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Hey guys, Yuki here! Even though we're going through a bit of a rough patch with the site reboot and all, we on the staff decided that it would still be a good idea to keep pushing some articles through. Anyways, since a bunch of things have happened recently, figured best thing to do would be to post an article about it! 

First off, the NES Mini, or the Classic Edition, has made quite a stir lately. Coming bundled with 30 of the BEST NES games (listed below), completely updated to look beautiful, and not to mention its compact size (almost more than HALF the size of the first NES!), this is already proving to be worth its $60 price tag! No need to have any old controllers either, as it comes pre-equipped with a Classic Controller (which you can also hook up to your WiiMotes) and an HDMI to connect it to your TV! This isn't your ordinary plug-and-play, that's for sure! Nintendo seems to be going all out for this little guy, so if you're ready to relive the golden days in glorious HD, make sure you grab it on November 11, 2016! 
(Link to the official announcement

Games Available on the NES Mini/Classic Edition: 
1. Balloon Fight 
3. Castlevania 
4. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest 
5. Donkey Kong 
6. Donkey Kong Jr. 
8. Dr. Mario 
9. Excitebike 
10. Final Fantasy 
11. Galaga 
14. Ice Climber 
15. Kid Icarus 
16. Kirby's Adventure 
17. Mario Bros. 
18. MEGA MAN 2 
19. Metroid 
21. PAC-MAN 
22. Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream 
23. StarTropics 
24. SUPER C 
25. Super Mario Bros. 
26. Super Mario Bros. 2 
27. Super Mario Bros. 3 
29. The Legend of Zelda 
30.  Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 

So this past weekend was Sonic's 25th Anniversary, and needless to say it was worth the watch. The opening party headed by Hyper Potions was beautifully awesome, with remixes of a bunch of different songs. Crush 40 even made an appearance, as Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli came on stage and started rocking some of their best songs, from Open Your Heart to Free and everything in between! But, the party wasn't the only thing that was hype. The games announced were some of the best things we've seen from Sonic in a long time. First off, we have Sonic Mania, a new 2D sidescrolling adventure that features the first Sonic trio: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, as the only playable characters. It goes through remade classic stages as well as brand new ones! With all new features and beautiful graphics, made possible by the collaboration with Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games, this game looks worth the hype and much more (sadly it won't be on Nintendo systems yet, here's hoping it gets a 3DS/WiiU port)! The second big announcement was Project Sonic 2017. Not much is known about this game yet, except that it is NOT a Generations sequel, which means it is NOT Generations 2 (a MAJOR misconception by the fans). However, it does feature Classic AND Modern Sonic again, the rest of the cast still unknown. All we know is we can expect to "Join the Resistance" sometime next year...on NX to boot! This game is the first CONFIRMED game for the Nintendo NX, something that's been a bit of an enigma in the community as of late. 
(Link to the Sonic Mania trailer and to the Project Sonic 2017 teaser

Finally, some smaller topics for you guys to talk about. We've got the recent release of Monster Hunter Generations, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Kirby Planet Robobot, the final Splatfest between Callie and Marie, and of course more Pokemon Go! 

Please leave comments on the NES Mini, Sonic's 25th Anniversary, or any of the other topics I just mentioned. Let's get a conversation going in here and tell us what you think!
by 740 Apr 11 2016, 10:14PM

740 - Head of Staff 

Hi there, 740 here. Today we are announcing a couple things. First of all, our ladder seasons are being renewed with some slight tweaks. Secondly, we are also throwing out a new ladder for a new game! Milky will talk more about that in the bottom of this newspost. For now, I will talk a little bit about our usual ladders and how we are changing them up a little bit this time around. 

First I want to comment on something that many of you mentioned. The previous ladder seasons didn't close when they were supposed to, and it did also take a long while before we got these new ones up. This is because refreshing ladder seasons is not something we regular staff members are able to do, it actually requires the help of a programmer. And our trusted programmers have not had the time to help us out with this until now due to being extremely busy elsewhere. We apologize for the inconvenience!  

Anyway, as I said, we are now rolling out a new batch of ladder seasons. However, this time we thought to do something different with them. While ladder seasons have usually lasted about 3 months each and been based around the yearly seasons, the upcoming ladder seasons will last..forever. Yes, they will go on forever, and never end. While that sounds like a dramatic change, it really isn't, and I will try to clarify this a little bit right away, Q&A style. 

"Why endless ladders?" 
Well..we can still do anything with them that we could with the seasonal ones. They will also be easier to maintain and moderate. And just imagine the amount of data that could be stored. Now you might also not need to feel the same kind of pressure about playing perfectly for 40 days to get a ladder season record that looks respectable. This time, you are really in it for the long haul. Which might be both more relaxing, but also might require a bit more stamina and dedication. Many might have what it takes to stay in the top 10 over the course of a single season, but do they have what it takes to stay there for months or even years on end? The coolest possibility of ladders that don't end, is that they could potentially become the best records of which players are truly the consistantly best players you will find online. 

"I don't like this. Is this a permanent thing?" 
Well, "endless" does have a ring of permanency to it. That said, we are as always very interested in feedback. And if it becomes obvious that this is something the vast majority truly can not come to terms with, we'd be fools if we didn't do anything about it. We'd appreciate it if you gave this a chance though, but please do leave feedback! Your opinions are always welcome, and if you do not give them to us, we will not know what they are. Preferred ways of leaving feedback on this matter would be the ladder feedback forum or, alternatively, you can shoot me a private message by clicking this link. 

"But what about playoffs?" 
Playoffs used to be hosted at the end of a ladder season. However, that obviously can't be done if the ladder season goes on forever. It will still be possible to host playoffs events, however, by making them happen every x months. The only concern then is that some users might float right over from playoffs to playoffs because of their high rank. This will be mended partly by point decay, but also by putting in requirements on how many matches must be played between playoffs to be eligible for the next one. 
That said, we are not announcing a date for playoffs yet. We will monitor the activity for each ladder and later announce a playoffs time for any ladders with decent activity. So more on that later! 

Since Milky insisted on getting some time in the limelight too(he gets sassy if he goes too long without attention) I guess this will be all from me for now. My (sort of) trusted minion will reveal the brand new pokken ladder below. Bye! 


Milky - Head of Ladder 

Sup Dodo'ers peeps. Thought I was gonna let 740 be the center of attention with all this hype news? Ha, not! 
Along with the new endless ladders, I’m very excited to finally announce that we now have a brand new Pokken Tournament ladder! 
Since the game is still fairly new, we’re open to hear your feedback. 
Please make your way here and leave your feedback after you’ve read the rules
The ladder is still currently in beta, meaning we’ll be changing the rules when needed on a regular basis. So make sure you check every so often! 
Because this ladder is in beta, it will not be endless.              
Season will end on July 31st. 
What’s that? Badges, you say?  
I’ll most likely be giving out badges for participation. 
However, badges for top 64/32 and so on, is completely up to you, the community to actively play on the ladder!  

Speaking of Pokken Tournament, the Pokken Tournament widget is finally here. 
Special thanks to Seiker for making the Pokken Tournament modules. 

We’re looking forward to see how far you can climb the ladders! 

Thank you all 
Milky & 740, site admins

Hi everyone, Milky here. How is everyone doing? Good? Awesome! I have some more exciting news to share with you all. 
It's been a while since we had some events or tournaments going. 
So, as your new head of tournaments, and events. I’m excited to announce that AiB/NDJ has a brand new site sponsored tournament series coming your way. 

I'd like to present to you *drum roll* ...Milkaholics! 
Click here to attend Milkaholics #1 tournament. 
(Yes, Milkaholics is going to be the name of the tournament series, hehe). 

I’m still working on this project, so there isn’t an official date yet, the date it currently has is just a placeholder.  
Also, be sure to join the Milkaholics Tournament Series group to be alerted when we have the official dates and more! 

As I stated, this is still a project that’s in work in progress. So if you have any suggestions or would like to help, come forward. 
I’m currently in need for a few tournament organizers, or if you just have some cool ideas let me know.             
I can also 100% confirm that there will be badges for the participants, and winners! 

In other news, Steph is helping me bring some events back, such as: Grudge Match Fridays and Staff vs The World, for starters. 
make sure to join those groups and message her for more information, or if you want to schedule a checkmate event. 

Any other events you miss and would like to see come back? Let me know, I would be more than willing to bring back events people would regularly participate in. 

With that said, Milky signing out!


NDJ is pleased to announce we will once again be partnering up with the SuperCon2k Series for Smash 4 action in the Fiber Fast Gaming Barn at the Rivers and Spires Festival in Clarksville, TN on April 14th-16th.

The festival itself is FREE and open to the public. Rated as one of "The Top 20 Events in the Southeast" by the Southeast Tourism Society there are good times to be had by all. Bands, food, drinks, vendors, and gaming.

NDJ Staffer (and self proclaimed best Sonic in the world... errr Tennessee) Ispin will be on hand to defend his Smash 4 title from last year and help staff the event. The rest of the gaming goodness will be brought to you by the SuperCon2K series in conjunction with CDE Lightband. There are Smash 4 singles, doubles, and FFA tournaments along with Mortal Combat X, Halo 5, and Call of Duty: Black OPs 3. Plus there will be free play setups all weekend long. The Smash 4 1v1 tournament is $10 to enter has a pot bonus and prize packages for the top 8. For full rules and details head over to the SuperCon2k site page here.

We strongly suggest anyone in the area check out the event. A great festival that is free to enter along with Smash 4 action sounds like a great way to spend a weekend.

Stay tuned to NDJ for more Rivers and Spires announcements and some Smash 4 tournament entries we have to give away for this great event.

Steph here again to bring you the final ladder report of the month. The activity on the ladders have been a stand-still, along with the other ladders not working out so well. 

This is the final day to participate in ladders. One of the head of ladders has confirmed that there will be badges prizes for singles top 8 but there won’t be any playoffs this season

Smash 4 Wii U Singles 

(01) ~LNIM~ [Score: 1568 | Wins 12 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Link) 
(02) Zanryo [Score: 1549 | Wins: 10 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Sheik, Dr. Mario) 
(03) Lust [Score: 1333] Wins: 9 / Losses: 3] (Character: Pit) 
(04) Black Star – Pavel [Score: 1316 | Wins 13 / Losses: 4] (Character: Megaman, Mewtwo, ???) 
(05) DMoney1 [Score: 1295 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character: Bowser Jr.) 
(06) The740 [Score: 1218 | Wins 6 / Losses: 0] (Character: Donkey Kong) 
(07) Swordlegacy [Score: 1191 | Wins: 9 / Losses: 7] (Character(s): Link) 
(08) Gman [Score: 1090 | Wins: 9 / Losses: 7] (Character(s): Toon Link, Greninja) 

Spotlight Notes & Conclusion

- LNIM takes the lead. Will Zanryo bring it back in time? 

- Lust now takes 3rd, and bumping Pavel to 4th. 

- Swordlegacy and Gman are both tied for 7th. Who will break the tie? 

- Pavel has the most games played.      

- A lot of character diversity in this ladder. 

There are some shockers and not much has changed. For example 2 players getting ahead from their original spot. Any suggestions on what might happen by next ladder? 

I hope to see more of it next time. Thank you to everyone who has participated. Hope you all enjoyed this ladder season. Stay tuned for the next ladder season announcement!

Hello everyone this is Steph. I’m here to give you the first week’s ladder report. After a wait of what seemed like forever, we have all the ladders reset at last. I will be one of the two ladder reporters giving biweekly updates. The staff has been hard at work making sure the ladders are fun for everyone. 

Smash 4 Wii U Singles 

(01) Zanryo [Score: 1580 | Wins: 10 / Losses: 0] (Character(s): Falco, Dr. Mario) 
(02) ~LNIM~ [Score: 1517 | Wins 11 / Losses: 1] (Character(s): Link) 
(03) Black Star – Pavel [Score: 1316 | Wins 13 / Losses: 4] (Character: Megaman) 
(04) DMoney1 [Score: 1295 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character: Bowser Jr.) 
(05) The740 [Score: 1218 | Wins 6 / Losses: 0] (Character: Donkey Kong) 

Smash 4 Doubles 

(01) Team Blade (Linus & Hawk) [Score: 1383 | Wins 11 / Losses: 1] (Characters: Tink & Charizard) 
(02) iSquad (iFox7i & Obey Plus) [Score: 1080 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 0] (Characters: Captain Falcon & Bowser) 
(03) RE. (Ant & Hylen) [Score: 851 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 0] (Characters: Sonic & Toon Link) 
(04) Team M&M (FunSizeMini & MikeKirby) [Score: 827 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 1] (Characters: Olimar & Kirby) 
(05) No Mercy (AbsoluteZer0Nova & Pavel) [Score: 741 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 6] (Characters: Robin & Megaman) 

Smash 4 3DS Singles 

(01) Lust [Score: 1125 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 0] (Character: Pit) 
(02) Blanco [Score: 580 | Wins: 1 / Losses: 0] (Characters: Ness, Lucas) 
(03) faith [Score: 539 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 3] (Character: Lil’ Mac) 

Mario Kart 8 Doubles 

(01) Fruity Spin Dancers Revival (Italian Falcon & SnicksPG) [Score: 708 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 0] (Characters: Mii & Metal Mario) 
(02) B&G Falcons (Blood Thirsty Ike & Satoshi-Greninja_N_A_M_G) [Score: 537 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 1] (Characters: Morton Koopa, Jr & Dry Bowser) 
(03) The Fraudulent A2E (Senobekim & Borbiex) [Score: 279 | Wins: 1 / Losses: 2] (Characters: Metal Mario & Morton Koopa Jr.) 

Spotlight Notes 

- Zanryo is currently in the lead for Singles. Will ~LNIM~ manage to take the lead from him? 

- Teams iSquad and RE. are both tied for 2nd right now. Which one will take the lead, or will iSquad catch up with Team Blade? 

- Lust is the lead for 3DS singles. Will Blanco or faith catch up to him? 

- Fruity Spin Dancers Revival is currently in the MK8 lead with B & G Falcons coming in close 2nd? Will B&G be able to close in the gap? 

It can be anyone’s game. Will anything change by the next report or will it remain about the same? What do you all think? If I listed your mains wrong, please make note of it in this article and we'll have it fixed. Stay tuned for next report! 

by JV_ Jan 2 2016, 3:52AM


Wishing everyone a great 2016!!! And we hope you enjoyed your New Years!

To celebrate the new year we rolled out a shiny new MK8 widget where you can show off your preferred racer and configuration. Just use the "me", "my games", "Mario Kart 8" to install the widget on your profile. For those of you looking for some new ladder action. We are resetting the ladders for some new fun ladders running till January 31st. Have what it takes to see your name rise to the top?

Also, in the holiday spirit we are giving away some badges. If you want your very own "Party Animal" or "Kanye" badge (why Kanye? I don't know. Dude wears glasses, people wear glasses on New Years Eve party night. Makes sense ;). Just message our newest admin milky with "2016 -" and the badge you want.

Looking back, 2015 was undoubtedly a great year for Smash 4 and Smash in general. Tournament attendance and sheer volume was at an all time high. Twitch streams and content available was way up. There were compelling story lines like Zero's year run of utter Smash 4 dominance finally ending in the dethroning by Nario at the MLG World Finals in October. Fresh DLCs containing new characters that expanded the meta along with balance patches to keep smash players on their toes. 2016 looks to be more growth, more story-lines, and more good things from Smash and Nintendo. We look forward to being a part of that with you.

Hiya everyone! This is AbsoluteZer0Nova and I'll be your Nintendo News reporter! To begin with on today's Super Smash Bros. finale direct we had 2 newcomers join smash. 

Corrin (aka Kamui) was revealed and instead of joining Hoshido or Nohr the Fates protagonist decided to not choose neither side and join the battle in smash. Just like Robin from Awakening there will be both a male and female alt and from what I can tell just like how Robin is a unique Fire Emblem character in being more of a magic user, Corrin is also unique in using mostly Dragon Fang attacks. Corrin's reach when transforming a part of his body to a dragon is even greater than Shulk's reach with the Monado (quite frankly I'm not really sure how to feel about that for one of my characters losing that pro). It should be noted that in Japan Corrin was voted the most popular female character in the official Fates poll (while the male alt was 5th).  I'm sure that we were all surprised by this newcomer in that we all thought there wouldn't be any more Fire Emblem reps, but Sakurai proved us wrong (there's sure to be plenty of salt). The Fire Emblem franchise now has in total 6 reps and surpasses The Legend of Zelda franchise's 5 reps as a result. A most impressive and unbelievable feat has occurred. 

Bayonetta was revealed and joins smash to eliminate Pit and Pitto to finish off all angels. She looks to be a very combo oriented fighter like in her games and she looks even more deadlier than Zero Suit Samus imo as she is capable of slowing down the time of her opponent and she has more range than ZSS, espeicially with those guns. She was the winner of the ballot in placing 1st in Europe and in the top 5 in America making her number 1 worldwide overall out of the negotiable (all the more reason Snake probably wasn't a possiblity considering Konami's state) and realizable characters (Goku obviously). Just like how Capcom has Ryu as their 2nd rep Sega has their 2nd rep in Bayonetta. Bayonetta's additionhas most certainly helped advertise the character's franchise and being even more of a asset to Nintendo in the face of Sony and Microsoft who abandoned the character in not accepting a sequel and underestimated her power

The new Mii Fighter costumes are Geno, Ashley, Takamaru, Gil, Bionic Armor, Tails and Knuckles. 

Amiibos of Roy, Ryu and R.O.B. will be available March 18th 2016. 

Super Smash Bros's DLC lucky 7 characters are Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta (too bad for King K. Rool, Snake and Wolf). 

In other news the legendary steam Pokemon Volcanion was revealed for the Pokemon games (about time). It's dual typing is water/fire a unique combination. 

- Editors note Check out the final Smash direct here.

That is all and I hope you enjoyed this edition of Nintendo News.

Sweet baby Jesus... I can't believe they're allowing Cloud Strife into the Smash world. I still would like to know where my Bayonetta is... NONE THE LESS, MY BEAUTIFUL SMASHERS; In this article I will provide you with details, background information, move sets, and a release date for Cloud Strife. Now before I get to the good juicy stuff, I'm going to inform you first about who Cloud Strife is and where he came from.  

One of my personal favorite games of all time, Final Fantasy, is where Cloud Strife was developed. Final Fantasy VII, to be more specific. Cloud Strife is as arrogant as he is cute. His primary weapon is the Buster Sword. He's had multiple appearances in other Final Fantasy games. But also in one of my other all time personal favorites, Kingdom Hearts. Cloud is a hardcore mercenary. He's one of the good guys, he's a good guy but he's tough with a huge ego. Hard on the outside, a softy on the inside. 

I would've never thought someone from Final Fantasy would be joining Smash... not that it's a bad thing. Once I witnessed the trailer myself, my jaw dropped, broke into 2 pieces and burned. Like, I cried... he's going to be a very tough opponent. I personally might enjoy using him. He's coming as DLC, and in my opinion he's worth purchasing. 

There's no specific date to be exact as to when he can be downloaded. But, a report is saying the Final Fantasy 7 warrior will be available after the Nintendo Direct December session. 

Now for the good stuff, his move set!!! 
(Jabs) A jab-like attack consisting of two kicks then a sword slash. 
(Dash Attack) dashing strike where Cloud holds his sword in two hands, one holding the blade, and pushes it forward. 
(Utilt) An Attack where he swings his sword in a large arc above him. 
(Ftilt) An Attack where he does a two-handed crescent slash downwards. 
(Dtilt) A sliding kick - similar to Mega Man's dtilt. 
(Usmash) A Smash attack that consists of an over-arcing upward swipe. It seems to cover a great deal of space, like Ike's (usmash).  
(Dsmash) A Smash attack that carries foes on the forward hit to the back hit. Similar to Ganondorf's and Toon Link's (dsmash)  
(Nair) An air attack where he swings his sword around covering about 270 degrees - Similar to Shulks (nair)  
(Fair) An aerial attack where Cloud does an axe-like swing 
(Uair) An aerial attack that strikes upwards   
(Dair) An aerial where Cloud stabs downward with his sword this is also a meteor smash. (ggs spike too op) 
(Bair) An aerial attack where Cloud swings his sword backwards - similar to Ike's (bair)  
(B) Blade Beam, a green charge projectile  
(SideB) 5 Consecutive slashes called CrossSlash - it's possible for Cloud to even cancel out of it  
(UpB) ClimHazzard. Not only is it his recovery, it can be used for offensive gaming - he jabs his sword forward, and throws himself upwards, however if he manages to hit an enemy there will be a short delay where he will swing back downwards instead of free falling.  
(DownB) His down b is somewhat missing. This down b is called Limit. Once fully charged, he gets an increase with his Climhazzard, Crossslash, and Blade Beam, giving them an increase in strength, knockback, and range. His down b now allows him to do something called Finishing Touch. The air element surrounds him and he swings his sword forward, upwards, and then backwards.  
(Final Smash) Similar to Great Aethar, his Final Smash called Omnislash charges at the opponents, once caught they're thrown and held in the air and Cloud swings aggressively with 15 sword attacks before giving one more powerful blow downwards launching the opponent.  

His Stages name is Makar, it's a little similar to battlefield, but with a twist. Similar to when Dialga, Palkia, and Cresecelia used to make your life difficult on Spear Pillar. There are 5 Aeons/Eidolons that appear to make your life complicated.  
Odin - Ifrit - Ramuh - Bahamut - Leviathan they all attempt to damage the stage and the players in the background.  

Default Costume:  
pic : http://i68.tinypic.com/107rmle.jpg - The costume Cloud starts off with.  

Alternative Costumes:  
pic : http://i66.tinypic.com/o6k0g0.jpg  - This was the outfit in Final Fantasy Advent Children.. also known as "Cloudy Wolf" in Dissida Final Fantasy.  

Editors note: You can check out the trailer here.

This concludes this article on Cloud Strife. Thank you guys for taking the time to read it! :*  
Yours Truly ~ Mercy   

Hey guys, it's Shade again. Surprisingly, I'm not dead from all the work I've got piled up from school! Anyways, since I horribly missed October (SO sorry for that BTW), I've got a quick update for last month ready for you all! 

Big House 5 
Melee Top 3 
1st- Armada (Peach, Fox) 
2nd- Hungrybox (Jigglypuff) 
3rd- Mew2King (Sheik, Marth) 
Melee Doubles Top 3 
1st- Armada (Fox) and Android (Sheik) 
2nd- Hungrybox (Jigglypuff) and Mew2King (Sheik) 
3rd- Shroomed (Sheik) and Alan (Peach) 
Smash Wii U Top 3 
1st- ZeRo (Sheik, Diddy) 
2nd- Nairo (ZSS) 
3rd- Dabuz (Rosalina) 
Smash Wii U Doubles Top 3 
1st- Nairo (ZSS) and ZeRo (Diddy, Sheik) 
2nd- Abadango (Meta Knight) and Anti (Sheik) 
3rd- Rayquaza07 (Rosalina) and Ryuga (Ike) 
-Seagull Joe defeats ZeRo 2-0 in Round 2 pools. 
-Leffen registered for TBH 5 but was unable to compete because he was denied entry into the US. His sponsorship by TSM made it required that he obtain a workers visa. 
MLG World Finals 2015 
Melee Top 3 
1st- Hungrybox (Jigglypuff) 
2nd- Mew2King (Sheik, Fox, Peach, Marth) 
3rd- Axe (Pikachu) 
Melee Doubles Top 3 
1st- Mew2King (Sheik, Fox) and Wizzrobe (Falcon) 
2nd- Chillin (Fox) and Axe (Pikachu) 
3rd- DruggedFox (Sheik) and Nintendude (Ice Climbers) 
Smash Wii U Top 3 
1st- Nairo (ZSS, Dr. Mario) 
2nd- ZeRo (Diddy, Sheik) 
3rd- ESAM (Pikachu) 
Smash Wii U Doubles Top 3 
1st- ZeRo (Diddy) and Nairo (ZSS) 
2nd- Ally (Mario) Trela (Ryu) 
3rd- Nakat (Ness) and False (Sheik) 
- After a 54-tournament win streak, Nairo takes down ZeRo 3-1 and becomes the first person to take a tournament win from ZeRo. 
#SmashTheRecord 2015 
Melee Top 3
1. Lucky (Fox, Falcon) 
2. S2J (Falcon) 
3. MikeHaze (Fox) 
Melee Doubles Top 3 
1. Lucky (Fox) and Reno (Sheik) 
2. MacD (Peach) and Nintendude (Ice Climbers) 
3. The Moon (Marth) and DJ Nintendo (Fox) 
Smash Wii U Top 3 
1. Nairo (ZSS) 
2. Nakat (Fox, Ness, Pikachu) 
3. Trela (Ryu) 
Smash Wii U Doubles Top 3 
1. Nairo and Nakat 
2. True Blue and Dath 
3. Trela and Whispy 
(Sorry for not listing characters here, I couldn’t find a reliable list of characters used for this tourney) 
-Along with the usual tournaments, multiple speedruns and other fun-centric tournaments were held at this event, like an Oven Mitt Melee tourney, a Low Tier Melee tourney, a Reverse Main Melee tourney, and even Rock Paper Scissors and Rock‘em Sock’em Robots tourneys. 
-This event raised over $50,000 for the St. Jude charity. 

And with that, this update is done. I'll try to have an update similar to this for November soon! This is Yuki, signing out! 

Hiya everyone! This is AbsoluteZer0Nova and I'll be your Nintendo News reporter! To start off yesterday we had a Nintendo Direct for upcoming Wii U and 3DS games. 

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD was revealed with some differences in quality. This remake will have amiibo functionally with the newly shown Wolf Link (which will be bundled with it) and Link, Zelda, Sheik, Ganondorf and Toon Link Smash Bros. amiibos. It releases March 4th, 2016 and the official sound track will be a preorder bonus. 

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes is going to be having a update available on December 2nd with a brand new place called the Den of Trials and it contains 30 floors. There will be a Linebeck's Uniform giving Link the ability to see into treasure chests before opening them and the Fierce Deity Armor increasing Link's attack power and shooting beams in all four directions. 

Hyrule Warriors Legends will be available March 25th 2016 with the addition of a new original character called Linkle (gee I wonder who this could be?) and she uses crossbows to fight. 

Splatoon came splashing by with a new update that has added in 40 new pieces of gear and the stage Museum d' Alfonsino will be available today at 9:00 PM eastern and Mahi-Mahi Resort (my personal favorite because it is giving me some Sunshine vibes) will be available at some point. There will be updates continuing until next January with even more stages, gear and gameplay balances. 

Super Mario Maker will be making it easier and faster to find levels that fit the criteria you're trying to find. 

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be arriving soon in 3 weeks and right now you can download on the Eshop 4 packs to speed up the process of the game if you're getting the physical copy. The Basic Pack (mainly get this one) is 2.0 GB, Enemy Pack is 2.7 GB, Player Pack is 3.6 GB and Skell Pack is 1.7 GB giving a grand total of 10 Gigabites. You may have to unfortunately delete some data or move it to a USB drive. 

Pokken Tournament will be coming to Wii U in Spring of 2016 and Shadow Mewtwo will be unlockable after completing certain conditions in the game, but you can have him playable from the get go if you have a amiibo card which will be included with the first production run so you may want to preorder this for the bonus right now. 

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow versions will be on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console and you will be able to battle and trade through wireless communication. These games will be available February 27th 2016 and is the very same day that Red and Green were released on back in Japan on 1996 just in time for the 20th anniversary for the Pokemon franchise. 
Starfox Zero's new release date will be April 22nd 2016. 

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam will be available January 22nd 2016. 

Final Fantasy Explorers will be available on January 26nd for the Nintendo 3DS. In this game you will be able to dress up or play as Final Fantasy characters like Cloud and Lightning. The DLC for this game will be free unlike in Japan (we actually got something over them wow). I just might actually get this game so if anyone else is let me know and we could party up. 

Fire Emblem Fates is going to be releasing February 19th which is the same month that Fire Emblem Awakening was released. The separate cartridges Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest will be $40 each and you can download the other version for $20 and the same will apply for the 3rd path Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation. You can get all 3 paths on one cartridge from the special edition with a few additional goodies included with it at the cost of $80 (I preordered mine already and if I were you I would do the same before it's too late). The first DLC map will be free and 6 more afterwards will be available. 

Bravely Second End Layer will be available Spring of 2016. 

Dragon Quest 7 Fragments of the Forgotten Past is coming to the Nintendo 3DS in Summer of 2016 along with Dragon Quest 8 Journey of the Forgotten King sometime in 2016. 

And to end things off Ale- I mean Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 was revealed to be a newcomer for Super Smash Bros as the representative of Square Enix and I strongly believe I speak for everyone when I say this was a huge surprise that none of us saw coming and while it is true Cloud is going to be playable in Final Fantasy Explorers that game is actually not the first game he makes in appearance in on a Nintendo console and it's actually on the GBA game Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. I can't really say I'm hyped for him because I don't have any nostalgic attachment to him (I would much rather have Issac from Golden Sun) seeing as how his game never came to a Nintendo console like it was originally supposed too (also this means Geno could have been a contender just ouch for his fans). While Cloud is sure to bring in a lot of Playstation users over for Smash Bros I guess it's no wonder they decided to choose him as he's a gaming icon for RPG games and is popular within the Final Fantasy franchise, though he's not actually the most popular male character and is rather the runner up to his best friend and mentor Zack Fair from Crises Core at least in Japan. Thankfully for those of us who are not as hyped for him we will be receiving news in December with a special Super Smash Bros. broadcast presentation and not once was Cloud said to be a ballot character and therefore this could very well be when the moment of truth arrives.  

That is all and I hope you enjoyed this edition of Nintendo News.

- Editors note: Click here to watch the full Nintendo Direct.

Hello everyone! This is AbsoluteZer0Nova and I'll be your Nintendo News reporter! To start things off we have received Super Smash Bros. 4 update 1.1.1 today. 

Mii Fighter costumes (Wii / 3DS): 
Business Suit 
Star Fox - Fox (Gunner) 
F-Zero - Captain Falcon (Brawler) 
Super Mario - Toad (Brawler) 
Kid Icarus: Uprising - Viridi (Swordfighter) 
Hunter Set – Monster Hunter (Swordfighter) 

Super Mario Maker (Wii U / 3DS) 
Duck Hunt Stage - Free (3DS) (Duck Hunt now has his stage in this version) 
Pirate Ship (Wii U) (Toon Link now has his stage in this version) 

And don't you forget that the Smash Ballot deadline is 10/3/2015 so if you haven't done so already vote for who you want to be a new fighter (though please be reasonable with your choice and not choose ludicrous characters).  

In Project X Zone 2 Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles and KOS-MOS from Xenosaga will be teaming up along with Chrom and Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening will be joining the roster. 

Also in Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem it has been confirmed that Kiria Kurono's Mirage partner will be Tharja and Eleonora Yumizuru's Mirage partner will be Virion (I called it) both from Awakening along with a new character known as Mamori Minamoto who similar to the protagonist, a Mirage Master and entertainer who works at the same entertainment business, she’s an elementary student girl (a loli) that likes older Japanese songs and attire from the Show a period and her Mirage partner is Draug from Shadow Dragon meaning that so far we have 3 Fire Emblem characters from both Awakening and Shadow Dragon with Tiki being from both games. Then we have another new character known as Barry Goodman who is a former popular musician who goes to Japan for its otaku culture. After his retirement, he’s been working as a trainer for the protagonist and friends. Here's a picture of the two new additions to the cast.  

It has been sited that in the new Pokemon movie it is revealed that Zygarde has new forms. 

Zygarde Cell: This stage has been identified as the single Cells that make up Zygarde. Cells do not possess any will or thought processes. They're found scattered throughout the region. Since they can't use any moves, researchers question whether they can even be called Pokémon! 

Zygarde Core: At this stage, this aspect of Zygarde is little more than a part of the Pokémon's brain. Unlike the Cells, the Cores are self-aware and can communicate with Cells and other Cores via telepathy. When a change occurs in the local region's ecosystem, Cores have been known to take action. 

Zygarde 10% Forme: Zygarde 10% is the Forme that the Zygarde Core takes when it gathers 10% of the Cells nearby. Capable of traveling over 60 mph (100 km/h), it defeats enemies with its sharp fangs and its incredible speed.  

Zygarde Complete Forme: This is the perfect Forme that Zygarde takes when the Core gathers 100% of the Cells. When the ecosystem is under threat, and the Core concludes that the 50% Forme will be unable to deal with it, the Core takes on the Complete Forme. Its power is said to be greater than that of the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal! 

Not to mention Greninja is getting a new form as well and is called Ash-Greninja as the form that Greninja takes when the bond between it and Ash is raised to the limit. The strength of their bond changes Greninja's appearance, and it takes on the characteristic look of Ash's attire. It sounds like it could be mega evolution because of the bond involved, but whether or not this transformation is for the movie alone is unknown. 

And with that we come to a close to this month's edition of Nintendo News! See you all until next time!

Sup peeps! Welcome to my only interview as head of content. We currently don't have any interviewers, so if you're interested in doing this kinda stuff feel free to contact me! (Milky).  

Anyway; let's get this interview started.

Milky: Hello JV, let’s start off with a little introduction, shall we? Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what role do you play on this site?  
JV_: Introduction. Well as mentioned I go by JV online (actually my intials in real life. so I dont claim to be all that creative). I started allisbrawl roughly 8 years ago with Nealdt after meeting him on the MLG Smash Grassroots Series. Of which I was put in charge of selecting a few community events throughout the US and overseeing them on MLGs (Major League Gaming) behalf.   
The closest name for my current site role would probably be general manager. No one focus but involved in most things and the sites general direction  

Milky: You and Nealdt done some amazing work. We don’t always show our appreciation, so thank you for everything you’ve done for the site so far. It’s been 8 years and you’re still going! You’re Godlike. Based on the site, you obviously care about the smasher community. Speaking of Smash, what is your favorite game out of the series?  

JV_: Thanks. I've put a lot of time into both the site and network. Hindsight being 20/20 theres things we could have done better throughout the years. But almost  all of the current top smash 4 players (Nario, Dabuz, ZeRo, Ally, 6WX) got their start on allisbrawl. So that's something I will always be proud of. I think the first dollar Zero ever won playing smash was on the AllisBrawl Ladders.
Honestly, it's Melee. And it's not even close. Part of the reason probably being once I started the site I never had the time to play as seriously as I did for several years of Melee's life. So I don't think I will ever play a game that much again in my life. So it's tough to displace it given the situation.  

Milky: Melee holds a special place in all of our hearts. Who do you main in Melee and all of the other Smash games?  
JV_: Melee when I was good I played Fox and Sheik depending on matchup and stage counterpicks. But as I stopped playing competitively I started playing everyone. Later in the playing days I rocked ice climbers and Yoshi. Did it for the lolz. Yoshi can pull some crazy stuff. Didn't really consider him competitive till I saw amsa at Apex.  
Smash 4 I honestly like Little Mac. A lot of move priority and I can utilize old school spacing. Unfortunately he has the kind of recovery that makes you want to smash your tv. But I dig punch-out, used to box/do mma, and like everything else about the guy.     

Milky: Interesting. You said you don’t really play the game seriously anymore, just for fun. Does this mean you don’t place in tournaments anymore?  
JV_: Worse than not placing, I'm not even entered. I’ve been to tournaments here or there. Events I have friends at or I'm in the area for. Even then I don't enter cause I normally dont have the whole weekend free. But it's been a couple years since I've been to a big smash event. I was going to go to big house this year. But I'll be in Japan so this thing called the pacific ocean is in my way. Event looks great though. Ran by a good TO in jungleguy. At my home state. And a lot of old school Melee players (on top of all the new guys) will be there. Like I said if it wasn't for the dumb ocean, I'd be there. Although still not sure if I'd actually enter.     

Milky: Aw man, there will surely be other events, so maybe next time. You mentioned you’re in Japan, and something about this ocean? Care to tell us a little more about that?  
JV_: Yeah, I mean the smash community (both Melee and Wii U) continue to grow. So sure there will be more big events in the coming months and years. I'll turn up at one or two of them  
Happy to explain. So oceans are these big blue things comprised of water and sodium chloride (gives it that salt affect - aka salt water). I'm not sure why this one is called the pacific ocean. But it seems like a dumb name. So I'm guessing the person who named it wasn't very intelligent  

Milky: Haha, great answer. Anyway, let’s just jump right into the juicy questions. There’s been rumors that you’re considering a name change for the site URL. Is this true? Or should we just wait and find out? (I know you don’t like this question but there’s been polls and whatnot and I myself am curious). Heh.  

JV_: Ha, so the polls are giving me away huh? It is true. At the end of the day, I think a names just a name. The experience of your site and community matter far more than the text letters in your url. Likewise, things such as search optimization and other factors play a big role in a given sites success. Theres a lot of sites that have awful names (at least in my estimation) but are wildly successful. Amazon.com (a shopping site named after the jungle, doh), facebook.com (literally doesn't have one hint of the social connectivity that is the sites foundation), and apple.com (tech = apples... huh). Yet all of them are fortune 500 companies cause in spite of a name most people would never choose for them they do countless other things right as a site and company. But I'm going off on a tangent here. The short answer is yes. I am considering it. A lot of people have found memories of the AllisBrawl days and we have failed to really capitalize on any other Nintendo properties but Smash. So I am open to any change that puts the site in a better place.  
Milky: Nice example. The site was also in its prime days back when it was AllisBrawl. I think it’s pretty cool that you’re listening to the community and giving them what they want. You’re even going as far as changing the site URL. What about the plans for the overall future of this site?  
JV_: Listening to people is always a tricky thing. This site is, and always has been, for the community. Neal and I just laid the foundation. But it was every blog, article, match played, badge collected, card traded, shoutout that gave it life. Every part of something a user contributed or did be it past or present is what built the site. So I always want what is best for the users and try to take any personal bias I might have out of any decision making. But theres this internet effect I like to call the "vocal minority". Meaning a small percentage of a overall community doesnt like something but they are the most vocal about it. People that are ok with something or don't mind it rarely speak up. Even people that like something only speak up a small percentage of the time. But when people don't agree or don't like something they are most vocal about it. So you need to take into account what people say and consider it. But you cant always listen or you will be constantly reacting in accord to people that are the loudest but do not always represent the majority or, at times, are just giving an opinion that is not thoroughly researched.   
Anyway, rocking another tangent here haha. In terms of future development. The three big ones I can mention are we have a new and exciting season ladder structure to roll out with the second part of our match making (or perhaps before its completely finished),we are doing a site redesign to get the look of the site to feel more modern, and have an official tier list created by some of the very top smash wii u players in Nario, Dabuz, and 6WX. Past that it’s clear with twitter, twitch, and facebook the internet is shifting and some of the features of the site haven't adapted to account for this change. So we may need to re-invent ourselves a bit in the coming months ;)  

Milky: Hype! Very exciting. Now, before I end this interview, I’d like to give you the opportunity to say anything you may feel be relevant, or if you just want to give some shoutouts, here’s your chance!  
JV_: Personally hate shoutouts. How they do them at the end of every esports interview now a days. So screw all you people in my life that deserve a shoutout. You don't get one.  
Relevant stuff wise, I will say, we are always looking to get people involved in the sites staff or one of our various official groups. If you care about making a positive contribution by all means reach out. Development is the single biggest thing we need currently but writers, moderators, social media team members, marketing team, graphic artists, event hosts, streamers, cool dudes that want to be friendly and welcome new people to the site, it all helps. Feedback too, let us know what you think and what we can do better.  

Milky: Hehe… Thank you for letting me interview you JV! It’s been a pleasure, and I’m looking forward to the future of this site!  
JV_: Honor was all mine Milky. You're "SS" tier on the official staff tier list afterall. Not often I get to have a convo with that high tier of a staff member  

Milky: Heh, I try.. And that’s a wrap!  

And that's that guys. We've learned a few new things today, about JV, and the site. We got some top secret info that the staff didn't even know about! Hope you all enjoyed the interview, until next time!

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by JV_ Sep 25 2015, 9:12AM

NDJ is once again partnering up with the SuperCon2k series for the Smash Wii U tournament at Orlando iX taking place in Orlando, FL October 3rd-4th. With the whole event consistenting of five epic days of digital awesomeness (October 2-6).

Orlando iX has major partners lined up like Red Bull, EA Sports, Izea, the Orlando Magic, DeVry University and countless others. Together, they will bring an extended weekend worth of welcome parties, battle of the bands, a giant digital expo with tech on display to experience, keynote speakers from massive organizations like the NFL/Coca-Cola/Dell, and of course the biggest reason we are telling you about it, gaming.

Check out their website (www.orlandoiX.com) for the full run down on Orlando iX and more information about this slick expo.

However, here on NDJ, we are gamers and into gaming. SuperCon2k will be bringing the fun there. Freepaly, an opportunity fund, Mortal Combat X, and Smash. The Smash Wii U tournament is $10 to enter and has roughly $700 in swag for 1st place and payouts to the whole top 8. Full rules and schedule are located on their web-site

With the last two stops in Houston and Clarksville on the SuperCon2k tour being taken down by popular NDJ members iSpin and Samboner, we expect to continue this tradition next weekend in Orlando. If you live in Florida (heck even neighboring states), please make sure to come check out Orlando iX and do us proud.

Contest for Free Gaming Experience Passes

Thats right, we're sticking with the trend of these co-promotional events! We have some weekend passes that only a few lucky people can get their hands on. In our quest to do more on social media and move some things away from the site, we will forgo the traditional online qualifier tournament. In order to win, all you have to do is head over to our facebook page, like us, and comment on this story in the facebook page post with "SuperCon2K Smash!" or send us message on facebook with the same phrase. Then we will toss everyone into a shiny TioPro bracket and randomize it. The top three people listed win Orlando iX Gaming Experience Passes. The deadline for entry is Tuesday September 29th 11:59 PM EST. Winners will be contacted and awarded their pass codes no later than Tuesday at 4 PM EST.

by JV_ Sep 15 2015, 2:23PM

Thanks to everyone that tested out our new match making system and took part in any of the summer ladders. This is something we aim to improve on and grow in the coming months. So your feedback is appreciated. Continue to let us know what you think and how we can do better. Plus stay tuned for some exciting announcements this week about the new season starting soon.

With that said. A big congratulations to all our Summer Ladder top finishers. All regular season badges will be awarded to you within 48 hours.

Our Top 16 Smash Wii U singles Players and Top 8 Smash Wii U Doubles Teams will also be battling it out in playoffs for their share of $150 cash.

Singles Bracket   - Wednesday September 16th in "Tournament Chat 3" starting at 9 PM EST

Doubles Bracket  -  Thursday September 17th starting  in "Tournament Chat 3"  at 9 PM EST

*This is a one day playoff bracket ran much like an actual tournament. If you are not there when your match is called you will have a 5 minute window to return before you are dqed that round. So for all qualifying parties make sure you are there on time and ready to play.* 

Hello Nintendo Dojo! I'm ShadeYuki2500 and I'm here with the results of Paragon Los Angeles 2015, the major Smash tournament that took place over this past weekend!   

Just as Smash @ PAX was the most eventful Smash tournament of August, Paragon LA filled the role as the star of September. Even with issues concerning the Doubles tourneys being dropped due to time constraints and the infamous ZeRo not participating due to health reasons, Paragon pulled through and still made waves in the competitive Smash community. Over 1,400 players participated in the Singles tourneys alone, not even counting last-minute entries. Melee had the most preregistered participants at 532, followed by Smash Wii U and Project M with 499 and 388 participants respectively. This provided more than enough matches for spectators at the event and on stream to enjoy.   
Without ZeRo to give him a run for his money like at [email protected], the Smash Wii U tourney gave Nairo, newly acquainted with the Liquid crew, another win to add to his already expansive trophy case of tournament wins. He shoved his way into the Finals without losing a single game until he faced PG|MVD in the Winner's Finals and lost his first two games. However, like the rest of Nairo's opponents, MVD was sent to the Loser's bracket. In the Grand Finals, he faced vQ|DaBuz and his Olimar. DaBuz had been sent to the Loser's bracket in the second round, but continued to win matches until he returned to the Grand Finals. Nairo shut his streak down 3 games to 1 and left him to take second place. Third was MVD and his Diddy Kong, who seemed to have a good run until he faced Nairo and DaBuz, and lost both times.   
Melee also saw fierce matches from pro Smashers at Paragon. C9|Mango let challengers know that 20XX is coming with his Falco and Fox, going through them without breaking a sweat. He progressed all the way to the finals of the winner’s bracket, where he faced COG MVG|Mew2King, well known as a formidable force in the competitive Smash community, and sent him to Loser’s 3 matches to 1. However, M2K narrowly defeated Liquid’Hungrybox, who was sent to Loser’s early on, 3-2 and got a chance to face Mango once more.  He was again defeated, but barely, taking 2 matches to Mango’s 3 wins. Thus Mew2King had to settle for second, after Mango in first and before H-Box in third.   
Melee wasn’t M2K’s last hope at Paragon LA, as he also participated in the Project M tourney. However, he was knocked into Loser’s early on by VGz|Seagull Joe, who would continue on to the next round and be defeated by EE|Mr Lz. M2K then dominated the bracket until the Loser’s Finals, where he lost to TLOC|Oracle, also sent to Loser's by Mr Lz, 3-0. But after winning against M2K, Oracle got his second chance at taking the gold, similar to Mew2’s performance in the last matches of the Melee tourney. And like Mew2, he lost once more to Mr Lz, leaving him to take second. EE|Mr Lz took first with an impressive performance, losing only 3 games before the Grand Finals, and M2K took third, giving him his second Top 3 finish at Paragon LA.   


Smash Wii U Singles
1st. Liquid|Nairo (Zero Suit Samus)   
2nd. vQ|DaBuz (Rosa & Luma, Olimar)   
3rd. PG|MVD (Diddy Kong)   
4th. Boreal_Ally (Mario)   
5/6th. LLL|Mr. R (Sheik, Ryu)   
5/6th. Shaky (Ness)   
7/8th. 6WX (Sonic, Ryu)   
7/8th. SlayerZ (Peach)   
Melee Singles  
1st. C9|Mango (Falco, Fox)   
2nd. COG|Mew2King (Sheik, Marth, Fox)   
3rd. Liquid|Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)   
4th. Tempo|Westballz (Falco)   
5/6th. Tempo|Axe (Pikachu)   
5/6th. TSM|Leffen (Fox)   
7/8th. Fe|Nintendude (Ice Climbers)   
7/8th. Cherry|Lucky (Fox)   
Project M Singles
1st. EE|Mr Lz (Mr. Game and Watch)   
2nd. TLOC|Oracle (R.O.B., Wario, Luigi)   
3rd. COG|Mew2King (Fox, Cpt. Falcon, Marth, Sheik)   
4th. Liquid|Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)   
5/6th. VGz|Junebug (Diddy Kong)   
5/6th. SSTV OBVN|iPK (Lucario)   
7/8th. Machiavelli (Ivysaur)   
7/8th. FS VS|StereokiDD (Ness)   
Happen to have any footage from the tournament, or maybe you participated? Share it in the comments! I’ll be back soon with more tournament coverage. But for now, keep on Brawling!

Our initial goal with the new ladder match making system was to roll out stage 1 and prep stage 2 for a September 1st release. At which point we would restart ladders with this completely shiny and new system for players to play on with a new season structure and grand final (including the largest prizes we have ever done for an online playoff). However, as we stand a mere day away from the Sept 1st its clear the stage 2 system is not quite ready and needs some more testing/tweaks.

Because of that we will be extending the current ladder season till September 14th 11:59 PM EST. With one day playoffs to be held for Smash Wii U singles on Wednesday September 16th starting at 9 PM EST (Top 16 qualify prizes $75 - 1st-$40, 2nd-$25, 3rd-$10). And doubles on Thursday September 17th starting at 9 PM EST (Top 8 teams qualify prizes $75 - 1st $50, 2nd $25). We will also have badges, content, and other prizes for playoff qualifiers as well as other ladders.

We apologize for the short notice change. Every attempt was made to get the second part of the new match making system ready and start fresh come September 1st. But as the clock winds down we are unable to get there.

However, to keep things fair for those of you that qualified for playoffs according to the original end date we want to let you know that anyone that is in the top 16 (singles) or top 8 (doubles) as of 11:59 PM EST on August 31st will automatically make playoffs regardless of where you stand come September 14th. So any hard work or position you have earned for the originally stated end date will still get you into playoffs. You just need to wait a bit longer to play for that cash, badges, seeding points, and so on.

Again, sorry for the change and delay all. We sincerely hope stage 2 will be worth the wait and lead to some very active chats and match making in the coming months.

Hey there peeps! After numerous amount of failed attempts at trying to find more Content team members through blogs I've decided to bring it to the front page in hopes it will spark some more attention. This time bringing an application with me - I'll get back to this in a moment.  
We're looking for writers who can write consistently (at least once per month). But this depends on how the site activity is as well. If the site isn't as active as it should be, then this rule is irrelevant until I say so.               

Here's a list of the roles with their descriptions that we're looking for:  

These people will read over each article and fix them accordingly to remove spelling and grammatical errors.    

Player/Member interview writer   
The writer will interview people (notable offline or wifi players, TOs, influential site members) on topics relevant to Smash, other Nintendo games, Nintendo news and so on.    

Smash or Splatoon content writer   
The writer will cover aspects about the game (yes, that’s very broad). Examples include new advanced techniques, discussion on rulesets, the state of the metagame, character analyses, weapons, maps, strategies etc.    

Nintendo news update writer   
The writer will give everyone updates about Nintendo news, including direct dates and summaries, new games, and so on.    

Tournament coverage writer   
The writer will compile information about major upcoming tournaments (both offline and online) and results of major tournaments. It will help to be versed in both the offline and offline tournament scene.    

Opinion and entertainment writer   
The writer will write about anything related to Smash, the site, gaming, etc, but the articles need to be interesting and discussion provoking (and not break site rules, of course).  

Something else you want to write about?  

You can apply for any of these roles in the application form. The application is short and simple. Speaking of which you can find the application and apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/oLPGpVwoFq  

All content team members will be assigned the Content Team Member badge, which comes with the white with black outline name color.  

If you can't write consistently but still want to write for the front page, talk to me about joining the Submit the Content Team an article group. Note: people in this group won't get the Content Team member badge.  

There's no deadline. But I recommend applying now, since I'm only gonna take a look at the applicants regularly for about week. After you take the application, you should be hearing back from me soon.

And that's all for now folks. Hope to see you on the Content Team soon!

Hello everyone, this is Senobekim here to bring you the 2nd Ladder report of this Summer season. Activity on the ladders seems to have all but come to a stand-still for the time being, but I would love to see you all change that! Since there's not much else I can say, here are the current scores, taken as of 2:55am EST. 

Smash 4 Wii U Singles:
(01) Zorai [Score: 1836 | Wins: 30 / Losses: 4] (Character(s) Sheik)   
(02) DDDP l Dedede Daio [Score: 1398 | Wins: 29 / Losses: 11] (Character(s) King Dedede)  
(03) Zanryo [Score: 1363 | Wins: 11 / Losses: 3] (Character(s) Falco) 
(04) Admiral_iFox7i_ [Score: 1331 | Wins: 5 / Losses 3] (Character(s) Falcon)   
(05) 6WX [Score: 1251 | Wins: 5 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Sonic) 
(06) xDarkAurax [Score: 1130 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 1] (Character(s) Greninja)   
(07) Ant [Score: 1051 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character(s) Sonic) 
(08) ven [Score: 1049 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 2] (Character(s) Zelda)   
(09) PentaSalad [Score: 996 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 1] (Character(s) Rosalina)   
(10) [FT] Natsu [Score: 953 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Sonic) 
(10) Cyrelle/Sonic18 [Score: 953 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 6] (Character(s) Sonic, Mario, Kirby)   
(12) CaptainZack [Score: 952 | Wins: 5 / Losses: 7] (Character(s) Peach) 

Smash 4 Wii U Customs:

(01) Virus [Score: 427 | Wins: 1 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Dr. Mario)  

Smash 4 Wii U Doubles:   
(01) MegaNinja [Score: 1212 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Mega Man & Greninja)   
(02) Ready for GOML [Score: 1039 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 1] (Character(s) Luigi and ?)   
(03) Blade [Score: 937 | Wins: 5 / Losses: 1] (Character(s) Charizard & Ike?)   
(04) MEWTWO WHY? [Score: 765 | Wins: 1 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Metaknight & Villager?) 
(05) Chaos Force~ [Score: 700 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Sonic & Link)  

Smash 4 3DS Singles: 

(01) Black Star - Pavel [Score: 691 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Sonic & Luigi) 
(02) Zanryo [Score: 679 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Falco) 
(03) Senobekim [Score: 424 | Wins: 1 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Wario) 
(04) LNIAD [Score: 423 | Wins: 1 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Ike)  

Brawl Singles: 

(01) Cody [Score: 1299 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Metaknight) 
(02) Bling Smith [Score: 1047 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Marth) 
(03) zhao_guang [Score: 686 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 5] (Character(s) Luigi) 
(04) ReoZ l C-Bass [Score: 600 | Wins: 1 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Ness) 
(05) MeroKnight [Score: 525 | Wins: 2 / Losses: 1] (Character(s) ?) 

Mario Kart 8 Doubles: 

(01) Senobekim & Blood Thirsty Ike [Score: 424 | Wins: 1 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Rosalina & Morton)  


- Not much has changed in Smash 4 Singles, and Zorai is still sitting on top with a considerable lead over second place. 

- Cody is undefeated with the lead in Brawl Singles, but Bling Smith also remains undefeated. Will we see these two square off? 

- So far, only a single game has been played in each of the Smash 4 Customs and Mario Kart 8 Doubles Ladders, with no games yet played in Project M or Melee Singles. 

Well that's all for now folks. Again, I really hope to see some more activity in all of these ladders, and definitely keep your eye out for that Splatoon ladder coming your way. Take care!

Heya everyone, Milky here bringing the first seasonal ladder update!   

We've changed some things around, since we have a whole bunch of ladders. We now have 2 people willing to cover the bi-weekly ladder updates. The updates will be split if half. Raffi will be writing about Smash 4 Wii U (Singles, doubles, customs) and Smash 4 3DS. While Senobekim will have an article ready next week regarding Brawl, Project M, Melee, and Mario Kart 8. You will basically be getting a different ladder update every week depending on who's writing the article. Though, if the ladders lack activity, we will not be writing about them. The first ladder update will only consist of Smash 4 Wii U singles, and doubles due to inactivity. Hopefully this will bring some hype to the other ladders. Bring us something to write about! 

Are you ready for the report? Here it goes!

Smash 4 Wii U Singles:  
(01) Zorai [Score: 1857 | Wins: 29 / Losses: 4] (Character(s): Sheik)  
(02) Zanryo [Score: 1439 | Wins: 11 / Losses: 2] (Character(s): Falco)  
(03) DDDP l Dedede Daio [Score: 1408 | Wins: 28 / Losses: 11] (Character(s): King Dedede)  
(04) Admiral_iFox7i_ [Score: 1189 | Wins: 4 / Losses 3] (Character(s) Falcon)  
(05) xDarkAurax [Score: 1143 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 1] (Character(s) Greninja)  
(06) Ant [Score: 1069 | Wins: 8 / Losses: 2] (Character(s) Sonic)  
(07) ven [Score: 1065 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 2] (Character(s) Zelda)  
(08) 6WX [Score: 1015 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Sonic)  
(09) PentaSalad [Score: 1011 | Wins: 3 / Losses: 1] (Character(s) Rosalina, and Lucina?)  
(10) Cyrelle/Sonic18 [Score: 973 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 6 ] (Character(s) Sonic)  

Smash 4 Wii U Doubles:  

(01) MegaNinja [Score: 1224 | Wins: 6 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) Mega Man & Greninja)  
(02) Ready for GOML [Score: 1053 | Wins: 4 / Losses: 1] (Character(s) ??)  
(03) Blade [Score: 951 | Wins: 5 / Losses: 0] (Character(s) ??)  

Spotlight and Notes:  

- Zorai is winning the Smash 4 singles ladder at the moment! Will anyone take him down?  

- Dedede Daio has the most games played in the top 10!  

- ven used up b to get in the top 8!   

- Looks like Dark Aura and DHOPE are winning the doubles ladder!  

- Lots of Sonics in ladder

Closing Notes:  
Unfortunately, I couldn't write more due to lack of activity. I'm hoping this update will bring you guys some hype. If you'd like to see an update for Customs, 3DS, Brawl, PM, Melee, next week; bring some activity to them! Doubles and Singles could use a tad bit more activity as well. 

On another note, the rumors are true, Splatoon is on its way to ladder! 740 is working on the ruleset and badges for a Splatoon ladder. If you have any ideas just leave him a shoutout!  

I hope you all are enjoying the new ladders. Until next time!

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