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blog_img So tell me AiB.
11:30 AM on Jun 18, 2012
blog_img There's a Super Saiyan in all of us.
11:49 PM on Feb 24, 2012
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Mercury wrote at 6:52 PM on Oct 28, 2014:
Done and done
T-Raz wrote at 8:47 PM on Oct 26, 2014:
Ah, awesome!=D I just added you to! Yeah just let me know when you wanna play, I'm always up for it.=)
Pr0_Ninja_Zer0 wrote at 6:38 PM on Oct 26, 2014:
People always assume the worst from me. -_-
Pr0_Ninja_Zer0 wrote at 6:21 PM on Oct 26, 2014:
Well it's not that you're bad. A lot of people in the group are good. Heh, there always seems to be this dichotomy with good and bad people. Like, if someone loses, it's always because THEY'RE bad; it's never because the other person is good. And that really is the wrong mode of thinking. There's really no shame in losing to someone who's good. And that's how you learn.
Pr0_Ninja_Zer0 wrote at 5:49 PM on Oct 26, 2014:
Whaa--? You DOUBTED me?! >:O
Pr0_Ninja_Zer0 wrote at 5:38 PM on Oct 26, 2014:
Lol I think it may have been 3 or 4. You and your silly F.L.U.D.D. >_>

I had to stop because my 3DS was starting to die and I don't like playing with the charger cable in. It feels awkward.
Pr0_Ninja_Zer0 wrote at 12:32 PM on Oct 26, 2014:
Pr0_Ninja_Zer0 wrote at 11:16 AM on Oct 26, 2014:
Hmmm, it's probably between Suplex, Ninja, and Fighter. I find them all fun to use.
Link14 wrote at 2:55 PM on Oct 25, 2014:
good games indeed, i think imma pick up Palutena for the hell of it, she plays like melee mewtwo kinda
MikeD wrote at 6:26 PM on Oct 23, 2014:
ur mario was pretty solid tho. downside is u kept killing urself:P
About me:I'm not good at Smash. No, really.