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Brian H

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Gender: Male
Location: California, United States
Birthday: October 2, 1992
Joined: July 27, 2008
Favorite games:ssbb of course pokemon d/p
Brawl Friend Code:4596 9328 6781
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Dec 26, 2013:9th of 18 in Singles at UGC Brawl Biweekly 2
Nov 09, 2013:13th of 15 in Doubles, 25th of 45 in Singles at Overflow
Sep 15, 2013:13th of 39 in Singles, 9th of 15 in Doubles at Super Smash Sundays

3rd place DOUBLES
Apr 28, 2011

2GG Brawl Triweekly feat. ChuDat
3rd place pokemon
Apr 24, 2010

2GG Presents: Champs Brawl Triweekly feat. Pokemon
1st place Pokemon
Apr 03, 2010

Quiznos presents Brawl IV
3rd place Crews
Oct 25, 2008

About me:Ac. wrote at 12:32 AM on Apr 26, 2010 :
ill let you slap me with fox16's glasses every time i pause the button

This is the player i played offline
Captain Falcon- Dribbles88
Diddy Kong- Dao ,jebus,itswillyo,
Donkey Kong- Jmex,M7H
Falco-DEHF, SK92
Fox- Champ
Ganondorf- ?????
Ice Climbers-Typh
Ike- Nyjin
King Dedede-Junk
Kirby- Twilight kirby,
Link- jebus
Lucario- Inspire
Lucas- Oats
Luigi-Brain H Ultra Luigi
Mario- Vato_breaker
Marth- mikehaze havok
Meta Knight- ,Tryant,DSF,Zero_69
Mr. Game and Watch-Leepuff Enigma,Oki
Ness- FOW
Olimar- RichBrown Brian H
Peach- Raz,Edrees
Pit- Koolaid,Awsome
Pokemon Trainer-typh
R.O.B.- shadow
Zero Suit Samus- Warpstatus Kokaloo
Snake- SuSa MoJoe
Sonic- X X X X X X X X
Toon Link- spyral, edrees
Wario- Fiction Futile
Wolf- shiro Jebus
Yoshi- who plays yoshi
Zelda- Awsome