FiyaXD's Dojo Score 400
Name:Jibril Goodwin
Gender: Male
Location: Macon, Georgia, United States
Birthday: June 6, 1990
Joined: July 10, 2008
Favorite games:All Kirby Games All MegaMan Games Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess Pokemon Gold & Silver Tales Of Symphonia, Tales Of Legendia
Brawl Friend Code:4682 8439 5677

About me:First Of All I Main Meta Knight So If Your Too Much Of A Baby To Handle That Don't Even Attempt To Approach Me. Second Of All I Only Play Opponents Who Know How To Respect There Opponents So If Your A Disrespectful Player Please Don't Waste My Time. Third Of All Its Just A Game So Have Fun! :D LOL