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Clink's Dojo Score 3000
Name:Tony Salloway A.K.A Clink
Gender: Male
Location: Tupelo, Mississippi, United States
Birthday: November 6, 1988
Joined: April 16, 2008
Favorite games:WTF BRAWL! Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy series (FFIX = GREATEST!), Lost Odyssey, Gears of war, Assassins Creed, Resident Evil series, Super Mario, Condemned, CoD4, Fable, Star Wars KotOR I-II, Zack and Wiki, World of Warcraft, Dofus, BOOM BLOX! Forza motorsports, Rock band, Guitar Hero, Pikmin, metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell...I'm gonna stop here... it'll go on forever!
Brawl Friend Code:4081 5242 7734
Xbox Gamertag:ClinkMang
November 5
Today is Clink's birthday! 10:00 PM
June 29
Clink left 26Zega a shoutout. 7:39 PM
Jan 17, 2009:1st of 24 in Singles at Ogden's Finest
Oct 18, 2008:13th of 37 in Brawl Doubles, 33rd of 102 in Brawl Singles at Race's Brawl Tournament V: Smashtoberfest
Oct 11, 2008:17th of 45 in Singles, 13th of 21 in Doubles at Palmdale Bi-Weeklies 3

Ogden's Finest
1st place Singles
Jan 17, 2009

Wake up and play! #1
2nd place Singles
Jul 14, 2008

Game Crazy Mini Tourny
3rd place Singles
Aug 30, 2008

Breath of Brawl 4: Youth FTW
4th place New Event
Jul 14, 2008

About me:Check out Clink in action!
World of Warcraft
Server: Frostwolf
Characters: Clìnk (Ret Pally)
Soell (Holy Priest)
Server: Khaz Modan
Characters: Claìr (Feral Druid)
Server: Rushu
Characters: Clink-Kun (Str Iop)

I love my dearest Lauryn :3 Though we are parted so far, I STAND TRUE TO HER!@ I'm big on competitive gaming. If I'm not gamin, I'm either eating, speaking with my Baby Ryn, or freakin' sleeping....err I don't like talking much about myself....just. If anyone in AV ever wants to hang and play or record matches, call meh! 661-202-4556

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