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Smash 4 3DS Fall Singles '14
W - L:23 - 58
Streak: 2 losses

Super Smash Bros. 4

Pretty Good

Donnasoph's Dojo Score 2200
Name:Donna. Kirby~
Gender: Female
Location: Battleship Halberd, United Arab Emirates
Birthday: August 17, 1995
Joined: September 4, 2010
Favorite games:Classic Sonic games, Sonic generations, Animal Crossing, Spyro the dragon, SSBB, Kirby super star ultra, Kirby Adventure Wii, Kirby mass attack, Kirby triple deluxe, Grand theft auto and Devil may cry 1-2-3-5.
PSN Account:Kaabiilover4ever
3DS Friend Code:1736 2143 6815
October 26
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October 19
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October 14
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October 8
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May 06, 2012:3rd of 12 in Kirby Challenge Boards Tournament #2 (Doubles 1!) at Kirby Challenge Boards Tournament #2 (Doubles 1!)

Kirby Challenge Boards Tournament #2 (Doubles 1!)
3rd place Kirby Challenge Boards Tournament #2 (Doubles 1!)
May 06, 2012

DRIG wrote at 10:47 AM on Sep 23, 2014:
LOE1 wrote at 1:52 AM on Aug 17, 2014:
Happy bday :P
{EBK} Yan-Yan wrote at 11:52 PM on Aug 17, 2014:
Happy Birthday! :D
Hawk wrote at 9:33 AM on Jun 08, 2014:
do you still have wifi?
White Kyurem wrote at 6:09 AM on Mar 30, 2014:
I don't, I just decided to visit a few weeks ago. The site becomes more and more meh each time. :c
White Kyurem wrote at 3:29 AM on Mar 16, 2014:
Hi, Donut. :3
Blazer wrote at 7:42 AM on Mar 06, 2014:
Sup wanna play my team in dubz ladder?
BigB wrote at 3:49 PM on Feb 16, 2014:
pulls off your socks and rubs your barefeet!!! =D
LOE1 wrote at 1:28 AM on Aug 20, 2013:
happy bdayyyyyy :P
{EBK} Yan-Yan wrote at 10:15 AM on Aug 17, 2013:
Happy Birthday!
About me:

I love this 1 cuteeeee puffball <33333333333333333333!!

<3 Kirbz ready for smash4! <3

Playing on smash4, mostly here for Ladder.

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