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DGDshadow's Dojo Score 4550
Name:Don or DGDCrimson
Gender: Male
Location: london, United Kingdom
Birthday: May 14, 1990
Joined: July 24, 2008
Favorite games:Sonic the hedgehog series,J-Stars Victory Vs, DBZ series, Bleach series, Jump Ultimate Stars, Klonoa, Tenchu fatal shadows, Japanese games and Shonen Jump+Sunday series.
Wii Number:0835 0509 4268 4774
Brawl Friend Code:3008 2236 5192
Xbox Gamertag:DGDCrimsonMoon
PSN Account:DGDCrimsonMoonPS
3DS Friend Code:2406 6520 7737
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October 8
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DGDshadow updated his profile. 2:58 PM
DGDshadow added his 3DS Friend Code! 2:58 PM
Mar 20, 2009:7th of 12 in Singles at The Espada of Brawl Tournament
Feb 07, 2009:1st of 13 in Singles at Character Weight Triathlon: the med-weights
Jan 11, 2009:5th of 11 in Doubles at European Doubles tournament (High/Top Tier)

Character Weight Triathlon: the med-weights
1st place Singles
Feb 07, 2009

Britain's Big Team Brawl (Europeans Welcome)
3rd place Doubles
Sep 05, 2008

European Low Tier Tournament #1
4th place Singles
Sep 06, 2008

740 wrote at 7:15 PM on Oct 01, 2014:
Are we returning?!
Ant wrote at 12:24 PM on Sep 30, 2014:
add me on skype man ant.osiris
Ant wrote at 4:59 PM on Mar 30, 2013:
http://xat.com/SacredBrawlers !
About me:MY MSN - [email protected]
I'm the Scourge to every sonic players in brawl and 4.
My Youtube channel - http://uk.youtube.com/user/DGDCrimsonMoon/CrimsonOne
3DSXL user - DGDCOne3DS

Let's have fun and play honorable in a flash of crimson.