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4:50 PM on Jan 11, 2011
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1HKO's Dojo Score 1900
Gender: Male
Location: fresno, California, United States
Birthday: August 17, 1987
Joined: May 8, 2008
Favorite games:SSBB, FF1-12, kingdom hearts, and lots of others
Brawl Friend Code:1848 1440 6033
April 25
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December 28
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Wicked Witch Crow wrote at 10:13 PM on Dec 27, 2012:
Not sure if you still play anymore, but this is truly the start of a great following in Fresno. Join the tournament if possible. http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=13887
About me:A gamer that loves strategy. I have a life though with work in the IT field and a fiance that loves me, plus school...
I do love this game...its kinda my hobby.
I run Ubuntu so no windows.....

anyways, if anyone is interested, im pretty good at this game and would love to play anyone! Im l am a comp sci major with minor in phil so logic is really me!

1HKO=1 Hit K O
Suicide king

I main:
1. Kirby
2. Sonic
3. Link
in that order
everyone else, im ok with except bowser and Dk for some reason. I do better with speed than power most of the time.

My avatar was done by my future wife Wendy Begley!
She also did my website logo:
You can email me and ill relay to her if you want something done.

I usually play online from 7-10 (off and on) so give me a shout out if you would like to play. I also dont play in tourneys anymore (or host) because of time constraints but i like to play casual.

Well feel free to comment. I like the comments. I am also a amuture philosopher so feel free to share your mind.