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Artaivo's Dojo Score 2550
Name:Artaivo W. Nelson
Gender: Male
Location: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Birthday: May 7, 1995
Joined: January 18, 2009
Favorite games:Zelda, smash bros, naruto, sonic, I love Majoras mask
Wii Number:7141 7442 4519 8615
Brawl Friend Code:5198 6443 1822
May 27
Artaivo left Elegants a shoutout. 3:40 AM
December 21
Artaivo left pokemonmastr656 a shoutout. 7:41 AM
December 19
Jan 08, 2010:33rd of 43 in HHS at Heros have Swords
Jan 08, 2010:9th of 13 in Brawl Singles at spacing_out's Big Gay Tourney!! MK BANNED...kinda.
Jan 07, 2010:6th of 6 in MKW Singles at Mario Kart Wii for New years =)

Clash of the Doubles
2nd place Singles
May 22, 2009

Mushroom Kingdom Brawl Tournament
4th place Singles
Jul 24, 2009

About me:.... I'm always bored, am I Damn gud link

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I love bleach ^_^ its my favorite anime ever. There's a lot of brawlers out there that enjoy watching bleach too. If u like it we should be friends ^_^.

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Some sigs I made. Hope you like them ^_^