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BartMan's Dojo Score 2000
Gender: Male
Location: Mexico
Birthday: June 12, 1989
Joined: August 24, 2008
Favorite games:SSBB,Pokemon series,Neo Geo Games and SNK Games,Megaman series,Drakengard,Killer 7,Fire Emblem Series,Star Fox Series,F-Zero series,Yoshi Series,Luigi's Mansion,Wild Guns,Puyo Puyo series,Metal Slug series,Metroid Series, MadWorld, God Hand and many more...
Brawl Friend Code:2836 0382 7593
PSN Account:Caim_Ike
3DS Friend Code:0963 0614 0356
October 14
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Taigakan wrote at 6:00 PM on Oct 14, 2014:
oh, well too late XD
Taigakan wrote at 8:20 PM on Oct 13, 2014:
Taigakan wrote at 5:19 PM on Sep 16, 2014:
ofc mayne
Taigakan wrote at 1:38 AM on Aug 20, 2014:
have that **** for years
Taigakan wrote at 1:49 AM on Aug 07, 2014:
yoooooooooooooooo lol do i have you on skype? i know ive had our brother for years
Link Master wrote at 6:09 PM on Feb 07, 2014:
Taigakan wrote at 4:19 AM on Jul 15, 2013:
Rango wrote at 3:41 PM on Apr 07, 2013:
Cool selection. I didn't even know the new Darkstalkers was out. I'm playing Bioshock Infinite, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, and going back to some Street Fighter.
Rango wrote at 3:02 AM on Mar 04, 2013:
Me either. What's up?
Taigakan wrote at 12:58 AM on Feb 22, 2013:
only if ur gonna play in tourneys lol
About me:well,im fom Mexico and im an underground gamer as well an Underground Brawler.
That's all you need to know.