Dapuffster's Dojo Score 5750
Gender: Male
Location: New Jersey, United States
Birthday: April 9, 1992
Joined: September 20, 2007
Favorite games:Super Smash Bros Series, Mario Kart Series, Mario Adventure Games, UMvc3
Brawl Friend Code:0775 6909 7271
Xbox Gamertag:Dapuffster2
August 12
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Dapuffster commented on one of his blog entries, "3 Day Gaming Marathon for Charity (8/12-8/14)". 12:20 PM
August 11
Dapuffster commented on one of his blog entries, "3 Day Gaming Marathon for Charity (8/12-8/14)". 9:42 PM
Jul 23, 2011:1st of 5 in Singles Pools, 1st of 28 in Singles Bracket at KOTC Smash Reboot!
Jun 23, 2011:1st of 6 in Singles Pools, 2nd of 4 in Doubles Pools, 5th of 16 in Doubles Bracket, 33rd of 48 in Singles Pro Bracket at Clash of the Titans 5
Jan 16, 2011:33rd of 77 in Singles, 13th of 28 in Doubles at KTAR 4 - One More Time

Great Revival
3rd place Low Tier Doubles
Nov 21, 2010

__The Great Brawl Main Tournament Online 8_
1st place Upper East Coast
Aug 09, 2008

Team Brawl #1 Remake(taken over by giantsrockt3)
1st place Doubles
Jul 16, 2008

Princess Aura's Royal Tournament
2nd place Singles
Oct 24, 2008

MetaBowser wrote at 3:25 PM on Aug 12, 2013:
is your extra pokeball up for trade?
Suzaku wrote at 8:07 PM on Apr 09, 2013:
Happy Birthday!
Tony T wrote at 12:20 AM on Apr 09, 2013:
Happy Birthday.
rundas1234 wrote at 2:39 AM on Mar 26, 2013:
are your pokeballs/premier balls, zombies!, glire/glice/glunder, and poppants up for trade?
MetaBowser wrote at 9:16 AM on Jan 13, 2013:
is your duplicate pokeball or 5000 coins up for trade?
About me:So yeah, wuts up everyone. Just ur average 20 year old guy. Who kicks *** at video games in general. Smash Bros and Mario Kart to be specific.

To be specific about myself, I'll admit I'm an attention whore. I don't go to many tournaments these days but only the big ones because I always seem to have good luck there. My two main characters are Diddy Kong and Jigglypuff. Diddy Kong is my serious main when I'm up against knowledgeable players. Jigglypuff's my shenanigan main, Jigglypuff comes in handy when I need to fight tough players that don't know how to handle a Jigglypuff, it gets me those easy wins. Whenever I'm on a livestream I always try to make a good show and I WILL be using Jigglypuff on any stream I get on. There will be the day when I beat a good MK with Jiggs on a livestream, just u wait.

In games and such I never chose characters that were the best in the game. I just chose who I liked. For example Jigglypuff in smash bros n64 and Melee. However in Brawl Jigglypuff was doing so bad for me in tournaments I switched to Diddy Kong and he has became my new
main. Its sad I'm contridicting myself.

Also, as most any other teenager i've gotten into the age of liking Anime. I watch Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, and Soul Eater(NEW). I watch Inuyasha sometimes, but I'm not that interested in it, same goes for FMA.
Jeez, this is getting kinda long now isn't it lol. Well yea. Thats basically me. I almost forgot, as most of u know I go by the alias the Jiggernaught. There is another person on AiB thats named the Jiggernaut. They are not the same person and they are spelt differently. Also, i have a youtube page with a bunch of vids. I go by Jigglymaster on Youtube. Please go watch, rate, and commet my videos.

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