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FightAdamantEevee's Dojo Score 11100
Name:Eric Anderson
Gender: Male
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Birthday: July 12, 1995
Joined: May 3, 2009
Favorite games:In The Groove|Stepmania|Dance Dance Revolution|Golden Sun|Tales of Symphonia|Super Smash Bros Brawl|Super Smash Bros 64|Pokemon Online|9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors| Mother 3
Wii Number:3693 9278 7493 4028
Brawl Friend Code:2020 1356 9865
August 23
FightAdamantEevee voted on the poll What match do you most want to see for GMF?. 11:14 AM
July 12
Today is FightAdamantEevee's birthday! 12:00 AM
April 22
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April 21
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February 27
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Jun 08, 2013:1st of 13 in Mother Singles at Super Smash Mother 5
Jul 25, 2012:1st of 23 in Brawl (Wi-Fi Singles) at Singles Tournament! (Because im bored today)#2
Jul 05, 2012:1st of 16 in Singles at Weekly Potato Singles!#2

Klonoa's Dream Champ Tournament
1st place Singles
Dec 06, 2009

Anti-tier Tournament
1st place Anti-tier tournament
Nov 21, 2009

~Epic Doubles 9 Rizakor taught me how to Break Dan
2nd place ~Epic Doubles 9 Rizakor taught me how to Break~
Nov 21, 2009

Noel's tournament
2nd place Singles
Nov 18, 2009

Pebloz wrote at 6:43 PM on Oct 21, 2014:
Pebloz wrote at 5:29 PM on Oct 01, 2014:
lol thx 4 helping me in my histary text cuz i was in tha in tha trojan wor part and den i forgot wat de appol of deescord had reeten in eat so i thought of u which i do all da time cuz o ur lucas and den i remember ur aib proflie pic witch is de apple of discord and den it sed kallisti which translate 2 to the fairest and den i wrote it down and i got et rite tank u so mash fae ilu
EllenPage wrote at 7:25 PM on Sep 20, 2014:
miss u bae
-Randum- wrote at 7:42 PM on Aug 22, 2014:
Chunky wrote at 9:38 PM on Jul 14, 2014:
Happy late Birthday dude!
smashbros.maniac wrote at 7:37 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
Happy birthday! ^_^
MasamuneMarth wrote at 12:10 AM on Jul 12, 2014:
Happy Birthday! :D
SketchLA94 wrote at 11:05 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
Happy Birhday FAE!!! Hope you have a good one!
Zork wrote at 9:47 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
Happy Bday
Izuko Gaen wrote at 9:37 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
About me:Some of my current favorite songs

Krewella - One Minute

Zedd - Clarity (ft. Foxes)

Dimrain47 - Buzztone Symphony

Zedd - Spectrum (ft. Matthew Koma)

Porter Robinson & Zedd - Clarity Language

Kaskade vs Hard Rock Sofa - 4 AM Quasar

Cocorosie - Werewolf

Yuna - Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix)

Unicorn Kid - Midnight Harvest

Unicorn Kid - The Unicorn Kids

Stephen Swartz - Bullet Train