Dano's Dojo Score 800
Gender: Male
Location: Littleton, Colorado, United States
Birthday: September 16, 1990
Joined: November 15, 2008
Favorite games:Smash Bros. of course. LEFT 4 DEAD, Halo, Wario Ware, POKEMON, Sonic games (Adventure 2 Battle is one of my favorites), Doom series, Soul Calibur (especially the one released for the Gamecube because it has Link!!!), HOUSE OF THE DEAD, DBBT3, and lots of others.
Brawl Friend Code:2664 5573 4243
July 6
Dano changed his Pokémon team. 3:11 PM
September 16
Today is Dano's birthday! 12:01 AM
September 15
Dano changed his Pokémon team. 3:32 PM

About me:I'm Dano! =D I'm a crazy little punk rocker, but I love me some Brawl. I highly enjoy playing as Pikachu and Pokemon Trainer. I like writing, playing guitar, having a good time w/ friends, MEETING NEW PEOPLE, acting, singing, writing and directing plays, and i'm pretty willing to try new things. Message me if you want!
me: "Let me show you my Pokemanz!" and after i Brawl you (not necessarily beat you):
"I haz showed you my Pokemanz!"
If you wanna facebook me, just look up Dan Rios.

Yeah! got Pika on my first try! I ARE PEGACHU!