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-Randum-'s Dojo Score 9350
Name:Randum ツ
Gender: Male
Location: SoCal, California, United States
Birthday: March 1, 1996
Joined: December 28, 2009
Favorite games:uh huh honey
Wii Number:0097 3281 6685 0424
Brawl Friend Code:2323 2266 4855
October 16
-Randum- earned the Ready for Relaunch badge. 10:50 PM
August 22
-Randum- updated his profile. 7:43 PM
-Randum- left FightAdamantEevee a shoutout. 7:42 PM
August 7
-Randum- voted on the poll What are your Smash 4 purchasing plans?. 3:21 AM
Aug 27, 2012:5th of 20 in Doubles at Sunday Night Doubles!#5(Finally Back!)
Jul 02, 2012:3rd of 21 in Doubles at Dubs 16 more
Jun 17, 2012:3rd of 17 in Doubles at Sunday Night Doubles!

Dubs 16 more
3rd place Doubles
Jul 02, 2012

Sunday Night Doubles!
3rd place Doubles
Jun 17, 2012

United States Doubles Tourney #1 (Keeby hosted)
4th place Doubles
Nov 06, 2010

The Ω Mother Showdown!
1st place Tournament
Nov 06, 2010

chimpact wrote at 12:24 PM on Oct 17, 2014:
Linus wrote at 9:40 PM on Aug 08, 2014:
I know you!
Hunter Keeba wrote at 8:11 PM on Jun 08, 2014:
Randum, are you a space?
Udu wrote at 4:41 PM on Jun 08, 2014:
This is the ONLY comic that has literally made me laugh! xD
Kami wrote at 4:59 PM on May 28, 2014:
Tell you on skype sometime
Jelley wrote at 4:20 PM on Apr 10, 2014:
Hey there. I heard that the servers for Nintendo wifi connection for the Wii and DS are going to be gone on May 20th. Want to play some more games before we're unable to?
Swagsire wrote at 4:11 PM on Mar 28, 2014:
These servers are redirecting proxies that collect info like Nintendo's servers.
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 8:51 PM on Mar 17, 2014:
If you didn't vote for me, I'd like to request it... and for Anju too.
rundas1234 wrote at 1:13 PM on Mar 17, 2014:
sorry to bother you, but i dont need either of those cards (VVVV) anymore. however, would your valentines 2014 promo or your st. patricks promo be for trade? :)
rundas1234 wrote at 5:32 PM on Mar 16, 2014:
hey! is your board the platforms sticker or event match 36 up for trade? :)
About me:I don't play brawl anymore, but I'm a big fan of Project M! I main Lucas and play some Roy/Ivysaur. Tell me if you'd like to play!