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DSHN's Dojo Score 2250
Gender: Male
Location: Mamaroneck, New York, United States
Birthday: March 8, 1992
Joined: April 3, 2009
Favorite games:Monster Hunter, SSB Series, The Legend of Zelda Series, Pokeman Series, Super Mario Series, Kingdom Hearts, Okami, and Tails of symphonia.
Wii Number:0741 0054 8670 6483
Brawl Friend Code:0216 2230 6959
PSN Account:DSHN
March 21
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March 15
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March 12
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Milky wrote at 1:48 PM on Mar 15, 2014:
Thank you! :)
-The Gucci Fairy- wrote at 3:47 PM on Feb 02, 2014:
GG again...lol my today doesnt seem to be my day with diddy or mk too many SD's for mk...and oli trading thing I killing u , u killing me...i really need to stop letting myself get grabbed by falco in the beginning to spike..but yea nice falco once again!
-The Gucci Fairy- wrote at 1:29 PM on Feb 01, 2014:
gg nice falco and ness..i need to work on my mk and diddy..
About me:Ken is the name and Brawl is my game! I'm 21 years old and I love to draw and workout.

Add me on [email protected]

My buds...

Raytay- a buttmunch with a super gay marth

Jon-Somewhat of a crybaby but otherwise cool guy.

Johnny- Hes in love with his PS3...

Zeyad(Zen)- Can suck my balls.

Osama- Zeyad's bro, can also suck my balls.

Alex-Always looking for hugs......u gay! icon_smile

Rex- Keeps disappearing.

Turks-professional spammer with a broken controller

Chood-Hoodee, lives on the streets and grows money trees

dOOp-rapes me with Yoshi~

Waldo-found him hiding in my closet o_o

Iceing- Wont add me in brawl!

James(xKing)- Looks like Justin Bieber icon_smile

Lasers Lasers and...more Lasers.

MetaKnight is hot...mine is not...

Ness...Y U No Top Tier?

Wi-Fi......Its not that serious

Curiosity........why so curious?

This hand of mine burns with an awesome power...