10 Man Brawl
Meta Knight
11.08 s
Home Run Contest
2045.6 ft
Home Run Contest
2120.9 ft

Almost Famous

AgileHerb's Dojo Score 2350
Gender: Male
Location: Connecticut, United States
Birthday: May 10, 1991
Joined: June 18, 2009
Favorite games:SSB. series, forza motorsport 3, left4dead2, and much more,
Wii Number:7685 8027 8496 0272
Brawl Friend Code:3867 6243 5796
Xbox Gamertag:AgileHerb
PSN Account:......nope
December 12
AgileHerb posted a shoutout to the group The Peach Monarchs. 10:49 AM
AgileHerb left Jewl Echo a shoutout. 10:48 AM
December 9
AgileHerb changed his Pokémon team. 3:18 PM

About me:Im not here as often as before....

The car I drive, dam skippy serious!

Love it!