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blog_img I'm 20 now so..
12:05 AM on Apr 16, 2013
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12:34 AM on Jan 31, 2012
Link from Twilight Princess looks awesome in Brawl · Link Smashers · Pit Smashers of All is Brawl · Lucario: The Aura · I had to explain that Sheik is a girl, and Zelda doesn't turn into a guy. · I pick up Rupees in Zelda even though my wallet is full · Hands Off My Bread · Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time · I love abusing the sandbag in the WiFi waiting room. · Anime Group 2.0 · If you had only one word to describe your playstyle, what would it be? · R.I.P Toonami · The Most Fun Character in Brawl is my Main · Zero Suit Samus · I beat Zelda games in like a couple of hours straight · I like girls · *United* MegaMan Fans · LINK MAH BOIIIII · i like to taunt to offend people · Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess · I pick up Rupees in Metroid even though I'm already a fireflower · Why so serious?? · ITS A TRAP! · People that can't avoid hitting the sandbag while waiting for your online match to begin · LINK>>>>all · The old cartoon network was epic · THe Link Revolution · Toon Link Fanclub · I'm Awsome! · Wind Waker Legacy · Misty's Fanclub! <3 · TOON LINK IS MAH HOMEBOI · The Awesomeguy1 Fanclub · I survived the '08 AiB Crash!!! · i just wanna spike you · Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass · NOBLE BRAWLERS · I LOVE MIMI!!!! · The "Glitches" group · Grinds My Gears · We Miss Mewtwo! · I has a hawt avi · AllisBrawl GFX · Legion of Links · Everyone Needs a Sheik in their life · The Legend of Awesome · Carnivores of Smash!! · Samus Aran Fanclub · I get all excited when I log in with new alerts · hihihi · what is this i dont even... · I'm in love with a video game character! · No U · Edge guard+Spikes=Awesome · WEDDING!!! · The Stonecutters · Adult Swim · AIB's Wii Speakers · Mr. Bucket Fanclub · The We Main all Brawl. · I LOVE CHICHI_HILTON >:D · ACDCefg's Fan Club · Chuck Norris fan club · Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask · The League of Extraordinary Brawlers · The Stock Pot Inn · Bomberman Blasters · I Wear Glasses! (contacts) · The Conduit Network · I don't play(or hardly ever play) Brawl! · AiB VIP Chat Members · Skype Club! · Dogs have eyebrows · Valdens's Movie Stream Fan Group · Featured Group Owner... group · AiB Decorative Profile Events · Spirit Tracks fan group · Social Chat Veteran Get Togethers · Queen · AiB Social Community Archives · Monster Hunter Tri Association · Zelda Skyward Sword · Jersey Shore · Official TCG Trading & Support Group

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Aug 08, 2009

VickiIcarusChan wrote at 2:29 AM on Oct 08, 2014:
Nice avi you got there! XD
Geno wrote at 2:17 PM on Sep 22, 2014:
mind trading me 1 of ur 5000 coins cards?
Link Master wrote at 3:21 PM on Aug 04, 2014:
Im the number 1 link fan
Faketime wrote at 12:32 PM on Jun 17, 2014:
Hey dude, long time no talk. :) And yeah I probably passed out. Up late doing important mod stuff (mostly wasting time in free play.)
VickiIcarusChan wrote at 3:47 AM on Apr 16, 2014:
Happy birthday!
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 12:37 AM on Apr 16, 2014:
Happy Birthday, I guess...
Link Master wrote at 1:38 PM on Feb 15, 2014:
was up!
MetaBowser wrote at 5:42 PM on Feb 01, 2014:
would you trade your mew2king for my ally?
VickiIcarusChan wrote at 8:14 PM on Jan 27, 2014:
Thank you, AG1!
Gardy wrote at 10:52 PM on Dec 20, 2013:
Would your S1 Poke Ball or any of your Premiere Balls be up for trade?
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