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by Linkz Oct 24 2014, 2:15AM

So this is single handedly the most active ladder we’ve had in a long time here on the site. It’s expected with the release of a new and exciting game. With the announcement of all the amazing new features of Smash 4 for Wii U just a few hours ago, I’m expecting the ladder to get even more active. That being said, a full on Smash 4 for Wii U ladder probably won’t launch until January, but there’ll probably be a joke ladder in December to transition us over. With all of these new ladders though, there has to be a set of rules to govern everything. As you may or may not know, the current Smash 4 for 3DS ladder is a beta ladder. I know many of you are disgruntled with the current ruleset, and I aim to change that. And not only change it for the next 3DS ladder, but to start getting some input on a ruleset for the Wii U version of the game as well.

Leaving your feedback on the current rules, as well as suggestions for the Wii U rules, will be simple. There’s a new subforum in the Site Discussion section named Ladder Feedback. Here you can make new threads to leave your two cents on the rules. If someone else has pretty much already posted what you were going to say, feel free to post in their thread to reiterate the point. This is YOUR chance to change the rules how you see fit.

Keep in mind that not every suggestion will be put into use. You also shouldn’t go into this thinking there’s going to be a drastic change between what’s being used now, and what will be used permanently in the future. Please also don’t suggest something that’s already in the rules, as that’s just a waste of both your time, and mine.

I, as well as the rest of the ladder staff, will be going through each thread created in there to look over everything you guys post. If something sounds legit enough to become a rule, I’ll make sure to let you know. Remember: this is YOUR chance to be heard!

On a side note, I would like to point out that while I’m mainly looking for feedback and suggestions for the Smash 4 for 3DS and Wii U ladders, that’s not all this forum will be used for. If you have any ideas for ladders involving games other than Smash, feel free to let us know. You can also leave your thoughts on whether or not the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game should have separate or unified ladders. Just about anything that relates to the ladder is fair game in this forum.

Once I’ve received a good amount of feedback regarding the ladder rules, I’ll compile a list of all of the changes and post them in an article for everyone to read. The rules may change mid ladder season, or they may not change until the next ladder. That’s something to be decided.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Ladder Feedback forum and leave your two cents!

It may be a bit more short notice than our previous contests, but lets roll with it anyway.  Announcing our first ever Nintendodojo costume contest, and on top of that, a pumpkin carving contest!

The rules are pretty simple, you just need to send us a picture of your pumpkin/costume and we will let the users of the site vote on which ones they like the most.  Yes, this means if you do submit a costume, everyone will see it (unlike past contests, because I don't believe there is really much point to holding this if it's all done without any site interaction).  Do make sure to keep it appropriate of course, for both costumes and whatever you carve into your pumpkin.

Of course, who is who will be kept anonymous until after voting is complete (so please don't go shouting who is who in comments and such),  same goes with the pumpkins, so vote for what you like best instead of trying to just vote for your friends. 

It goes without saying but please do not try to cheat either, I wouldn't want to have to ban users from participating in future events (of any kind), the point of it is to have fun and show off to everyone (I mean winning is cool too but do it by your own hands).  

The deadline for submissions will be 11:59 pm on the 31st, just in case anyone who was planning to enter the costume contest is going to wait til they dress up on halloween to take a picture.  

All you have to do is pm me with a title like Costume/Pumpkin contest entry (adding in "I love Zano" will not get you anything, but you are welcome to still add it as always) and submit your entries through there.  You must also send a second picture holding something with your username written on it (this one will not be shown to the public at all and is just to assure it is actually you in the costume).  The following day is when voting will occur and it will last over a week.  

I wish everyone good luck and hope to see plenty of entries, especially with all the new faces around, look forward to more events like this to come!

by Foodies Oct 22 2014, 12:30AM

For NintendoDojo’s launch and by JV's request, staff has re-evaluated the existing name colors. It was agreed that there were too many and they weren’t really special anymore. Users always seemed to expect a new name color with a new badge, which was a trend that we wanted to curb. Some colors were also too hard to read and could easily confuse new users about which users were staff members or not, since some name colors appeared bold.

With everything above in mind, we have revamped the colors. The changes will happen over the course of a few days or so. The files aren't completely uploaded properly and it'll take a while to change everything to what they should be. I just thought that I'd make the announcement now so people know what is happening and don't panic about missing/broken name colors (at least for the ones that are getting changed versus the ones being removed).

We aimed at distributing colors in a way that there were a few that were easily accessible, while others took more effort to earn. Name colors for users now fall into two categories: Flats and glows. The outline style was designated to Staff only because that version was one of the variants that appeared bold. The shadow style was removed because there were reported issues with it in Chrome.

Here’s the new list of each color and what badges they correspond to:

Red: Red Team, Helper, Wifi Gladiator
Blue: Blue Team, Selfless
Green: Green Team, Assistant
Purple: Staff Slayer, Staff Burner
Light Blue: Wifi Warrior, Party Animal
Pink: Pokemon Master, Double Danger
Orange: Duo Dueler, Correspondent
Golden: Featured, TCB MVP

Bronze Glow: All (including old) singles ladder top 16, 32, 64; doubles top 16
White/Silver Glow: All (including old) ladder top 8
Light Gold Glow: All (inculding old) Ladder Champion, Stadium Kings (All-star, boss battle, etc)
Gold Glow: Regional Champion
Red Glow: TCB Red Winner
Blue Glow: TCB Blue Winner
Green Glow: TCB Green Winner
Orange Glow: Checkmate, Smash Trivia King
Lavender Glow: Elite Trainer, Black License, World Record Holder
Violet Glow: ZxL Winner
Dark Red Glow: GMF Winner
Existing non-mod color of choice: Ladder Crown

Light green with black outline: Forum Moderators
Red with black outline: Ladder Referees
Blue with black outline: Tournament Administrators
Green with Black Outline: Stadium Administrators
Magenta with Black Outline: Super Moderators
Light Blue with Black Outline: Administrators

Things to note:
- The regular Blue has been lightened so it is easier to read on the Blue Skin
- The old white ladder color should be readable on a white background now (whenever the Orange Skin comes back up)
- Salmon, Brown, and Dark Gray flats were removed
- TCB glows were lowered so they don't look as harsh
- The Doubles, PM, and low tier top 32 color was removed because it was determined that playing 2 matches and getting the badge devalued it
- Ladder colors have reverted to their original distribution of 3 available colors (though the colors themselves were slightly changed of course)
- The Ladder Crown badge can be any color available to regular users the owner chooses it to be. This badge moves around so we figured it too much of a hassle to change its colors while changing its ownership

Note that NintendoDojo will likely have different skins added, so these colors may still be tweaked to improve readability. This current list of colors is what is going to exist now for the most part, and we have no plans to add any new ones (though there is the possibility of a pink glow). We know that there may be people who are upset at losing a certain color, and we apologize if this change has caused you major grief. However, we hope that users understand why we decided to make the changes and hope that there are still colors that people will be motivated to earn.

Team Colors Battle was an event hosted in beta almost a year ago. The event has been modified and now there are even more competitions to participate in. SGOlympian will be helping me manage the event this time around as well. But the general idea is the same: compete in Smash and the team color that gets the most points for the month is the winner! Here is the list of the events that teams will compete in.

Round Robin – Doubles
Round Robin – Singles
Free for All
Ladder Activity

The rules have also been clarified. For event details and full rules, make sure to check out the posting in the TCB group forum. The volume of text was too high for this article, but there is very important information there that everyone who is interested in the event should read.

Event details and scoring
Scheduling, walkover and subbing

The whole event will last for a month, from November 2nd to November 29th. Signups will begin on October 22nd at 5 pm CST and will be open for 1 week or until all the spots fill up. First come, first serve. Look for the post in the TCB group forum.

Sign up thread (wait until it's open in 2 days)

Sign up details:
Each team has a maximum of 30 players. A minimum of 20 players must be obtained for each team. If the minimum is not met, some events may be cut. 10 spots will be reserved for people without participation badges. If these do not fill up by the end of the week, the spots will be filled by people who already have participation badges (waitlist priority).

If you need a badge or want to change teams message Foodies or SGOlympian.  Team switching is allowed when the TCB season is not active. A user's winners badge is forfeit if he/she decides to switch teams.

There are also new prizes! TCB now features a MVP badge: each team color will vote on their 2 MVPs at the end of the season to get the badge. If you correctly predict the winning color of the TCB season in the group poll, you will receive a TCB diviner badge. The old participation badge and winners badges (red, green, blue) still exist of course.

All records and updates will be done in the TCB group.

Hello and welcome -- members, guests, and readers, to NintendoDojo’s first Ladder Event Schedule! A lot of members on the website know me as Limit (Cassius is fine, too!), but for those who are not familiar with me, it is a pleasure to be on the front page for you all.

For some of you guys who may not know what this article is about, the ladder event schedules are strict calendar layouts for the events that will be occurring simultaneously with the Ladder season (the current one being the Fall ’14 season inclusive of October and November). I will be creating similar articles of every ladder “season” from now on, in place of Foodies.

Attendance conflicts are expected to arise due to SM4SH being a new game which will bring about a plethora of tournaments. This is why we will have multiple opportunities planned out for all of you guys to achieve success in the events we have planned. This means that the schedule below will most likely be set, and subsequent articles should be following a similar format.

The schedule is as follows:
(Keep in mind that “week of the X” date includes day X as well)

24th, 25th & 26th: Singles Weekend
Week of the 26th: Singles Perfect Week
31st: Doubles Night (Transition into Doubles Weekend)

(Oct. 31st), 1st & 2nd: Doubles Weekend
Week of the 2nd: Doubles Perfect Week
7th, 8th & 9th: Singles Weekend
Week of the 9th: Singles Perfect Week
14th: Doubles Night
14th, 15th & 16th: Doubles Weekend
Week of the 16th: Doubles Perfect Week
21st, 22nd & 23rd: *WII U SM4SH RELEASE!* Singles Weekend
Week of the 23rd: Singles Perfect Week
For this season and subsequent seasons, Doubles Day will be scheduled to be on the last Sunday of the month (October 26th, and November 30th) between 12:00PM and 12:00AM CST (Central Standard Time). I can be flexible with these days though if people decide to request a different date. You can leave me a shoutout or check the Doubles Ladder Partner Finder and Support group announcement section for updates. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these events, there are specific requirements for each one that MUST be completed (no exceptions!) in order for badges to be awarded to the player (or duo). The requirements are, of course, respective to the event, so you cannot obtain a Singles Weekend badge during Doubles Weekend, etc. (there are overlaps in some events, though). The criteria are as follows:

Singles Weekend: Play 2 matches on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Singles ladder. You do not need to win the matches.
Singles Perfect Week: Win one match each day of the week against a different opponent in singles ladder. Losing matches does not affect your eligibility, but you must get the necessary wins.
Doubles Night:  Play 3 matches on Friday in Doubles ladder. You do not need to win the matches.
Doubles Weekend:  Play 2 matches on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in doubles ladder. You do not need to win the matches.
Doubles Perfect Week: Win 5 matches on different days AND against different teams over the course of the week in Doubles ladder. Losing matches does not affect your eligibility, but you must get the necessary wins.
Doubles Day: Play the most matches on the designated day (minimum of 3 matches; time zone is based on CST). I repeat, only the amount of matches gets factored into awarding this badge. In the event of a tie, the badge goes to the team with more points.

If you meet the criteria for a badge, leave me (Cassius) a shoutout. I will verify that you have met the criteria, and then give you the badge(s).

The badges for these events are as follows:

Singles Weekend
Singles Perfect Week
Doubles Night
Doubles Weekend
Doubles Perfect Week
Doubles Day
by Linkz Oct 17 2014, 7:23PM

Normally I’d start off these articles with some sort of introduction, but I’m just going to delve right into this one, since it may be longer than some previous ones. For a while now, we’ve been hard at work trying to decide how we should approach the arrival of a new Smash game in regards to the ladder, specially users that have been permanently banned from it. There was a lot of discussion on the topic, and ultimately we decided that since we allowed users banned from the site to return for the new Nintendo Dojo, we should also allow banned ladder users to return as well. With Smash 4 being a new game, we’re giving everyone a clean slate…with a catch. The catch is that, much like everyone that was allowed to return to the site, everyone that has been ladder banned has to apply to be unbanned. I’m very willing to allow most, if not all, of the currently banned ladder users to return.

The application process will be easy: simply create a thread in the Issue Resolution forum containing the following information:

  • The reason you were banned.
  • Why you should be unbanned.
  • How you’ve changed since being banned.
  • Include any additional information you feel may be relevant.


You can tie the second and third points together if you want. Your message also does not need to include things in that order either. I will be personally responding to each thread that gets opened, so please be patient if I don’t get to you right away. I’ll be doing my best to get to everyone’s posts within 24 hours of them showing up.

When creating your post, make sure to provide as much detail as you can. While I’m happy to give everyone a shot at coming back, a lack of effort on your end won’t leave a very good impression. Make sure to keep things professional as well. Any sort of profanity or childish behavior will result in your permanent ban staying in place. Your posts should also only contain text; any images that you wish to leave should be left as links. Also, it has to be the banned individual that asks for the unbanning. Any threads from users asking if their friend can be unbanned from the ladder will be closed.

Additionally, much like the users that were allowed to return to the site after being site banned, users allowed back on the ladder will be considered probationary. You won’t be receiving any sort of badge to mark you, but the ladder staff will know who you are. Any suspicious activity on your end will result in your ladder ban being reinstated. Probationary periods will last at the minimum the current (Fall) and following (Winter) ladder seasons. After that time passes and you haven’t been accused of suspicious activity, your probationary period will end.

That about wraps up what I wanted to say on the subject here. I look forward to having even more users join this already busy ladder season.

P.S.: A lot of people have been contacting staff members, writing blogs, and making forum posts regarding the ladder rules for the current season. There will be some information regarding all of that in the very near future. Keep the feedback coming, as it helps us improve the ladder.

by DedSec_Defalt Oct 14 2014, 4:58AM
Hey guys! Kimmy here, your fellow Art District Staff! 
As most of have already noticed, the site’s name has been officially changed to Nintendo Dojo and with the site’s new name we are in need of new banners! This is where you guys come in! 

The theme for the banner contest is very loose – we are just looking for something that looks good and is relevant to the site. This means mostly Smash characters and Nintendo characters; there’s also the option of not even putting a character in the banner. But no random anime characters, please.

Anyway, you will find anything you need to know below, so start reading!


-Banners must have the "Nintendo Dojo" logo somewhere in the banner.  
-Banners should have a color scheme that fits the blue skin.
-Do not make/submit any kind of entries that may be deemed inappropriate by the site rules.  
-You may submit up to 2 entries.
-Banners must be 964 x 175 pixels, no more, no less.
-Your banner must be well/decently made.

Voting will be made public for everyone to vote, when the votes get posted be sure to read the rules before voting.

Banner Contest Committee: 

- DedSec_Default
- Rock Howard
- NiteNinja
- Kirito

How to enter:
-Privately message one of the committee members on the list above with your banner(s).
-When PMing the committee you wish to PM, be sure to put your subject as "Banner Contest"

Deadline: Friday, October 24th  at 11:59 EST {10:59 CST, 8:59 PST}

If you want access to top-quality, rendered pictures of Smash characters, check out the links below:  

Renders-Graphiques is a French site, but they have good well made renders on that site, so it may help you.

This site carries all the characters for Smash 4, perfectly rendered!

As for the Nintendo Dojo logo, you will find it right Here! 


And that is all you guys need to know!
If you have any questions about the contest post below or message one of the committee members above.
Don't forget to send one of us your banner(s) before/on the due date!
Now get to making those banners and have fun!
Smash 4 Ladders are live! 

For all of you Smash 4 3ds players, right now you can jump in and play either singles or doubles ladder matches. These are official ladder matches and will count towards our first full regular season that will end on November 30th at 11:59 EST. With playoffs running the first week of December.  

There will be a full announcement of the current season ladder prizes coming in the next few days. But as a little hype teaser I will tell you we are working out a sponsorship deal that includes full airfare, hotel, and entry (in Vegas none the less) to one of the first major smash 4 tournaments for our 1st place singles ladder finisher. You factor in how much that would all cost and it brings the total value of what will be given out as our 1st place prize to over $1000. Making it one of our most hype ladders ever. 

Head over to ladder section now and get in on the action! (and given that we are in a completely new games make sure to give the rules a nice read through). 

To kick off the excitement of NDJs release we have several launch promotions. Including a launch party, tournaments, badges, and give-aways. Here is the full run-down. 

-NDJ Launch Party 

On Wednesday October 15th starting at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST in "Social Chat" we will be hosting a launch party get together with a $20 paypal cash prize or amazon gift card to go to one lucky party goer. Key staff will be part of the chat to talk smash, the site, hang out, party like its 2000, and give-away badges/prizes. Had questions about the network you always wanted to ask, NDJ feedback, smash 4 thoughts you want tell your peers, badges/name changes you wanted to get your hands on, and or just want to hang out? Come join us for the launch party this Wednesday. 

-Promo Badges 

Everyone that logs into NDJ between now and Sunday October 19th at 11:59 PM EST will receive a "Ready to Relaunch" badge

In addition we are offering up a chance to earn the the ultra exclusive "Ready to Relaunch - Platinum Edition" badge. With a 1000 point value and a capped quantity of 50, this will go down as one of the most rare and exclusive badges in network history. 

In order to earn this badge you must be one of the first 50 people to do all of the following and pm me your badge submission. 

1. Post your thoughts in the "Smash 4 impressions" thread (if you do not own the game yet, simply post your impressions based on what you have seen and heard about the game)  
2. Follow NDJ on twitch 
3. Mention NDJ somewhere outside our site. Could be your facebook page, a twitch stream, posting a flier at a store, writing NintendoDojo.com in a bathroom stall (*Note* We do not condone vandalizing haha), whatever. Take a screenshot of you helping get the word out and include it in your submission. 
4. Like NDJ on facebook 
5. List all the unlockable characters in Smash 4 (again only the character you have to unlock, do not include default roster) 
6. Post in the comment section of our "Welcome to NintendoDojo" article 
7. Use the "Site Feedback" forum to let us know what you think about the new site or provide any useful bug reports 

Be one of the first 50 people do these 7 things and pm me (along with any links/screenshots for verification) and you will be awarded this ultra rare badge. 

-Smash and Mario Kart Promotional Tournaments  

On Saturday October 18th at 4 PM EST we will be holding a Mario Kart 8 double elimination tournament in "Tournament Chat 3". $20 cash prize for 1st, badges for top 3.  

On Sunday October 19th at 4 PM EST we will be hosting a double elimination Smash 4 3ds tournament. You can check out the details and sign-up for the event here. Cash prizes for 1st and 2nd, badges for top 10.

-Banner Contest 

With a new domain name comes the need for some sexy looking banners to go with it. Check out Mystearica's article for the full details on our launch banner contest

by JV_ Oct 14 2014, 4:12AM
On behalf of the entire site team, welcome to your new home for all your Smash/Nintendo/Community related goodness, NintendoDojo.com!  


With the very recent release of Smash 4 3ds and the upcoming release of the Wii U version we wanted to provided an upgraded site experience on a fresh URL to coincide with these new (crazy exciting) games. We took the base format of AiB (allisbrawl.com) that people had grown used to and made some functional changes to improve your user experience. 

Here are some of the biggest changes you will notice when visiting NintendoDojo.com, or as we like to call it internally, NDJ. 

1. You will see some very clean buttons on the right hand side allowing you to get into features our users want most. By clicking on one of these buttons you can jump right into a friendly or ranked smash 4 match or you can navigate right into a chat with your peers. 

2. Ladder ranks on the homepage. The ladders have long been one of the biggest things going on around here. And we wanted to recognize that by having a system where our homepage was automatically pulling the rankings for the database. Putting the top 10 right on the homepage for the world to see!  

3. Updated homepage tabs. Goals here were three-fold. Clean up what we had, add functionality, and modernize the rest. You will actually only see 9 tabs now, as opposed to 12 from before. So we added functionality but managed to condense the way it is presented to you. Giving the site a cleaner overall feel. Some of the more meaningful new tabs you will see are "community" and "media". Community contains some of our biggest community orientated functionality. Things like blogs, groups, and players. Media has video, stages, news (and the upcoming feature of "streams" *more on this later*). Support has been completely redone and has all our user support systems right in it now. You can see Site FAQs, Site Rules, Staff, or jump right into issue resolution from there. 

4. Hot Forum Topics. Right in the middle of the homepage you will find forum topics that are the most active currently on the site. With all the character discussion, guides, impression topics, and all over things to talk about there will be in the coming months we wanted a better way to showcase these topics. Now you can see our most active topics and jump right into the discussion from the homepage. 

5. TCG added to the "fun" tab. In my eyes, our Trading Card Game has long been one of the most unique and cool features around here. And TCG being fun, well it belongs in the fun section. So now when you click on the "Fun" tab you will see the TCG (with its fixed admin panel) front and center. It deserves to be more visible around here. And with NDJ, glad we were able to do so. 

6. A streaming now box that will bring you our NDJ stream, major tournaments, or featured streaming partners right to homepage for you to play at will. With exciting streams becoming more and more of a common piece of content people want to see we wanted to bring you this functionality right to the homepage. It is set off on autoplay. So it is only when you see something you want to view and click play will it do so.  

7. Log-in/out functionality and user alerts, along with search feature moved to the very top of the page. This stuff is, clearly, important. But with the unused space on the top bar we thought we would move that functionality up top and allow for more space for important content and a cleaner overall look. 

Hopefully, this gives an overview of the major changes around here. There are other minor things that have been cleaned up, fixed, or changed for the better. But I am going to leave it to you smart users to poke around and figure those out ;). 

Do keep in mind this is our 1.00 NDJ release. Meaning we will continue to roll out features and fix things leading up to and through the Smash 4 Wii U release. There is no doubt we shall encounter some bumps in the road. Any time you put out a site as feature heavy as ours (even if it was based off AiBs code) there are going be unforeseen issues that come up. So please bare with us during this transition. Our goal is to bring you the best site possible. So if you notice any bugs, broken functionality, or have general feedback please do post them in our Site Feedback forum. We care what you think and want to fix anything that needs be fixed. 

As I alluded to earlier. We have a several features planned for our 1.1+ NDJ release. Some of these include a 4 panel main page story tab, the NDJ Item Shop, TCG on the homepage, additional skins, forum improvements, and a section for streamers/streaming.  So keep a look out for some more exciting features in the coming weeks as we gear for the NDJ 1.1 release. 

It took a lot of work and a lot of contributions from our staff to make the site possible. A big thank you to anyone that helped out, big or small. Special mention to our Development team of Invinciboy and Mouse, our Co-Head of Staff Foodies, and our head of graphics NiteNinja. These individuals went above and beyond. 

Hopefully everyone is as excited for the new site as we are! As we continue to roll-out features and improvements it is only going to get better from here. 

Welcome to NDJ!

Welcome back to our last  Who’s That User! All good things must come to an end. I had a great time posting WTU, but due to lack of participation and the site changes, I have to cancel Who’s That User. Now this is not a permanent thing. In the future, once NiDo is up and running with lots of activity, WTU will come back, but not hosted by me. I already have in mind who would be hosting the next WTU (If it even happens.) I wanted to thank everybody who participated and trying their hardest!

The WTU group will still exist and will be taken over by the next host if WTU were to resume. All your hard earned points will stay the same, so don’t fret.

As for me, that does not mean I am dead. I will still be part of the site with minor things such as graphics, other various site events, TCG, etc. You may not see me in chats due to school, but I occasionally check on how the site is during my spare time.

Results from WTU #32

The mystery user of last edition was: Zodi. Has the letter “d” somewhere in their username, no matter what kind of ref he is, you’re still going to be hated, predicted correctly 2 characters that will be in Smash 4, and is in the group You Got Sakurai'd. Geno, Ryuuko, Drover, Metabowser, and Pinico were the five to guess correctly, congratulations! 


Honorable Mentions: Foodies, Blazer, and Pr0_Ninja_Zer0


By the way, we made it to 32 issues of WTU! I could not have done it without you guys! 
Hey guys! Milky here, and  I’m more than happy to announce that Zano and I will be revising “Staff vs The World” event!

With that being said, let’s go over some stuff. We all worked very hard in advance to make this event more organized than it ever was.

We will be running designated event days. Staff will declare a certain time and day where they will be taking crew challenges - matches through this method will be first come first serve.

Our first designated event date is happening on the 10/17/2014 at 8:00pm EST.

If you can’t make it on the event date… Nothing to fear! We are still allowing people to schedule matches like we did in the past. Click here to arrange a time that works for your crew!

We recommend you participate in the actual event date though, as we plan to have recap articles about how the battles went down after each staff scheduled event day.

I’d also like to announce something that has been long requested - we’re going to be hosting double crew battles in the future! It might take some time for us to host double crews because we still need to design the badge and come up with the badge name, title, and whatnot. But yeah, it’s happening.

Join the group! You'll be alerted when the staff is looking for some challenges!
Also, make sure and check out the rules and other thread(s) located in the group.
Click here to review the Staff vs World group!

I hope you guys are as excited as we are!

Important Updates:

1) I need more participation in this contest in order for it to continue. If you would like to be a featured user, please private message me via Skype or AiB private messaging. Also, give it your best shot when it comes to guessing a user, we need more than 1-5 guesses per week. If you have any suggestions to boost up activity, feel free to let me know and possibly earn the suggestion badge!

2) I highly recommend you join this group in order to get future updates on anything!


Welcome back to yet another Who’s That User! Great news that Invinciboy is back to help with the development of the site! He knew deep down that WTU must still go on.

The mystery user of last edition was: Luigimaster51. Has the promoter badge, when you’re bored at 10:11 PM EST, you make Stupid random pickup lines, g5srtiila1ume (Scrambled letters of the User’s name,) and has the letter “i” somewhere in his username. Foodies was the first person to guess correctly, congratulations! There will be many opportunities to get it right another time (maybe even this contest!).

Honorable Mentions: None

Rules (taken from past contests):

1.    I will show you the message the featured user sent me. If you are the user I am describing, please keep quiet about it and do not reveal yourself. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your WTU Featured User badge. 

2.    In addition to a fact, clues will be given to help you search the myriad users of AiB for the right one. Don’t stop until you are absolutely sure you have the right user and he or she matches the clues given, because you only get one shot at this. 

3.    To make sure you are taking the time to check your guess, I will give you a few questions to answer about this user. Every answer will be found somewhere on his or her profile (About Me, blogs, videos, etc.) If one answer is incorrect, then your whole guess will be counted wrong, so make sure you are absolutely certain of what you typed. (P.S. If you can't find the answers or have to PM the person you're looking at for an answer, you're doing it wrong.) 

4.    When you are ready to give the name and answers, do not post as a comment. You must send a private message, or your submission will be void. Also, don’t give me a link to his or her profile unless you have the name and the answers to the questions to go with it. Putting just a link in your message will count as an incomplete (and therefore wrong) answer. 

5.    Everyone has until midnight tonight (EST) to message me. Any answer sent in after that will not be counted. 

6.    The first five that send the correct username get the WTU Winner badge! 

And here we go! 

“I own a youtube channel with over 15,000 subscribers. I started about 2 years ago on the whim not really thinking it would turn into anything. Little did i know people would actually enjoy my content. Its not your everyday content you might find on youtube though. No, it has nothing to do with smash but it involves something thats very close to my heart. I was even invited out to a National convention this year as a special guest with over 8,000 people in attendance In August. For the first time in my life i kinda felt like a celebrity, meeting so many fans and chilling with other youtube friends i made over time. Becoming a youtuber was one of the best decisions i ever made."

- Has the letter “d” somewhere in their username

- No matter what kind of ref you are, you’re still going to be hated.

- Predicted correctly 2 characters that will be in Smash 4

- Is in the group You Got Sakurai'd


And the questions you need to answer are as follows 

1.    What kind of music does the user love?

2.    Who does the user want to main in Smash 4?

    3. Where is the user from?
  Well, go find that user! And good luck! The answer to this week’s contest and next WTU will be posted in two weeks.  

P.S. If you want to be featured in an article of “Who’s That User?”, just send NiteNinja a PM with a short paragraph about yourself, your hobbies, something interesting that has happened to you, etc. Just make sure it can’t be found anywhere on your profile (About Me, videos, blogs, tournaments, etc.) If you are chosen, your message will be featured and you shall receive the WTU Featured User badge at the conclusion of the contest. So what are you waiting for? Send in your entries! ^^ Note: Once you send me in your entry to be featured, please do not spam me with more, as I may use it on a different occasion.  

Do not forget to join this group if you want to be informed on any WTU news:

As you may or may not have seen a few weeks ago I put out an open call for some development help. We are getting to crunch time here with the Smash 4 3DS release mere weeks away. The need for both current bug fixes and new development to go towards features we would like to add being the most important/time sensitive thing going on around here. It needs to happen, and it needs to happen now.

On that note I am pleased to announce that AiB user Invinciboy has joined on as a site developer. Here is what he had to say about his recent position.

"I'm excited to be a part of the development team for Nintendo Dojo. An opportunity like this will finally allow me to put my programming skills to use on more than mundane class projects. The road ahead may be fraught with runtime errors and missing semicolons, as is usually the path of a programmer, but there's no turning back. The wheels have been set in motion, and a new site is coming. So get ready and get hyped, because very soon, we will all be Nintendodos. ;)"

More so he has been signed on for the last couple weeks and has been secretly hard at work using development wizardry to both fix and create. With his work we were able to knock out a long standing ladder bug where disputes were not being properly created after a cancellation, integrate the smash 4 module (hope to take it live by the end of the weekend), and get the new NintendoDojo homepage on track to launch soon. After seeing the work he has done in the past couple weeks I could not be more happy to have him on staff. I am confident he can get the development needed to get us through Smash 4 launch done. And allow us to provide the high level of site experience we plan to throughout it for all you users.

And without further ado a couple teaser screenshots of the new homepage he has been hard at work on. Keep in mind these are very beta. We will clean up the look, some of the fonts/icons, and continue to improve it prior to launching.

Generally speaking the community seems to be happy with the core functionality and feel of AiB. So as you can see the Allisbrawl core functionality and feel hasnt been changed too much. It a refinement of what is, with some added features that better cater to the community. Of this a couple things may pop out to you initially.

One of them being instead of links we will have a stream embedded right on the homepage. The NDJ stream, other top streamers, and big tournaments that are active will now appear right on the homepage. It wont autoplay by default. But if you see something you like and want to see. You will be able to play it right from the homepage.

You will also notice now instead of 4 stories always being the only focal ones on the homepage there are 4 different categories. Those being "Smash", "Site", "Gaming", and "Activities". This allows us to keep you informed on more happenings at one time, allows us to bring more content to you, and gives you the control to view the content that is most important to you.

Other improvements include a "Smash Now" section where you can jump right into ranked or friendly matches. hot forum topics that will pull the most active forum topics right to the homepage, and an updated menu bar.

The last screenshot shows the upcoming ladder rankings that mouse had been working on. More people will fit on the list and it will include will include direct links to top ladder players profiles when it goes final. But we have a goal to get the top players of the current seasons ladders right on the homepage. This gives you an idea of that :).

The whole team has been hard at work on planning, doing art (special mention to NiteNinja), coming up with ideas and feature improvements, coding, etc. To get ready for the Smash 4 launch and our new home site for it. We are very excited to show you some of it and look forward to your feedback.


Read the rules and details (including Gamestop locations) here: http://smashbros.nintendo.com/rules/

-October 4th : Nintendo World and 15 selected Gamestops will host 64-man tournaments
-October 11th: The 16 winners of those tournaments will then compete in the finals, which will be broadcasted on Twitch
-Winners of the locals will also get some other prizes such as 3DS XLs and a copy of the game
-Spots for the initial tournaments are first come first serve
-Format for the initial tournaments is timed FFA with items with only the starting roster available
-Format for the final tournament is 4 stock 1v1s with all characters available, including customization. Certain equipment is banned though. Initial rounds start with items but the final rounds will have no items.

And now for stuff specific to the website! I just made a Legend of Guesswork badge right when I saw this (initially I just thought regular Master of Guesswork, but I couldn’t do anything without the names of the people who are entering).

If you correctly predict the CHARACTER that will win the FINAL tournament (not the locals), you will earn it. The final match will be best 2 out of 3 with the possibility of switching customizable moves once (can't switch characters though).

It’s supposed to be a harder version of the Master of guesswork. Just post below to guess. Only your FIRST guess will be counted and any edits made to your post after the deadline will automatically DQ you from earning the badge.

The deadline for guessing will end at the same time as the Big House Poll:  October 2nd at 10pm CST. It’s purposely early so the whole roster is an option vs 16 characters.

In anticipation for Smash 4’s release, I have thought of two new site activities that users can participate in.  They will be called “Classic Mode” and “Event Match”. The details for Classic Mode have been finalized, so this article will be focusing on the currently incomplete Event Match activity.

The idea of the Event Match activity is that of Event Matches in the previous Smash games, except challengers will be facing off against humans instead of CPUs (though CPUs may still be included in a challenge).

Now here’s where users come in – design an Event Match that we can host! Submit in the following format:

Event Match:  Name
Description:  “Type flavor text here”
Host’s character(s):
Character(s) available to challenger:
Other notes:

Here are examples of the ideas we currently have.

Event Match: Giant Punch Out
Description: “If you’re having trouble, maybe you should call your plumber”
Host’s character(s): Donkey Kong
Character(s) available to challenger: Little Mac
Stage: Boxing Ring
Items: None
Stock/Timer: 3 stock, 8 minute timer

Event Match: For Glory
Description: “No Items, Fox Only, Final Destination”
Host’s character(s): Fox
Character(s) available to challenger: Fox
Stage: Final Destination
Items: None
Stock/Timer: 4 stock, 8 minute timer

Event Match: Clone Wars
Description: “Anything you can do, I can do better!”
Host’s character(s): Marth, Lucina, Dr. Mario, Mario, Pit, or Dark Pit
Character(s) available to challenger: The corresponding character of the one picked by the host
Stage: Arena Ferox, Castle Siege, 3D Land, Reset Bomb Forest etc depending on host’s character choice.
Items: None
Stock/Timer: 3 stock, no timer

Event Match: Space Battle
Host’s character(s): Rosalina, Fox, Falco, Olimar, Captain Falcon, Samus
Character(s) available to challenger: Rosalina, Fox, Falco, Olimar, Captain Falcon, Samus
Stage: Corneria, Mario Galaxy
Items: None
Stock/Timer: 3 stock, no timer

Event Match: Save the princess!
Description: “You got kidnapped AGAIN?!”
Host’s character: DK, Bowser, Ganondorf
Character(s) available to challenger: Mario or Link depending on host’s character
Stage: 3D Land, Jungle Japes
Stock/Timer: 1 stock, no timer.
Other Notes:  Team battle, Level 1 CPU Peach or Zelda on challenger's side depending on host’s character choice. Goal is to beat the host before the CPU dies.

*The names and descriptions of these are subject to change; we just wanted to get some examples out there for the general gist of what people should be submitting.

- Must be something able to be replicated using both 3DS and Wii U functions.
- Should be only one host necessary per event; we want to avoid doing doubles type events because they will overcomplicate the process. Feel free to write it up, but just note that we are slightly leaning against those.
- Be creative! Not all of these have to be 1 on 1s even though that’s what most of these examples are. Feel free to include timed matches, CPUs, and items as long as there’s some sort of theme.
- Try to be diverse with the characters available, we don’t want to host 5 events where the challenger can only use Marth or something *cough*
- You can submit as many entries as you'd like

That’s pretty much it. We are aiming to have 15 Event Match challenges, with badges at 5, 10, and 15 event completions. We can also use suggestions on what to name the 3 badges.

If we decide to use your suggestion (either the Event Match or just the names of the 3 badges), you will be awarded the Suggestive Badge. We might also be looking at people who can help us host these challenges, so mention if you are interested in that as well.

Just post below to submit your suggestions!

With the release of Smash 3DS in the US approaching soon, here is where the site stands in terms of preparation.

NintendoDojo domain switch
Yes, this is still happening. We hope to switch domains before Smash 3DS is released in the US (10/3). There will be a front page layout update, which will include things such as ladder ranks, active forum posts, and easy to access links to ladder and Free Play chat. The allisbrawl.com domain name should redirect to nintendodojo.com, so anyone unaware of the switch will not be left behind.

Smash 3DS Ladder
We want to launch a Smash 3DS ladder about a week after the game comes out. I estimate it will happen sometime during the week of October 12. The ladder will run for approximately two months – exact dates will be finalized later. However, we need users’ input on what ruleset you’d like to see. Post in the two forum topics below.

Stock/Timer: http://www.allisbrawl.com/forum/topic.aspx?id=215907

Stages:  http://www.allisbrawl.com/forum/topic.aspx?id=215892

We do plan to run playoffs for the first Smash 3DS ladder.

The Smash Wii U ladder will likely come out a month after that game is released (estimated start date is January, coming back to the original ladder schedule). We will be running 2 ladders for the 2 different platforms. We plan to have new badge images for the ladders as well.

Profiles should be updated with the option to add 3DS FCs and NNIDs before ladders start.

Forums will be reorganized so the old forums will be more condensed. Eventually, we plan on having improvements such as integrated polls and the subscribe feature actually working, but those developments would happen a bit after the domain name switch. However, I do hope users take the time even now to post whatever Smash 4 information/impressions they have in the forums.

Smash 4 Widget
Right now, there are no high quality images of all the alternative colors for us to put into the widget. However, we have discussed this and we will just be temporarily using slightly lower quality images as a substitute until we have access to more professional looking ones. Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact date on when this will be accomplished, but know that the project has started.

There are also a number of other things we have been working on and discussing, but they haven’t been finalized yet. We will keep everyone updated as developments come in.

by NiteNinja Sep 14 2014, 11:11AM

Welcome back to another Who’s that User! School has just started for me, so you won’t be seeing me as often as you would be during the Summer. However, I will continue on doing WTU for the sake of all of you lovely people :3

The mystery user of last edition was: Progfox. When in doubt, the user goes with C
, has the letter “o” somewhere in his username, and brings dragon types to battle. Ryuuko, BPF, Foodies, and –Champ- were the first 4 to guess correctly, congratulations! There will be many opportunities to get it right another time (maybe even this contest!).

Honorable Mentions: None

Rules (taken from past contests):

1.    I will show you the message the featured user sent me. If you are the user I am describing, please keep quiet about it and do not reveal yourself. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your WTU Featured User badge. 

2.    In addition to a fact, clues will be given to help you search the myriad users of AiB for the right one. Don’t stop until you are absolutely sure you have the right user and he or she matches the clues given, because you only get one shot at this. 

3.    To make sure you are taking the time to check your guess, I will give you a few questions to answer about this user. Every answer will be found somewhere on his or her profile (About Me, blogs, videos, etc.) If one answer is incorrect, then your whole guess will be counted wrong, so make sure you are absolutely certain of what you typed. (P.S. If you can't find the answers or have to PM the person you're looking at for an answer, you're doing it wrong.) 

4.    When you are ready to give the name and answers, do not post as a comment. You must send a private message, or your submission will be void. Also, don’t give me a link to his or her profile unless you have the name and the answers to the questions to go with it. Putting just a link in your message will count as an incomplete (and therefore wrong) answer. 

5.    Everyone has until midnight tonight (EST) to message me. Any answer sent in after that will not be counted. 

6.    The first five that send the correct username get the WTU Winner badge! 

And here we go! 

“When I was a child, I used to dream of being an artist. I would sit and draw all the time. Once in middle school I had a piece of art entered in a contest. I didn't win but was happy enough the teacher entered it. I don't do art as much as I used to. I have other hobbies. Between work and other hobbies, I don't have the time to work on art very much."


-Has the promoter badge

-When you’re bored at 10:11 PM EST, you make Stupid random pickup lines

- g5srtiila1ume

- Has the letter "i" somewhere in their username"

And the questions you need to answer are as follows 

1.    What is the user’s name?

2.    List the user’s favorite games.

    3. How many badges that are the color blue does the user have? (On the profile page, should be visible enough to see.)
  Well, go find that user! And good luck! The answer to this week’s contest and next WTU will be posted in two weeks.  

P.S. If you want to be featured in an article of “Who’s That User?”, just send NiteNinja a PM with a short paragraph about yourself, your hobbies, something interesting that has happened to you, etc. Just make sure it can’t be found anywhere on your profile (About Me, videos, blogs, tournaments, etc.) If you are chosen, your message will be featured and you shall receive the WTU Featured User badge at the conclusion of the contest. So what are you waiting for? Send in your entries! ^^ Note: Once you send me in your entry to be featured, please do not spam me with more, as I may use it on a different occasion.  

Do not forget to join this group if you want to be informed on any WTU news:

by Zano Sep 13 2014, 6:02PM
It's been a fun ride guys, but looking at these past few weeks of activity, I think it's time to give QotW a bit of a break.  I can't really say if it was due to the questions, lack of caring, or maybe everyone that wanted the badges got them already so there was no need to keep trying, but regardless, this will be the last one until further notice.  Once Nintendodojo gets up and running properly, I'll bring this back and see how it goes then.  Thanks to everyone who has participated up to this point and I hope you all enjoyed it and will continue to once it returns! 

Each time an article is posted, it will contain a question to be answered. Just post your answer in the comments section of the article to participate. Easy right? The best answer and runner ups will be chosen by a panel of judges that includes: Foodies, Yoshinendo, Zano, OrangeFox, Toxic Spectrum, Volke Aeno, Nether Specter, and SGOlympian.     

Despite the name, I will be hosting this biweekly (every other week) on either Thursday or Friday. The specific day depends on the number of other articles that need to be posted for the week.      

The articles will contain the response of the winner and up to 3 runner ups for the previous question. If participation is low, there will be fewer runner ups; the minimum number of entrants for a contest to be judged is 4. Submissions will close one week after the article is posted.     

- As stated above, just post a comment to this article to participate.      
None of the questions will have a direct, correct answer. If one does, the question chosen was bad and I give you permission to type angrily at me.        
- With that in mind, make sure your answer is creative! Being clever, witty, and/or funny will heavily influence your chances (in your favor, of course) of having the best answer!  If you want to be really thorough, maybe even consider the preferences of the judges.      
- It’s possible to answer some of the questions in one sentence, but writing slightly longer responses will most likely help you win. However, if your one-liner is amazing we won’t discount it just because it is short. Similarly, if you submit a wall of text with nothing of substance don’t expect to win just because your answer is long.      
- Your answer must pertain to the question.      
- You may only post one answer. If you post more than one, only the first will be looked at.      
- Keep your answers appropriate.      
- Proper grammar and punctuation helps.      

QotW winner      
QotW runner up      

Note: There is no participation badge due to the nature of the contest (typing one sentence with no thought can take 10 seconds), so make sure to put effort into your answers!      

Want to suggest a question for future Question of the Weeks?      
Send Zano a PM with a subject with something along the lines of: “QotW question suggestion” or "I love Zano".     

Your question should be Smash/AiB-related, appropriate, and thought provoking. Questions that have the potential to produce entertaining answers are also highly preferred. Do not send questions that could cause a flame war (Ex: Should the community ban MetaKnight?), questions that can be answered with just yes or no (Ex: Is playing against Ice Climbers annoying?), or questions with correct answers (Ex: How many mid-air jumps does Kirby have?).      

Here are some past examples to help your question designing:      
- Which SSBB character would be the best at playing SSBB?      
- You wake up as your main. What do you do?      
- If every character was as powerful as they are in their actual game, who would be the best/worst fighter, and why?      

The questions that are featured will give credit to people who asked them. You also get a badge! Note: You may not participate in the contest if the question featured for the contest is the one you suggested.      

QotW featured questioner      

And now, here are the results from the previous competition! The question was: "When a character is doing well in smash they have their name chanted, who are these people and why are they watching and cheering?"     

★ ★ Winner ★ ★      

"I would answer this...but that would be talking about Fight Club." 

Judge’s comments:     

"I appreciate the reference" 
"the reference lol" 
"Only one I liked." 

= Runner ups =      


"They symbolize the Brawl Doubles Ladder, and the Mario Kart 8 ladder as both these ladders and the audience have no life." 

Judge’s comments:      

"H-he's right ;-;" 
"So true" 
"I agree with this. lol" 


"They are countless slaves that Sakurai captures. He makes them chant so he has an excuse to cover up their screams." 

Judge’s comments:   
"That is so cruel ;_;" 
"Damn it Sakurai, Y U DO DIS?!" 

Congrats to the winner and runnerups! See you all in smash 4 times.
by -Ness- Sep 10 2014, 1:35AM
What's up people of aib, welcome to another Scavenger Hunt event! Unfortunately, Yoshinendo could not join us for this event, so I'll be taking over again! Now for our last event, Foodies, [WPact]Olympian, Senobekim, The Virgo l LilG912 and MetaBowser are the first five winners! Okay now onto the questions but first, rules.


1. You are only allowed 1 chance, to prevent people from guessing until they get it right. 
2. You are to send me your answers to my AiB Inbox. You are not to post your answers on here. They will be deleted and I will not accept any more answers from you. Any message you send me, whether it having 1 answer or all 10, counts as 1 chance!  
3. All the answers are found on AiB only! Not on any other Allis website.   
4. I will not tell you if you won or not. You will find out when I post the results.  
5. First 5 who get all the questions right win.  
6. DO NOT message me for hints.  
7. If something happens the day this is posted that affects the answers I have, I will use the most current answers available, but if you submitted your answer before any changes are made and it matches the old answer yours will still be correct.
8. You have until September 10, 2014 by 11:59 pst, anything after this will not be accepted. 

Now enough of those rules already, let's make some magic happened!


1. What does GMF stand for?
2. "Are you sure you want this?" is a reference to what?
3. Who is a "Friend with Grey"?
4. Which badge can give you a bold black and white name?
5. Who is inactive, but is known as the founder of the All is Network?
6. How do you earn the "Six degree of smash" badge?
7. How many users are helping the Nintendo Dojo Welcoming Committee? (by far)
8. Who is my main in SSBB? (If you can't guess this, I'll feel sorry for you)
9. Who is currently winning in brawl singles ladder?
10. Who designed "MYSTERY BLOCK"?

Bonus: What card am I: I'm round and pink/red while staring at a Coca-Cola Can in the dark.

Easy? No? Okay then enjoy! Don't forget to join our Scavenger Hunt Group for more details!

Legend has it that a very long ago (aka just over a year ago), ancient artists created cards not from Photoshop, but from MS Paint! Today, we are here to replicate this art style from antiquity. The theme? Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. It’s a broad theme that could even include your wildest dreams for the new game. Like Tingle being playable.

First, you’ll need the tools of the trade… a device known as a card frame. Save this image and you should be good to start.

I’m READY! So… how should I make the card?

-MS Paint only! Besides the above card frame, the entire card needs to be done in MS Paint. Even the template.
-Your card should look similar to cards already available (same general shape and location of emblems, point values, etc).
-Include: Name, Artist Credit, a Description, Series V3 and the subject’s game name.
-Don’t Include: Point Value, Rarity, or numbering in a Series. Leave room for it so that it can be added later. Also, there’s no need to include weight, ever.
-The subject of your card must be related to Smash 4: Confirmations, Wishes, The community… there’s a lot of ground to cover.
-The size of the card has to be 250 px x 360 px
-Save in PNG or BMP format only
-You can make as many cards as you want!

Alright, Alright. I made it. So what do I do with it?

-THE THREAD IS HERE. That's where you post them.
-The contest will end on October 3rd, or when we have 50 submissions: Whichever happens later.
-Judging will be determined by an average rank between TCG Designer Judging and Public Voting.
-”Derp” cards will be judged based on humor: ideally a derpy artstyle will add to the humor. “Non-Derp” cards will be judged primarily based on art skill. PLEASE tell us which one yours is, so that it may be judged properly.

You’ll get some sweet loot out of this contest, too. Even if you don’t win!

Sweet Loot:

-Winners will have their winning cards used in Series VM3
-Winners will get a copy of their cards that are chosen
-Winners will get 500 coins for each winning card
-Winners will win this fabulous Artiste Badge
-EVERYONE who participates gets 500 Coins

We’ve prepared a couple new examples for your pleasure. Niteninja’s is a Non-Derp example, while mine is a Derp example.

Foodies' note: The cards and awards will not be added/distributed until the TCG admin panel is fixed.

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