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Smash 4 3DS Fall Singles '14
W - L:45 - 36
Streak: 1 loss
Smash 4 3DS Fall Doubles '14
W - L:3 - 10
Streak: 5 losses

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Super Smash Bros. 4

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BengalsRZ's Dojo Score 7450
Gender: Male
Location: fairfax, Virginia, United States
Birthday: July 28, 1992
Joined: August 7, 2008
Favorite games:Smash all day
Brawl Friend Code:1421 3522 8102
3DS Friend Code:0302 1081 8167
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October 22
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October 20
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October 14
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Dec 28, 2010:17th of 85 in Brawl Singles at Raptor Presents: Online Singles Tournament #2
Jan 19, 2010:2nd of 21 in Brawl Singles at Aib's Bi-Weekly Singles(Tuesdays and thursdays)
Aug 05, 2009:5th of 20 in Singles at Random Last Minute Singles 4

High Tier Tourney
1st place Singles
Sep 27, 2008

Aib's Bi-Weekly Singles(Tuesdays and thursdays)
2nd place Brawl Singles
Jan 19, 2010

Who Runs The Show Doubles Tourney!!!
2nd place Doubles
Jan 10, 2009

All THe BEst Dubz Are HERE!!!
2nd place Doubles
Dec 20, 2008

Heero Yuy wrote at 6:57 AM on Jul 28, 2014:
Happy birthday buddy! Can't wait to play with you again.
simpleblast wrote at 6:45 PM on Jul 28, 2013:
Happy Birthday! I hope it's awesome ^_^
Foodies wrote at 10:05 PM on Jul 28, 2013:
Happy Birthday :D
Heero Yuy wrote at 4:29 AM on Jul 05, 2013:
Hey man I retired from Brawl, or at least am taking an indefinite hiatus from it. Do you also play Melee or Project M? During my school year at GMU, I can visit you and we can play either game.
Asxa wrote at 1:58 AM on May 22, 2013:
sup bagelz
Akashi wrote at 7:49 PM on Feb 28, 2013:
Hey Bengals! Your recent activity reminded me of you =). How have you been?
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