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5:32 PM on Sep 30, 2012
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Cheesepinaco's Dojo Score 2200
Name:King Dedede
Gender: Male
Location: Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Birthday: February 4, 1998
Joined: February 5, 2011
Favorite games:Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2 SSB64 SSBM SSBB Mario 64 All Zelda games (Skyward Sword and Ocarina are my fav!) Starfox Mario bros. series Kirby Pretty much every Nintendo game I've played. Batman Arkham Series Elder Scrolls
Brawl Friend Code:1119 2440 7131
July 20
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April 24
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February 4
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October 5
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Apr 08, 2011:13th of 18 in Singles at Alexgamer03's Weekly Tournament With No Name: 4/8/
Feb 19, 2011:5th of 6 in Project M singles at Project M Celebration Tournament

AurablastSSBB wrote at 7:23 AM on Feb 08, 2014:
Hi, can I trade you something for your ADHD Apex 2014 card and Andross Card, please ?
Italian Falcon wrote at 6:05 PM on Feb 04, 2014:
Happy Birthday. :D
Mr. MR wrote at 1:11 AM on Feb 04, 2014:
Happy Birthday
-KingDedede- wrote at 5:50 PM on Apr 21, 2013:
Seriously, You've Copyed My Name.
rundas1234 wrote at 2:42 PM on Mar 22, 2013:
hey! is your assist trophy, pokeballs, smash ball, dragoon, or masterpieces up for trade?
Gardy wrote at 10:00 AM on Mar 12, 2013:
Would your Giga Reborn Jumbo, Dark Cannon, S1 Poke Ball, or any of your 1,000 coins cards be available to trade?
MetaBowser wrote at 4:41 PM on Feb 13, 2013:
would you trade your assist trophy for corneria and tabuu's domain?
MDAVE wrote at 3:49 PM on Feb 13, 2013:
He's good, talked to him the other day. The guy has been working really hard lately, he has improved a lot in Brawl and now even travels often to certain tourneys. Very cool stuff. :)
MDAVE wrote at 7:44 AM on Feb 11, 2013:
I've been well, thanks! How about you sir?
Biebs wrote at 5:37 PM on Feb 08, 2013:
About me:I like games, and I like going to school. I'm a very kind person, in fact, I may a little too kind... I play really crappy online, so don't be shocked if I choke badly.