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Blazemace's Dojo Score 1700
Gender: Male
Location: Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, United States
Birthday: February 17, 1992
Joined: October 5, 2008
Favorite games:Melee <3 Zone of the Enders 2nd runner, Metroid: Fusion, Super Metroid (best 100% item speed run at 53:29 currently), Megaman Classic, Zero, + Battle Network series, especially Battle Network 3+6(pretty much all of them except X7+), and.... that's pretty much it.
Brawl Friend Code:3394 3245 1847
March 25
February 17
Today is Blazemace's birthday! 12:00 AM
November 21
Blazemace voted on the poll Wii U is out very soon. Are you getting one?. 12:29 AM
Feb 15, 2011:4th of 18 in Brawl minus singles at Hacked Brawl Tournament #3
Jan 23, 2011:2nd of 10 in Brawl Minus (Singles) at Hacked Brawl tournament #2
Jan 15, 2011:1st of 20 in Brawl Minus Singles at Hacked Brawl Tournament #1

Hacked Brawl Tournament #1
1st place Brawl Minus Singles
Jan 15, 2011

Hacked Brawl tournament #2
2nd place Brawl Minus (Singles)
Jan 23, 2011

Hacked Brawl Tournament #3
4th place Brawl minus singles
Feb 15, 2011

blackant wrote at 8:14 PM on Feb 17, 2013:
NOOOOOO!!!! IM OFF BY 1 DAY!!!!!! happy late b-day
SketchLA94 wrote at 6:56 PM on Feb 17, 2013:
Happy Birthday Blazemace!!! :D
Savage wrote at 3:00 AM on Feb 17, 2013:
happy bday
About me:Hey what's goin on. It's Mace. You know. That guy always shouting to play dubs matches in the freeplay chat? Yeah, that creeper.

I am a huge fan of Brawl + and Minus, I really enjoy what those guys have been doing to Brawl. Special thanks goes out to GHNeko who took me into his clan BD (miss you guys) and introduced me to B+ and Manchu. I still have nightmares from that thing. I do take Minus somewhat serious (about as serious as you can take a version of Brawl like that) but I enjoy it more than anything and I just have more fun with it then VBrawl. I don't really play VBrawl for any reason other then not many guys/ gals play Minus, so it's more efficient to stick with the crowd, but if you do play Minus, friend me. Now.

I'm pretty efficient at looping tracks for custom music in Brawl, so if you provide an mp3 or .wav I don't mind doing the work. Typically I can get songs done in 5-10 minutes for stereo, less for mono with a perfect loop. I don't do vertex hacks, though, but I mess around with textures and have quite a few of my own that I've tweaked over time that are only for personal use. Sorry.

"You have the gayest Lucas I've ever played dude. Like straight up homo." ~Anonymous~

FC: 3394-3245-1847
AIM- Blazemanmace

Linksies to my Brawl Vault account: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?ByUserID=5776
I add stuff every once in a great while so check it out once a month. icon_biggrin