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DarkLouis's Dojo Score 4250
Gender: Male
Location: Toledo, Michigan, United States
Birthday: March 31, 1990
Joined: June 12, 2009
Favorite games:Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Mario Kart Wii st/13 Melee- BASHCon XXV - 9th/27 UofM Tournament - didn't make it out of pools/50ish BASHCon XXVI - 2nd/22
Brawl Friend Code:4210 3658 2043
Xbox Gamertag:xXDarkLouisXx
June 18
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March 31
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March 13
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Aug 13, 2010:17th of 32 in Singles at DREAD's Online Weeklies
Jul 24, 2010:7th of 21 in Kart Singles at Crazy Cup #1: Falcon Kart Cup
Jul 17, 2010:9th of 15 in Brawl Doubles, 7th of 30 in Brawl Singles at Don't Blink! 5

3rd place Brawl Singles
Jan 09, 2010

Sexy Time Jr.
3rd place Singles
Jul 13, 2009

Late Night Singles (DL's first tournament)
4th place Singles
Jul 21, 2009

About me:

-I live in Michigan, but my main Smash scene is located in Toledo, OH since it is so close to me.
-I've played Smash since Smash 64
-I main Snake, second Wolf and Wario
-I main Fox and Falco in Melee
-I'm 20, have a part-time job, and a license, so tournaments are possible for me. lmao
-I carpool people to tournaments.
-I was a world-champion Mario Kart Wii player in 2008 and held 2 world records. I was better earlier on though.
-I'm generally on the quiet side but will talk to you once I get to know you.
-I'm a friendly guy. I'm only mean to people if they give me a reason to be.
-I go to college at the University of Toledo and I'm majoring in Music Performance for Trombone. I may pick up other instruments later on. I'm also a member of BASH, my college's gaming club, who got me back into Smash. ^^;
-I try to keep myself in shape by running/lifting weights. I'm more built for speed than power though as I don't eat too much. lmao
-I play a little ultimate frisbee on Mondays with friends.
-I wouldn't trade my time spent on Smash with the Toledo guys/MI guys/everyone for anything. <3

Tournament Results/History:

Toledo Gaming Center: Went 1-2, near last place.
Toledo Gaming Center II: 5th of 25ish

- Quit Brawl for Mario Kart Wii from April 2008 to February 2009 -

BASHCon XXIV: 3rd/32
Best of MI Tourney: 17th/33
LoLis2: 17th/30+
Smash Bash I: 1st/20
WTP's Smashfest: 6th/8
BASHCon XXV: 1st/28
UofM Flint VGC Tourney: 7th/31
Smash Bash II: 1st/15
Michigan Ball Z II: 9th/30
Apollo's Smashfest: 2nd/8 (Forfeit)
MLG Columbus: 49th/250
Bedford Anime Con 2010: 1st/20ish
Game Yard Showdown: 9th/34
Don't Blink! 5: 7th/30
School Is In Session II: 13th/54
West Bloomfield 4: 13th/30ish
Gameyard Showdown - The Sequel: 9th/32
Pool Pools 4 - 13th/20ish
BASHDay - 1st/16
Tech_Chase's Smash Cafe - 9th/40ish
BASHCon XXVI - 1st/13