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Ladder used to be the main draw for the site, but nowadays it has been mostly inactive (along with the site in general, but that’s another topic to discuss in the near future). We are planning to do a major overhaul of the whole system in an attempt to keep up with other sites and bring the best experience to our users. But for that to happen, we need your suggestions and opinions on what should be done to ladder.

Rather than do a private survey, we decided to just have people post their thoughts in the comments section of this article.

The main question for everyone to answer is: Why don’t you participate (more) in ladder?

(Possible answers may include, but are not limited to: friendlies being better, For Glory existing, no interest in its prizes, dislike of the current ruleset, subpar interface, people having bad attitudes, players getting away with cheating, the level of competition is too low, the environment is unwelcoming/intimidating, ladder glitches, poor ladder management, not having the game, not liking the game, etc)

Assuming we have complete coding capabilities: What specific user interface improvements would you like to see?

And here are some topics for everyone to share their thoughts on as well.

- Score decay
- Ladder seasons
(never reset, reset more often, reset less often)
- Random match making
- Challenge timers
(needing to wait 24 hours until the next match with the same user/team)
- Cancel time window
(Yes or no)
- Other ladders would you be interested in
(Mario Kart, Customs on, Brawl, etc)
- Ladder management, referees, harshness of punishments
(Quick summary: cheating = warning for first time, second time = DQ from season, multiple times = ladder ban)
- Playoffs
- Rating system
- How to decide rulesets

If there's something that isn't on this list but still related to improving ladder, we'd still like to hear it. We appreciate everyone taking their time to voice their thoughts and hope we can bring activity up in the future!

Here are the results of the Smash 4 Community Tier List Survey.


Link for sharing

- There were 74 survey respondents.
- Scores are weighted averages.
- If the characters are on the same row it means they got the same score. The order in the row is interchangeable.
- Colors indicate score gaps between blocks of similar scores, which can be interpreted as the (very small) gap in tiers.
- Reminder that the Miis were on default movesets and custom moves were off.
- Characters higher alphabetically got a slight artificial boost because there were a few entries that only filled out top 15 or so and left the others in default order.

Discussion points:
- Diddy is on top and Mii Swordfighter is on bottom, which is the generally accepted placements of these two characters.
- The character considered second worst was Wii Fit Trainer, which hasn't been the case in all the other tier lists I have seen.
- Is the gap between Dark Pit and Pit purely because of alphabetical boosts or is the ability to easily kill Luma with Electroshock playing more of a role in that placement?
- Captain Falcon is comparatively high, possibly because of the alphabetical boosts as well.
- Bowser is considered the best heavy and Shulk is considered the best sword character, both 5 points above the next character in that archetype.
- There's a row of puffballs, hehe.
- We can see Apex results sneaking into the perceptions of characters.
- It's a bell curve, sort of.

Reminder that this tier list is mostly for discussion and to see how the NDJ community perceive characters at this point in time. Share your thoughts below!
The site needed some more things to do that weren’t related to Smash, so... Introducing Random Battle Challenges!

The challenges setup is simple. Beat one of the designated trainers on the list in a Best of 3 set (meaning win 2 games) in random singles, doubles, or triple battles to get the corresponding badge. It doesn’t matter who you beat in the set as long as they are on the designated trainers list. Save all the replays for confirmation and ask whoever you beat to report your win.

The only requirement is access to Pokémon Showdown. There is no team building necessary because the teams are all random; it's possible to win with minimal knowledge of how Pokémon works. I encourage everyone to give it a shot because it takes almost no effort to set up and play.

Here’s the list of designated trainers:
Yoshinendo (Gen 1 only, counts as the Singles challenge; Sets are Best of 5)

Designated trainers are free to play on their own schedule. Just contact them to set up a time that works for both people.

Here’s the list of badges you can earn.
Random Battle Singles Challenge Winner
Random Battle Doubles Challenge Winner
Random Battle Triples Challenge Winner

If there is enough interest, saved matches will be compiled into recap articles for fun.

Just wanted to get quick blurb up about about the Gamers4Giving event taking place at Eastern Michigan this weekend. Its ran by a friend of mine and mostly importantly dedicated to raising funds to help getting gaming rigs to children's hospitals as a way to hopefully bring some happiness to kids that might need some of it in their life. Its just a straight up good and noble cause.

So make sure to check out the stream here (it will be on our homepage all day as well) and show your support.

In addition, if anyone can make it out in person there will be free Red Bull all weekend, raffles, and they have a whole host of featured guests. People like Rachel "Seltzer", Axeltoss, Walshy, MissesMae, and more will be there and on stream. And for you pokemon fans Lucario will also be there.

Ill be swinging by today so if you do make it out feel free to say hello. And if you cannot make it out do check out the stream. The event is for a great cause. Do it for the kids yo!

by JV_ Feb 19 2015, 8:18PM

So we may have been a bit late to the party, but like a wise man once told me: "It's better to be late to the party than miss it all together!". And with that we are now rolling out some fancy "Like" and "Follow" buttons on the top of NDJ, with a site wide dedication to better utilize social media as a way to communicate with you guys and the community at large. The expectation is that in the not too distant future, every time we roll out a new article, a new feature, or there are some large happenings in the community, we have a blurb about it on both our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our goal is to stay in touch with users regardless if you are currently browsing the site or not, and to interact with you on multiple platforms. 

With over 55,000 registered members the first goal is to hit 1000 followers and likes in the coming month. And to do so we need your help! So spread the word. Follow and like us so we can be BFFs forever like it was always intended to be. 

To help nudge you in the proper direction we have a nice new "Getting Social" badge for anyone that follows us on Twitter and likes us on Facebook. To get your badge simply follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and then send a Private Message to staff members "The740" and "Senobekim" with your Facebook and Twitter account names for verification (all information will be kept confidential to protect your privacy) and the badge will be awarded to you within 24 hours. 

In addition to badges and buttons, we are looking to put together a social media team. We are looking for the right individuals to be a part of it. Pay is in high fives, cookies, and life experience (and in all serious being a part of a staff and social media building team can be both rewarding and help you learn traits to succeed in life. It's easy to sit on the couch all day, but generally speaking doing so isn't going to set you up to be the person you want to become). The qualities we are looking for is someone both very involved in the site and overall Smash/Nintendo scene, coupled with an entertaining personality. This is a position where you could treat the account much like it is your own. If you find something relevant, entertaining, worth mentioning, etc., you are free to post about it. So although the expectation is we are getting site stuff put on social accounts, you won't be micro managed. We are looking for both a head of our social team and team members. To apply, just drop me a private message with a brief blurb about why you are interested in joining and why think you are a good fit, along with if you are applying to be a team member or head the group. Applications are open to anyone regardless if you are currently on staff or not.

Thanks for following/liking us (we would be lonely without you), helping to spread the word, and we look forward to putting together our social team. Social platforms have become a more common part of everyones lives and we aim to connect with you and provide quality content on these platforms going forward.

Ohio! ᵔᴥᵔ 

ven here, bringing you your ladder ranking updates for the 2015 Super Smash Brothers Wii U ladder. 

We are half way into the 2nd month of this Winter ladder. With a month and half of this season remaining, anything can still change. Reminder that although the ladder may be slow now, ladders tend to be the most active during the last month of the season. Make sure you don't slack off, and get your matches going! Ladder will be ending on March 31st, 2015.  

Without further ado, here are the ladder updates as of 2/15/15 at 12:14 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) 


(01) dabuz the horrible [Score: 2164 | Wins: 23 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Rosalina, Olimar)  
(02) StaticManny [Score: 2038 | Wins: 21 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog)  
(03) 6WX [Score: 2000 | Wins: 30 / Losses: 5 ] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(04) TLOC Denti [Score: 1979 | Wins: 42 / Losses: 10] (Characters(s): Diddy Kong, Sheik) 
(05) Raffi-X [Score: 1978 | Wins: 50 / Losses: 20] (Character(s): R.O.B.)  
(06) MFGC Tweek [Score: 1902 | Wins: 35 / Losses: 15] (Character(s): Bowser Jr., Ganondorf) 
(07) Marsstuff1 [Score: 1883 | Wins: 25 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Zero Suit Samus) 
(08) Samboner [Score: 1837 | Wins: 51 / Losses: 40] (Character(s): Sheik, Luigi) 
(09) Notmx [Score: 1813 | Wins: 41 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Diddy Kong, Mario)  
(10) boku0801 [Score: 1777 | Wins: 125 / Losses: 55] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog)  
(11) ANTi [Score: 1764 | Wins: 9 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Wii Fit Trainer, Greninja) 
(12) Cristian iTh [Score: 1752 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Toon Link) 
(13) Uno [Score: 1743 | Wins: 31 / Losses: 17] (Character(s): Diddy Kong) 
(14) BengalsRZ [Score: 1718 | Wins: 52 / Losses: 27] (Character(s): Zero Suit Samus) 
(15) Meek [Score: 1709 | Wins: Wins: 9 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog)  
(16) Luisfer [Score: 1698 | Wins: 18 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Diddy Kong) 
(17) Mayo of the broken hitbox [Score: 1663 | Wins: 30 / Losses: 9] (Character(s): Dark Pit) 
(18) -Big D [Score: 1658 | Wins: 13 / Losses: 8] (Character(s): Palutena, King Dedede) 
(19) Mana1 [Score: 1654 | Wins: 21 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Toon Link)  
(20) SFA Zan [Score: 1646 | Wins: 33 / Losses: 25] (Character(s): Toon Link)  
(21) ven [Score: 1624 | Wins: 54 / Losses: 27] (Character(s): Princess Zelda) 
(22) LatzoSSB [Score: 1615 | Wins: 20 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Pikachu) 
(23) Ito [Score: 1614 | Wins: 10 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Diddy Kong) 
(24) wWw Koolaid [Score: 1609 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Pac-Man) 
(25) Phoenix vX [Score: 1605 | Wins: 52 / Losses: 16] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(26) CacoGen [Score: 1585 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Link) 
(27) Alphicans [Score: 1552 | Wins: 16 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Little Mac) 
(28) Kuraudo [Score: 1551 | Wins: 24 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(29) Tairbear [Score: 1549 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Little Mac, Bowser, Samus, Captain Falcon) 
(30) mbohne [Score: 1530 | Wins: 64 / Losses: 111] (Character(s): Mario 
(31) CosmicCosmos [Score: 1526 | Wins: 28 / Losses: 30] (Character(s): Pikachu) 
(32) Shamrock7r [Score: 1521 | Wins: 33 / Losses: 17] (Character(s): Ness)  


(01) SoLSTiCe [Score: 1806 | Wins: 34 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Yoshi, Bowser)  
(02) Blade [Score: 1476 | Wins: 28 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Mii Brawler, Lucario) 
(03) Zae is Bae [Score: 1454 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 7] (Character(s): Yoshi, Rosalina) 
(04) Finn Hat [Score: 1448 | Wins: 18 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog, Mr. Game & Watch) 
(05) ROBOT CHICKEN [Score: 1437 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): R.O.B, Dark Pit) 
(06) Stroganoff [Score: 1434 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Diddy Kong, Star Fox) 
(07) Team Nipz [Score: 1419 | Wins: 5 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Dark Pit/Falcon, Villager/Rosalina) 
(08) Team Yazi [Score: 1397 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Marth, Zero Suit Samus) 
(09) Jake Mains Meta Knight [Score: 1337 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): King Dedede, Lil' Mac) 
(10) SOLSTICE OWNIN' LADDER [Score: 1253 | Wins: 13 / Losses: 4] (Character(s): Princess Zelda, Diddy Kong) 
(11) Cheesecake [Score: 1126 | Wins: 5 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Marth, Kirby?) 
(12) Villager Squad [Score: 1071 | Wins: 7 / Losses: 8] (Character(s): Villager, Villager) 
(13) TANK [Score: 994 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Ness, Sonic) 
(14) Udu's Team [Score: 991 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Diddy Kong, Greninja) 
(15) Gamefaqs Legends! [Score: 928 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Ike, Sheik) 
(16) Wasta $Money$ [Score: 928 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 13] (Character(s): Bowser, Zero Suit Samus) 

Singles Notes 

- More than 15 of the top 32 have not played in over month and have managed to maintain a spot in the top 32. 
- The most used character this ladder update is Sonic, with 6 Smashers using him. 
- dabuz has managed to keep the highest winning streak this season, as well as the first place spot for the 2nd consecutive ladder update.  

- mbohne has the most matches played, with a total of one-hundred and seventy-five games. 

- boku0801 has the most wins, with a total of one-hundred and twenty-five wins. 

Doubles Notes 

- "SoLSTiCE" has managed to keep their first place spot for the 2nd consecutive ladder update. 

- Team "Blade's" Hawk has brought a new character to the ladder updates, Mii Brawler. Rep that Mii! 

- "Villager Squad" is currently the only team to be using the same character in teams. 

Ending Notes 

I did my best at guessing the characters that were being used in doubles. If feedback did not give me the information, I went on your profile and put the main I saw on either your singles feedback or the Smash 4 widget. As for singles, I put the character that appeared the most in your feedback. For example, if you had Palutena show up the most in your feedback, she would be listed. If you had some other character in your feedback once or twice, they will not be listed. If you want those "secondaries" to be listed or if you see any errors in the update, please let Foodies, NiteNinja, or Senobekim know, and the appropriate changes will be made.  

That's all for now. Have a great day everyone! ᵔᴥᵔ
Zan: Congrats on winning apex! Heres some questions I'd like you to answer. Feel free to answer as much and as long as you want!
ZeRo: Sure thing!

Q: This is your first national win for any smash game, correct? How do you feel winning the first apex for Smash 4?
A: Na, not the first one. I've national tournaments with 200 entrants in my country in 2011, I've won MLG Shuffle for Brawl in 2014, CEO 2014, Big House 4, Zenith 2014 and other things.
I technically have national wins for Melee, PM, Brawl and Smash 4 in my all-time.

Q: You swept through the bracket pretty convincingly with a dominant performance. Were you at any point scared or worried about losing to any player in particular? Rather, who did you think you would have most trouble against?
A: I thought Mew2King would be the hardest, but I wasn't afraid of anyone. I just tried my best to stay warmed up, sleep well and wing it from there.

Q: Leading from that question, what was your favorite set that you played and watched, and why?
A: Definitely my set vs Mew2King was one of the history books. The knee man! (Editor's note: watch it here)

Q: How did you prepare/train for Apex? What were your thoughts or your mindset coming into apex? Did you know you were going to win?
A: Just a bunch of hours daily in every match up... ton of theorycrafting, lab time with M2K, video research and other things. I knew I had it in me to win.

Q: You recently won Final Battle, a 252 man tournament in SoCal. Did this give you sufficient practice for Apex? Or did you have another secret training/experinece that prepared you?
A: I decided to not attend Paragon despite travel arrangements done for me to go because I considered it to be a great last-practice event for Apex. So it was just that.

Q: Lastly, what are your plans now that Apex is over? I know you move and stay in a lot of scenes for a while, most recently staying in SoCal for a few months with Sky. Do you plan on staying for a bit more, are you going back to Chile, or are you going to Tristate/somewhere else? do you have plans for EVO/any other U.S. event coming up?
A: For now, because M2K moved out of Sky's, I'll just follow him and stay with my close friend. Prepare for more events, look for a big team and focus on Twitch/YouTube. That's it for me!

Zan: Thanks for your time doing this interview, I really appreciate it. Hope you had fun at Apex and once again congrats on winning!
ZeRo: Thanks a ton! If you guys would like to keep up with me, definitely check out my YouTube Channel (Daily uploads!) www.youtube.com/chilezero
 www.twitch.tv/zero - Working on 5 days a week broadcasts! And finally, my twitter for daily updates - www.twitter.com/zerossb
See ya later!

That concludes the interview. Hope you all learned something new from the champ, and please follow all his social media as he has big plans for the community soon.

Tiers are always a point of interest when looking at any Smash game competitively. Some people might think it’s too early for a tier list, however, we felt that making one anyway would encourage discussion and let us know how characters are currently perceived by NDJ users at this moment in time. Here’s your chance to share your opinion on how the characters in Smash 4 are ranked!

Note that JV was creating a NDJ tier list committee to make a tier list, but that group is invite only (based on ladder rankings and offline performance). This survey is open to all NDJ users. It will be interesting to compare this publicly generated tier list to the privately generated one whenever both are completed.

Just click the link below to be directed to where to submit your list. Assume Apex rules: custom moves are OFF when ordering the characters, Miis are running default (1111) movesets with the default height and weight, and games are 2 stock 6 minutes. The survey will be open for 2 weeks, and I will compile the results after it closes.


Feel free to discuss your opinions on characters and matchups below as well.

Team Colors Battle is a site-wide event where teams try to get the most points in a list of competitions to win the event overall. As mentioned at the end of the last season, we are doing things differently this time around in an attempt to improve balance and make the event more interesting. There will be a few questions that potential participants can answer at the bottom regarding some decisions.

Teams will be created through a drafting process. Everyone who signs up will be put on a list, and the captains will take turns picking players to add to their team.  So there are no "Team Colors" anymore, at least where you choose what color you want to be with. (Which is why I am considering renaming this)

Currently, everything about this event is based on the number of signups – If there are at least 24 people interested in participating, there can be 3 teams. Otherwise, there will only be 2 teams, unless a majority of the people are interested in just having 2 teams even with more than 24 people participating. (Vote below)

The 2 captains are Senobekim and Yoshinendo. If there are 3 teams, I will be the captain of the 3rd team. If any disputes arise, we will have another party make the final call on them. There must be a minimum of 12 people signed up for the event to even be run.

The number of teams will affect how this is run. Here’s the breakdown.

If there are 2 teams:
No Free For All event
Only 2 people will have the chance of getting an MVP badge
Stage selection process for the first stage will be conducted by team choice (switching off by teams instead of randomly)*
The event will last 4 weeks  (instead of 3 due to stage selection balance necessities)*

*Alternatively, we can keep the 3 weeks and the stage list being random, but that reduces the strategy involved in lineups.

Singles and doubles will both be run regardless of how many teams there are in the end. The event will be run with the Wii U version of Smash 4. 3DS events will only be run if there is enough interest.

Signups begin now! Just post your name and what system you are willing to play on in this thread. Signups will close in a week on February 12th. The event itself will begin on February 22nd (…ideally). There is a 10 day gap because the event is based on the number of signups and we will need the extra time to get everything about it settled once we see how many people are participating.

Diviner badge voting will be available once we figure out if there will be 2 or 3 teams, and it will close when the event starts. The team compositions will be available after the draft, so you might want to hold off on voting until then.

Prize details:
- Participating in the event will get you the TCB participant badge.
- The winning team will get the TCB Season II Winner badge, which will come with a red, blue, or green glow for the name color (determined by popular vote of that team). The current picture and text of the badge is placeholder.
- MVP badge: each team will vote on their MVP at the end of the season to get the badge.
- If you correctly predict the winning team of the TCB season, you will receive a TCB diviner badge

All records and updates will be done in the TCB group. Join the group for important updates.

Questions for potential participants:
1. Would you rather have 2 teams or 3?
2. Are you interested in having an event with custom moves (not equipment) available?
3. Should the event focus more on singles or doubles?
4. Do you like the idea of team stage selection for strategy or would you rather have starting stages just be random?

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and I hope you enjoyed watching your favorite Smash games! There were crazy, hype, and amazing sets all around in every Smash game, and the competition is looking to be fierce in the future. Without further adieu, here are the Top 8 Results for Smash at Apex!

Smash 64 Singles
1. SuPeRbOoMfAn (Captain Falcon, Pikachu)
2. tacos (Yoshi, Captain Falcon, Kirby, Jigglypuff, Pikachu)
3. COG Wizzrobe (Yoshi)
4. Mariguas (Pikachu, Kirby)
5. KeroKeroppi (Kirby, Pikachu)
5. TR3G Fox (Fox)
7. Fireblaster (Yoshi)
7. SmashFactor- Dext3r (Pikachu)

Smash 64 Doubles
1. JaimeHR / SuPeRbOoMfAn
2. The Z / tacos
3. Star King / Killer
4. SmashFactor- Dext3r / COG | Wizzrobe
5. Banze / CabeLo
5. Firo / Apex | Nintendude
7. MGFC Jimmy Joe / clubbadubba
7. Shalaka / Mariguas

Melee Singles
1. EG PPMD (Marth, Falco)
2. [A]rmada (Peach, Fox)
3. Leffen (Fox)
4. C9 Mang0 (Fox, Falco)
5. VGBC Amsa (Yoshi)
5. Liquid. Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
7. EMG Kirbykaze (Sheik)
7. Shroomed (Sheik)

- PPMD takes yet another Apex win under his belt! Foreshadowing Evo!?
- After Leffen 5-0'd Chillindude in the salty suite, Mango challenged Leffen for $1000 if they met in bracket. They indeed did play in Winners Semis and Leffen's Fox took the victory 3-1 over Mango's Falco.
- Mew2King, considered one of the 5 Melee Gods, was knocked out in Winners Quarters by Leffen and then early in Losers by Shroomed's Sheik, giving him 9th place.
- Leffen has now successfully taken sets off of all the Melee Gods. He might be now be considered one himself!
- PewPewU made an upset against Hungrybox very early in bracket, but Hungrybox managed to make it back through to 5th place.
- Armada's Fox does work as he manages to beat Leffen in the Fox ditto in losers finals convincingly.

Melee Doubles

1. MVG Mew2King (Sheik) + Liquid.Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
2. [A]rmada (Peach, Fox) + Android (Sheik)
3. Ice (Fox) + Leffen (Fox)
4. Liquid.Chillindude (Fox) + MOR ChuDat (Ice Climbers)
5. C9 Mango (Falco, Captain Falcon) + Lucky (Fox)
5. MIOM PewpewU (Marth) + MIOM SFAT (Fox)
7. Alan (Peach) + HomeMadeWaffles (Fox)
7. MacD (Peach) & Fiction (Fox)

Brawl Singles
1. Boreal_Ally (Snake)
2. Nairo (MK)
3. CT MVD (Snake)
4. Salem (Zero Suit Samus)
5. V115 (Zero Suit Samus)
5. XFIRE Vinnie (Ice Climbers)
7. Cyve (Pit)
7. Shimitake (Pikachu, Ice Climbers)

- None of Brawl was streamed :(
- Zinoto, Tyrant, and Xzax dropped out of Brawl. Nakat got beat by an  Olimar player named Asa in the Olimar vs Ice Climbers matchup, he forfeited in losers of his pool.
- Nairo, Mr. R, Ally, and Vinnie were in the same part of the bracket in top 16. Interesting.
- This is one of the few times Nairo has beaten Ally as seen by Ally's winning record on him, but Ally managed to bring it back through losers.
- Mr. R gets a whopping 9th place after losing to the European Pit in losers!
- Ally is the first person to win Brawl at 2 Apex events. History folks!

Brawl Doubles
1. Nairo (Metaknight) + Boreal_Ally (Snake)
2. Mew2King (Metaknight) + Salem (Zero Suit Samus)
3. CT MVD (Snake) + CT Seibrik (Metaknight)
4. FOW (Metaknight) + MJG (Toon Link)
5. MOR Chudat (Kirby) + CT Chibo (R.O.B.)
5. Shaky (Ness) + V115 (Zero Suit Samus)
7. LOE1 (Wario) + Zinoto (Diddy Kong)
7. Player-1 (Diddy Kong) + DRN (Zero Suit Samus)

Smash Wii U Singles
1. ZeRo (Diddy Kong)
2. XFIRE PL Dabuz (Rosalina, Olimar)
3. LLL Mr. R (Sheik)
4. 6WX (Sonic)
5. DtN Nietono (Sheik)
5. MVG Mew2King (Diddy Kong)
7. SHI_G Abadango (Pacman)
7. CT | MVD (Duck Hunt)

- ZeRo makes a dominant performance, only dropping a game with his Diddy to Mr. R!
- Despite previous predictions of all top 8 being Diddy Kong, there are only two Diddy Kongs present!
- 6WX made quite a run beating many national and international threats. Be proud he's one of our site's natives!
- For some reason, there was a super death pool consisted of the top 2 seeds from Japan and SoCal, and 2 more top 16 contenders; Nietono, Choco, Tyrant, Koolaid, 6WX, and LarryLurr. It's kind of sad that the Japanese players had to spend over a grand to take each other out, and 2 players who live in the same CITY let alone state had to fly across the country to be put in the same pool. (salty)
- Abadango and MVD surprise people by making it to top 8 with characters who aren't considered to even be in the top 10 of the game!
- Dabuz makes a strong showing with his Olimar vs Mew2King's Diddy Kong! Potential counter? Or does Mew2King still have his Olimar problems but no Nado to deal with it?

Smash Wii U Doubles
1. ZeRo (Diddy Kong) + MVG Mew2King (Diddy Kong)
2. FOW (Ness) + MJG (Villager)
3. LLL Mr. R (Sheik) + (Diddy Kong)
4. DtN Nietono (Sheik) + Choco (Zero Suit Samus)
5. Boreal_Ally (Mario, Diddy Kong) + WS Boss (Luigi)
5. LoF NAKAT (Fox, Ness) + LoF False (Sheik, Luigi)
7. NME Tyrant (Diddy Kong) + Nairo (Zero Suit Samus)
7. XFIRE PL Dabuz (Rosalina) + TLOC Denti (Diddy Kong)

- ZeRo, Mew2King, FOW, and MJG get a free trip to Japan for an exhibition match on an event in Japan!

Make sure to congratulate any of these players if you have the chance to speak to them. They've all accomplished and achieved great heights at what is the biggest Smash tournament yet.

Again, I hope all of you had a blast watching or attending this event. Have an apex story? Share it in the comments or in a blog! Got pictures or videos of Apex? Share away!
Howdy Folks! 

Horsy is here, to bring you the first official ladder rankings report for the Super Smash Brothers Wii U Ladder. 

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lateness of this season's kick-off ladder rankings report; as many of y'all have noticed, our community's site activity has been very sluggish, in recent weeks, and months, due-largely-in-part to the remnants of (still) unfixed site bugs; and of course, continued renovations, revamping, and improvements, across our site community. We, again, ask that you all continue to bare with us, as our programmers continue to tackle, and squash these bugs, as well as continuing to further improve our site community home; progress may be slow, but we'll get there, eventually, someday. 

Our community's content team has also been revamped (see article here), as part of improving our site community home, so I would like to extend this opportunity to everyone, to apply, and become a community writer; the more people we have to produce content, from all aspects (tournament coverage, gaming news, etc.), the more lively our site community home will be. So if you've been looking for a way to contribute to the community, or to be a part of a major sector that helps keep our community lively, then joining the Content Team is a great start. We are currently having an open call hiring session; we still have a lot of room for different departments to be filled. So once again, I would like to highly encourage y'all to apply. You, the community, are the backbone and driving force of our site community's content, and activity; we need YOU! 

This current laddering season officially began on January 1, 2015 (exactly one month ago), and will last until March 31, 2015; we're only a month into the first official laddering season of Super Smash Brothers Wii U, so there's still ample time to duke it out, and climb your way to the top of the ladder; so let's make it happen, folks! 2015 has been projected by some, to be a great year for Smash; and being a loyal Smash veteran, myself, since it all began in 1999, I really hope these projections will come to pass. It's a new year, and a new laddering season of Smash; let's make this year, and this generation of a series that we've held so dear for sixteen years, better than the last. 

And as always, good luck, have fun, and remember to show good sportsmanship. 

Special Note(s): 

(01) Super Smash Brothers is now sixteen years old; it was first released in Japan (January 1999); then secondly, in North America (April 1999); then lastly, in Europe (November 1999). Happy Sweet Sixteen to Super Smash Brothers! 

That's all the announcements that I have for today; without further ado, I now present to you the current rankings of the Winter 2015 Super Smash Brothers Wii U Ladder. 

These rankings were recorded on Sunday, February 1st, 2015, at 9:10 am (Eastern United States Time)

Super Smash Brothers Wii U (Singles): 

(01) dabuz the horrible [Score: 2197 | Wins: 23 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Rosalina, Olimar) 
(02) StaticManny [Score: 2071 | Wins: 21 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(03) TLOC Denti [Score: 2031 | Wins: 41 / Losses: 9] (Characters(s): Diddy Kong, Sheik) 
(04) Marsstuff1 [Score: 1949 | Wins: 25 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Zero Suit Samus, Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(05) MFGC Tweek [Score: 1924 | Wins: 34 / Losses: 15] (Character(s): Bowser Jr., Ganondorf) 
(06) Raffi-X [Score: 1921 | Wins: 45 / Losses: 20] (Character(s): R.O.B.) 
(07) samboner [Score: 1869 | Wins: 50 / Losses: 40] (Character(s): Luigi, Sheik) 
(08) Pablo Skywalker [Score: 1825 | Wins: 38 / Losses: 34] (Character(s): Ike, Sheik) 
(09) notmx [Score: 1812 | Wins: 39 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Yoshi, Diddy Kong, Mario) 
(10) ANTi [Score: 1790 | Wins: 9 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Greninja) 
(11) Cristian iTh [Score: 1784 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Toon Link) 
(12) BengalsRZ [Score: 1758 | Wins: 52 / Losses: 27] (Character(s): Zero Suit Samus) 
(13) boku0801 [Score: 1752 | Wins: 105 / Losses: 52] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(14) Meek [Score: 1739 | Wins: Wins: 9 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(15) Luisfer [Score: 1736 | Wins: 18 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Diddy Kong) 
(16) Mayo of the broken hitbox [Score: 1698 | Wins: 30 / Losses: 9] (Character(s): Dark Pit) 
(17) -Big D [Score: 1695 | Wins: 13 / Losses: 8] (Character(s): Palutena, King Dedede, Wii Fit Trainer) 
(18) Mana1 [Score: 1694 | Wins: 21 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Toon Link) 
(19) SFA Zan [Score: 1692 | Wins: 33 / Losses: 25] (Character(s): Toon Link) 
(20) LatzoSSB [Score: 1650 | Wins: 20 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Pikachu, Olimar) 
(21) Phoenix vX [Score: 1647 | Wins: 52 / Losses: 16] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(22) Ito [Score: 1643 | Wins: 10 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Diddy Kong) 
(23) wWw Koolaid [Score: 1639 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Pac-Man) 
(24) ven [Score: 1620 | Wins: 49 / Losses: 25] (Character(s): Princess Zelda) 
(25) CacoGen [Score: 1620 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Link, Princess Zelda) 
(26) Alphicans [Score: 1591 | Wins: 16 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Little Mac, Diddy Kong) 
(27) Kuraudo [Score: 1590 | Wins: 24 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 
(28) Tairbear [Score: 1583 | Wins: 15 / Losses: 3] (Character(s): Little Mac, Bowser, Samus, Captain Falcon) 
(29) mbohne [Score: 1572 | Wins: 63 / Losses: 110] (Character(s): Mario 
(30) CosmicCosmos [Score: 1568 | Wins: 28 / Losses: 30] (Character(s): Pikachu, Sheik) 
(31) Shamrock7r [Score: 1567 | Wins: 33 / Losses: 17] (Character(s): Ness) 
(32) [AoT] Wrath [Score: 1523 | Wins: 45 / Losses: 20] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog) 

Super Smash Brothers (Doubles): 

(01) SoLSTiCe [Score: 1551 | Wins: 22 / Losses: 4] (Character(s): Yoshi, Bowser) 
(02) Finn Hat [Score: 1481 | Wins: 18 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog, Mr. Game & Watch) 
(03) ROBOT CHICKEN [Score: 1459 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): R.O.B, Dark Pit, Shulk) 
(04) Team Nipz [Score: 1442 | Wins: 5 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Villager, Captain Falcon) 
(05) Team Yazi [Score: 1427 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Zero Suit Samus, Marth) 
(06) Zae is Bae [Score: 1420 | Wins: 12 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): Yoshi, Rosalina) 
(07) We can't dance but our diamonds can [Score: 1362 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Ike, Bowser Jr., Diddy Kong) 
(08) Jake mains Meta Knight [Score: 1359 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): ?) 
(09) Blade [Score: 1307 | Wins: 20 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Sonic the Hedgehog, Marth, Ike, Mii Fighter) 
(10) SOLSTICE OWNIN' LADDER [Score: 1213 | Wins: 10 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Princess Zelda, ?) 
(11) Villager Squad [Score: 1143 | Wins: 7 / Losses: 6] (Character(s): Villager) 
(12) Wasta $Money$ [Score: 958 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 13] (Character(s): Bowser, Zero Suit Samus) 
(13) Gamefaqs Legends! [Score: 955 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 5] (Character(s): ?) 
(14) Stroganoff [Score: 952 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Diddy Kong, Star Fox) 
(15) Illest Duo [Score: 906 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Marth, Luigi, Olimar?) 
(16) Please change the sites name [Score: 903 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 4] (Character(s): Bowser, Jigglypuff, Duck Hunt) 

Spotlight Notes (Singles): 

(01) dabuz the horrible is currently leading the pack, with an impressive twenty-three win streak, and no losses. 

(02) boku0801 currently has the most victories, with a total of one-hundred and five wins. 

(03) mbohne currently has the most matches played, with a total of one-hundred and seventy-three games. 

Spotlight Notes (Doubles): 

(01) Team "ROBOT CHICKEN", and Team "Blade", currently have the most win streaks, with both teams each having a six win streak. 

(02) Team "SoLSTiCe", and Team "Blade", currently have the most matches played, with both teams each having twenty-six games played. 

Ending Note(s):
 I entered the players' character main(s) based on ladder feedback, and partially on user profile pages; if your listed character main(s) are incorrect, simply notify Foodies, NiteNinja, Senobekim, or myself; and it will be corrected, as soon as possible; thank you for your cooperation. 

That's all for now, folks; y'all have a very blessed day, now!
by Milky Jan 30 2015, 5:21PM

Hey guys, Milky here, and I'm your Nintendo News reporter!

On February 13th
, Nintendo will be releasing the new Nintendo 3DS XL and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D.

Majora's Mask is arguably the darkest Zelda game in the entire franchise. It was originally released on the Nintendo 64. Due to popular request, they decided to revamp the game with better graphics, controls, and features.

On a related note, pre-order Code Name S.T.E.A.M to get this neat Majora's Mask pin: http://imgur.com/P7hsYGm

The new 3DS XL is an upgraded version of the original 3DS - but note that the Majora's Mask game doesn't require the new 3DS. You can play it on both the original 3DS and the 2DS.
However, consider upgrading because the New 3DS features a ton of new glorious improvements such as:

  • Super-stable, face-tracking 3D viewing. 
  • A C stick - a control stick perfect for subtle movements (or for hardcore smashers)
  • ZL / ZR buttons - two sets of back buttons for more control.
  • And last, but not least, a built-in near-field communication (NFC) reader that makes it easy to use amiibo figures with compatible games. 
These new features will be helpful for games such as: Smash Bros 4 3DS, Resident Evil Revelations, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and more! There are also games that will require the New 3DS to run, such as Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, a port of the original game released on the Wii. The planned release date for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is in April.

The NEW Nintendo 3DS XL will cost $199.99

In other news...
If you haven't heard, Club Nintendo is shutting down. Here's a few tips and pieces of advice before the door shuts!

At the beginning of February, Club Nintendo will start adding a bunch of new and exciting rewards!  Also, as a farewell present, all Club Nintendo Members will be given the Flip Note Studio 3D software. Hype!

At the end of March, Club Nintendo registration will close, which means you will no longer be able to create a new Club Nintendo account and earn new points. Members have until the end of June to redeem points before Club Nintendo officially shuts down.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Club Nintendo, create an account, and redeem all of your Club Nintendo points while you still have the chance! 

Nintendo has announced that they have something else in store for us to replace Club Nintendo:
"Nintendo of America will be announcing a new customer loyalty program at a later date."

Further details of the program have not been released yet.

And that's about it for this edition's Nintendo News! Until next time!
by JV_ Jan 26 2015, 9:10PM
There is little doubt 2015 will be a huge and exciting year for Smash 4. As the community delves into the first full year of Smash 4's life cycle and all the gaming goodness it holds, we at NintendoDojo are also looking to be ready and involved in all aspects of this groundbreaking year, be it online ladders and tournaments, streaming, content, or even live events. But to truly be involved in all aspects, you need some great partners. 

With that we are pleased to announce our first official live event partnership of the coming year! 

NintendoDojo and TioPro will be working with the SuperCon 2K series to help facilitate a great Smash 4 tournament at one of the largest South Eastern US Comic Cons in Pensacon 2015

Pensacon is a massive all-inclusive convention spanning artists, authors, cosplay, tv and cinema personalities (people from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and more will be in attendance), and gaming. It takes place at Pensacola, FL on Feb 27th - March 1st at the Pensacola Bay Center, a 10,000-seat arena with over 20,000 square feet of exhibition space. 

SuperCon 2K Series was developed and supported by National Video Game Association (NVGA), LORTNATION, FRAGGEDNATION and VIBRAS FIVE.ONE. The series travels to anime, sci-fi, comicbook, gaming conventions, festivals and private events across the nation providing a home for gamers to meet other gamers, compete in tournaments, play casual games, learn about the gaming industry and see what other aspects of influence gaming. 

The Super Smash Bros Wii U tournament singles tournament takes place on Saturday, February 28th. In addition to Smash there will be tournaments for Killer Instinct, Call of Duty, Guilty Gear Xrd, Halo 4, and Ultra Street Fighter 4. Not to mention there will also be gaming freeplay all weekend long and Opportunity Funds where you can win a ton of sponsor gear. For the full rules, rundown, and schedule, head over to the SuperCon Series Pensacon page.

You can follow Pensacon and the SuperCon 2K series on twitter for event news and updates as well. 

The Smash 4 tournament will have prize packages for the entire Top 8. Below is the run-down for 1st place with the rest of the prizing to be announced in the near future as well as full stream information for anyone that cannot make the event in person but still wants to check all the action from home. 

1st - Prize Package (X-Rocker Gaming Chair, VIBRAS FIVE.ONE Headset, BestBuy Gift Card, 1 Pair of NoScope Glasses

So who wants to check out all Pensacon 2015 has to offer? Not just a weekend or day of great gaming but a convention chalked full of cool things to see, people to meet, and things to do? Better yet, how about for free? Well, as part of the co-promotion, we have a few weekend passes to give away to a few skilled or lucky (or a combination of the two) community members. 

We will be holding an online tournament on Feb 8th, with the prize of a weekend pass ($70 value) to our top two finishers.  Tournament details and registration can be found here

And in honor of our freshly launched twitter account, anyone that follows and tweets at @nintendodojo with "#pensacon_smash" between now and February 8th will be entered into a raffle to win the third convention pass. 

We are thrilled to be working with a great convention in Pensacon and a group of people that throw great gaming events all over the US in the SuperCon 2K series. Hopefully anyone in the region that has the opportunity to attend the event in person makes it out. 

There will be more details and exciting announcements for Penascon 2015 in the coming weeks as well as exciting news about a couple of other great live events NDJ is working with in the first quarter of the year. So stay tuned!

Hey everyone! Lately the front page has been rather lacking so we decided that it was time to revamp the content team. People have been removed and we are starting fresh in hopes that will help get things moving again. NiteNinja will be the new co-head of the content team due to his initiative in attempting to get people to write articles.

While we can handle administrative work regarding the front page, what the content team needs most of all is you, the users! This means that we are going to have another formal recruitment period. To make things more organized, I have made a list of positions. Here are the roles and their descriptions.

These people will read over each article and fix them accordingly to remove spelling and grammatical errors.

Biweekly ladder update writer
The writer must write ladder updates every two weeks. Ladder updates include the rankings for all ladders and comments about placings, character usage, and other interesting tidbits.

Player/Member interview writer
The writer will interview people (notable offline or wifi players, TOs, influential site members) on topics relevant to Smash, other Nintendo games, Nintendo news and so on.

Smash content writer
The writer will cover aspects about the game (yes, that’s very broad). Examples include new advanced techniques, discussion on rulesets, the state of the metagame, character analyses, etc.

Nintendo news update writer
The writer will give everyone updates about Nintendo news, including direct dates and summaries, new games, and so on.

Tournament coverage writer
The writer will compile information about major upcoming tournaments (both offline and online) and results of major tournaments. It will help to be versed in both the offline and online tournament scene.

Opinion and entertainment writer
The writer will write about anything related to Smash, the site, gaming, etc, but the articles need to be interesting and discussion provoking (and not break site rules, of course).

We are aiming to get at least one person in each department, with the number of editors based on the number of writers. If there’s something you want to write about that doesn’t seem to fall in one of these categories, no problem! Just PM or post and explain what you want to do and we might be able to work something out.

To prevent content from stagnating, writers are required to write at least one article a month. Content team members are also expected to give feedback on other people’s writing. If you want to write articles but do not think you can commit to joining the team, don’t worry! You can still write and then submit the article through our past method of going through a group: http://nintendodojo.com/group.aspx?id=13923.

If you can get article published through that what’s the point of even being on the team? The previous method requires articles to be in publishable quality beforehand. The content team will help with the writing process as a whole and the editors will also help revise your articles. In addition, all content team members will be assigned the Content Team Member badge, which comes with the white with black outline name color.

To apply, just send a PM to me (Foodies) or NiteNinja with the following:
1. What role you are applying for
2. Why you think you are qualified for the role (past experience, English grades, SAT scores, whatever)
3. The phrase “Yay NDJ Content” just to prove you even read this.

There is no deadline to apply. We will get back to everyone in about a week of their application.

That’s it! I hope everyone who’s even slightly interested gives it a shot. We aren’t going to be that critical – as long as you really want to write for us consistently you have a good chance (unless too many people apply for the same role – looking at the biweekly ladder update writer position). And again, remember that if you feel like the front page/the site is lifeless, you can change it.

Hey guys! It's that time again! Another Super Bowl party, hosted by the one and only....NiteNinja(90)!

Anyways, This year we have the New England Patriots (YEAH LET'S GO!!!!) Vs. the Green Bay Packers Seattle Seahawks! Whoo... (I cannot believe Green Bay really managed to screw that game up...). Now, you may be asking yourselves, "Nite srsly bro, why shud I even go to this Super Bowl party? I don't even like Basketball."

Well, here are reasons...

Why YOU should come:

1) Badges - Oh yes...there will be plenty of badge opportunities here. There will be Football Trivia along with a specific badge for it. There will also be Smash Trivia with the following fantastic badges! (Smash Trivia Amateur, Smash Trivia Veteran, Smash Trivia Expert and Smash Trivia King.  

2) Socialization - This gives you football fans a chance to come together and watch the Super Bowl as a community. Even if you don't care about football, you should still come because of uhh...BADGES!

3) It'll be a lot of fun in general. I remember in the previous years I hosted the Super Bowl party, I had a blast hanging out with you guys, watching the game, eating food, etc. and honestly I would love to do it again this year! 


Where: Site Events Chat!

When: Super Bowl is February 1st at 6:30 PM EST. The event itself will begin at 6:00 PM EST starting off with both Smash and Football trivia hosted by NiteNinja and Yoshinendo.

1) All the rules of the site apply to this event.  Ex. Censor dodging, spamming, trolling, etc.

2)We are not held responsible for any bets (TCG, money, etc.).

3)When trivia is going on, you must follow all the rules the staff member(s) tell you that you can and can't do.

and finally...

4)Have a good time! :)
by Zork Jan 6 2015, 9:45AM
Nintendo: High demand, low stock
Let's start this off with a little factoid about Nintendo's history. Before Nintendo was dominating the early video game era, they dipped their hands in making toys in the 60s, but fell behind because they couldn't keep with up with development and manufacturing. What does that have to do with this article? It's been about 50 years since toys were an option for profit from Nintendo, but now with the popular Amiibos, is Nintendo going down the same road?

Let's go over what Amiibos are for those who live under a rock
Amiibos are NFC (Near Field Communication) figurines that take advantage of wireless communication and data storage. They were introduced mid June and then launched alongside Super Smash Bros for Wii U for $12.99 a figure in November. They do not unlock hidden content, but an extra way to play, like mobile DLC.

Current Issue with Amiibos
Nintendo has stocked extremely limited quantities of certain Amiibo at launch. They have said that the more popular Amiibos would always be in stock, but the less popular would not have a high priority on shelves. This has made certain Amiibos rare, causing people to hunt down certain Amiibos or pay 3 times to 5 times the MSRP for a single figurine. At the time of this article, Wave 1 and Wave 2 Amiibos are already out, with Wave 3 around the corner.

Wave 3 already seems to be having issues with the fact there are 4 exclusive Amiibos (Lucario, Shulk, Rosalina, and Meta Knight), which are all likely going to end up being "rare". Not only that, the people who pre-ordered the Lucario Amiibo have had their pre-order cancelled twice now. Wave 3 Amiibos have already some pre-orders sold out completely, leaving consumers searching eBay or other online retailers for sellers.

Is Nintendo going down the same road as in the 60s? The demand is high but the stock is low, and not much has been said. If you try to go out today to find a Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Marth or Little Mac, you most likely will not find any in stores and they have not restocked since their debut. The odd thing about this whole situation is that Nintendo actually never had an issue with stocking the first NFC figurines the Wii U had, which were Pokemon figurines used in Pokemon Rumble U. Chances are the demand for those weren't as high as the Amiibos out now, but this clearly gave Nintendo an idea on what to expect.

There is another small issue with Amiibos that I should point out, each Amiibo can hold one game on it. If you level your Mario Amiibo to 50 in Smash Bros then use that same Mario to unlock a costume in Mario Kart, you will lose that Smash Bros data.

The Future of Amiibos
Amiibos will be able to be used on the New 3DS as well - currently there are over 10 games planned to be compatible with Amiibos between both New 3DS and Wii U. There was also talk about selling cards with NFC functionality in them instead of complete figures, which would be easier to supply and manufacture. With all this said, Amiibos are a hot item, but Nintendo is keeping the consumers in the dark with the supply issue. This leaves some people to waiting for a restock and the more dedicated collectors paying higher prices through secondary sellers.

My Opinion
I honestly believe Amiibos are extremely profitable pieces of plastic and that the shortage is mostly in North America. (I could of sworn that I read about Japan and EU having no supply problems.) But the rarity here is an issue, and the fact that some are being deemed rare before they even launch is baffling. Knowing this I went ahead I pre-orderd most of Wave 3 just so I don't miss out. The whole supply issue is something that needs to be taken care of or at least addressed by Nintendo.

What is your opinion on the matter? Do you believe Nintendo is repeating history? Or could it be that they weren't expecting these to sale like hotcakes? Let me know in the comments!
Tags: zork, Amiibo
Hello again! I’m here to bring you guys a layout for the Winter ‘14/’15 Ladder’s events. Similar to last season’s article, there will be a few dates set to become eligible to receive certain badges if the requirements are met. Pay attention to the dates and the requirements.
For some of you who may not know what this article is about, the ladder event schedules are strict calendar layouts for the events that will be occurring simultaneously with the current Ladder season.

Conflicts with certain dates are expected to arise. This is why we have multiple opportunities planned out for all of you guys to achieve success in these events. This also means, however, that the schedule below will most likely be set. 

The schedule is as follows:

(Keep in mind that “week of the X” date includes day X as well. This means that “Perfect Week” events, where listed, start on Sunday and end on Saturday.)

Week of the 4th: Singles Perfect Week
9th: Doubles Night
9th, 10th, & 11th: Doubles Weekend
Week of the 11th: Doubles Perfect Week
16th, 17th, & 18th: Singles Weekend
Week of the 18th: Singles Perfect Week
23rd: Doubles Night
23rd, 24th & 25th: Doubles Weekend
Week of the 25th: Doubles Perfect Week
30th, 31st & Feb. 1st: Singles Weekend (Transition into Singles Perfect Week)

Week of the 1st: Singles Perfect Week
6th: Doubles Night
6th, 7th & 8th: Doubles Weekend
Week of the 8th: Doubles Perfect Week
13th, 14th & 15th: Singles Weekend
Week of the 15th: Singles Perfect Week
20th: Doubles Night
20th, 21st & 22nd: Doubles Weekend
Week of the 22nd: Doubles Perfect Week
27th, 28th & Mar. 1st: Singles Weekend (Transition into Singles Perfect Week)

Week of the 1st: Singles Perfect Week
6th: Doubles Night
6th, 7th & 8th: Doubles Weekend
Week of the 8th: Doubles Perfect Week
13th, 14th & 15th: Singles Weekend
Week of the 15th: Singles Perfect Week
20th: Doubles Night
20th, 21st & 22nd: Doubles Weekend
Week of the 22nd: Doubles Perfect Week
27th, 28th & 29th: Singles Weekend
For this season and subsequent seasons, Doubles Day will be scheduled to be on the last Sunday of the month (January 25th, February 22nd, and March 29th) between 12:00PM and 12:00AM CST (Central Standard Time). I can be flexible with these days though if people decide to request a different date.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these events, there are specific requirements for each one that MUST be completed (no exceptions!) in order for badges to be awarded to the player (or duo). The requirements are, of course, respective to the event, so you cannot obtain a Singles Weekend badge during Doubles Weekend, etc. (there are overlaps in some events, though). The criteria are as follows: 

Singles Weekend: Play 2 matches on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Singles ladder. You do not need to win the matches. 
Singles Perfect Week: Win one match each day of the week against a different opponent in singles ladder. Losing matches does not affect your eligibility, but you must get the necessary wins. 
Doubles Night:  Play 3 matches on Friday in Doubles ladder. You do not need to win the matches. 
Doubles Weekend:  Play 2 matches on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in doubles ladder. You do not need to win the matches. 
Doubles Perfect Week: Win 5 matches on different days AND against different teams over the course of the week in Doubles ladder. Losing matches does not affect your eligibility, but you must get the necessary wins. 
Doubles Day: Play the most matches on the designated day (minimum of 3 matches; time zone is based on CST). I repeat, only the amount of matches gets factored into awarding this badge. In the event of a tie, the badge goes to the team with more points. 

If you meet the criteria for a badge, leave me (Cassius) a shoutout. I will verify that you have met the criteria, and then give you the badge(s). 

The badges for these events are as follows: 

Singles Weekend 
Singles Perfect Week 
Doubles Night 
Doubles Weekend 
Doubles Perfect Week 
Doubles Day
by JV_ Dec 25 2014, 1:17PM

We at NDJ wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas and happy holidays!

May you enjoy the time with your family, open/give some great gifts, be gracious in your gaming victories or losses, and have good moments with good people. Oh and dont forget to share a cookie and glass of milk with this guy.

Have a great holiday all.

SoCal's tournament circuit for Brawl and Smash 4, Dungeon Series, is coming to a close with the last tournament in this season on January 17th, at Ultimate Gaming Center in Los Angeles, California! We're bringing the hype from the West Coast and players from all around! Heres the info:

1. The Players

We're looking at top West Coast players including, but not limited to:
- Tyrant
- Larry
- SlayerZ
- Tearbear
- Xzax
- Z
- Zex
- Rich Brown
- many more!

West Coast is cool and all...but man I sure wish other players were going too...that'd be really cool and hype...

Whats that? Theres more!?
Not only do we have top West Coast players attending, but top players from other regions are attending to add to the competition! Those attending from out of state include:
- ZeRo
- Nairo
- Denti
- Bloodcross
- 8bitman
- Chibo

2. Stream
You probably saw Chibo's name, and yes what you are thinking is correct. This event will be streamed by CLASH Tournaments on January 17th! Make sure you don't miss it!

3. Events
This tournament will hold both Brawl and Smash 4 1v1 and 2v2s. We are working on setting up a crew battle as well. For full details and more information about the event, click here or contact me at [email protected]

4. Registration
If you are looking to go, make sure you register online here, and click any of the links down below to read for full information on price and schedule of the tournament. To clarify, registration is not mandatory but it gives you a $5 discount on the venue fee.

Here is the flyer for the event:

I hope everyone is looking forward to it! I encourage all of you to get off ya bums playing wifi and support this event! Its gonna be hype leading into Apex!

In case you missed any of the hyperlinks, here are all the details.

Smashboards Event Page
Nintendodojo Event Page
Facebook Event Page
Online Registration
CLASH Tournaments Stream"
by JV_ Dec 17 2014, 1:42AM

Update: Took until 7:40 AM EST but the migration is complete. Everything should be working as it was. If anyone is having any issues they were not prior to the downtime please let us know.


On Wednesday December 17th between 6 PM and Midnight EST were are scheduled for a server migration as our host moves their data center to a new location. We are told the process wont take the full 6 hours but when exactly they will start and complete it within that window is outside our knowledge.

The good news is we will be getting some minor server and data center upgrades in this transition.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience of the downtime.

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