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Hanging Chad

D_I_H's Dojo Score 1400
Name:YO NAME IS TOBY! *crack*
Gender: Male
Location: Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Birthday: May 26, 1993
Joined: April 3, 2009
Favorite games:Super Smash Bros Brawl, Conkers bad fur day, Sonic adventure 1 & 2, sonic shuffle, Super mario galaxy & sunshine, and other games i don't feel like writing.
Brawl Friend Code:0173 1007 8373
Xbox Gamertag:Dark I H
May 29
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Sep 26, 2009:9th of 38 in Brawl Singles at I say It's GOOFY TIME # 4!!!
Aug 15, 2009:4th of 17 in Singles at Swordsmen of Brawl

Swordsmen of Brawl
4th place Singles
Aug 15, 2009

About me:Ohai, I'm back but don't know for how long...