I like girls · VEGETA WHAT DOES THE SCOUTER SAY ABOUT HIS POWER LEVEL ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT 9000 · I HATE DAM BUTTON LAG JOIN IF U AGREE CAUSE I KNOW U DO =( · I play with a Gamecube controller in SSBB and I dont care · Go Mr.L!!! · All is Weegee · Respectful Smashers · The Tripping Has To Stop · LuigiTheKing's Ultimate Luigi Group · I put a REAL picture of myself on AllisBrawl · If theres lag, I will be a noob. · Get Raped · I like playing people I probably won't beat · Dragon Ball Z · The Most Fun Character in Brawl is my Main · I Love Video Game Music · The old cartoon network was epic · Link from Twilight Princess looks awesome in Brawl · I love abusing the sandbag in the WiFi waiting room. · I Have Matchup Problems. · I blame the children for crappy Nintendo Wifi support · All I Want Is A Beach Ball · I freaking hate the edge of Final Destination! · I pick up Rupees in Zelda even though my wallet is full · Want Shadow The Hedgehog in Brawl · I've been Meltdizzled/Sambonified/Afroninja'd/Slapped with the Holy water · Classic Rock Appreciation · TOON LINK IS MAH HOMEBOI · Death Note · I like nachos and frozen yogurt! · People that can't avoid hitting the sandbag while waiting for your online match to begin · I don't hit people while they're taunting. · i just wanna edgehog you · I sometimes try to recover even though there's no way I'll make it back to the stage. · Brawl is a good game, BUT MELEE KICKS ITS ***. · i just wanna combo you · Sick of Snakes · young brawlers · Tlink link and Zelda/shiek Gannon mainers!! · It's over 9000!!!!!!????? · I Lost Respect for Snake and Metaknight · I Survived a Spamnado · I hate when Rainbow Cruise is chosen as a counterpick! · You stole my kill!! · East Coast · Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time · Eevee Evo Fan Club! · Youtube Community · IN THE MEMORY OF DB/DBZ · PARENTS ARE A HUGE DISTRACTION! · I make up random combos that shouldn't ever work but somehow do. · Neutrals ONLY · DON'T HIT ME WHILE I TAUNT. · it was worth it! · All is Melee · I HATE SPAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! · I Hate Diddy's Banana Peels!!!!!! · The Supreme Luigi Collaborative · I'm Voting for Weegee =D · I Have Way Too Many Saved Replays · Music · The Respect-for-Females Group · Risk it all for the SPIKE! · I play as Captain Falcon just to Falcon Punch someone · Ditto Matches: Good or Bad For You? · South · The Friend Group · i like hearts :D ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ · No U · Snake BLOWS · I Know combos with Falcon · The Stock Pot Inn · I hate it when people don't want items in a free for all · PROCRASTINATION 4 TEH LULZ · Tay is ghey · !!!!!YO *** JUST GOT 3 STOCKED. DAMN!!!!!! · Asian Smash Community · ILY Nana! <4 · Lightning Dragons Clan · I <3 Pokemon HG/SS · Project M World · -DBDI- · ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀

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Jun 09, 2013:33rd of 51 in ZXL Brawl Singles at ZXL Monthly I: The Come Up!
May 22, 2009:110th of 110 in Singles at Omega Brawl
Jan 03, 2009:33rd of 60 in Singles at WFS Presents: The Main Match Up of 5 Tournament 2

Dragum Kirisute wrote at 9:23 AM on Oct 06, 2014:
Hai~ :P
Dragum Kirisute wrote at 3:39 PM on Oct 03, 2014:
Vaporeon! the most awesome Eevee form >.> but I cant turn down Jolteon xD so guess I'll like both of them o. o
Snake Master wrote at 7:08 PM on Mar 28, 2014:
Snake Master wrote at 1:59 PM on Mar 02, 2014:
I dont think so. Just a random request
Snake Master wrote at 8:51 PM on Mar 01, 2014:
Thanks its nice to meet u
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