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blog_img So tell me AiB.
9:30 AM on Jun 18, 2012
blog_img There's a Super Saiyan in all of us.
9:49 PM on Feb 24, 2012
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Link14 wrote at 8:55 PM on Oct 25, 2014:
good games indeed, i think imma pick up Palutena for the hell of it, she plays like melee mewtwo kinda
MikeD wrote at 12:26 AM on Oct 23, 2014:
ur mario was pretty solid tho. downside is u kept killing urself:P
MikeD wrote at 12:12 AM on Oct 23, 2014:
gg bro p.s. I was using random XD
Grimlock wrote at 11:22 PM on Oct 23, 2014:
MikeD wrote at 2:54 AM on Oct 13, 2014:
MikeD wrote at 1:00 AM on Oct 13, 2014:
ace 1v1?
Coolwhip wrote at 3:41 AM on Oct 09, 2014:
Nope. My hands are to big for hand helds 10' hands dude. lol
Coolwhip wrote at 3:31 AM on Oct 09, 2014:
Unfortunately, I haven't played the 3DS version. :(
Coolwhip wrote at 12:05 AM on Oct 09, 2014:
*Wii U version
Coolwhip wrote at 12:03 AM on Oct 09, 2014:
I never knew I was your "Mario teacher" lol. You should've asked for some tips & tricks, I wouldn't
mind helping you out.

I'm good just getting myself ready for smash 4. U?
About me:I'm not good at Smash. No, really.