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Gender: Male
Location: Seoul, South Korea, South Korea
Birthday: October 28, 1996
Joined: December 28, 2008
Favorite games:Star Fox Series,Legend Of Zelda Series,Super Smash Bros.Series, Pokemon Series, Mario Games, Dynasty Warriors Series, Sonic Games,Tekken Series,Kingdom Hearts Series, Soul Calibur Series, Tales of Symphonia Series, King of Fighters Series, Final Fantasy Series, Bloody Roar Series, Atelier Series, BlazBlue, Heavy Rain, Portal 2,
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October 28
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September 11
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Den of the Fox wrote at 6:54 PM on Feb 17, 2013:
Lolz now why would I forget? lol Meep.
About me:Hola peoples!!! I'm Flamelance, Flame to others and Lady GaGa or BitterSweet to my class of 2011. I'm Mexican-French-American psychopath(or so I think.) I'm crazy and when I get bored decide to act drunk and it's really fun. I'm a singer(mostly sing to Lady GaGa music) and actor. I do sports like tennis, soccer, and track. My cousin, Lovlylance, is my bestest fwend ever!!! I like red a lot; favorite color. I have three favorite songs that will never change and a forth and fifth that will always change
1. Sakura Kiss (Me And Lovly's Japanese Song)
2. Best Friend (Me And Lovly's English Song)
3. Killer Life (My Theme Song)
4. Bubble Pop!
5. Believe Me

I like making pics and editing pics cuz it's really fun and can keep me occupied. Ya I think that's it so.......BYE!!!!

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