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Sand Crab

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Mar 04, 2011:9th of 30 in Nation of Ikes Tournament #1 at Nation of Ikes Tournament #1

Fairess wrote at 10:01 PM on Oct 07, 2014:
then how are you going to play smash? :O
Fairess wrote at 8:45 PM on Oct 05, 2014:
thanks ^_^ btw here is my 3ds friend code 3325 3616 7907 i go online with my friends daily! my connection is pretty good now! and smash 4 dosent use servers anymore which is good, feel free to join us :D
Fairess wrote at 4:09 AM on Sep 01, 2014:
Happy birthday sol! ^_^
JimHeadshot wrote at 1:23 PM on Aug 30, 2014:
Joseph Joestar just loves birthdays.
Mystical Archer wrote at 10:26 AM on Aug 30, 2014:
Happy birthday!
PsyIke wrote at 10:50 PM on Aug 30, 2014:
Happy birthday!
-BC- wrote at 6:24 PM on Jun 26, 2013:
Naww :(

It'll be good to vs you again.
-BC- wrote at 6:52 AM on Jun 26, 2013:
Sol, when you wanna wi-fi again?
-BC- wrote at 1:18 AM on May 23, 2013:
Haven't seen you around :l
About me:Coming back to take competitive stage in SSB4. Best of luck to everyone.
My official tag will be McX.


Planned characters to use:
- Shulk
- Ike
- Luigi
- Falco

Characters I want to try (of course I'd like to try everyone, but I think these characters would suit me better):
- Little Mac
- Murabito