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Darkshadow96's Dojo Score 1100
Gender: Male
Location: Montreal, Québec, Canada
Birthday: February 1, 1992
Joined: October 8, 2008
Favorite games:"SSBM", L4D 1&2, SSBB, SSB64, Star Fox 64/Adventures/Assault, COD4, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Metroid Prime Hunters and all the Metroid series, Mario Kart DS, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Legend of Zelda OoT, Super Mario World 2,SSFIV, DBZ Budokai 3, DBZ Tenkaichi 3, DBZ Raging Blast 2.
Wii Number:7153 5020 2016 1137
Brawl Friend Code:3394 3517 6838
PSN Account:Dark_shadow_96
June 11
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May 15
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Nov 26, 2010:9th of 22 in SweetDelight's 3rd Singles Tournament at SweetDelight's 3rd Singles Tournament
Nov 15, 2010:0th of 0 in Pools, 7th of 16 in Singles at Quebec's Revival

About me:I'm a Quebec/Canadian smasher that did quit brawl many times but failed to stay away from the game haha.
I do not main anyone in Brawl because I like to stay unpredictable and I consider when you don't main anyone, you'll always be able to use any character that your preferably comfortable with in a match-up.
My in real life nickname is "LA" because of my initials and my Rap/In game name is "LA96£".
I stopped playing wifi for the longest time because it gets really annoying but I learned that I at least have to play online to learn matchups and such because weeklies in my region been dying recently. The other players are trying to revive it now though so that's a plus.

I have a youtube by the way. Come check me out sometime .

People tell me I have a very sick Falcon but I'm quitting him since I can't do that much with him anymore.
My offline crew is, VersA, Remorse, Nostalgic and Vis~K so Holla at us anytime =).

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Yup, I did those =).

And no I am not a WIFI player. I can't stand WIFI but I'll play once in a while when I randomly feel like touching Brawl.

I'm Shizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on WIFI so play me offline before saying anything bout my Skill Level icon_wink