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Hanging Chad

FigNewtons's Dojo Score 950
Gender: Male
Location: stuck in a time paradox, Texas, United States
Birthday: December 29, 1996
Joined: February 22, 2009
Favorite games:SSBB, Chrono Trigger DS, Professor Layton series, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Star Fox, Paper mario series, Portal series, along with pretty much anything made by valve, Garry's mod, contact, MKW, Super mario 64 (and Toad's tool 64 level editer), Sonic: Unleashed (too much werehog though), Sa2b, Yoshi's island, Rollercoaster Tycoon series, Metroid series, Legend of Zelda Series, Sonic 3 and knuckles, Sonic Mega and Gems collection, Animal crossing series, Mario party series, Wario Land/World series, and SMB (Super mario brothers)1, Lost Levels, 3, and world. I also like Okage: shadow king, the KH series, Super Mario RPG, Alliance of Valiant Arms (the best f2p fps online), and Mega Man series (if you haven't beaten at least one mega man game, and call yourself hardcore, then you have brought shame to video gamers world-wide). ...Done.
Wii Number:5036 3298 0186 4237
Brawl Friend Code:0000 0000 0000
Xbox Gamertag:I don't have an...
PSN Account:Xbox or PS3. :(
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September 21
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About me:
^That's my dead group.

Hai! My (user)name is FigNewtons! I'm a nice guy, but can get moody a lot. I'm a christian gamer (if you don't bash me, I won't bother you), and I have aspergers. My favorite color is turquoise. I also have short-term memory loss...

what was I saying again?

When I talk to most people, I act like an idiot, and on occasion, retard. Jealous?
My fav character is Sonic, I use the GC Controller, and I've completed all 41 events (in brawl) on hard. My wii is one of the few that can't run Brawl, but I'm too lazy to get it fixed (check here if you have the same problem). I'm also very paranoid...

I am also infected by RBS (really bored syndrome.) Please support me by giving me free video games.
I have a mastermind dog that will one day rule the world.

^There he is! See how smart he is? ...No, he's not my actual dog.

Click here to level up my card!

The balls I've passed are SUPPOSED to be here, but they kinda got cut o-