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Deva's Dojo Score 3100
Gender: Male
Location: Spokane, Washington, United States
Birthday: August 13, 1987
Joined: February 28, 2008
Favorite games:The Entirety of the Legend of Zelda series, Smash, Golden Sun series, Resident evil, Tales of Symphonia, Fire Emblem series, Final fantasy series, Maple Story, Leage of Legends, World of Warcraft.
Brawl Friend Code:4596 9179 3593
December 14
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Oct 16, 2009:5th of 21 in SSBB 2v2 at TourneyPlay #3 - Oct 16 - 18 2009
Jan 17, 2009:2nd of 15 in Brawl Doubles at GameClucks Monthly SSBB/SSBM - Jan 17th 2009
Jan 03, 2009:5th of 16 in Doubles, 9th of 43 in Singles at i.e.smash: a regional tournament

EWU Brawl Monthlies I
3rd place Singles
Feb 23, 2008

EWU Brawl Monthlies II
4th place Doubles
Apr 19, 2008

The Finger Bang II: SuFI
4th place Doubles
Jan 19, 2008

Grapes onry: New townhouse flipsides
1st place Doubles
Aug 16, 2008

Anonano wrote at 6:45 PM on Dec 01, 2012:
Belated: Just found out I have LoL on my computer. I'd suggest we play sometimes, but Platinum + n00b doesn't seem like it mixes very well.
About me:I'm a pretty hardcore character purist when it comes to Link. Been using him throughout the smash series, was well recognized as the top Link in Brawl for a few years. But things happen, life changes. I wont be playing smash competitively much longer, but I'd like to spend one more year to give it my all. Here's a Link to the blog for the project I'm working on


Aside from that, I do a little singing, there should be a blog with some of my songs.

My melee combo vid, Seven years- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNnUs-I8lBI