 11:59pm MST. Anything after this date will not be accepted.



1. Who created Scavenger Hunt? (Oh this again.)

2. Kill it with fire!

3. You can catch it and pass it on, hold it for too long and you drop it. What is this?

4. Who is "Our lord and Saviour"

5. "Is there anywhere else you'd rather live?" Where can you find this description?

6. How many badges can you earn from this event?

7. Who created Mountshroom 4720?

8. "The one time it's okay to play with your food." Is a reference to what?

9. Name 2 types of color skins that could have been chosen to change your background and banner before allisbrawl was changed into Nintendo Dojo. Blue does NOT count. (By all means, I really miss these skins.)

10. Name a group that is featured.

Bonus: "My creator invented me by looking at a pizza." Who is this character?

Good luck~
Hey everyone! Welcome to the Staff vs The World recap! I know I mentioned Staff vs The World recap articles sometime ago - it took us a while to finally start, but as promised... Here's the first recap!! 

Oh boy was it fun! It was The Staff versus "Team 5DS" 5v4. 5 on staff team, 4 on the 5DS team. 

Here's a list of the mods and staff-helpers who played on the staff crew:

Blood Thirsty Ike 
Milky [Team Captain] 

And here's a list of Team 5DS' crew:

Black Star - Pavel [Team Captain] 
Even though it was a 5v4, the battle was really close! Down to the last stocks on both teams. Team 5DS ended up winning the crew battle. 

Here's the video source of the whole crew battle: 

Spotlight Moments 
(1) Carls493 was a beast and took out 7 stocks! 
(2) Black Star - Pavel got revenge from an earlier tournament and stage spiked Milky! 
(3) LNIAD clutched it and brought the game back for the Staff Team! 
(4) Penta for bringing the trophy to the challenging team! 

Ending note(s) 
How does everyone feel about Staff vs World doubles crew battles? Before I just jump the gun and add a doubles addition, I want to know if people would actually participate and get hype over the idea. (Yes, this may include a new checkmate badge) 

Join the Staff vs World group if you'd like to participate in one of these events. Make sure you read the rules before signing up. 

Credits to PentaSalia for streaming, commentating, and sending me the video files. 
Credits also go to Zano for helping with the commentating as well. 
Shade here, to give you an exclusive interview with the winner of Ktar, Jtails.

Shade: How are you doing?
JTails: I’m doing good thanks.
Shade: How does it feel to have won Ktar in the end?
JTails: The feeling was just indescribable. Just such a relief, joy, proudness. I was also still shaking from the set and from the win, either out of excitement or out of tension/happiness. A very hard feeling to describe, but it's a feeling of knowing all your work and efforts have paid off and you can now rest. Just one of the greatest feelings in the world.
Shade: I’m sure, and anyone who is willing to work that hard will feel that too. What would you say was your most hype moment?

JTails: My most hype moment was definitely spiking Dabuz FTW, on Delfino. I actually couldn't believe that it happened until after it happened. Took a while to sink in haha.
Shade: How do you normally practice for tournaments?

JTails: Normally, I would play every single day consistently, and watch videos of all the top threats who will be attending the tournament. If possible I'd go to some sort of smash fest with a collective group of amazing players, or at least some wifi matches. But I've been far too busy for any of that with graduate school and a full time job. Along with producing content on my youtube and livestreaming smash on twitch, there is no time to practice. So I just kinda wing it, and use my prior knowledge from the 6 years that I played competitive Brawl. The skill and understanding has transferred over.
Shade: That’s amazing you can just wing it with your knowledge. What tournaments will you be attending next?
JTails: My next tournament will be Kawaii Kon 2015 in Hawaii this Saturday! Along with more smash attack events and Nebulous in New York. Until the next KTAR comes around, assuming I can get a ride to that event.
Shade: Awesome, I look forward to watching you on stream. What are some tips you would give someone who's trying to get to a competitive level?
JTails: For anyone interested in reaching this level of play. You need to do an incredible amount of self-reflection. After every loss, after every win. Watch videos of other players who use your character and try to get a feel for their movement and decision making. If you don't feel comfortable moving as quickly as them, you may not be using your character optimally yet. You need to get into their heads and figure out why they are making the choices they make. Play the game constantly and a lot, on my Wii alone for brawl I have over 5,000 hours logged. This isn't counting tournaments, or friends’ houses for training, the hours of youtube videos I've watched and thinking I've put into the game. You have to live smash basically. Today it's a bit easier with streaming, youtube and twitter, because top players are constantly sharing their thoughts!
Shade: Do you have any Smash goals? How do you plan to achieve them?

JTails: My smash goals are to somehow make a positive impact in the community and be remembered either as a good player in this time, or as a smash player for other merits. I also have goals to beat players I've never beaten in this game. I'll just keep practicing and keep producing content until I can take games off every single big name, and grow my outreach further.
Shade: What characters do you think are the best? What characters do you think are underrated?

JTails: Lucario, Sheik, Sonic, Diddy, ZSS, Rosalina, Ness, Yoshi, Megaman, Pikachu are my top 10. Toon Link and Kirby are very underrated in my opinion as well as Donkey Kong. With custom moves being possible, Wii Fit Trainer.
Shade: What attributes do you think are most important to become a great Smash 4 player?

JTails: Dedication, critical thinking skills. An open mind towards your playstyle, opponents, strategies and the game. Don't complain, just figure out solutions. Confidence and believing in yourself. Ability to dedicate hours of practice, which means having the drive.
Shade: Who do you look up to as a Smasher?

JTails: A few players, as a smasher I used to look up to all the big names in NY and NJ. At this point I still look up to them as smashers and as people. Some of my favorite players today are Anti, Zero, Nakat, Will, Nairo, Dabuz. As well as Mew2King of course, Leffen too. I forgot that I'm also inspired by other games players. Including Daigo and Justin Wong.
Shade: Random question, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

JTails: Anything chocolate, but I'd have to go with Rocky Road haha.

Shade: I love chocolate too. I’ll have to try Rocky Road sometime. Is there anything else you want to add?
JTails: Definitely check out my youtube channel where I post tons of tutorial videos for different characters and I'm always actively speaking my thoughts while playing. https://www.youtube.com/c/Jtails
Also, my livestream, where I play against viewers and take character requests as well. www.twitch.tv/Jtails
Hmm I've covered quite a lot. I think the most important thing to become a better player is never to give up. There have been so many times I wanted to quit, or I've been frustrated and just felt like I was horrible. If I had quit any of those times I would have not been where I am today. Also it's important to remember that every single top player today, started out just like you or me. Anyone can do it.
Shade: Thank you very much for the time and letting me interview you.

JTails: I'll have to thank you too for reaching out to me and your interest in interviewing me! I appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
Shade: No problem, until next time.

Editor's note: If you missed it, watch the tournament archive here - http://www.twitch.tv/clashtournaments/v/3929760
Hello everyone, Seno here bringing you the 4th Bi-Weekly Report for this ladder season. New to this edition, you will notice that we have a Customs Singles ladder up and running. 

The Singles and Doubles ladder seasons end on March 31st, and the Customs ladder ends on April 5th. So I encourage all of you to go out and play as many games as you can now, there is very little time left! 
Here are your Singles, Doubles, and Customs Singles standings, as they were recorded on Sunday March 22st, 2015 at 12:45am EST. 


(01) dabuz the horrible [Score: 2091 | Wins: 23 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Rosalina, Olimar) 
(02) 6WX [Score: 1989 | Wins: 38 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(03) StaticManny [Score: 1964 | Wins: 21 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(04) Raffi-X [Score: 1926 | Wins: 54 / Losses: 21] (Character(s): R.O.B.)  
(05) TLOC Denti [Score: 1888 | Wins: 42 / Losses: 10] (Characters(s): Diddy Kong, Sheik) 
(06) Marsstuff1 [Score: 1843 | Wins: 29 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Zero Suit Samus) 
(07) MFGC Tweek [Score: 1807 | Wins: 35 / Losses: 15] (Character(s): Bowser Jr., Ganondorf) 
(08) Samboner [Score: 1745 | Wins: 51 / Losses: 40] (Character(s): Sheik, Luigi) 
(09) ANTi [Score: 1704 | Wins: 9 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Wii Fit Trainer, Greninja) 
(10) boku0801 [Score: 1682 | Wins: 128 / Losses: 58] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog)  
(11) Cristian iTh [Score: 1680 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Toon Link) 
(12) Uno [Score: 1672 | Wins: 32 / Losses: 17] (Character(s): Diddy Kong) 
(13) Meek [Score: 1638 | Wins: Wins: 9 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(14) BengalsRZ [Score: 1637 | Wins: 52 / Losses: 27] (Character(s): Zero Suit Samus) 
(15) Luisfer [Score: 1603 | Wins: 18 / Losses: 4] (Character(s): Diddy Kong) 
(16) Mayo of the broken hitbox [Score: 1586 | Wins: 30 / Losses: 9] (Character(s): Dark Pit) 
(17) -Big D [Score: 1575 | Wins: 13 / Losses: 8] (Character(s): Palutena, King Dedede) 
(18) Mana1 [Score: 1567 | Wins: 21 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Toon Link)  
(19) ven [Score: 1556 | Wins: 56 / Losses: 28] (Character(s): Princess Zelda) 
(20) SFA Zan [Score: 1553 | Wins: 33 / Losses: 25] (Character(s): Toon Link)  
(21) Ito [Score: 1547 | Wins: 10 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Diddy Kong) 
(22) wWw Koolaid [Score: 1540 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Pac-Man) 
(23) LatzoSSB [Score: 1537 | Wins: 20 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Pikachu) 
(24) Phoenix vX [Score: 1518 | Wins: 52 / Losses: 16] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(25) CacoGen [Score: 1509 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Link) 
(26) Meruem [Score: 1507 | Wins: 11 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Diddy Kong) 
(27) Tairbear [Score: 1474 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Little Mac, Bowser, Samus, Captain Falcon) 
(28) Kuraudo [Score: 1467 | Wins: 24 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(29) Alphicans [Score: 1461 | Wins: 16 / Losses: 7] (Character(s): Little Mac) 
(30) mbohne [Score: 1451 | Wins: 65 / Losses: 111] (Character(s): Mario) 
(31) jpIsCrAzY [Score: 1438 | Wins: 12 / 0] (Character(s): Diddy Kong 
(32) CosmicCosmos [Score: 1437 | Wins: 28 / Losses: 30] (Character(s): Pikachu) 


(01) Finn Hat [Score: 1467 | Wins: 20 / Losses: 7] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog, Mr. Game & Watch) 
(02) Blade [Score: 1451 | Wins: 31 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Mii Brawler, Lucario) 
(03) RIP SOLSTICE [Score: 1448 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Dark Pit/Falcon, Villager/Rosalina) 
(04) TANK [Score: 1405 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Ness, Sonic) 
(05) Zae is Bae [Score: 1371 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 7] (Character(s): Yoshi, Rosalina) 
(06) King Kunta [Score: 1370 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Diddy Kong, Star Fox) 
(07) Team Yazi [Score: 1326 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Marth, Zero Suit Samus) 
(08) Jake Mains Meta Knight [Score: 1282 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): King Dedede, Lil' Mac) 
(09) Cheesecake [Score: 1072 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 9] (Character(s): Marth/Shulk, Kirby) 
(10) Villager Squad [Score: 995 | Wins: 7 / Losses: 8] (Character(s): Villager, Villager) 
(11) Gamefaqs Legends! [Score: 866 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Ike, Sheik) 
(12) Wasta $Money$ [Score: 855 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 13] (Character(s): Bowser, Zero Suit Samus) 
(13) Illest Duo [Score: 831 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Marth, Luigi) 
(14) sorry bad england [Score: 824 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Ganon, Yoshi, Sheik) 
(15) Please change the sites name [Score: 816 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 4] (Character(s): Bowser, Jigglypuff/Duck Hunt Dog) 
(16) Miyamoto's babies [Score: 749 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Olimar, Mario/Peach) 

Custom Singles 

(01) Ani-Moni TKay [Score: 1694 | Wins: 19 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Donkey Kong) 
(02) Jarret [Score: 1331 | Wins: 7 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Donkey Kong) 
(03) PentaSalia [Score: 1327 | Wins: 10 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Lucina) 
(04) C3PO [Score: 1278 | Wins: 7 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Diddy Kong/Sheik) 
(05) Zanryo [Score: 1264 | Wins: 10 / Losses: 7] (Character(s): Falco/Mii Brawler) 
(06) Winds Requiem [Score: 1254 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 4] (Character(s): Toon Link) 
(07) Linus [Score: 1242 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Dr. Mario) 
(08) Amethyst Soul [Score: 1241 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Sheik) 
(09) Capn Chreest [Score: 1229 | Wins: 5 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Palutena) 
(10) Akarui Hoshi [Score: 1217 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 4] (Character(s): Luigi)  
(11) [EFB] Wrath [Score: 1150 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Sonic) 
(12) Lancelot [Score: 1118 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Luigi) 
(13) Cosmic Cosmos [Score: 1086 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Pikachu)  
(14) Teb [Score: 1083 | Wins: 5 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Mario) 
(15) Marsstuff1 [Score: 975 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Shulk) 
(16) Jihyun [Score: 929 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Peach/Zelda)  

Singles Notes:

- Very little changed since the last update, mostly a lot of point decay without much movement in placement. 

- dabuz the horrible is leading the pack for the 4th consecutive ladder report, but it looks like 6WX is making a push for first place. Can he do it in time? 

Doubles Notes:  

- Finn Hat has taken over the lead from Team Blade. 

- It looks like ROBOT CHICKEN has disbanded, and Raffi-X is having a go at the ladder with Meruem. Can they make some magic happen in these last couple weeks and make it back into the Top 16?  

Customs Singles Notes: 

- Ani-Moni TKay is leading the way with a commanding 300+ point lead, and also has the most matches played on the ladder with 21 so far. 

- We are definitely seeing some characters being used that were uncommon in the Singles ladder. The most common characters in the Top 16 right now are Donkey Kong, Palutena, Luigi, and Sheik. I guess Sheik is just good in all areas of Smash 4! 

- Only the Top 16 were noted here, because after that there is very little data available since most people have only played a few games.  

Ending Notes: 

I used the most current list of players’ mains that I had available. This list is based off of ladder feedback and partially on user profile pages. In the case of the Customs ladder, there was at times very little data to go off of. If anything in this report is incorrect, or you would like your mains adjusted, just let myself, Foodies, or Yoshinendo know as soon as possible and we will be happy to adjust it for you. 

There is now less than 10 days for this Singles and Doubles ladder, and less than 15 days left for the Customs Singles ladder! Go out there and find some matches, this is the time that people could start playing a lot of matches and steal your spot on the rankings!


2015 continues to shape up as the biggest year ever in Super Smash Bros competitive history. There are more large scale tournaments, online numbers are way up, you can catch top players streaming every day, and new sponsors and competitive organizations are getting involved in Smash on a weekly basis. It is great to see just how much potential the future holds for the game and its community.

With that, we are pleased to announce NintendoDojo will once again be partnering up with the SuperCon2K series after a successful smash experience at Penascon (and staying where the weather is nice mind you) for MegaCon 2015.

MegaCon 2015 is a massive convention taking place in Orlando, Fl on April 10-12 at the Orange County Convention Center. MegaCon 2015 has an artist ally (members of our artist district might get a kick out of this) and a Tattoo Pavilion. There is a huge gaming section consisting of an RPG game room, TableTop Gaming, Arcade Machine Free-Play, and a great setup of console gaming brought to you by the SuperCon 2K series. In addition, there are tons of actors, voice actors, comic icons, and celebrities to meet and Photo Op with. Plus cosplays galore. The event is huge and we strongly suggest anyone in the region to experience the MegaCon goodness in person. Last year they had over 80,000 people on the biggest day, making it one the regions largest conventions ever. MegaCon is the real deal. For fulls details and information head over to the MegaCon web-site.

And now for the Smash part of MegaCon. The Super Smash Bros Wii U singles tournament takes place on Saturday, April 11th. Not only are players competing for a bunch of awesome sponsor gear and Best Buy gift cards with prizing for the entire top 8, but anyone who finishes in the top 8 will receive free entry into another great smash event the following weekend at the GigCity gaming event at Rivers and Spires. At MegaCon there will also be console gaming tournaments for Killer Instinct, Call of Duty, Guilty Gear Xrd, Halo 4, and Ultra Street Fighter. Plus you can expect free-play all weekend long and Opportunity Funds where you can win a ton of sponsor gear. For the full rules, rundown, and schedule, head over to the SuperCon Series MegaCon page.

You can follow MegaCon and the SuperCon 2K series on twitter for event news and updates as well.

And last, but not least, for those of you itching to get your hands on some free passes, NintendoDojo will be holding an online tournament March 29th, with some Friday day passes to MegaCon to go to our top three finishers. Tournament details and registration can be found here.

We are thrilled to be working with one the largest and longest running conventions in Orlando in MegaCon and a group of people that throw great gaming events all over the US in the SuperCon 2K series.

*Check out the below youtube video for at look at costumes from MegaCon 2014 and glimpse at some activities*

After being quite busy and inactive on this site, I did not realize how long it's been since our last host of this event. I deeply apologize for the wait, reasons why I have been inactive lately is because of an animated series I'm working on for YouTube. I recently upgraded to better programs than my last ones so that has been in the way. But now, here's another Scavenger Hunt!

This will be hosted every second Monday.

Scavenger Hunt is basically answering 10 questions in time to earn points and badges! However, you have to find the answer by browsing through the site, kinda like an Easter egg hunt.

Oh and before we start, we have to go over the rules once again to those who are new to this site. (Since I'm nice, I'll do the top 10 people again.)


1. You are only allowed 1 chance to guess and send me a PM, this can prevent people from guessing until they get it right. Any message you send me, whether it has 1 answer or all 10, counts as 1 chance! 

2. You are to send me your answers to my Dojo Inbox. You are not to post your answers on here. They will be deleted and I will not accept any more answers from you. 

3. All the answers are found on NintendoDojo only! 

4. I will not tell you if you won or not. You will find out when I post the results later on. 

5. The first 10 who get all the questions right; wins. 

6. DO NOT message me for hints. 

7. If something happens the day this is posted that affects the answers I have, I will use the most current answers available, but if you submit your answer before any changes are made and it matches the old answer, yours will still be corrected.

8. The deadline is March 23, 11:59pm MST. Anything after this date will not be accepted.

9. Have fun!

Yeah nothing has changed...now as for the questions, I made them way too easy. I want to give people a better look on how to play this game.


1. Name an admin of NintendoDojo.

2. Which team won in the "TCB Season II" competition?

3. Name a user who "Obtained the rarest of the rare."

4. Name a user who is on the Content Team.

5. How many ladders can users participate in?

6. I'm last, yet I'm first.

7. How many chatrooms are there?

8. When you defeat a moderator in an online smash, what badge do you earn?

9. Who can change you username once a month?

10. How do you earn a red color name?

Bonus: "I'm round, pink and red. I tend to eat a lot, and I mean A LOT of food when I'm hungry. Sometimes I may even swallow an object that could give me powers!" Who is this character?

Happy hunting, oh and one more thing, if you guys want to suggest any changes that could make this event better, feel free to PM me.
by Zano Mar 9 2015, 5:14PM
Hello everyone, Zano here, your new co-head of events. As such, I'm trying to decide how to go about things along with Cassius, the other co-head. Which leads me to this article.  Basically, we want to gauge interest in what events you would like revived or to keep going, and possibly have new ones in the future if things go well. So here is what I'm gonna do.  Below, I will make a list of current/past events with a short summary of what they are (if I missed any or didn't know about them, let me know in the comments below) and you will post below telling me which of these you would like to participate in, since there's really no use in bringing back an event if no one is going to do it. 

Question of the Week - Pretty straightforward event, we ask a question, you give an answer.  Afterwards, a panel of judges will vote on which answer they liked best, and the winner/runner ups will receive badges.  Users are also allowed to submit question ideas and will get a badge if their question is picked as well. 

Who's That User? - Another straightforward event.  You will be given a series of hints and have to try to figure out who the user is.  Badges are given to the first group of people to guess correctly, and you will earn badges based on the number of times you have correctly guessed the user. 

Scavenger Hunt - Much like Who's That User, where you are given hints and have to find the answer, but it is not tied directly to just finding a user, it can be all manners of things related to the site.  Badges work the same way as WTU, you get higher tier badges the more times you win. 

Grudge Match Fridays - One of the more popular events that involved two users duking it out on stream to settle it in smash (I had to), with the winner earning a unique badge.  Even just tuning into the stream will earn you a badge as well. 

Staff vs The World - As it sounds, a team consisting of the staff faces off against the users of the site who have organized a team in a 5v5.  The format is currently being worked on, but it will either be a crew battle of 5v5 or 5 1v1s with the side gaining the most victories winning.  Winning over the staff will earn you a badge. 

Profile Decorating Contests - These can be themed or seasonal, depending how often they are done, but it's a good way to make use of profiles on the site and change it up to match the times.  A panel of judges will decide which profiles are the best and the winner/runner ups will receive badges 

Pokemon League - Face off against the designated trainers in a series of different challenges to earn badges unique to each trial, I guess that about sums it up, heh. 

Team Color Battle - Currently still going strong, but I suppose I should list it anyway.  Basically teams will be made with team leaders who will assign their team members to participate in either 1v1s or 2v2s against opposing team members, trying to earn the most points in a season and win, you guessed it, badges!  

Mario Kart Nights - Exactly what it sounds like, just a gathering to play Mario Kart together with other users, sometimes tournaments are hosted for it as well. If you can manage to outplace multiple staff members you can earn badges. 

Monster Huntdays - With Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate having come out recently, it's gotten a lot of popularity and you can always find people to play with online, but it's much nicer to play with a group you can have better communication with, which is where this comes in. I'll be streaming these events personally and playing with any members of the site. If you can manage to hold your own on the hunts, you can earn a badge here as well. 

Ladder Perfect Day/Week/Weekends - Events related to the ladder which basically just encourages you to play every day of the event (or the most in the case of the single day) to earn badges, but I can see how this wouldn't matter much to someone once they obtain said badge and no longer have incentive. So we may work something out to motivate people to keep it up. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or if there is an event that you would like to see besides these.  We can only do so much ourselves, our userbase is needed in order for us to keep things running. Your involvement matters way more than you think.
by The740 Mar 6 2015, 5:42PM
Yes, we are going to have a Ladder with custom moves allowed! It starts March 8th at noon EST and will end on April 5th at 11:49pm EST.

Note that this will be a test ladder of sorts, given its short duration. But hey, while you are waiting for other things to come and happen, we figured we might as well throw this out early to give you something to do in the meantime. I'm not saying that this will be a one-time event - we plan on keeping the Customs Ladder around for seasons to come! 

Now, before I go on about the ruleset for the Customs Ladder and also the cool badge you will get a chance at obtaining from it, there are a couple things I want to mention.

First, you might be thinking that we should focus on fixing our ladder bugs. You are right in thinking so. Besides saying that you are right in thinking thus, I am not really allowed to say anything else regarding the matter. Eh. 

Secondly, some of you might be wondering why I am the one writing this. Foodies forced me.  It just so happened that for a special time with special happenings to come, I was bumped up to share the Head of the ladder position with Linkz. That means I'll be around to meddle with the ladder business while doing my personal best to improve the site experience for all of you. Hope that's alright!

The Customs Singles Ladder Rules will differ slightly from the regular singles ladder rules. Here are the changes:

2 Stocks
6 Minutes
Customizations ON
Equipment still BANNED
Olimar's custom down-B 2 (order tackle) is banned.

The character counter-pick process will also be slightly different, and it will work like this:
The winner of a match will announce his character change and also which custom moves he will be using (done in numerical format, ex: 1322)
The loser of the match will then announce his character change and also which custom moves he will be using (also in numerical format).
Note that the first match of the set will be played "blindly", as neither your opponent nor your are required to inform about your character and custom moves selection. Exciting!

As stated, this is a test ladder and we are experimenting a bit with the ruleset. It might very well change in time for the full Customs Singles Ladder season depending on what discoveries will be made and also user input.

That pretty much sums up the differences in the ruleset. The stage-list and other unmentioned aspects remain unchanged, but you can view the whole document here.
As for the badges you can obtain, here they are:

Beta Season Customs Ladder Top 8  - obtained for placing top 8. Comes with a new glowing teal name color.
Customs Weekend Warrior - obtained for playing two matches each day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during one of the weekends for duration of the Beta Ladder. Message either Zano or Cassius for these after completing the requirements.
Ladder Tester - participating in the beta customs ladder season and posting feedback in the thread. (given at end of season)

Post all feedback about customs ladder in this thread: http://nintendodojo.com/forum/topic.aspx?id=217672

Alright I think that sums up the article. We hope that you appreciate this incentive and have fun trying out custom setups in a competitive environment. Also stay tuned for more information regarding our ladder system in the near future.
Thanks for reading!

Hello Dodo'ers,

Many of you know who I am, but I will introduce myself anyway. I am PentaSalia/Salad/Umai, your everyday member here, and I will be leading the social marketing team on this site.

Social Marketing group goals
NDJ is aiming to connect with the social media world as a whole. For the time being Reddit will be our prime focus, but we will also promote NDJ on other social media websites in due time.

I (or other willing individuals) will keep the site's Twitter and Facebook accounts active. We will stream our larger events to build a consistent viewer base and to spread the word. Streaming is going to be a large priority in this project, so please follow the NDJ Twitch account if you haven't already.

Where users come in
I have a lot of planned for this but I cannot do it alone, which is why we're now accepting members to join our group! Below is a list of what we are looking for, please take a look before requesting to join.

The list is by no means requirements, but more of general guidelines of what we need. If there's any other way you feel you can contribute feel free to PM me about it. Everyone who joins the team will receive the Social Marketing Team member badge.

List of people we need

1.  Active Reddit users
2.  Streamers
3.  Graphic Designers

4.  Commentators

1. Anyone that is willing to post on Reddit as an everyday member. If you're already an active Reddit user then great, this position is perfect for you! Just remember that you are representing us while you are on there so try not to have poor conduct or attract any negative attention.

No, we are not asking you to actively advertise NDJ everywhere you post. How will we promote the site? That is still up for discussion and I am open to suggestions.

2. Live streaming is a large factor in the site’s growth and will be our main priority, which is why we are looking for members familiar with streaming. Our Twitch channel will follow a schedule (to be decided) where we will broadcast most of our gaming events, even the smaller ones. Site members that wish to have their tournament or event streamed will have the option to contact us. I understand that not everyone wants to stream off the NDJ account and they'd prefer to grow their own channel.

However, this is why it's important to follow the NDJ channel if you are an active Twitch user. Twitch allows for a user to host another channel so it will redirect someone to any streamer I set it to, creating an opportunity for us to grow together as a community.

The soon to come customs ladder will be one of our first events to be live streamed, so stay tuned.

3. What good is promoting our website if we don't have a proper presentation? We are calling out to all you aspiring graphic designers to help us rejuvenate not only the site, but also our Twitch channel's layout. We will be changing this every so often to keep things fresh.

4. Those who watch streams frequently are aware how important commentating and communication with the chat are for a successful channel. This is why we are looking for users with flexible schedules to commentate for both our larger and smaller events.  The more volunteers we get, the more likely our streams will have consistent commentary. I recommend that you have a decent microphone without much noise.

Increasing the site’s active user base is very possible if we all do our part. Remember to follow the NDJ Twitch if you haven't, as it is crucial to our success. I look forward to seeing who else will be part of this team. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me.

Hello everyone! So here's the deal. Back in July of 2014, we published an article where we introduced, among other things, a new department on the site: the Welcoming Committee. As stated in the previous article, the job of the welcoming committee is basically to greet new members and help them get accustomed to the site. We hope that given more attention, new users will be encouraged to remain on the site and take part in the community. 

This was, and still is, really important to our success as a site, so we asked for both Staff and Non-Staff members to join the team. Now before, all you had to do to join the team was send a quick message to GOG saying you wanted to join the team, and that was that! Since then, the Welcoming Comittee has been pretty quiet, besides a handful of members. So with the recent revamp of the Content Team, GOG and I have decided to reboot the Welcoming Commitee a bit.

The goal is still the same: to welcome new users to the site on their profiles and in the Meet and Greet forum thread, and to help them navigate and communicate throughout the site as easily as possible. But now, much like with the new Content Team, we have badges for all welcoming committe members! This badge will also come with its own name colour, which is yellow with a black outline. If this sounds familiar, it is because this colour was used as the previous name colour for the Checkmate badge.

To apply for a position on the new team, all you have to do is send a private message to myself or to GOG. We're open to having as many members on the team as are interested. Our requirements are that you be very active members on the site and be respectful while you are welcoming our new users. You will be welcoming new users on their profiles, and in the Meet and Greet forum. If you see that people have already posted welcome messages on a user's wall two or three times, then you won't need to welcome them yourself, as we don't want to swarm them. However, please feel free to respond to new posts in the Meet and Greet forum, regardless of how many other people have responded before you. This only applies to new posts of course. 

If we see that you aren't making an effort to actively welcome new users, we will remove you from the team, along with the badge. We really, really want only active people who are willing to welcome lots of new users to the site.

With that, get to applying! GOG and I would like to get this back up and running as quickly as possible, but there is no real deadline to apply. 

Thank you for reading!

Hey there everyone!

This is Senobekim here bringing you the third ladder rankings report for the 2015 Super Smash Brothers Wii U ladder. There is just over one month left until this season’s ladders end on March 31st, 2015. So I encourage all of you to go out and play as many games as you can, there is still lots of time to change the rankings!

With that, here are your Singles and Doubles standings, as they were recorded on Friday, February 27th, 2015 at 6:53pm EST.


(01) dabuz the horrible [Score: 2137 | Wins: 23 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Rosalina, Olimar)
(02) StaticManny [Score: 2009 | Wins: 21 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog)
(03) 6WX [Score: 1995 | Wins: 33 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog)
(04) Raffi-X [Score: 1980 | Wins: 53 / Losses: 20] (Character(s): R.O.B.) 
(05) TLOC Denti [Score: 1943 | Wins: 42 / Losses: 10] (Characters(s): Diddy Kong, Sheik)
(06) Marsstuff1 [Score: 1875 | Wins: 26 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Zero Suit Samus)
(07) MFGC Tweek [Score: 1866 | Wins: 35 / Losses: 15] (Character(s): Bowser Jr., Ganondorf)
(08) Samboner [Score: 1799 | Wins: 51 / Losses: 40] (Character(s): Sheik, Luigi)
(09) boku0801 [Score: 1742 | Wins: 128 / Losses: 58] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(10) ANTi [Score: 1741 | Wins: 9 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Wii Fit Trainer, Greninja)
(11) Cristian iTh [Score: 1725 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Toon Link)
(12) Uno [Score: 1705 | Wins: 31 / Losses: 17] (Character(s): Diddy Kong)
(13) BengalsRZ [Score: 1687 | Wins: 52 / Losses: 27] (Character(s): Zero Suit Samus)
(14) Meek [Score: 1681 | Wins: Wins: 9 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(15) Luisfer [Score: 1665 | Wins: 18 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Diddy Kong)
(16) Mayo of the broken hitbox [Score: 1633 | Wins: 30 / Losses: 9] (Character(s): Dark Pit)
(17) -Big D [Score: 1625 | Wins: 13 / Losses: 8] (Character(s): Palutena, King Dedede)
(18) Mana1 [Score: 1620 | Wins: 21 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Toon Link) 
(19) ven [Score: 1615 | Wins: 56 / Losses: 28] (Character(s): Princess Zelda)
(20) SFA Zan [Score: 1611 | Wins: 33 / Losses: 25] (Character(s): Toon Link) 
(21) Ito [Score: 1589 | Wins: 10 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Diddy Kong)
(22) LatzoSSB [Score: 1585 | Wins: 20 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Pikachu)
(23) wWw Koolaid [Score: 1583 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Pac-Man)
(24) Phoenix vX [Score: 1570 | Wins: 52 / Losses: 16] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog)
(25) CacoGen [Score: 1557 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Link)
(26) Tairbear [Score: 1521 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Little Mac, Bowser, Samus, Captain Falcon)
(27) Kuraudo [Score: 1521 | Wins: 24 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog)
(28) Alphicans [Score: 1519 | Wins: 16 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Little Mac)
(29) CosmicCosmos [Score: 1491 | Wins: 28 / Losses: 30] (Character(s): Pikachu)
(30) mbohne [Score: 1490 | Wins: 64 / Losses: 111] (Character(s): Mario)
(31) Shamrock7r [Score: 1483 | Wins: 33 / Losses: 17] (Character(s): Ness) 
(32) PentaSalia [Score: 1473 | Wins: 39 / Losses: 16] (Character(s): Rosalina)


(01) Blade [Score: 1502 | Wins: 30 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Mii Brawler, Lucario)
(02) RIP SOLSTICE [Score: 1485 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Dark Pit/Falcon, Villager/Rosalina)
(03) Zae is Bae [Score: 1423 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 7] (Character(s): Yoshi, Rosalina)
(04) Finn Hat [Score: 1421 | Wins: 18 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog, Mr. Game & Watch)
(05) ROBOT CHICKEN [Score: 1419 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): R.O.B, Dark Pit)
(06) Stroganoff [Score: 1411 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Diddy Kong, Star Fox)
(07) Team Yazi [Score: 1372 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Marth, Zero Suit Samus)
(08) Jake Mains Meta Knight [Score: 1317 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): King Dedede, Lil' Mac)
(09) Cheesecake [Score: 1087 | Wins: 5 / Losses: 8] (Character(s): Marth, Kirby)
(10) Villager Squad [Score: 1044 | Wins: 7 / Losses: 8] (Character(s): Villager, Villager)
(11) TANK [Score: 977 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Ness, Sonic)
(12) *takes off hat and roars loudly* [Score: 974 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Diddy Kong, Greninja)
(13) Gamefaqs Legends! [Score: 905 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Ike, Sheik)
(14) Wasta $Money$ [Score: 900 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 13] (Character(s): Bowser, Zero Suit Samus)
(15) Illest Duo [Score: 866 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Marth, Luigi)
(16) sorry bad england [Score: 858 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Ganon, Yoshi, Sheik)

Singles Notes:

- Not much seems to have happened the last couple of weeks, just a lot of point decay for everyone.

- dabuz the horrible is leading the pack for the 3rd consecutive ladder report, can anyone dethrone him?

Doubles Notes:

- For once, there seems to have been more of a shakeup in the standings for Doubles than Singles.

- Hawk and Linus have taken over the top spot on the ladder, but AGES and Adven+ are right on their heels in a close race for 1st place.

- Only three teams currently in the top 16 have played within the last week: Blade, RIP SOLSTICE, and Cheesecake.

Ending Notes:

I used the most current list of players’ mains that I had available. This list is based off of ladder feedback and partially on user profile pages. If anything in this report is incorrect, or you would like your mains adjusted, just let myself, Foodies, or NiteNinja know as soon as possible and we will be happy to adjust it for you.

As I mentioned, there is one month left to ladder! Go out there and find some matches, because you never know who might sneak up on you and take your place on the ladder.

Happy Smashing everyone!

Ladder used to be the main draw for the site, but nowadays it has been mostly inactive (along with the site in general, but that’s another topic to discuss in the near future). We are planning to do a major overhaul of the whole system in an attempt to keep up with other sites and bring the best experience to our users. But for that to happen, we need your suggestions and opinions on what should be done to ladder.

Rather than do a private survey, we decided to just have people post their thoughts in the comments section of this article.

The main question for everyone to answer is: Why don’t you participate (more) in ladder?

(Possible answers may include, but are not limited to: friendlies being better, For Glory existing, no interest in its prizes, dislike of the current ruleset, subpar interface, people having bad attitudes, players getting away with cheating, the level of competition is too low, the environment is unwelcoming/intimidating, ladder glitches, poor ladder management, not having the game, not liking the game, etc)

Assuming we have complete coding capabilities: What specific user interface improvements would you like to see?

And here are some topics for everyone to share their thoughts on as well.

- Score decay
- Ladder seasons
(never reset, reset more often, reset less often)
- Random match making
- Challenge timers
(needing to wait 24 hours until the next match with the same user/team)
- Cancel time window
(Yes or no)
- Other ladders would you be interested in
(Mario Kart, Customs on, Brawl, etc)
- Ladder management, referees, harshness of punishments
(Quick summary: cheating = warning for first time, second time = DQ from season, multiple times = ladder ban)
- Playoffs
- Rating system
- How to decide rulesets

If there's something that isn't on this list but still related to improving ladder, we'd still like to hear it. We appreciate everyone taking their time to voice their thoughts and hope we can bring activity up in the future!

Here are the results of the Smash 4 Community Tier List Survey.


Link for sharing

- There were 74 survey respondents.
- Scores are weighted averages.
- If the characters are on the same row it means they got the same score. The order in the row is interchangeable.
- Colors indicate score gaps between blocks of similar scores, which can be interpreted as the (very small) gap in tiers.
- Reminder that the Miis were on default movesets and custom moves were off.
- Characters higher alphabetically got a slight artificial boost because there were a few entries that only filled out top 15 or so and left the others in default order.

Discussion points:
- Diddy is on top and Mii Swordfighter is on bottom, which is the generally accepted placements of these two characters.
- The character considered second worst was Wii Fit Trainer, which hasn't been the case in all the other tier lists I have seen.
- Is the gap between Dark Pit and Pit purely because of alphabetical boosts or is the ability to easily kill Luma with Electroshock playing more of a role in that placement?
- Captain Falcon is comparatively high, possibly because of the alphabetical boosts as well.
- Bowser is considered the best heavy and Shulk is considered the best sword character, both 5 points above the next character in that archetype.
- There's a row of puffballs, hehe.
- We can see Apex results sneaking into the perceptions of characters.
- It's a bell curve, sort of.

Reminder that this tier list is mostly for discussion and to see how the NDJ community perceive characters at this point in time. Share your thoughts below!
The site needed some more things to do that weren’t related to Smash, so... Introducing Random Battle Challenges!

The challenges setup is simple. Beat one of the designated trainers on the list in a Best of 3 set (meaning win 2 games) in random singles, doubles, or triple battles to get the corresponding badge. It doesn’t matter who you beat in the set as long as they are on the designated trainers list. Save all the replays for confirmation and ask whoever you beat to report your win.

The only requirement is access to Pokémon Showdown. There is no team building necessary because the teams are all random; it's possible to win with minimal knowledge of how Pokémon works. I encourage everyone to give it a shot because it takes almost no effort to set up and play.

Here’s the list of designated trainers:
Yoshinendo (Gen 1 only, counts as the Singles challenge; Sets are Best of 5)

Designated trainers are free to play on their own schedule. Just contact them to set up a time that works for both people.

Here’s the list of badges you can earn.
Random Battle Singles Challenge Winner
Random Battle Doubles Challenge Winner
Random Battle Triples Challenge Winner

If there is enough interest, saved matches will be compiled into recap articles for fun.

Just wanted to get quick blurb up about about the Gamers4Giving event taking place at Eastern Michigan this weekend. Its ran by a friend of mine and mostly importantly dedicated to raising funds to help getting gaming rigs to children's hospitals as a way to hopefully bring some happiness to kids that might need some of it in their life. Its just a straight up good and noble cause.

So make sure to check out the stream here (it will be on our homepage all day as well) and show your support.

In addition, if anyone can make it out in person there will be free Red Bull all weekend, raffles, and they have a whole host of featured guests. People like Rachel "Seltzer", Axeltoss, Walshy, MissesMae, and more will be there and on stream. And for you pokemon fans Lucario will also be there.

Ill be swinging by today so if you do make it out feel free to say hello. And if you cannot make it out do check out the stream. The event is for a great cause. Do it for the kids yo!

by JV_ Feb 19 2015, 8:18PM

So we may have been a bit late to the party, but like a wise man once told me: "It's better to be late to the party than miss it all together!". And with that we are now rolling out some fancy "Like" and "Follow" buttons on the top of NDJ, with a site wide dedication to better utilize social media as a way to communicate with you guys and the community at large. The expectation is that in the not too distant future, every time we roll out a new article, a new feature, or there are some large happenings in the community, we have a blurb about it on both our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our goal is to stay in touch with users regardless if you are currently browsing the site or not, and to interact with you on multiple platforms. 

With over 55,000 registered members the first goal is to hit 1000 followers and likes in the coming month. And to do so we need your help! So spread the word. Follow and like us so we can be BFFs forever like it was always intended to be. 

To help nudge you in the proper direction we have a nice new "Getting Social" badge for anyone that follows us on Twitter and likes us on Facebook. To get your badge simply follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and then send a Private Message to staff members "The740" and "Senobekim" with your Facebook and Twitter account names for verification (all information will be kept confidential to protect your privacy) and the badge will be awarded to you within 24 hours. 

In addition to badges and buttons, we are looking to put together a social media team. We are looking for the right individuals to be a part of it. Pay is in high fives, cookies, and life experience (and in all serious being a part of a staff and social media building team can be both rewarding and help you learn traits to succeed in life. It's easy to sit on the couch all day, but generally speaking doing so isn't going to set you up to be the person you want to become). The qualities we are looking for is someone both very involved in the site and overall Smash/Nintendo scene, coupled with an entertaining personality. This is a position where you could treat the account much like it is your own. If you find something relevant, entertaining, worth mentioning, etc., you are free to post about it. So although the expectation is we are getting site stuff put on social accounts, you won't be micro managed. We are looking for both a head of our social team and team members. To apply, just drop me a private message with a brief blurb about why you are interested in joining and why think you are a good fit, along with if you are applying to be a team member or head the group. Applications are open to anyone regardless if you are currently on staff or not.

Thanks for following/liking us (we would be lonely without you), helping to spread the word, and we look forward to putting together our social team. Social platforms have become a more common part of everyones lives and we aim to connect with you and provide quality content on these platforms going forward.

Ohio! ᵔᴥᵔ 

ven here, bringing you your ladder ranking updates for the 2015 Super Smash Brothers Wii U ladder. 

We are half way into the 2nd month of this Winter ladder. With a month and half of this season remaining, anything can still change. Reminder that although the ladder may be slow now, ladders tend to be the most active during the last month of the season. Make sure you don't slack off, and get your matches going! Ladder will be ending on March 31st, 2015.  

Without further ado, here are the ladder updates as of 2/15/15 at 12:14 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) 


(01) dabuz the horrible [Score: 2164 | Wins: 23 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Rosalina, Olimar)  
(02) StaticManny [Score: 2038 | Wins: 21 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog)  
(03) 6WX [Score: 2000 | Wins: 30 / Losses: 5 ] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(04) TLOC Denti [Score: 1979 | Wins: 42 / Losses: 10] (Characters(s): Diddy Kong, Sheik) 
(05) Raffi-X [Score: 1978 | Wins: 50 / Losses: 20] (Character(s): R.O.B.)  
(06) MFGC Tweek [Score: 1902 | Wins: 35 / Losses: 15] (Character(s): Bowser Jr., Ganondorf) 
(07) Marsstuff1 [Score: 1883 | Wins: 25 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Zero Suit Samus) 
(08) Samboner [Score: 1837 | Wins: 51 / Losses: 40] (Character(s): Sheik, Luigi) 
(09) Notmx [Score: 1813 | Wins: 41 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Diddy Kong, Mario)  
(10) boku0801 [Score: 1777 | Wins: 125 / Losses: 55] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog)  
(11) ANTi [Score: 1764 | Wins: 9 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Wii Fit Trainer, Greninja) 
(12) Cristian iTh [Score: 1752 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Toon Link) 
(13) Uno [Score: 1743 | Wins: 31 / Losses: 17] (Character(s): Diddy Kong) 
(14) BengalsRZ [Score: 1718 | Wins: 52 / Losses: 27] (Character(s): Zero Suit Samus) 
(15) Meek [Score: 1709 | Wins: Wins: 9 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog)  
(16) Luisfer [Score: 1698 | Wins: 18 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Diddy Kong) 
(17) Mayo of the broken hitbox [Score: 1663 | Wins: 30 / Losses: 9] (Character(s): Dark Pit) 
(18) -Big D [Score: 1658 | Wins: 13 / Losses: 8] (Character(s): Palutena, King Dedede) 
(19) Mana1 [Score: 1654 | Wins: 21 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Toon Link)  
(20) SFA Zan [Score: 1646 | Wins: 33 / Losses: 25] (Character(s): Toon Link)  
(21) ven [Score: 1624 | Wins: 54 / Losses: 27] (Character(s): Princess Zelda) 
(22) LatzoSSB [Score: 1615 | Wins: 20 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Pikachu) 
(23) Ito [Score: 1614 | Wins: 10 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Diddy Kong) 
(24) wWw Koolaid [Score: 1609 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Pac-Man) 
(25) Phoenix vX [Score: 1605 | Wins: 52 / Losses: 16] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(26) CacoGen [Score: 1585 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Link) 
(27) Alphicans [Score: 1552 | Wins: 16 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Little Mac) 
(28) Kuraudo [Score: 1551 | Wins: 24 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(29) Tairbear [Score: 1549 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Little Mac, Bowser, Samus, Captain Falcon) 
(30) mbohne [Score: 1530 | Wins: 64 / Losses: 111] (Character(s): Mario 
(31) CosmicCosmos [Score: 1526 | Wins: 28 / Losses: 30] (Character(s): Pikachu) 
(32) Shamrock7r [Score: 1521 | Wins: 33 / Losses: 17] (Character(s): Ness)  


(01) SoLSTiCe [Score: 1806 | Wins: 34 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Yoshi, Bowser)  
(02) Blade [Score: 1476 | Wins: 28 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Mii Brawler, Lucario) 
(03) Zae is Bae [Score: 1454 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 7] (Character(s): Yoshi, Rosalina) 
(04) Finn Hat [Score: 1448 | Wins: 18 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog, Mr. Game & Watch) 
(05) ROBOT CHICKEN [Score: 1437 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): R.O.B, Dark Pit) 
(06) Stroganoff [Score: 1434 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Diddy Kong, Star Fox) 
(07) Team Nipz [Score: 1419 | Wins: 5 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Dark Pit/Falcon, Villager/Rosalina) 
(08) Team Yazi [Score: 1397 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Marth, Zero Suit Samus) 
(09) Jake Mains Meta Knight [Score: 1337 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): King Dedede, Lil' Mac) 
(10) SOLSTICE OWNIN' LADDER [Score: 1253 | Wins: 13 / Losses: 4] (Character(s): Princess Zelda, Diddy Kong) 
(11) Cheesecake [Score: 1126 | Wins: 5 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Marth, Kirby?) 
(12) Villager Squad [Score: 1071 | Wins: 7 / Losses: 8] (Character(s): Villager, Villager) 
(13) TANK [Score: 994 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Ness, Sonic) 
(14) Udu's Team [Score: 991 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Diddy Kong, Greninja) 
(15) Gamefaqs Legends! [Score: 928 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Ike, Sheik) 
(16) Wasta $Money$ [Score: 928 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 13] (Character(s): Bowser, Zero Suit Samus) 

Singles Notes 

- More than 15 of the top 32 have not played in over month and have managed to maintain a spot in the top 32. 
- The most used character this ladder update is Sonic, with 6 Smashers using him. 
- dabuz has managed to keep the highest winning streak this season, as well as the first place spot for the 2nd consecutive ladder update.  

- mbohne has the most matches played, with a total of one-hundred and seventy-five games. 

- boku0801 has the most wins, with a total of one-hundred and twenty-five wins. 

Doubles Notes 

- "SoLSTiCE" has managed to keep their first place spot for the 2nd consecutive ladder update. 

- Team "Blade's" Hawk has brought a new character to the ladder updates, Mii Brawler. Rep that Mii! 

- "Villager Squad" is currently the only team to be using the same character in teams. 

Ending Notes 

I did my best at guessing the characters that were being used in doubles. If feedback did not give me the information, I went on your profile and put the main I saw on either your singles feedback or the Smash 4 widget. As for singles, I put the character that appeared the most in your feedback. For example, if you had Palutena show up the most in your feedback, she would be listed. If you had some other character in your feedback once or twice, they will not be listed. If you want those "secondaries" to be listed or if you see any errors in the update, please let Foodies, NiteNinja, or Senobekim know, and the appropriate changes will be made.  

That's all for now. Have a great day everyone! ᵔᴥᵔ
Zan: Congrats on winning apex! Heres some questions I'd like you to answer. Feel free to answer as much and as long as you want!
ZeRo: Sure thing!

Q: This is your first national win for any smash game, correct? How do you feel winning the first apex for Smash 4?
A: Na, not the first one. I've national tournaments with 200 entrants in my country in 2011, I've won MLG Shuffle for Brawl in 2014, CEO 2014, Big House 4, Zenith 2014 and other things.
I technically have national wins for Melee, PM, Brawl and Smash 4 in my all-time.

Q: You swept through the bracket pretty convincingly with a dominant performance. Were you at any point scared or worried about losing to any player in particular? Rather, who did you think you would have most trouble against?
A: I thought Mew2King would be the hardest, but I wasn't afraid of anyone. I just tried my best to stay warmed up, sleep well and wing it from there.

Q: Leading from that question, what was your favorite set that you played and watched, and why?
A: Definitely my set vs Mew2King was one of the history books. The knee man! (Editor's note: watch it here)

Q: How did you prepare/train for Apex? What were your thoughts or your mindset coming into apex? Did you know you were going to win?
A: Just a bunch of hours daily in every match up... ton of theorycrafting, lab time with M2K, video research and other things. I knew I had it in me to win.

Q: You recently won Final Battle, a 252 man tournament in SoCal. Did this give you sufficient practice for Apex? Or did you have another secret training/experinece that prepared you?
A: I decided to not attend Paragon despite travel arrangements done for me to go because I considered it to be a great last-practice event for Apex. So it was just that.

Q: Lastly, what are your plans now that Apex is over? I know you move and stay in a lot of scenes for a while, most recently staying in SoCal for a few months with Sky. Do you plan on staying for a bit more, are you going back to Chile, or are you going to Tristate/somewhere else? do you have plans for EVO/any other U.S. event coming up?
A: For now, because M2K moved out of Sky's, I'll just follow him and stay with my close friend. Prepare for more events, look for a big team and focus on Twitch/YouTube. That's it for me!

Zan: Thanks for your time doing this interview, I really appreciate it. Hope you had fun at Apex and once again congrats on winning!
ZeRo: Thanks a ton! If you guys would like to keep up with me, definitely check out my YouTube Channel (Daily uploads!) www.youtube.com/chilezero
 www.twitch.tv/zero - Working on 5 days a week broadcasts! And finally, my twitter for daily updates - www.twitter.com/zerossb
See ya later!

That concludes the interview. Hope you all learned something new from the champ, and please follow all his social media as he has big plans for the community soon.

Tiers are always a point of interest when looking at any Smash game competitively. Some people might think it’s too early for a tier list, however, we felt that making one anyway would encourage discussion and let us know how characters are currently perceived by NDJ users at this moment in time. Here’s your chance to share your opinion on how the characters in Smash 4 are ranked!

Note that JV was creating a NDJ tier list committee to make a tier list, but that group is invite only (based on ladder rankings and offline performance). This survey is open to all NDJ users. It will be interesting to compare this publicly generated tier list to the privately generated one whenever both are completed.

Just click the link below to be directed to where to submit your list. Assume Apex rules: custom moves are OFF when ordering the characters, Miis are running default (1111) movesets with the default height and weight, and games are 2 stock 6 minutes. The survey will be open for 2 weeks, and I will compile the results after it closes.


Feel free to discuss your opinions on characters and matchups below as well.

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