Cater12345's Dojo Score 2600
Gender: Male
Location: Springdale, Arkansas, United States
Birthday: December 16, 1993
Joined: November 16, 2008
Favorite games:ah ****.i have alot of fav games but mostly i love brawl. Who doesn't?XD Loved brawl since it was out. Melee! This game is sooo RAPE. I Miss this ****ing game so much since i was young. I did the the biggest mistake of selling this game to get the new brawl game lol XD. i know, im a Dumbass for doing doing that but Everybody knows that Melee ****ing beats brawl. Mario Kart wii: Wtf? i don't Like this game and i dont know why i put it as one of my Favorite games lol.
Wii Number:8899 0057 2021 2610
Brawl Friend Code:0774 7553 1830
December 16
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August 25
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About me:Living somewhere in the middle of USA called Arkansas. If you asked me its hell.
Im what people call me,"A Game Nerd" nd datz True.

Im a RANDOM mainer *****s!

^ This Pic is soo raaape. it diserves a 5 Stars =]

-Blood -Crip -Darkness -Gold -Money -Grapes(lol couldn't think of anything purple)