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Boo.D's Dojo Score 4500
Name:Child, Reason, Body and Spectator.
Gender: Male
Location: France
Birthday: March 2, 1996
Joined: July 28, 2008
Favorite games:Anarchy Reigns, Skullgirls, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Sonic Unleashed (ps3)
Wii Number:2605 7757 6456 3519
Brawl Friend Code:1418 8946 6555
Apr 05, 2009:4th of 12 in Singles at Melee Newcomers Only European Tournament
Dec 22, 2008:25th of 38 in Singles at Ganondorf Gathering Tournament Volume 1
Dec 20, 2008:8th of 9 in Singles Pools at SSBEurope 3 (Winter 2008)

About me:I'm actually on AiF now.