DarkHadou's Dojo Score 700
Gender: Male
Location: Fairfield, California, United States
Birthday: January 3, 1996
Joined: July 30, 2010
Favorite games:there soo many games i like ill just put 5 up SSBB,TEKKEN,BLAZBLUE CS,SSF4,MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2,HYPER STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3
Wii Number:8763 3445 8121 4061
Brawl Friend Code:0089 7988 4724
Xbox Gamertag:dont have it
PSN Account:DarkYoshi19
February 7
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May 28, 2011:2nd of 6 in Freshman Bracket at NO MOAR SCHOOL
Apr 08, 2011:7th of 18 in Singles at Alexgamer03's Weekly Tournament With No Name: 4/8/
Mar 29, 2011:9th of 15 in New event at Smash March 3/27

2nd place Freshman Bracket
May 28, 2011

Brawl Singles Tournament
3rd place Singles
Aug 25, 2010

CodeBlue wrote at 4:43 PM on May 05, 2013:
Yo change your profile pic.
Savage wrote at 12:01 AM on Feb 08, 2013:
eh i dont use it
SuperGirlKels wrote at 7:46 PM on Feb 07, 2013:
lol and ur back again xD!!! how you been whered ya go ;P
Savage wrote at 5:07 AM on Jan 03, 2013:
happy bday
Jetman wrote at 10:44 PM on Dec 18, 2012:
sup bro
About me:I play my games everyday when i need to,i play basketball and more,im free to play anything u want me to play if u wanna brawl or anything else just send me a message

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